Level E OP Single

Level E OP Single, “Cold Finger Girl” by Kuriyama Chiaki

F YEAH!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! Level E has definitely surpassed all my expectations and same goes for the OP, which I simply adore! This is not the limited version though, and I will look for it and update this post as soon as I get my hand on them. Enjoy~

Artist: Kuriyama Chiaki

1. Cold Finger Girl
2. Getsumen Nanchakuriku


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8 Responses to “Level E OP Single”

  1. Questiongirl says:

    Yey finally! May I ask as a bit of an outsider, when did the old download metanorn system chance becouse I can´t download anything from here anymore ;//; can´t download a .zip file for example, joined twitter so I could download but I`m still so lost ; < The computer doesn´t want to show the download sites, only one kind of files… Where is the old good "push the download button and get the music without have to join somewhere" ;_;

    Yeah, nothing else, sorry I go now and… cry.. Dx the music is gonee…

    • Kyokai says:

      There’s a reason for protecting the releases for obvious reasons. If you have joined us on twitter, you can search through our tweets for any album that you want. Let me know if you have any link issues?

  2. Gunny says:

    Cool OP. Like it a lot. (:

  3. Overcooled says:

    Best OP this season or best OP this season? 8D

  4. Junko says:


  5. Kyokai says:


    @ Junko, Hells YEAH!

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