Level E – 04-05

GO GO Justice Raaannnggerrs~!

Heya all, sorry for the late review, I’ve been a bit busy lately due to exams and being sick but I should be back in action soon. As you might have noticed, our boss is out of commission on her secret ninja mission, so I’m flying solo for this (and last) week’s episode of Level E. Wow! Such a change from the usual LOLs and getting into some ‘mysterious’ events.

Episode four introduces a different style of animation for Level E, which makes you almost wonder what the heck is going on. After some narration, we see four boys in a shed playing cards until they are interrupted by a female classmate falling over dead. The girl is dragged into the shed by a guy who starts to devour her as the four boys witness the cannibalistic event.

Mmm, tastes like chicken! Just add some ketchup and it will be all good :3

Later, the four boys are on the school rooftop contemplating over the event they witnessed. The boys decide to search the school for the culprit and after some running around, narrowed down their suspects to three students. The boys then decide that since they have an idea of who did it, to just avoid the suspects but the next day one of the four boys doesn’t show up at school. The guys decide to visit someone named Ango with information who turns out to be a sort of hippie with connections.

Now that is a what they call an alien abduction piggy bank. Order online for just $9.99.

After paying a deposit, the boys are referred to a specialist doctor who listens to their story and explains about aliens and is willing to help them for a price. The boys leave the clinic upset about the doctor wanting lots of money in return for help and the next day at school another one of the four boys disappear.

You aren’t watching some extraterrestrial flick.

The remaining two boys decide to pay the doctor who provides them protection. The two boys are lead to a room where they find their two missing friends who seem to have been locked into the room for their protection. The doctor appears and explains about the alien who devoured the girl. The alien was Yamamoto who comes from a race that eats the girls they like and in turn becomes pregnant. Yamamoto, his father and brother are the last of their kind and turned to Earth to live.

Meanwhile, we see Moe (the best friend of the girl who got eaten) and Yamamoto eating at a diner. Yamamoto runs out upset about his actions and Moe chases after him. Unable to control his urges, Yamamoto sadly ends up eating Moe. Yamamoto eventually disappears and the four boys understanding the story decides to ignore the events and go about their lives normally. The End.

Or not! This story of the four boys was actually Prince’s story that he was trying to get turned into a video game. Prince continues his planning of uselessness and still manages to look cute. Damn, this guy…

Get the fuck off my property, you free loaders!

Episode five starts off with a guitar playing Prince in a silver jumpsuit. It’s summer and class has ended for some grade school boys. This episode focuses on five such boys named Shimizu, Yokota, Akagawa, Momochi and Mayuzumi. On their way home, one of them gets a message on his PSP screen from the Prince of Dogura. The message explains that they’re going to be kidnapped and within seconds they’re abducted.

Where did the undies come from?!

Prince in his alien getup informs the boys that they have been chosen to be Justice Rangers! Prince introduces himself and the boys don’t believe him save for the one nerdy megane-kun in the group. Prince continues on blabbering while the boys beat up the nerdy megane-kun who is the class rep named Akagawa. They push the class rep to take care of the situation who in turns makes things worse and causes Prince to just sit down to read a magazine in wait.

We’re not in Kansas anymore

After some time, the boys decide to agree with Prince’s plans for them in order to be able to go home. Prince bestows upon the boys amazing powers which looks like alien probing. The next day, one of the boys wake up and stares at the blue wristband he’s wearing. The boy gets out of bed and stutters, “Blue Charge” and goes through a Power Ranger transformation with a mix of Sailor Moon.

On his way to school, the Blue Ranger (I can’t figure out which boy is named which so I am going by colors for now) greets Yellow and they discuss how horrible their new powers are. Funny at first but then causing them to cry. At school, White, Blue and Yellow discuss their problems until Black (the PSP boy) appears who has no idea what happened because he slept through the events. Akagawa – Red, comes to class excited until he gets his butt kicked by Yellow and Blue. Akagawa claims that he’s the leader and starts to rave about the events until he transforms in class.

Behold the power of the megane-kun

Blue and Yellow rush Akagawa through the halls until they bump into their sensei who Akagawa sees as an alien. In the boys restroom, Akagawa quivers in fear about Tachibana-sensei’s identity. Yellow and Blue find it hard to believe until the sensei enters the boys restroom and scares the two boys to leave them alone. Before the sensei can break down the stall door, the Automatic Fire alarm system made by professionals ph el aba rings, which was Blue and Yellow’s doing, which gives Akagawa time to climb out the window. The sensei tells Akagawa from the window that they are to stay after class.

Alien-mode ON!

After class, the boys discuss on what they should do and think that the sensei might be a good alien until they hear Prince’s voice. Prince says that their teacher, Tachibana-sensei is a cold blooded assassin who even kills children and is a super-villain. Prince says that the boys should fight her and that they have powers that they can use if they read the manual. Black pulls out the manual from and gets a chibi 3D Prince to explains their powers and how to level up.

