.hack//Quantum – 01

Overcooled and Hato-kun head back into the World once again!

Hato-kun: So we’re back again for more .hack!

Overcooled:Yessss~ .hack//sign was so good I actually bought the boxset

Hato-kun: And is that Hanazawa? Because that sounded so much like Nessa

Overcooled: I dunno. I know Miyuki Sawashiro is in this though. Actually, yeah, it sounds a lot like Nessa XD

Hato-kun:This already seems soooo much better than Sign and LotT. AND IT’S A FEMALE KITE

Overcooled:I know…the animation is already way better. Kite with boobs is so cute!

Hato-kun:They were already fighting lizard things AND THEN RAPTORS HAPPEN.

Overcooled:Dinosaurs make everything more badass

Hato-kun:Agreed. Well, I’m fine with an all female cast in an online game.

Overcooled: Black Rose is called Mary now? XD

Hato-kun:Black Rose, that’s what her name was. Oh, a cat. I hope that’s a player.


Hato-kun:Yes, I’m hoping that’s a raid..

Overcooled:Look, Hato! A loli! DO YOU LIKE THAT?


Overcooled: Yeah apparently it’s about some huge raid that goes terribly wrong somehow.

Hato-kun:This is so awesome. It’s more a game this time and less depressing.

Overcooled:I know!!! It feels like they’re actually in danger!

Hato-kun:Wow, she sounds manly for a loli.

Overcooled:I was about to say…she sounds like a man.

Hato-kun:It probably is. That’s probably me playing -_-

Overcooled:Lol at the subbers… “no shit?!”

Hato-kun:She did something bad. This is not going to end well. Or rather…it will end awesomely.

Overcooled:Awesome for us. : D

Hato-kun:Information dealer!

Overcooled: IZAYA! And that cat is a hacker for sure.

Hato-kun:Ahahaha. Yeah, I’m liking this new Kite. And that dragon is gonna get ’em so bad. FIGHT FIGHT.

Overcooled: The characters are cute and monsters are badass…I could get used to this.

Hato-kun:If online gaming was like this, I would be sooo happy.

Overcooled:*i know, i want to play this *drools* Smokebomb on a straight path LOL WHERE DID THEY GO.


Overcooled:Oh wow, so she’s like balmung…or whatever his name was. o_o

Hato-kun:Yeah, she’s Balmung. Hey, a sunset in a game? Man, I’m going to forget all their names…

Overcooled:Lol I know. Real life names + IGNS is too much to remember. Hopefully the real life is interesting too XD

Hato-kun: Into the real world, eh? Wow, over the fence, that’s pretty cool. You reckon that’s game influence?

Overcooled:Listen up: games make kids do dangerous stunts like rape people and climb fences.

Hato-kun:BALACLAVA. Damn those fences. Okay the information dealer girl is awesome.

Overcooled:Omg yes. Win.

Hato-kun:And she died…Wow, a bounty xD Now she’s a PK.

Overcooled:Can’t they just permaban her? Why a bounty?

Hato-kun:They all handle it in game, it’s kinda cool. Okay, so her friend must not play because she doesn’t know HOW AWESOME IT IS.

Overcooled:I would play that thing everyday regardless of tests.

Hato-kun:Yes. We could make a Metanorn guild and eff people up.

Overcooled:lol we could do that too.

Hato-kun: Drama is not very interesting.

Overcooled:That tends to happen when it comes to the real world…=p it’s never as interesting.

Hato-kun:But it’s a nice break from, crazy action. Yep, hacker.

Overcooled:Okay wow, he IS a hacker.

Hato-kun:And they even had a server maintenance fairy, awesome. Fishing xD


Hato-kun:D’awwwwww. Okay, that cat is the best character ever.

Overcooled:I knowwww and he doesn’t even have pants.

Hato-kun: Awww, he doesn’t even have friends either 🙁

Overcooled: Awww, qq cat hacker D=

Hato-kun:Uh-oh, already captured.

Overcooled:This bag is made of steel YOU CANNOT ESCAPE.

Hato-kun:Holy shit, dude. It was just a wiped raid.


Hato-kun:When they all die. And who does he look like!

Overcooled:Ginko from Mushi-shi!


Overcooled:OH SNAP HE’S PRO.

Hato-kun:He must be Korean.


Hato-kun:Oh yeah, they are monitoring the net. That’s so cool.

Overcooled:Way to go Izaya~

Hato-kun:He can’t run very fast because he’s a cat.

Overcooled:Yeah…the bipedal thing isn’t working out for him.

Hato-kun:Three way battle! Mobs, players! This is actually really exciting.

Overcooled:These battles are so LOVE…as in.I love them…not..full of love…


Overcooled:…lolwut CGI. and yes, definitely love battles.

