Level E – 02

Find the missing bishi alien who’s wanted for muuurrrderrrr~

Kyokai: Talk about a busy day! Work has definitely ruled by life this week because well, I can’t seem to get over the current project. Not to mention, I had to actually sit down and update my portfolio for a few Workshops that I would be conducting. Let me tell you, talking about yourself in-depth is srs bsns and causes a lot of head-desks. I currently have an ice-pack on my forehead while writing this. However, I’m damn looking forward to see the next installment of my first bishie-fix of this season~

Ness: A slight delay in getting this out, I was sick on the release day but I’m here after a full day of FML goodness. The long awaited (for me) episode two and my excitement for watching this anime can only be expressed through my episodic review for it. What else is there for me to say? So, let’s get this rolling. MOAR LOLs and story revealed, yay~

In continuation of the previous episode, our (still) unnamed bishi alien reveals to Yukitaka his real form. Yukitaka accepts the bishi alien’s appearance and the bishi alien is about to leave when Yukitaka mentions that he’s being chased and should transform. BUT wait! Our bishi alien is surprised at such a suggestion and replies, “Wait a moment. I can transform?” *Facepalm* Nope, the bishi alien still has amnesia and Clive is just his pet.

That night, an octopussy spaceship lands in the forest and three aliens exit it. The three aliens take off their masks like it’s just a suit and take the appearance of humans. They seem to be after some baka which is most likely our bishi alien.

Worst costumes for Anime Halloween 2011

The next day, Miho (the next door neighbor) visits Yukitaka because she heard strange laughter and mentions that the guy staying with him is who the police are after. Yukitaka tries to lie about having a roommate but Miho brushes it off and asks if the bishi alien is an alien because the people hovering outside work for her father. Miho decides to help the guys out and even takes the liberty to check for bugs. Meanwhile, the bishi alien is being his carefree self without a thought of worry about the situation he’s in. The bishi alien even wants to go out but is turned down until he goes into his room disappointed but actually escapes via window. Yukitaka decides to leave the bishi alien alone until Miho persuades him that they should go after him or he’ll be killed.

Man, she moves faaassstttt

Two of the aliens that landed the night before, visit Sakamoto Jinapchi, who is the chief of the aliens called Disckonian that control the area. Yep, those creepy kids from episode one are aliens too. The two aliens are identified as Craft and Sado (Dogurian species) and their visit to the chief is to pay respects and request permission to search the area. After some of the alien kids pass by making fun of the visitors, the chief warns the Dogurian’s that their species are hot headed and if anything happened it would mean war.

Huh?! Supernatural anime scene in Level E

Later on, Craft takes out his frustration on a sign while Sado talks about their plans. They receive a call from their third member, Corinne, who’s at Yukitaka’s empty apartment. Craft explains that the person their after doesn’t think normally and acts opposite of what would be common sense.

SISTAH, we love your raging on the poor welcome sign

Meanwhile, Yukitaka and Miho are in search of the missing alien bishi who is actually out having a good time. Yukitaka suggests to Miho they discuss what to do at a cafe and inside BEHOLD! Our bishi alien is there enjoying a cup of coffee. Yukitaka gives the bishi alien a jumping back kick and continues to beat up the bishi alien while venting his anger.

Daichi is dat choo?! You’re sooo cool and you dyed your hair black!

Our bishi alien begins to tell a story… about himself and that he was avoiding trouble until he saw a girl being harassed by a group of men. With that, Yukitaka and Miho are reeled into the story (forgetting that our bishi alien caused them trouble) about how he distracted the guys from the girl by letting them beat him up but the bad guys didn’t stop. So the bishi alien took action and head slammed one of the guys to the ground; upon seeing the bishi alien’s blue blood the other guys ran away scared. The bishi alien expresses his sadness with his actions but Yukitaka and Miho reassures the bishi alien that he did the right thing. BUT…

… what they didn’t know is…

… that mofo is D E A D probably

Bishi Alien: “So there’s no problem, really?” ^__^

Yukitaka: “WTF!!!”

