Level E – 03

Coming to the theaters near you: Prince of Dogura aka ~EPICZ~

Kyokai: Too much work!!! That is all I have report except for the fact that I am getting more and more addicted to Twitter and spamming loads of timelines with other aniblogging tweeple. It’s fun, what can you do. Also, two Meta birthdays this week. Ahem. Let me not babble on and have Ness take it away~

Ness: It’s the start of a new week and I can already tell that it’s going to be a long and tiresome one. But hopefully all the work that I put into studying for mid-terms and such will pay off because this Friday is partaaaay night! But anyway, here we are with another epic episode of Level E which has made me LOL’d excessively in the middle of the night.

The not so dead Disckonian has risen leaped from his garbage resting place and claimed that he have his vengeance against Prince for his embarrassing defeat. The Disckonian then let out a scream which alerted others of his kind and then fled from the apartment via balcony.

You goin’ down, BITCH

Sado explains to the group about Disckonians and that they believe that an individual embarrassment is their entire race’s embarrassment. Basically Disckonians are, as Yukitaka refers: yakuza aliens. As a solution to their problem, Craft orders Corinne to activate their escape pod to contact their mother ship but the Disckonians are already on the move and has taken control of the pod and are massed in waiting outside the apartment.

Craft receives a message on his communicator from the Disckonian chief saying that they have until sunset to hand over the ‘commoner’ responsible. Prince says that he’ll go but we all know that Craft (as much as he wants to) can’t let that happen since the fate of a galactic conference lies in Prince’s hands.

Craft’s next solution is to use Yukitaka and Miho as hostages because Disckonians are not allowed to harm humans. Corinne agrees that they should ‘cooperate’ with the humans and Sado argues how will they use them as ‘shields’ but should just have them be witnesses to negotiations. But planning is interrupted by the chief who wants an answer. As Craft explains their decision of using the humans, Yukitaka tackles Craft and the two argue while the chief makes the decision of taking the Dogurians out in front of the humans.

TK, “I kiss you.”

Sado suggests looking into the Disckonians weak point and that Prince probably has the information. So their only option now is to try to get Prince to recover his memories. Craft explains that they should deal equal shock that caused Prince to lose his memories and begins with beating on Prince… with joy.

Craft: “Did he get his memories back?!” Sado: “Nope”


Meanwhile, Corinne explains Craft’s grudge against Prince who is very intelligent but has a bad personality of taking pleasure in others suffering. The talk of knowledge reminds Yukitaka of Prince’s device (from end of episode 1), which is identified to be a crystal data system.

WWF Smack-down on Prince~ WIN!

A gong rings in the distance that sunset has approached and the Disckonians make their way inside the apartment complex to Yukitaka’s room. Meanwhile, Corinne searches through the data system and finds the file with the info that they need but says he’ll die if he opens the file. All the while, the Disckonians have already broken into Yukitaka’s apartment to find it empty. Craft throws Corinne out of the way and opens the file as the Disckonians break through the wall leading to Miho’s room where the group has been hiding.

Peek-a-boo! I’m staring at choo~

The Disckonians enter wanting Prince handed over to them but Yukitaka steps up saying that he likes cats and if they want Prince, they’re going to have to go through him first. This surprises the Disckonians who seemed puzzled for a second but decides something else only to be interrupted by Craft that “instead of the prince, I’ll be satisfied by your three lives.”

The FACEPALM moment.

Craft identifies the leading Disckonian as Lafferty and says that it’s enough. Just once we thought Craft lost his mind, he reveals…

The OH SNAP Moment.

The Disckonians are shocked in getting found out and their lame actions taken while Yukitaka and Miho are puzzled on the situation. Sado has Corinne replay the events on the crystal data system which reveals the cat to have a hidden camera. We are then shown the whole plan and chain of evens that has lead to such hilarious events:

Prince wanted to test the loyalty of his servants and made a deal with the chief Disckonian to help out in exchange for Prince observing the arriving baseball student, Tsutsui Yukitaka. So Prince planned his pod crash, infiltrated Yukitaka’s apartment, learned the language, set up a hidden camera in the suspicious red bird and eventually met Yukitaka…

You’re all pawns for my amusement, trollololololll~

As well, Miho the neighbor appears…

A female whose face screams out, I’m going to kick your ass now!

A mistake occurred with the hidden camera bird flying away. So Prince changed the camera to a cat and faked a car crash with sound effects. Prince then met up with Gendou Miho’s dad who is part of the group of humans who already know of aliens residing on Earth and Miho’s dad agrees to help. As well, Prince faked his being attacked which resulted in toying with Yukitaka’s emotions…


Prince also had an interview with Lafferty who will play the dead Disckonian and they then set up a sort of password which would mean Lafferty to then say “I’ll be satisfied by your three lives!”…

With the arrival of Craft, Sado and Corinne, the next plan was to back them into a corner and reveal their true nature… in their pure black hearts.

Coming soon to theaters near you in 3D!!

