Metanorn Team & Aniblogging

A sneak peek into Metanorn’s Team and their aniblogging habitat. Oh we know, we are very international~ ^^

Distance knows no bound and we are united off borders and for forever~! Please don’t make me write such cheesy lines… Oh but I did. FFFFFFFU– Ahem, anyway! How are you all doing this fine morning?! Over the Monday blues or is it just starting? I’m over mine and damn, it was not pretty! Though, forget about my lousy day and come to the thick of things as I bring you something totally fresh off the METANORN press.

Behold the new Team picture! Yes, this took forever to make…! 4 hours to be exact. The idea of it came to me while browsing TYPE-MOON images and four of my favourite characters framed one after the other. A light bulb went on and I emailed my team to select an anime character that majorly defines them and find me their profile poses. Some I used but some I couldn’t and had to actually scourge for so that it fit well with others. I love the colour black so no wonder, it’s the main background. All staff names are highlighted in their chosen colours, while the beaded font for the heading signifies the fact how closely-knitted we are, just like a beaded chain.

I’ve been brewing this collaboration for some time now (months to be exact), but for one reason or the other it kept on being delayed and then Fall came and everyone went busy or MIA. Anyway, my purpose for this post is to give you a sneak-peek into the dens of Metanorn writers, what they feel about aniblogging and our Winter 2011 Plans. What makes us click, if you will because we are definitely bent on sharing the fandom love. We are spread around the world and even time differences do not matter. The following picture actually seems like the ones found in any MNC corporate site, under “Contact Us”, mapping all regional offices. Though, this is where we currently reside atm. And plan to take over the world soon. XD

Before, we showcase our hideouts, just a quick list on what to expect episodics-wise from the team, starting this week (this does not include the carry-over titles from Fall and OVA/Movies):

Now on to some amusing RL pictures:


Aniblogging Habitat & Desktop~

Extra Sneak peek

Now, aniblogging is an interesting thing. There is a certain style to it, as does any sort of writing. If you’d have asked me for an anime review at the beginning of the year, I would’ve been stumped. I couldn’t have done it. If you’d have asked me to write another sort of review, be it game, film, book, music, play, now that I could do. But not anime. The audience you write for is different. Thankfully, Metanorn helped amazingly with that. Thanks to all my fellow writers and our amazing hybrid writer/god, I can write a decent anime review. They aren’t half bad, and wouldn’t you agree? I’m ani-blogging, because it’s a challenge. While I don’t find it easy, per-sé, it’s not difficult because I enjoy every second of it. Bottom line is, Metanorn is awesome. And that isn’t going to change anytime soon.


Aniblogging environment

Current Desktop

The original reason I took up aniblogging was because I realized that my anime rants to my friends weren’t going anywhere since most of them don’t like anime. Tired of getting blank looks and zero discussion about what I was watching, I decided to actually get INVOLVED and try out for Metanorn. People will catch things that I missed, provide insight from the manga, or have a completely different view of things that makes watching anime all the more immersive. I guess you could say aniblogging is all about the communication between the reader and the writer, and seeing things through other otaku’s eyes. Of course, sometimes I simply just DON’T agree with people, but that’s a given in life. =P Also, it’s fun. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it (unless I got paid). I get to flex my writing skills – something I rarely get to do anymore since the only writing I do for school is lab reports – and become pseudo-famous for it. I enjoy doing it, and hopefully you guys enjoy reading it. That’s all there is to it~


What I like about aniblogging… wait a sec, I’m not aniblogging at all. *Cough* *Cough* What I like about being a webmaster/web-hoster/epic-Linux-user/programmer/you-name-it is the fact that I’m the guy who’s giving life to crazy and awesome ideas (new metanorn and JuStChat) and that I’m the guy everyone is relying on. So far, Metanorn is my biggest project in terms of hits/views and the Chatbox is the longest and most complex program I’ve ever written, this really gave me a lot of exp. points in general programming, so much that I leveled up ( XD ). That’s a really gamer way to put it, but anyway. Every time I tell people that I’m a webmaster and web developer, they ask me “Are you paid for that?” and the answer is always the same: “Of course… not”, then they go “WHAT! You should be paid for that!” and I just say that I don’t mind, since this is what I love, whether I’m paid or not won’t change a thing.

The big question here is: How did I ended up being a webmaster/programmer/…? and on top of that: How did I end up on ani-blogging sites?