Yukitaka: “You call THAT okay?!” Bishi Alien: “But but…”
(Photo composition is satisfied with the foreground, middle-ground and a bewildered Miho background)

The three make their way back to the apartment in haste. Once inside, they hear Corrinne talking on his communicator on finding their missing target. Within a few moments, Craft and Sado rush in and identifies our bishi alien to be their Ouji (Prince). Yukitaka explained the situation to the three Dogurian’s who’s next decision is the restrain Prince and return to the ship. But Prince doesn’t want to and this taunts Craft which taunts Yukitaka to explain things.

Sado explains that they were escorting the prince to a important conference between other alien planets. Craft see’s if Yukitaka is satisfied but Yukitaka argues back and the two go at it. Yukitaka even mentions Prince killing someone and Craft wants proof or he won’t apologize.

This is what we mean by seeing “eye to eye”

In the heat of the battle conversation, Prince arrives (wait, he was sitting down… so how?!) with the corpse stuffed in a trashcan. Yukitaka rages at Prince while Craft apologizes to the corpse and Sado examines the body, which…

… reveals that it’s not a human BUT a Disckonian!!

Craft: “OMG, we’re royally fucked dooooooomed”


Extra Surprises:

Peeping-bishi alien~

CUT I tell you, CUT!!

It’s not just a kitten but an enlightened one!

What’s the worst that can happen?

End Thoughts:

Kyokai: So, I still can’t get Cold Finger Girl out from my head. It’s still playing on my iPod……………..

Ness: Still?! I feel the same way but for Colors from the Freezing opening. 😡 Good opening music this season yah yah!!

Kyokai: Lol. Well, what can you do? I love that whistling starting from 2:20 and there are times I just skip to that part.

Ness: Oh yes! That is awesome too!

Kyokai: Ooh yes, I like the full version though.

Ness: The animation for that opening is the best too. Though, the only thing that throws me off is the part when Prince is half nekkid, hahah.

Kyokai: Prince is so awesome~ <3

Ness: Yes he is!!

Kyokai: I never liked blonde boys but wooooooo. Male version of Nino has my votes and he’s a swanky one at that~

Ness: Oh indeed, I don’t mind blonde boys, as long as they can make me go kyaaaaah~

Kyokai: Well, Prince sure has made me; though Dean-look-a-like Tsutsui is more of my type :3

Ness: Ohhh probably because he somewhat reminds you of Daichi from Yankee-kun =P

Kyokai: I love him too~ <3

Ness: Oh, I bet you do because I do too! :3

Kyokai: How many male guys do I love in animanga, damn it?!

Ness: 239830832058!!! RIGHT!?

Kyokai: I sure am going around. Fffffffffffffffff 0.0


Kyokai: Touche~ Ayway, back to the current episode xD

Ness: Tehheeeee.

Kyokai: CLIVE, WTF! His pet of all things?!

Ness: YES! And Prince is like… what do you mean transform?!

Kyokai: And there I was like Tsutsui thinking, it’s actually the real form of the OJI-sama~

Ness: I thought so too, I was about to break off my new found love with Prince~ Also, how about that entrance of the new aliens? Am I allowed to say that their spacecraft was like an… octopussy>_>;?

Kyokai:Hahahahaaa. Weird CGI is WEIRD!

Ness: YES! And they just took off their helmets to reveal human heads like it’s Halloween!

Kyokai: The alien suites were as disgusting as the prawns from that stupid alien movie. I forgot the name……. You remember?

Ness: Oooh District 9? OH MAN, that movie was horrific.


Ness: And tarded at that!

Kyokai: Yeah, I was like wtf?! I didn’t even stay to watch the whole thing, I was so turned off. I dig movies like Independence Day or even ET. Please give me some sensible alien stuff.

Ness: Yes!

Kyokai: Anyway, back to episode two.

Ness: Yepp, what about Miho?! All of a sudden working with Yukitaka~

Kyokai: She doesn’t like her father at all.

Ness: And the way they treat aliens is bad!

Kyokai: I don’t mind her doing so because well, if you have a father like Gendou, you would be an emo shit with not liking him at all. Though, I hope Miho doesn’t turn into an emo O.O

Ness: Yeah, srsly. That would be some messed up shit. It’s so bad that Miho disabled all of Yukitaka’s electronics to check for bugs, haha

Kyokai: Lol, yeah. She knows too much.