Hato-kun:Man, whoever designed this area is awesome.

Overcooled:Oh man, it really looks like a game area too. I’m getting deja vu.

Hato-kun: NOOOOOO! Eaten by darkness.


Hato-kun:That’s why you never kill a korean. That’s what happens in Starcraft as well.

Overcooled:lol yes, don’t mess with them…o____o

Hato-kun:Oh snap, the Warr got owned. Uh oh pain is real: LOG OUT!!! NOW!!!



Overcooled:Video games = Serious business. OMG NO IT ENDED?


Overcooled:I have to wait for he next one??? TT_TT


Overcooled:I don’t know, I don’t know!! (Update: all the episodes are out, it’s all up to the subbers for when episode 2 and 3 come out…)

Hato-kun:Oh man. That’s not cool. And this song is really bad.

Overcooled:lol I guess no yuki kajiura for this one.

End Thoughts:

At times, the animation in Quantum amazing.


Just pretend like nothing happened…

Hato-kun:Okay, that’s awesome.I wasn’t expecting it to be that awesome.

Overcooled:Same…damn. I thought they were just trying to milk the series for more money. I want more :B

Hato-kun:I totally agree with you. From what I can remember of Sign, it was really slow, really depressing, really dark, and I couldn’t determine the gender of the main character.

Overcooled:Yeah, it was a lot more psychological and slow…probably because it was like 24 episodes too while this is 4. Well, now it’s simpler because everyone’s a chick pretty much XD

Hato-kun:Yeah, I’m glad they made it easier to tell, lol. I’m actually genuinely sad that I have to wait for the next episode. If they made a whole series like that, I’d watch it non-stop.

Overcooled:The pacing was nearly perfect. They always have something interesting going on.

Hato-kun:Pacing was brilliant. The whole IRL drama was good as well. It seemed a bit more like Legend because it was much more colorful (mostly because of Kite’s clothes and hair..)

Overcooled:Yeah, but legend was….too colorful…XD

Hato-kun:Because that’s what happens wen you play online games heaps -_- You suck at classes and yo’ friends are like ‘You bad!’

Overcooled: Well, I think the drama will get more intense than studying with that sudden KNIFEFIST TO THE STOMACH that might have killed Mary…They don’t understand! The gaming world is important too! I envy that chick who can cram the night before though.

Hato-kun:The envyyyyy. If I could do that, I wouldn’t even bother with studying.

Overcooled:Bleh, I can’t wing anything any more in university. I have to study T_T

Hato-kun:I’m going to have to study in Uni, I dread it. I really hope they start researching that kind of technology.

Overcooled:…and yes. they need to get on that. 3DS doesn’t cut it.

Hato-kun:Lol, 3DS ain’t got nothing on this. Before I die, I want to play that game.

Overcooled:…lol you can be the loli.

Hato-kun:I saw that coming from a mile away -_-

Overcooled:I know. I can’t help it. It’s who you are!

Hato-kun:I’ll be that creepy player who creates female characters and scams money off all the dudes. The perfect plan.

Overcooled:…that’s what I do. except I’m actually a female.

Hato-kun:You’re evil!

Overcooled:Noooo, I’m teaching them a lesson. kekeke~

Hato-kun:Yeah, then they actually get smart. So they are all in coma’s? Oddly reminiscent of Sign (or most likely all the .hack anime…)

Overcooled:Maybe. That or some of them end up still being awake. I think some of them escaped. But coma for the not so lucky ones is more likely given the trend.

Hato-kun:Balmung is okay though. Warrior and Lol-mage escaped, because they’re the smart ones.

Overcooled:Yeah, and the kitty. Unless he’s in a coma to begin with. Oooohhhh.

Hato-kun:Oh yeah, what happened to Hermit? Yeah, that’s what I reckon too. That or he’s fallen into a coma in a coma.**Inception bass**

Overcooled:lolllll well, I saw THAT one from a mile away

Hato-kun:It’s funny how the series have generally gotten more action packed and lighter. Though I haven’t seen .Roots, from Legend to Quantum is a pretty crazy jump. And in Legend they said it had changed because they keep on updating The World.

Overcooled:It’s definitely a good turn. While I did like .hack//sign, I don’t think I would want another slow one.

Hato-kun:So maybe that’s their excuse for changing it a lot? The game just keeps getting patched, lol.

Overcooled:I don’t even care about the game unless it’s like the anime. lol I dunno if patches have to do with it, but that would be interesting.

Hato-kun:I bet some hardcore Sign fans are outraged by this new direction.

Overcooled:How dare they have a girl who plays a girl character! I declare shenanigans!