Well, I don’t really know, it just happened. My friend, that everyone knows, TSRL, decided to start a new podcast, the DDD, with some people from the RRFDP or something like that. To be honest, I don’t know (and/or remember) the full story. Anyway, so they started out on an ugly Blogger site, so I proposed myself to make them a stable and beautiful website and to also host them (in my epic basement server that is). Then on November the 12th at 4:14 AM local time, I received the e-mail that changed my life (same thing as in The World God Only Knows XD), I’ll let you guys guess from whom that e-mail was *cough*Kyo*cough*. Then came the whole Metanorn migration hell, the reprogramming of it’s theme et cetera. And that’s pretty much it, that’s how I got involved in aniblogging related sites.

My epic basement server (WilliSite + JuStChat):

Specs: 1GHz AMD Athlon, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb HDD and 1000Mbps D-Link NIC

My epic basement server’s desktop (text only XD):

Last login: Wed Dec 22 22:33:37 2010 from
Have a lot of fun...

My epic basement network (1 router and two 8-port switches… all full… 16 devices plugged in):

From left to right: NAS of 2TB (mainly holds backups), Cable modem (15Mbps down / 1Mbps up), D-Link Gigabit Wireless N router, two 8-port D-Link switches.

My dev environment:

And finally, Current Desktop:


Aniblogging environment

Current Desktop

~Whenever I tell someone, anyone, about the fact I write for an anime website, the first thing they ALWAYS ask me is, “Oh, so do you get paid?!”. Of course, being a poor person who can only afford one fandom at a time, I answer with an “I wish!” but I always smile and continue with “I love it though, so I don’t really care.” Why do I love it? I don’t know myself, but when it comes down to it, I guess it’s because I don’t have anyone else to rant about it to. In the States, especially in my town, typically people only watch things in English, have things American-made, and such, so there is a very small percentage of people who like anime. Yet, even when I do find someone who likes anime, they typically default to mainstream anime that they play late at night, and prefer English dubs *shudder*. I don’t get along well with these people, and my friends aren’t into as much as I am so I’m left alone to fangirl. Not to mention I’m a very shy person (if you couldn’t tell) and sometimes I can’t even bear to talk to some anime-lovers.

When the opportunity came up to take a position here, I took it, despite the whole day it took me to write my example episodic, and I don’t regret it. It makes me happy to think that finally an opinion from that really-quiet-girl-with-the-fetish-for-Asian-stuff-who-sits-by-herself-in-the-classroom is getting out. So when people tell me I’m crazy for putting something like this as my first priority when I get home from school, I just smile and imagine some chibi of myself in my head laughing insanely. I’m really just so happy to be here, and meet not only Kyokai and the other writers, but all the people who visit our site and fangirl/rant along with me! I’ll keep trying my best on both my posts, and my breaking out of my shy shell so I can actually converse more.

I have to say, getting into anime is probably one of the best things that could have happened to me, despite the weird glances I get at school and at home as I sport my Kuroshitsuji t-shirt, Bleach sweater, and binder full of chibi drawings. I’ll keep on fangirling! Who said I had to be normal anyways?~


Aniblogging environment

Current Desktop

Why I like to aniblog? Well, I find it fun to share my ideas and thoughts on anime in general. At first I thought it was really silly, but as I got used to taking screen shots and visiting other blogs, I really got super interested in trying it out! Then I observed how others kind of poked fun at shows, and that seemed to really catch my eye. So, I tend to do that with my posts and pictures.

When I submitted my application to Metanorn, I never thought I would get picked but after finding out I got accepted, it made my day. I found several blogs that had more than one or two writers and always thought to myself that it would be awesome to join a blog with several writers and anime fans, who want to have a good time together. So being part of Metanorn is both exciting and awesome! Filled with lots of friendly people, who are online most of the times, I hope we can do lots of great things together.


Aniblogging environment

Current Desktop

Metanorn is an awesome place, with an awesome team, who can somehow tolerate Captain’s irresponsible and lazy behaviour. The people who comment on Metanorn are also awesome, being very awesomely welcoming and very nice to the new blood and their reviews as well. Being part of Metanorn is like, well, awesome. In all sense of the word. It’s not a very good way to explain it, I know that, but I never thought I’d ever be part of an aniblogging site – really!