Yukitaka demands for Prince to be waken up so that he can kill him but is turned down by a crying Sado (with no change in facial expression) saying that Prince’s parents are good people who don’t deserve to lose a son even if he’s so evil. Prince wakes up to an irritated Yukitaka and Miho; and Lafferty explains that they were caught. Yukitaka tells Prince that he should say he’s sorry and such but is stopped by the ending part of the cat recording being played (still), which features Yukitaka standing up for Prince.

The CONFESSION moment.

Prince gives a big shameless smirk as Yukitaka grabs him with the decision to kill Prince but Craft steps in and begins his attack…

Busting out the laser guns! VENGEAAANNCEE!

Sado and Corinne chase after Craft who’s chasing after Prince. Yukitaka and Miho are left in the apartment with the Disckonians who are big fans of baseball and want Yukitaka’s autograph. So begins Yukitaka’s autograph session and Lafferty says that they’ll repair the apartment.

Baseball fans are actually happy aliens… God save this planet.

Three months later, Miho is playing a video game and with a knock, she says it’s okay to open.. the wooden frame window that was on the wall to cover up the hole made by Lafferty. Yukitaka opens the window to give news about being in the starting lineup for the summer baseball tournament and that he got a letter with no postage stamp that is most likely from Prince.

In the letter, Prince explains how he’s been imprisoned during the entire conference and couldn’t contact them. As well, the conference was a success and that Earth is now under Dogurian observation and that he has been placed as head of the force tasked with maintaining security. Thus, Prince will return to Earth soon to take up residence. Yukitaka and Miho finish reading the letter as they hear the doorbell ring.

End Thoughts:



Kyokai: That was my first reaction. I couldn’t eat my dinner properly BECAUSE I was laughing so hard.

Ness: Watched this episode at 2AM Tuesday and man, I’m surprised that I didn’t get any complaints for laughing so loud!! Oh, you shouldn’t have eaten while watching this episode! No time for breaks!

Kyokai: I stopped eating, literally. I had my dinner afterward because this episode was made of awesome~ Prince is so incorrigible!

Ness: EPIC is all I can say if I had to describe this episode in one word :3!

Kyokai: YESSS. I love the twists.

Ness: I so knew that Prince was just a really devious person and probably has no amnesia.. but the extent of his schemes was just hilarious!

Kyokai: Well, remember, we figured that out already. We are so good at this. xD

Ness: Heheh. ALSO Captain Craft’s solution for getting Prince’s memories back !!!!!!

Kyokai: That made me laugh so hard. I was rolling on the floor, literally….

Ness: Indeed!! I was hitting my desk and clapping!

Kyokai: Craft looked so HAPPY. His eternal wish got fulfilled.

Ness: He was so HAPPY! And all into it heheh. I loved the expression he was making while saying that he didn’t want to resort to such a thing :3

Kyokai: Anyone would react that way if you were being treated like an experiment with a giant mosquito sucking your blood out. That was gross and effing hilarious.

Ness: Oh man, that mosquito WTF scary while Prince is just taking notes and ignoring Craft’s cries for help.

Kyokai: I was reading the manga review by Pyro and she was saying the same thing, Prince is devious as hell and the storyline is full of twists and turns. I am soooo loving this!

Ness: YEAH! I’m probably going to read the manga next!

Kyokai: I will read the manga after finishing anime because it’s made of WIN.

Ness: Indeed!

Kyokai: Don’t spoil yourself xD We are having too much fun already.

Ness: But yes! Takahashi Ryousuke/Captain Craft/Sister!!! AWESOME~ heheh

Kyokai: He’s sooo good and that deep voice :3

Ness: Heheh, yessss

Kyokai: Also, the aliens turned out to be fans of baseball. Pfft! “I took out this tooth, especially for you!”

Ness: Autograph! Hahah poor Yukitaka probably feels bad that he was just a bencher and is getting all of this praise.

Kyokai: Well, I think he’s not and has potential. He’s too modest for his own good.

Ness: Yeah, I’m thinking that too about Yukitaka.

Kyokai: Also, I’m in love with his seiyuu~ Shichika/ Juuzawa Juu *fangasm*

Ness: But oh man, Lafferty being interviewed for Prince’s schemes.. always wanted to be killed.. HAHA

Kyokai: That movie made by Prince was HILARIOUS.

Ness: Yeah, I wasn’t expecting Prince’s schemes to be to that extensive and the reason was just whaaattt… To test the loyalty of my men! Reveal their pure black hearts… hehehehe. That’s just so wrong.

Kyokai: And I think Namikawa Daisuke did an amazing job, voicing him. Seems innocent as hell (Kazehaya) but can kill you in an instant (Ulquiorra). It’s all play to him after all.

Ness: Indeed! But when I finished this episode, I was so satisfied that if it ended here, I wouldn’t be mad hahaah!

Kyokai: Oh, of course not. Satisfied watcher, right here~ I can’t wait for the next episode now. Seems like, we would finally face off with aliens who are preying on humans. SO Men in Black and I loved Men in Black!

