Fractale – 04

2x the kidnapping, 2x the fun!

I’m feeling the aftermath of being sick and not resting now. I slept for over 12 hours today and have been craving oranges and their precious supply of vitamin C. I’m eating whole ones in 2 bites now. Aside from being sick, I used today to catch up on anime (and study, but that’s not interesting). One of those anime being FRACTALE. You see how I transitioned into talking about Fractale? Huh? CLEVER, RIGHT? …..Okay, yeah, I’ll get to the summary -_-

In the aftermath of the Lost Millenium vs the Priestess Group, Phryne sees Clain and Nessa calling out to her. During the chaos of the civilians awakening from their trance, the Lost Millenium group use smoke bombs to retreat back into their ship. Enri’s brother even manages to snatch up Phryne into the airship. Having no choice but to scram, Clain and Nessa escape into the airship too.

It was a successful raid overall, but that doesn’t mean it went perfectly. Enri bawls over the death of Butcher, while Clain doesn’t feel bad for them. A bunch of murderers, the lot of them. So he sneaks off and goes to untie Phryne to free her…even though they’re in the air and they’re stuck there anyways. It goes just about as bad as things could possibly go: she slaps him, gets mad at him for waking up Nessa, and then proves her hate for Nessa when the poor thing can’t even properly give her a sissy punch. Enri’s brother, Sunda, steps in to question her since Clain’s rescue isn’t really going so hot.

2x the abuse is….well, it’s not 2x the fun unless you’re a masochist.

Phryne doesn’t really answer any questions, but she’s not shy about stating her dislike of the Fractale system. Sunda seems to know most of her story anyways, so he’s patient enough to let her brood over whether or not to join their rebellion. They lock her up again (while Clain and Nessa roam free) once they land back at the village and have their funeral for Butcher. Nessa sings the Temple Priestess song, which is pretty inappropriate considering they just slaughtered a bunch of them a few moments ago. So when a little kid tries to copy her, Sunda practically disintegrates her with his laser-like stare and venomous tone. AND SHE’S SO CUTE TOO.

WANTED: every one of those stupid rebels, even if they’re only 5 years old and we’ve never seen them before! OKAY, IT IS TIME TO BOMB THE VILLAGE NOWS! Well, looks like Nessa and Clain chose a good time to escape again since everyone is busy fighting for their lives again. No one wants to have to deal with battle priests. Not onle do they rape little boys, but they have lasers!

Clain sees Phryne escaping from her prison and runs off to help her. Nessa isn’t buying it though. She hates the brown-haired girl with a passion. Clain leaves her to help Phryne, who is still pretty cold. She didn’t think anyone would be able to open Nessa, which is why she dumped the data on him like a safety deposit box. No one would think some dorky kid would have it, right? Once she’s done being a bitch, she hops on a motorcycle and leaves him behind.

This is why you check your side view mirrors

Clain pulls a Sonic the hedgehog and jumps onto her bike. Now it’s his turn to let loose a torrent of emotions on her about how she left all of a sudden without a word, leaving him just one thing and expecting him not to do anything about it. Phryne has another mood swing and asks him if he loves her. He doesn’t have time to respond though, as the priests are right on their heels.

Between a rock and a hard place, quite literally, they’re forced to listen to some weird guy act all mighty about their “inevitable” capture. Phryne just goes into badass mode and drives OVER A CLIFF. AWWW YEAAHHH. She lands right on the airship, which is escaping at that exact moment. Sure, she is essentially being re-kidnapped, but she seems to prefer these goons over the priests. I don’t blame her. As for Nessa, she’s staying un-kidnapped for now. Which makes me sad, because I love Nessa. T_T

Nessa’s Hidden Techniques:

Nessa’s forbidden technique! OVARY CRUSH!

Nessa’s forbidden technique #2! Piggyback ride of peril!


End Thoughts: It looks like we’ve officially transferred over from “amusing meandering” into the “lofty adventure” territory. With increased pacing and action, things are really starting to pick up. It’s that kind of adventure that feels genuinely magical and filled with wonder…not some lame quest to find 7 gems/scrolls/seals/donuts. Things are starting to get a lot more serious now that Clain is in the heart of all this conflict. Instead of being neutral and just sort of being the kidnapee, he’s starting to form ideas of his own of what’s wrong or right.

I’m glad Phryne is back, even if she’s being a bit of a bitch. She has her motives, I’m sure, but no need to get huffy about someone tinkering with the data YOU gave them. Next time leave a “do not touch” post-it on it or something. I’m still confused why she helped with the ceremoney, and then refuses to go back to the Temple. She clearly wants to take down the Fractale system, but doesn’t want to co-operate with the Lost Millenium group. Maybe she’ll come around eventually, but she seems to have some very big goals in that mood-swinging little brain of hers. Her relationship with Nessa is very peculiar too.