Aniblogging has always been something Captain has wanted to do. Ever since being introduced to Kokidokom and various other aniblogs. The idea stayed, and grew like a little plant, until Captain finally decided that she could no longer take it and decide to get closer to the actual team of Metanorn, submitting an application to be part of the new blood! Never would she have thought that she would be accepted, but in the end, aniblogging has now made it onto the list of Captain’s top hobbies.


I am a filthy college student, so for your benefit, I’ve taken great care to preserve the state of my natural habitat before taking a picture of it. The following are pictures of my NC base, which is where I spend most of the year. I had to clean up before leaving for the winter, but here is what my desk normally looks like:

Some items of note: 1) My awesome pot for cooking noodles, NOT ramen! 2) Empty coke and orange juice bottles, 3) A stack of CDs, props to anyone who can identify the CD on top, 4) Solo bowls for noodles, 5) Another CD with a gross video of an ankle replacement surgery, email me if you wanna see~ 6) Yes, that’s my toothbrush and toothpaste over there, 7) My awesome yellow music stand. But wait! That’s my desk, so where’s my computer? It’s actually over here:

8) My laptop, can anyone tell what page it’s open to? 9) Empty coffee cans for power writing papers, 10) Altoids, curiously powerful mints. Most days I sleep with my laptop on my bed, which is sooo bad, but what can I say? I’m awful.

Current Desktop

Admittedly, I’m not as well-versed in anime as some others since I’m relatively new to the fandom. I’ve only started getting really into it in the last few years or so, so there’s a lot of stuff I’m not familiar with. I’ve been told from some friends and also read here and there that recent anime suck, but you know what? I completely disagree! I don’t know how recent seasons compare to the last decade or century or whatever, but there’s definitely stuff that I love. And love is what aniblogging is all about! I never did any aniblogging before joining Metanorn, but I sure love to talk about what I love, be it anime, games, music, or whatever else the topic of the day might be. As long as you have that love, you’ll always have something to say. And when a lot of people who love the same thing gather in one place, the excitement never ends! This is what Metanorn is to me, and I hope the same goes for you, too.


Hello all, Ness the Trap of Metanorn tuning in. So yeah, you get a good look at my desks that are only cleared before and after a school term. The desk on the far left has my laptop which is mainly used for reading online manga and playing games. Basically it’s just a gaming laptop that’s collecting dust for now until I upgrade some things. As for the desk on the right, it’s my main desk used for just about everything else. As you know, I’m a Graphic Design student so I have my cutting mat, inking pens and a cool HQ printer to help save money from horrific trips to the craptastic FedEx Kinkos. I’m not as cool as Captain or Fosh because that tablet on my desk was just a loaner until I get myself one, hah. But anyways, I’m running a OSX Mac with CS4 for my school work and Setsuna F. Seiei is in the background heating things up because it’s cold in my room.

Current Desktop

Aniblogging to me is a hobby but also a sort of other world that leads to this community of people who have the same interests as me on a wider scale of information and geographically. Aniblogging lets me share my own experiences, interests and opinions with others. This is why I decided to enter the aniblogging community and being part of Mentanorn is like a doorway to letting me do such things. As well, I get to enjoy anime/manga/games, etc. with others and I get to make new friends in the process. I think it’s very cool to be able to converse with someone around the world and see their views and opinions on things that interest me. Even though I might not always agree, it’s even better when there’s a mutual likeness.

Metanorn to me is like a big playground where us kids can hang out and have fun (which means Kyokai is the Goddess bestowing us with blessings and Will is… still Christ :3). Being part of the Metanorn staff is a pleasure and great experience. I’m happy to be able to work with my fellow Metanorn teammates and get to know them in the process. Each member is really interesting and cool, as well are the visitors who comment on posts. Also, writing for Metanorn has given me a chance to not only learn the process of aniblogging but be able to put to work my hobby of writing that I have not been able to put much thought into. So with that, thank you Metanorn and those visitors who have given me supportive comments.


Aniblogging environment

Extra showcase~

Current Desktop

I blog from a computer station in the corner of my room, usually there are cans and empty glasses littered around, little notes scrawled on paper or a candle or two, if I’m writing late into the night. I’ve tidied up somewhat for you guys, since I don’t want to look like a slob. 😛 (I totally am, lazy bugger through and through), I also got a sexy new laptop for Christmas, so chances are I’ll be doing posts with that, as well.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got into anime blogging; there were a couple of hiccups I had, mostly with the formatting and technical stuff, but after overcoming them it was just a pleasure. It’s so much fun writing about anime, good and bad, and getting to chat with like-minded people who are enthusiastic about their fandom. It’s an interesting experience to interact with other Metanorn writers and commentors alike.