Ness: And she’s quick to act!

Kyokai: And I suspect, her father’s secret lab already has a lot of alien forms. After all, just imagine a hostile version of Men in black

Ness: Oooo yes, Miho’s dad is probably on the hit list for aliens.

Kyokai: Lol, who knows?! I just hope that Miho is trustworthy. She became too friendly, TOO EARLY.

Ness: Too early and too easily!

Kyokai: She was the one who came to say hi to Tsutsui after all.

Ness: Using that high school cute girl charm on Yukitaka!

Kyokai: Exactly. I will keep my suspicious eyes on her for sure.

Ness: Oh indeed! But besides that, poor Yukitaka having to look after the ever so carefree Prince! I don’t feel bad for Yukitaka raging all the time haha, so funny~

Kyokai: Oh Yes! They have such a good chemistry going right there. I understand, why people are getting the BL vibes, but come on people, get your mind out of gutters. That is harmless friendship……..

Ness: Riiight, you just keep thinking that Kyo. Harmless friendship between guys who just brohuggled in the beginning of the episode. Yep yep… JOKING HAH~

Kyokai: Lulz…. I try not to think. But, it keeps on happening >.>

Ness: Hahah, right! So, a missing Prince and some aliens in search of him!! I sooo knew that Prince would cause more mischief this episode.

Kyokai: Oh definitely. Also, I have to say… I LOVE YOU SISTER!! I am so glad, he’s around as Taichou~ xD


Kyokai: Hai Hai~ *fangasm*

Ness: Tehheheheeeee

Kyokai: We are such fangirls :3 When he took off his mask, I was like YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. This is going to be awesome, just like I fangirled him in Kuragehime as Hanamori.

Ness: Hahaha, it sure will!

Kyokai: The reactions were epic.

Ness: Yep! Especially when they went and visited the chief of the alien race that ruled the area. You so called it that those creepy kids from episode 1 were aliens!

Kyokai: I knew it, I told you! xD I loved how Craft kicked a sign and his leg blurred into some emo stick.

Ness: Yes!! That was so funny! Poor welcome sign though 😡 Also, it’s funny that in his team there has to be a sort of cool headed person with the hot headed one. But the Captain totally blew off common sense in staking out Yukitaka’s apartment and went around chasing Prince, haha.

Kyokai: It was sooo good. I was not expecting that sudden improvement at all. They caught up to him quite fast.

Ness: Yes! But before that, Yukitaka and Miho finding Prince so easily… LOL that scene was the best!

Kyokai: OH YES SO AWESOME. Wooooooo, my respect for Tsutsui just doubled for that.

Ness: Wooo yeah and Miho thinking that Yukitaka is a former.. yankee!!

Kyokai: Hahahaaa, he sure was. He has the makings of Daichi ~ <3

Ness: Yeah, he showed no mercy to Prince!

Kyokai: He should not have. I mean, he told him to stay but NO, he wants to go out and cause trouble~ Not to mention, kill some aliens in the process >.> He’s so care free, you want to go and head-butt his noggin’

Ness: HAHAH yes! Prince started telling a story… which was obviously about himself!

Kyokai: Can you imagine, how long winded it was? It was damn funny though.

Ness: I know! It just made you forget all the trouble he caused earlier!

Kyokai: Exactly, it was like he was asking for permission if he was a good boy or not. He’s such a slippery one but that is what makes him total WIN! So, typical of him to ditch a conference and trapeze across earth too.

Ness: Yeah really.. such a … Prince.

Kyokai: I can actually see him doing that now that we know how he is.

Ness: Yes! The reunion with the Captain and Prince was epic!

Kyokai: Hells yes. The comedic timing was really good.

Ness: Well, especially when Captain and Yukitaka started to clash!

Kyokai: THAT WAS SO GOOD. No one broke the tempo and I was rolling on the floor.

Ness: I know! Same here!! Their faces kept on getting sooooo close to each other and the expressions were so EPIC! Especially when Prince says he’s back.. with the corpse! I was like.. WTF how?! When?! YOU ROCK PRINCE!

Kyokai: Exactly, is he FLASH!? How the hell and all those flies…….. Also that eye movement in the end…..