Why would Phryne hate a doppel? It may be linked to someone she hates, but the girl who was with her (also Nessa) didn’t seem to have any sort of control over Clain’s Nessa. I was under the impression Nessa was special and didn’t have a real life counterpart, but for Phryne to hate her means that she would have had to known her before…right? Unless Phryne is just THAT kind of girl who can immediately hate someone because they “love love” <_< Nessa and Phryne are mysterious indeed.

I’m not sure if Sunda’s group are really just terrorists looking for change in the wrong way, but I like them. I want Clain and Phryne to help them in their anti-Fractale quest. Really, they don’t seem so bad at all. Can’t have a revolution without getting your hands dirty. I certainly wouldn’t side with those creepy priests though. Would you guys join the revolution with me? Yeah? DOWN WITH FRACTALE!!! See you next week, rebels.



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13 Responses to “Fractale – 04”

  1. Namika says:

    Um…. I think, they failed with the whole mystery thing, because right now it seems just messed up for me, not mysterious. Maybe I’m just being a bitch, Idk. But the pace is clearly building up, and I like it, because I want to know some more about the Fractale system! >3<"
    Clain was irritating me in this episode! O_O And Phryne too. And Nessa is my most favorite character of Fractale from now on! 😀

    • Overcooled says:

      lol, well *I’m* loving it. Probably because I’m so interested in learning what’s up with the Nessa^2 thing as opposed to the main war. The Fractale system I’m more or less “eh” over. They already explained most of it anyways, so there’s little for me to be curious about. It depends how much you want to learn about this crazy world they’re in how much you like the mystery of it all.

      Clain can’t help being surrounded by crazy girls all the time XD Phryne really needs to tone down those moodswings!

  2. Elyon says:

    I forgave Phrynne for all her bitchiness when she DROVE OVER A FLIPPIN CLIFF!!! That…was so badass! I love how the bad guy was all like “MWAHAHAHA I’VE GOT YOU NOW!!! …wait a minute…THAT CRAZY BITCH!”

    Sunda is also now my favorite character. He makes babies cry. XD

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, I was like “Okay, you’re off the hook for today…” XD Really, that bitch is crazzzzzyyyy.

      Sunda was so mean to that little kid! D= AND THE BABY. He made it cry then used it for his speech. That mom was just smiling like she thought he’d leave her alone if she looked happy XD

  3. anaaga says:

    man, thank god i didn’t delete this anime from my hard disk. it’s starting to get awesome! oh, and phyrne and sunda is my new OTP. hehe

    • anaaga says:

      oh, and phyrne said she hates the doppel nessa? when did she said that? i thought nessa just hate her like that. nessa’s just probably jealous of clain’s affection for phyrne. but clain still can’t beat the awesomeness of sunda :p

      • Overcooled says:

        It’s one of my favourites for this season XD I don’t like my romance so I’ll just be ignoring any and all couples in this show now kaythanks…

        And anyone who can’t touch Nessa hates her.

  4. foshizzel says:

    What is with Phyrne?! Sooo mean to Clain. He has enough crazy chicks around him with Nessa to worry about hahah

    So this is like an rpg now hes on the airship leaving the starter zone! Now onto the mainland for bigger random adventures.

    Couples? I don’t see any forming just yet Clain probably doesn’t want to have any of the current girls. Well maybe the other Phyrne in episode one, the cute and nice version.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, this just reinforces the “all women are psycho” stereotype…XD And anaaga was the one pointing out couples, although you can’t help but notice how flustered Clain gets around Phryne. Even when she’s being a royal pain in the ass.

      I also get that RPG feel XD Reminds me a bit of the .hack universe too.

  5. Teabie says:

    i quite like this series now! intro of characters, original bad guys are actually good (maybe?), and Phryne is unexpectedly unpredictable. I LIKE. i can overlook other things for now, haha.

    how cool was that man’s music app in the caravan park!? now my iPod sucks. meh.

    • Overcooled says:

      Things are still pretty unpredictable and morally ambiguous, but I like where things are headed!

      I want a doppel AND that music app. Someone better be working on inventing that right now.

  6. Vivi says:

    Phryne is PMSing hardcore, being sassy and femme fatale is one thing buuuuuuut Phryyyyyne :I

    If I had a doppel like Nessa, I would never never never ever leave her behind, ovary crush or no!

    • Overcooled says:

      Nessa is way more reasonable than Phryne, and she was the one who threw a tantrum in the middle of the road! Clain must really like her to still care after all that. I’ll stick to my Nessa, kaythanks. *pats her head*

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