The On-Hiatus crowd didn’t have time to comment but you can always look at their systems and go waaah!


Aniblogging environment

Current Desktop


Blogging Environment~


Aniblogging and Gaming zone~


I can finally say that it has been around a year that I’ve blasted into aniblogging and it has been one helluva ride. I think back of the time I stumbled across Metanorn in my search for more animu reviews and seeing that “writers wanted” announcement. I don’t know what Kanzie saw in the corporate blog I maintained or even my very formal writing style and decided to give me a go. I could never have imagined that I would be running the same site in a few months’ time. Life is quite strange and same for different experiences; I took Metanorn as a challenge once I found out that the founders would not continue due to pressing RL and studies.

Running a site is not new to me as I already ran a major Harry Potter site back in the day, when the books were still releasing and my current work pretty much revolves around everything Digital Marketing (from Website building to Mobility solutions, Content, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising and the works). Having such a busy work and social life, I quickly realized that I would not be able to shoulder Metanorn content alone and that is when I put up announcement for new writers. In the end, I have amassed this team (who are full of amazing potential and awesomeness), to actually dish out varied thoughts rather than few people talking about the same thing. For a reason, I always liked diversity and see working wonders for Metanorn.

I have two aniblogging habitats: office and home. I’ve almost abandoned my desktop, now only used by other family members so that’s not featured here.

Yep, half of my weekday is spent here. Also note, I am backing up my anime on my 1TB drive :3

A colleague actually captured my super-fast typing~

On left, my department’s piggybank, a dog named Sensei (of course, I named him) and on right my comfy, homey place for relaxation and aniblogging

Current Desktop

To me, aniblogging is all about having fun while doing it because if I treat it as work, I’m going to get sick of it soon. The plethora of friends I’ve made in the animanga community is what makes it even better, because I love discussing the stuff I’m watching/reading with like-minded people, who actually understand what I’m saying. Many twitter and on-site conversations (via chatbox and comments) are the things that make my day. So, chat with you soon and thanks for hanging around with us. ^^

Before I take your leave though, some much needed shout-outs:

  • To our faithful Readers and Commentors, WE LOVE YOU!!! You are an inspiration for ALL of us. <333
  • Sekijitsu! Welcome back, Bass! As I usually say, they need LOVE, LOVVVEEE! xD
  • The DDD Podcast – Because we love making fun of them and vice versa. The same guys who I can talk with for 8+ hours… 0.0
  • Zkage from Metal Seinen for keeping up the local beats! ^^
  • Hellomotto for getting into Yale… Like wow!
  • Vucub for thinking up SCCSAV (Standing Committee for the Coordination of Simultaneous Anime Viewing). I just wish, I could catch a show. >.>
  • Ruby, for being just plain awesome.
  • Anime fandom, thank you for continued existence!

Alright, this is all for now. Hope you had fun reading about the FABULOUS TEAM of METANORN. Till next time, Ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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267 Responses to “Metanorn Team & Aniblogging”

  1. Mint says:

    Epic post is epic! And nice seeing all of your aniblogging caves. It’s fun to see how diverse everyone is, geographically and personality-wise.

    Life is quite strange sometimes, isn’t it? Most of us stumble into blogging in some coincidence or chance event or other, but it’s incredibly lucky that you applied when you did, Kyo~ Thanks for all the hard work you and your team put in turning Metanorn into something pretty darn awesome. XD

  2. Karin says:

    Hoshi likes SHINee?! Hoshi likes SHINee?! Hoshi likes SHINee?! Hoshi likes SHINee?! *Taemin stan*

    Putting that aside, Foshizzel lives in Florida! *high fives* I do too, but in my opinion Florida is a dead asian wasteland -_-. All the good asian supermarkets, shops are on the east coast…like Kinokuniya, the bookstore! I used to live in California but I guess I never took advantage of the shops there :P.

    Awesome post aside, thank you for all the episode summaries and posts! I know they take time to write and I’m glad that you guys do this :).