Hato-kun: Ahahaha

Overcooled:But aside from those crazy people…that was plain awesome.

Hato-kun:I’m glad I opted to review this, I knew it was the right choice! Also, “Theres going to be a manga called .hack//Quantum+ and a novel called Twin Hearts for .hack//Quantum.” I might have to read that…

Overcooled:Mmmm manga. Is it a continuation from where it will end after 3 episodes?

Hato-kun:Apparently so. Also, Mary was Kneesocks!

Overcooled:Wow! I can see it/hear it now.

Hato-kun:And Tobias is the Baby from Beelzebub xD And Celty! and Saeko from HotD

Overcooled:Bawww the cat has like no roles. And yeah, its Miyuki Sawashiro! OF COURSE!!!SHE’S ONLY LIKE MY FAVOURITE FEMALE SEIYUU

Hato-kun:OH REALLY

Overcooled:YEAH MANG

Hato-kun:She’s not too bad.

*….*cracks knuckles*


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19 Responses to “.hack//Quantum – 01”

  1. amado says:

    I watched and loved .hack//sign, and seen .hack//roots but I dont really know anything else about the .hack universe(except from wikis).

    might watch if there is yuri in this one though….

    I dont really need to know and watch other .hack to get this right?

    • Hato-kun says:

      I’ve only seen Sign and Legend, so I assume the only thing you really need to know is, it’s a game, and people go into comas. Pretty simple.

      And why would there be Yuri in .hack…? Has there been in previous seasons?

      • Overcooled says:

        TECHNICALLY there was yuri in Sign. Show ▼

        But that’s more of a special case, so I doubt we’ll get some in Quantum. O_o

      • amado says:

        what I meant is do I have to watch the other .hack series to know some of the characters and know why the events are happening.

        and yeah, sign had yuri. I watched roots but stopped when I found out that this wasnt the first .hack. ironically, I only decided to watch .hack//sign because I thought I had to watch it in chronological order to understand it. and I became a yuri fan somewhere around the time I finished .hack//sign.

  2. Carla says:

    Overcooled and Hato-Kun are Back ♥♥♥

    I didn’t see any .hack// before…
    If I want to start watching this one, should I watch the others?

    • Hato-kun says:

      Yeah, we’re back! (Where did we go?)

      I think you should watch .Sign at the very least, because despite it being quite slow (and old) it’s really quite badass.

      If you want to watch the main ones, go Sign, Legend of the Twilight then Roots. There are a lot of characters in Quantum that appear in those series, especially the main ones.

    • amado says:

      yep, you should watch .hack//sign. its the actual beginning of the story anyway.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    This was awesome! I loved .hack//sign way back when it first was shown on Adult swim brings back so many fun memories.

    Great animation and voice work! Course Hana is never out of work, wish it would have been longer but ah well OVA works. Next movie looks like other characters from the .hack series appear? or something I Saw it in the preview.

    Course 3 girl leads someone has to assume theres Yuri xDDD

    • Hato-kun says:

      Animation was brilliant, and despite Hana having so many parts, she wasn’t too bad in this one.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah I like her as the kite character I kept thinking more towards Vocaloid Miku as a RPG character…mostly the loongg twin tail and the same color lol xD

        Can’t wait for the next part!

  4. anaaga says:

    the hack that i love sfm is the first one, sign. i remembered how i was so effin pissed because tsukasa turned out to be a female. A FEMALE. and i thought tsukasa is hot too >.< it destroyed my whole tsukasaXsubaru thingy 🙁

    man, i don't like the main girl. i, just…don't like her face. i'll try to watch it though.
    if she turned out to be a guy…

    • Hato-kun says:

      I called that she was a chick from the first episode.

      You don’t like her face? That’s a bit mean… Do you mean her face IRL? because her face looks weird there.

      • Overcooled says:

        Guess we’re not using spoiler tags anymore lolololol. I didn’t like SubaruxTsukasa when it was het, so turning it yuri had no effect on me. I knew Tsukasa was a girl about halfway through, but not EPISODE 1. Geez Hato, you psychic.

        Her face looks fine to me o_o

      • anaaga says:

        it’s more like i don’t like the character design of the main girl. she looks like those little kids in my school, looking all hyper. makes me want to slap her ^^;

    • amado says:

      I liked it when they showed that tsukasa was a girl. I think it was the one(or one of some) that made me into a yuri fan because it wasnt hot but sweet and pure love, something that I rarely find in anime these days….

  5. Dan-go says:

    Not going to lie, metanorn guild would be uber hax

  6. MikADo says:

    OMG this thing was out? how did i not know?
    i’m a failure as a fan ;(
    wtv ill go for it rite now!!

    btw.female Kite? hmmm.. fishy but cute XD

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