Ness: Must be those powers he doesn’t remember that he has! HAH

Kyokai: Exactly. Why do I have a feeling that it’s a farce; his memory loss that is.

Ness: Yeah<_<; same

Kyokai: He looks too calm for someone who has lost his memory right? He doesn’t face any single strand of nervousness and tension for that.

Ness: But this is what makes Prince so awesome! Him being carefree and once you think he’s being serious, it’s just some farce lie. Prince is pretty sly~

Kyokai: Oh, indeed he is. He will give Mark Zuckerberg a run for his money >.>

Ness: … Okay, hahah

Kyokai: But yeah, another good episode and I am so hooked. These two are totally WIN and I will follow them till the end. Hopefully, I wish they get to solve some alien issues and problems.

Ness: Same here! I look forward to the next episode. So knew that more trouble was coming!

Preview: Disckonians unite to avenge their ‘fallen’ brethren against Prince and his gang~

Saika children, WTF are you doing here?!


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18 Responses to “Level E – 02”

  1. Snowley says:

    *takes post virginity* This anime looks cool, maybe I’ll watch it after the exams.

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol, you will enjoy it!

      *gives a cherry popping cookie… Sounds so wrong though XD*

      • Snowley says:

        *puts a phrase into the Urban Dictionary* o.O now I really would like to know what do you mean by that… Anyway, thanks…?

        • Overcooled says:

          You got a “lost virginity” flavoured cookie, basically.

          And yes, that really does sound like a bad flavour XDD

  2. Robert says:

    This anime wasn’t on my watch list, but it turned out to be one of the best anime this season (well, at least for now). Good review, thank you~

    • Ness says:

      Thanks! Yeah I felt the same way at first until I saw the first episode :3

  3. Junko says:

    This show is surprisingly utterly hilarious

  4. anaaga says:

    it’s funny how they’re all ganged up on the prince, but the dude isn’t even dead. he got his playboy face back too.

    but the prince is funny. i wouldn’t mind an alien like him land in my house

    and yay i’m not the only who hate district 9!

    • Kyokai says:

      That alien is so FUGLY! And same goes for D9… Just ugh! Though, his revival pretty much tells us we will have quite a fight next time around.

      Prince and Tsutsui has all my love. My new OTP. :3

  5. Overcooled says:

    I’m so glad this show is keeping up the humour quality. Not only that, it turned Miho into a great character. I thought she’d just be the typical love interest side-baggage, but she’s too sharp to be reduced to just that XD

    • Ness says:

      Same here, I’m glad that they didn’t turn her into one of those annoying side characters that goes for the main character type or so

  6. Bear says:

    I about lost it rolling on the floor when the Prince’s alleyway recollection ended and everyone was standing face to face with the garbage can. Fantastic.

    The Disckonians are creepy and I have to wonder if this aliens vs. aliens plot is actually going to develop and pan out or if they’re going to turn it upside down next episode like they did with the “true form” cliffhanger from episode 1.

    Have to agree on Miho as well – I figured she’d be the typical underdeveloped and totally oblivious-to-the-situation object of affection but has thus far been an interesting character and quite possibly our tsukkomi for the series.

    As good as it is, it will probably stay at my #2 spot this season unless SHAFT royally screws up with Madoka.

    • Ness says:

      Yes, that part was just so epic. I knew that something bad was going to come out of Prince’s story about the bullies. I’m thinking that the end result of the alien vs alien plot next episode will be utterly hilarious.

  7. Hime says:

    The bishie alien is growing on me, and the show as a whole is consitently hilarious ~

    I’m looking forward to seeing where it’s gonna go.

    • Kyokai says:

      Yep, the continuity is what counts and we are loving it too. By far one of the good ones out of this season.

  8. Yumii says:

    I loved when Prince left the letter with “Hello. How are you? Are you having fun? What are you doing right now?” when he disappeared 2 min before XD As if Yukitaka would have time to do anything during those 2 min

    • Ness says:

      Hahah yeah, that was some random letter. I wasn’t expecting the contents of the letter to be like that. But I so knew that Prince was going to pull some disappearing act on Yukitaka… oh poor Yukitaka, looks like any moment now he’s gonna just lose it.

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