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol yes FL *high five!* it is quite boring here D:

      You’re welcome! it’s fun stuff 😛

    • Kyokai says:

      Hoshi has introduced me to SHINee as well (they are awesome!) And thanks, we enjoy doing it and there is no other reason for it. xD

  3. Hime says:

    This was awesome! It’s nice to see I’m not the messiest aniblogger 😛 and I think me and Ryuuko have the same desk. Only thing is, I’m not from Manchester…XD That’s in England!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol my desk never stays clean xD already piles of candy wrappers and soda cans >.>;

    • Ruby says:

      Hime you totally have my dream room! I’m so jealous >_> I always wanted a pick room xD and I love your bookcase :3

      • Hime says:

        Hehe, thanks Ruby. I’ll rent it out to you when I move out for college. XD

  4. dai1313 says:

    Nice interesting post.

    Also, it’s fantastic to see some linux up there. My respect to you, Will.

    • Will says:

      Linux FTW

      It’s kinda sad I’m the only one running that epic thing 🙁

      And about that chatbox downtime… IT’S MICRO$OFT’s FAULT I SWEAR.
      I had the “brilliant” idea to bring up a Windoze Server 2003 based computer as my Internet gateway.
      Note to self: Will, don’t even think about doing that again!

      • Kyokai says:

        Thanks, dai1313~

        Will, note to you, never trust Microsoft.

      • dai1313 says:

        Don’t despair. You are not the only one out there.

        I run Linux. This guy runs linux and… … … this guy.

        Anyway, all the cool people run linux.


        Which distro do you use?

        • Will says:

          Kubuntu Maverick Meerkat (10.10) for desktop usage, the netbook remix for my netbook and the epic Willy Server (custom openSUSE) for server usage.

  5. Eli-la says:

    Hime, your room is so PINK D:
    I’d burn up if I came within a 5 mile radius of that xD

  6. Amutofan123 says:

    Ah, great post! Awww, everyone has cute anime stuff and really cool aniblogging enviroments. *envious* Hey, I got to see Will’s scuzi! I think… Oh cool, Sassy and I are both from North Carolina. 😀 And Hoshi sounds just like me. I’m extremely shy. I totally understand about ranting about anime to your friends who really just don’t care. I’ll talk to my friends about the latest episode of [insert anime here] and they have no clue what the hell I’m talking about. Everyone I know who likes anime likes the mainstream English dubbed stuff that playes late at night too. It makes me feel so alone! Dx Aniblogging sounds liek so much fun. I would love to try it sometime, but I would probably fail at it. xD

    • Kyokai says:

      I don’t have any figurines and I so want a shiki one!!! Someone gift it to me, damn it! Anyway, you can always catch us on skype/JustChat, to fangirl your heart away. I turned to the online world just because I was disappointed with my RL ones because a very few of them watch anime, let alone so heavily into it like me.

      Also, never say never. 😉

  7. Namika says:

    O.O This post was such a great ideaaaaaa…….
    I don’t even know, what to say now! ^^
    First of all…. It seems, that not only my work station is so messed up, that’s reassuring!!! xD Makes me feel a little better, to know that I’m not alone from this side)))
    Also, Captain! Such a cute desktop!!!! *,_,*
    Metanorn is a really amazing place, because I, personally, met with a lot of awesome people, with whom I could share my opinion and love, and could fangirl over a variety of things. There are very few people, who at least know, what anime is and almost none of them like it, so I was pretty much alone in my obsession, until I stumbled upon Metanorn a year ago. Kyokai, you’re amazing for making this site so lively, for making me want to come back every single day. And the rest of the team is amazing for making it so interesting to stay here, to read different posts that make me look at some things from a slightly different angle. And of course, Will, for whom I can’t find appropriate words, just…. CHRIST!))))) Guys, you’re all really amazing!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      Haha, thanks! I think an uncluttered space means you don’t spend too much time on it. Like my office room to which I recently shifted. I’m found in it at very odd hours as I usually hole-up with my resources or am going around presenting stuff.

      Captain’s desktop is soooo cute!!! No wonder, there were bets going off for it. :3

      Thanks for the lovely compliments, Namika-chan~ <3 I think you started coming around when I was a newly joined the site, right? In the end, we do it all for the readers. ^^

      • Namika says:

        You’re welcome!!! ^^
        I still can’t get over how cute it is! O_O
        I was already around, when Kanzie posted her year-ender post. I can remember the phrase and word that I don’t want to hear again awards LOL

      • Captain says:

        Omo! My desktop isn’t that..that– It does seem the most customized of all, though. Haha! I stole the picture off Pixiv, found it while browsing the Gintama fanart section. The icons are another story c:

    • anaaga says:

      i wondered who has this avatar, and it turned out to be you!