Ness: But I can’t wait for more episodes to come too! Men in Black feel, yes yes! Prince “protecting” Earthlings and keeping.. peace… HAH

Kyokai: Earthlings are within his protection. Dear God, please save Earth… or they would be turned into his little puppets for amusement.

Ness: Hahaha!! And poor Craft, Sado and Corinne will be dragged along for the ride :3 Oh gosh, noooooooo that would be horrible but I’d so watch it and think Prince is still just as awesome as ever.

Kyokai: Indeed~ This is definitely my top sci-fi of this year! I just love the little details that they show, like that scene where Prince is eating lunch but is actually caged and some mechs are pointing their guns at him to keep him from doing anything fishy.

Ness: Hahah yeah and his underlings are left with… ramen! I’m just surprised how they know the taste of coffee and noodles and such! Well, more like amused

Kyokai: Yepppp. So funny, Craft slurping instant ramen. Well, must be because they have been coming around more often to Earth

Ness: Also, I applaud the way Miho turned out! Yukitaka and Miho’s wall being fixed with a window.. so cute!

Kyokai: YEAHHH, I am so GLAD

Ness: SAME!

Kyokai: Not another Miho from Bakuman BUT actually a woman to look up to

Ness: Indeed!

Kyokai: She has brass and personality. Not like those animu girls with no such feelings >.>

Ness: She plays vid games, she has just as good expressions compared to Yukitaka hahah. Yeah, I know what you mean><;

Kyokai: She is actually relatable, rather than AH MO~ What-to-do, someone come save me~~~ >.>

Ness: Yeah, the cool girl that you can get along with well and isn’t girly.

Kyokai: Exactly. Please don’t talk about nail polish with me, because I don’t give a fuck. =P

Ness: PFFT nail polish hahah. I’d rather talk more about Takahashi Ryousuke and his FC. XD Anyways, this episode was the best and watching it was a great start for a horrific week to come. But besides that, the anticipation for events to come in this anime is just superb. The previous episode left us hanging in excitement for what was to come and when it came, it was a blast. As well, there will be more epic-ness to come for sure!

Kyokai: All in all, this was another awesome episode. One of the most promising shows of this season. Korewa Zombie Desuka had an awesome first episode but damn, it has been falling short since then. This is the only show alongside Kimi ni Todoke (biased opinion) and Wandering Son, which has really captured my eye. I love the rightly placed comedy here because it just makes it all seem better. Also, the not so typical aliens trying to destroy the planet War of World style, rather co-exist. The bishies help and all the supporting cast is awesome. So, yeah, if you are not watching this; you are missing out on a LOT OF FUN! Go, get to it! Till next time, Ja ne~

Preview: A dead body of a female student is found by three male students of the same school. But the death was not normal and the boys don’t know what to do.


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12 Responses to “Level E – 03”

  1. Yumii says:

    People say that the main characters isn’t going to be in the rest of the show 🙁 (hint THE END at the last scene)

    • Kyokai says:

      W00t… Well, that would suck but I don’t think that’s possible. Look at that hawt bod and scheming-mind, Yukitaka can take over for an episode but without the Prince this would go down, FAST.

  2. Snowley says:

    EPICZ DDD: In Polish that means Show ▼

    o.O that’s very disturbing

    • Kyokai says:

      W0000t!!! Well, we didn’t know and of course, we are going for a level over EPIC than anything else. You learn a new thing everyday. >.>

      • Tofu says:

        That’s why this series is called Level E… E for EPIC xD Ain’t that right Kyokai?

        But that IS very disturbing ^^”

  3. anaaga says:

    but since he’s gona be the head the security (how the hell did he get that job!?)i expect some fighting scenes in the future. i’m watching u, namikawa daisuke *glare*

    • Ness says:

      Yeaaah haha, we just got punked by Prince. Well, he got the job because he’s the one that made the proposal. I don’t really expect a lot of fighting scenes unless its from Yukitaka but I do expect more deviant things from Prince.

  4. Vivi says:

    Namikawa Daisuke is a pretty innocent-looking dangerous person, but I think he’d be too lazy taking siestas and eating pasta 😉

    Togashi Yoshihiro -> awesome manga -> awesome show = easiest formula ever

  5. Bear says:

    Throwing together every cliche/trope/archetype in one title and naming it Infinite Stratos? Cheap.

    Getting Rie Kugumiya to star in a show where 90% of the dialogue consists of Ryuuji? See ToraDora payroll.

    Having a protagonist that is the ultimate intergalactic troll? Priceless.

  6. Overcooled says:

    Ehhh, I actually didn’t like this episode nearly as much as the episode before it. I just…didn’t laugh. <_< Oh well, they're moving the plot along at a decent speed, so I'm sure the next set-up will be a good one. Also gonna agree that Miho is an awesome character. A girl playing video games! WOW! WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT? It's a lot easier to relate to someone like her, heh.

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