The boys are interrupted to see Tachibana-sensei in her true form. The sensei notices the boys wristbands which are supposedly Galactic Shopping Network toys and inquires on who gave it to them. As the sensei starts to threaten the boys, Blue tells her how they got the toys. Tachibana-sensei laughs at the mention of the Prince of Dogura, calling him a baka ouji (Right said, sister!) who likes to cause trouble and thought it would be funny to see students and teacher fight.

Tachibana-sensei has her own dream of traveling the universe and that is the reason even after being an assassin she actually became a teacher to live in Earth. Black asks how much it would cost for the sensei to assassinate the baka Prince and all the boys except for Akagawa start to agree because they want the wristbands taken off. Tachibana-sensei gives a positive response and tells the boys that they have to take care of things themselves but if they can’t do anything to turn to her for help. The sensei leaves and the boys succeed in escaping death through some awesome changing of the subject.

Dawww~ Alien moe~

After the sensei leaves, Blue yells at Prince who they can talk to through their wristbands. Prince says he has no choice but to become the evil Demon Lord and that they are forced to hear his voice forever. The boys need a key to remove the wristbands which is being held by Prince’s loyal servant devil, Craft, located in Yamagata (which seems far away). Prince tells the boys that devil Craft’s stronger than a mid-boss and that they should level up first. In the background, Akagawa seems disappointed that they have to get rid of their wristbands.

GO GO Justice Raaanngerrs~!


Creepy is just creepy!

Yukitaka-kun, I missed you!!

Such a narcissist

Transform GO! *Faarrrtttt*

Results of the transformation

Alien glue?

End Thoughts:

Oh where to start with so much that has happened. Episode four sure was a change compared to the previous three episodes. I was at a loss seeing such different style of animation which was actually quite interesting. The animation, the feel or mood and the BGM was just awesome! The actual story of the boys witnessing the horror of a student being eaten and figuring out that the cannibal is an alien was so cliche. Yet the things that the boys went through to find out the truth and protect themselves was so amusing. The disappearances of the boys one at a time was obvious in a mystery/horror story but to find out that they in turn were seeking protection was just hilarious. As well, learning about the type of alien involved was quite interesting. Who would have guessed that the reason that Yamamoto ate the girls was because he was so in love with them that it’s in his race’s nature to eat their companion. It’s sort of a unique view on a type of alien and yet it kind of makes my stomach feel a bit queasy.

Who would have guessed that the ending of episode four would be a complete troll. Near the end of the episode, I was sort of guessing that something was up but not to such an extent. The abrupt change in animation and story was just so suspicious. Oh our Prince has pulled one on us yet again and I’m sure there’s more to come.

Episode five takes us back to seeing Prince again but where’s Yukitaka!?! Oh well, we get to see five fifth grader boys go through hell because of Prince’s schemes. I have yet to catch which boy is named who but I do say that Akagawa, the Red Ranger is by far hilarious and annoying. The five boys in general are funny because you have a rich handsome kid, a quiet mellow kid, the big guy, the aggressive cool kid and then there’s the class rep megane-kun who’s annoying. Such a perfect combination of kids in a group that makes them well balanced. As well, the sensei being an alien was so to be expected but the outcome of the sensei-student relationship was just great. Anyone notice how the boys just smoothly escaped being killed by the sensei?

As for the plot in general with the boys having to go through great lengths to get their wristband removed, it’s going to be an epic journey. Poor Craft has no idea what’s headed his way through the plots of Prince. But WTF is Craft doing in a different area? I guess Craft and his men found a different place to live and have to somehow earn their living. The absence of Yukitaka is somewhat sad for me, but I hope to see more of him soon. I miss the Yukitaka-Prince comedy combi. Looking forward to some Craft/Sister/Takahashi Ryousuke action to come!

Preview: The Color Rangers travel to Yamagata to face the devil Craft!!


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4 Responses to “Level E – 04-05”

  1. stickfanatic says:

    Lol at the preview for the next episode XD
    Betcha that girl’s a guy :3
    Anyone else think that Sensei was actually pretty cute? :3

    • Ness says:

      The thought of the girl in the preview being a guy hasn’t crossed my mind.. I thought she was just fugly woman hahah.

      Yes! The sensei was cute and pretty cool :3

  2. Kyokai says:

    Prince is such a troll! And his whole mission against the Rangers is lulz producing. Poor Craft though, he’ll soon be stuck with some brats trying to get to a stupid key. xD

    • Ness says:

      It’s funny at the end of episode 4, you notice on the whiteboard he’s already making his plans about the Ranger hehehe. Yes! Poor Craft has no idea what’s coming to him. Being told to guard a key for Prince.. that’s scary.

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