      *prapare self* all right, am ready to spank tatsumi

  8. sassy says:

    Messiest aniblogger award goes to…

  9. wonton jr. says:

    Oh my gosh! How did Captain get such a cute desktop? I’m so jealous >3<

    And everyone has really cute anime stuff around their aniblogging enviroments.. ugh why is mine so neat? Am I just a neatfreak?? I have to say though, I have a new respect for Will O.o

    • Kyokai says:

      She has special powers. xD

      Being a neatfreak is always good, at least your parents won’t scold you. >.> Also, there is a reason, we call him Christo! :3

      • wonton jr. says:

        Haha no wonder everyone bows down to her XD

        =-= ughh well my parents scold me for being too neat … haha I understand why now!

    • Captain says:

      I browse Pixiv! >n<
      ..I don't really have much anime stuff, since there's actually a special shelf in my room for that. There's a copy of Shounen Jump on my table though.. c:

      • wonton jr. says:

        Ohhh Pixiv! Haha I’m going to try to find something cute like there then ^^ thanks for telling!

        Haha really? Well it’s at least more than my pitiful collection of anime stuff =-=

  10. Trusx says:

    International indeed! I love the Metanorn team!

    Hoshi: I also live in California. And I agree it is hard to find people with the same interests and even more difficult to find people that have the same enthusiasm you have when you talk about anime.

  11. anaaga says:

    even before i see hoshi’s desktop, my sixth sense told me that it’s gona be taemin. I WAS RIGHT
    and will’s desktop is so awesome, i want it!
    and it seems like kyokai’s room is the cleanest here. HEHE

    • Will says:

      Just go get any KDE based Linux distro 🙂

      • anaaga says:

        eeeeh? i have to do whaaa??? you’re pretty much talking alien language to me right now :S well i have windows 7…so can i still get that desktop? ^^;

        • Will says:

          Well, you “could”, however, a custom piece of code needs to be written.
          You would actually need a program which would generate a picture of the “clock” and set it as background each minute or so.

          Seems possible to me 🙂

          • Kyokai says:

            Oh you, genius you! Btw, reply to that email. My credit card is ready. :3

    • Kyokai says:

      Taemin ftw~ Will is amazing as usual and you haven’t seen my room yet. Lots of cleaning needed, the picture is from my living room, where I spend more time than bedroom (which I only visit to sleep xD).

      • anaaga says:

        that’s called cheating >:D everybody took pics of their so-called “messy” rooms (which aren’t), and you’re not taking any? tsktsktsk shame shame shame! >:D

        • Kyokai says:

          I can do whatever I want, I have death perception after all. No one can guilt me to do anything. Fufufufuuu~

  12. panda says:

    your guys’ blogging environments are awesome.. ^^

    hoshi i love your desktop 🙂

  13. Alynn says:

    Woah, Overcooled, I live near you, lol. Maybe an hour away? haha.

    I’m very sad to say that my desk is the messiest from what I can tell. D; I should really clean up.

    Awesome post!

  14. Tofu says:

    I knew there was heaps of people from the US and Canada but not THAT much xD Well as I have spotted on Will’s desktop (there’s a Metanorn page on the right hand border) and if you look closely you can see me spamming like 4 comments on the chat box while Anaaga at the top, just visibly seen before I overtake the chat box window MWAHAHAHAHA!

    Captain!! How were you able to customize your desktop like that!??!! :O It’s so cool~~~! Teach me ^^

    Also to mention, Kyokai, you did another splendid job in creating such an awesome banner to fit so many people xD Winter anime season, BRING IT ON!!! YEAH!!!

    • Tofu says:

      I mean Will’s dev environment, not his desktop ^^ (Top right hand corner-ish border-ish side)

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol, hail to the chatbox spammer?! XD

      Thanks, Tofu-kun, always glad to have you fangirl around us. Can’t wait for the Winters to start!

    • Captain says:

      Hahaha! Sure I will! It’s simple, really xD
      But first you must call me Kami-sama. Then I will teach you! *shot so bad* Joking, joking~

      • Tofu says:

        kami loli-sama, please teach me~ ^^ and also I want to know how you got that calender~ it’s awesome!

  15. Hoshi says:

    ~I just realized that on my current desktop picture and my old desktop picture Taemin is wearing the same outfit PFFFFFF.

    I should have taken pictures of my manga collection because the one on my desk is literally like 5% of that…
    but they’re so scattered around my room I’d have like four separate pictures |’D

  16. Nayu says:

    I love your desktop, Hoshi :D. SHINee ftw ! And Will’s basement scares me…
    Very interesting post, it’s nice to see in what environment you guys work 😉

    You guys are amazingly international ! Congratulations on putting such a diverse team together, Kyokai *claps*.
    Metanorn is such an awesome blog, and it’s truly impressive that it became this much, especially since it started out as a regular wordpress anime blog. I wonder how Kanzeon feels about this :). Anyway, thank you to all of the metanorn staff for writing such interesting posts for us readers to read :D.

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh the Kpop rules even more people and SHINee… <3

      Aww, shucks, thanks for the compliments. I try and would love to have kanzie's reaction myself. Who knows she might just return some day? Though, Metanorn is here to stay and it's not over yet. XD

      • Nayu says:

        It’s definitely FAR from being over !

        And Kanzie, if you are reading this, please come back, we miss you 😀

      • anaaga says:

        KPop and DBSK. c’mon people, listen to DBSK! D:

        • Kyokai says:

          Alright! I’ll check and get back with feedback.

          • anaaga says:

            this is why i love kyokai .>

            • anaaga says:

              uh, did the comment changed by itself? O.o hald of my comment is gone >.>

              what i want to say is, please tell me if there’s anything wrong with the first part of the fic. it’s kinda…rushed…

            • Kyokai says:

              It didn’t. Sometimes wordpress shits out. But, I got your message loud and clear. ^^

            • Kyokai says:

              Awww! <333
              I didn't get time to check it out because was busy posting that Fosh post. And now it's past midnight so would give you feedback tomorrow.

  17. Ruby says:

    This post is such a great idea 😀 I admit, Fozzy DID tell me something about the writers taking a pic of their computer but I didn’t really get it back then, now it make sense XD

    Wow all the Canadians lives in the east side which is soo far from me, its like I’m some kind of disease or something o_o …Hey is that MY name I see?! lol!it is! I can’t believe it XD at first I thought hmm that’s not me, there must be someone else named Ruby in the blogosphere LOL, OMG I AM SO AWESOME! its true isn’t it?! ^^ lolololol I can’t stop smiling! 😀 😀 😀 ^_^ thanks for linking me <3

    I have a strong urge to write some huge paragraph about everyone's computers+rooms but not only would that make me sound like a blabber mouth who never shuts up, it would also take up a lot of space in the comment section XD

    P.S. Sadly I couldn't igore Captain's desktop, it's so cute!! <33 I wanna learn how to do that~

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol yes I leaked secret files! the ninja’s will be here in an hour sent by Kyokai.

      lol captain does have a cute desktop indeed!

    • Kyokai says:

      We are quite an international bunch for sure but it was really fun seeing everyone’s aniblogging habitat.

      And yeah, you are definitely awesome! :3

  18. Overcooled says:

    So lame with my lack of icons or anything remotely interesting in my set-up. =.=

    Hoshi, I…wow. This is 100% what I expected LOL. Sassy’s layout is my favourite. And by favourite, I mean the most ghetto. But still awesome. XD Now I know where everyone is working from~ YAY. *tries not to sound like a stalker*

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol! Not everyone has time for installing icons and make their desktop look pretty. I’m just happy with randomly changing wallpapers and few gadgets.

  19. Sebz says:


    and your wallpapers xDDDD

  20. Vivi says:

    oh my freaking goodness why are all of your rooms/desktops/yourselves so awesome? Too bad I only have a laptop, it’d be sweet to have two monitors and have a desk look as badass as Flags’s!

    • Will says:

      You know what is even more bad-ass then a dual-monitor desktop… A TRI-MONITOR desktop. I’ll buy myself a cheap screen to reach the tri-monitor epicness.

      I might as well buy another of these screens and get a bad-ass QUAD-MONITOR desktop XD

    • Flags says:

      Ironically that picture was taken months ago. Many things have changed, for example, I no longer use two monitors. I actually find it more annoying than using one, weird.

      • Will says:

        That’s weird, 99.9999999% of people (cuz you’re the 0.00000001%) thinks the other way. XD

        I just can’t function without at least 2 monitors, it’s like drugs, you get addicted to that.

    • Kyokai says:

      Vivi~ I have a laptop too and I ONLY work on it. Who cares about multi-screens? =3= But I plan to setup mine soon.

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