Kimi ni Todoke S2 – 00

Oh, you are such a troll, UME Kurumizawa!

Oh, Kimi ni Todoke… How I’ve missed you! I’ve waited quite a long time for the season two announcement and every manga chapter that released (Yeah, I’m quite up-to-date). So, even knowing what happens, I will keep on fangirling the series because of awesomeness of Production I.G’s amazing animation and the stellar seiyuu cast including Noto Mamiko, Namikawa Daisuke, Yuuichi Nakamura, Miyuki Sawashiro and Yuuko Sanpei; not to mention, the Sawahaya are pure love and it’s not going to change, ever. <3

If you are new to this and just stumbled across here, I suggest you start with season one. If you like reading manga, you can be my guest and read that too. Both are good but be ready for a slow-pace, which you can easily overcome with amazing animation and character designs, whatever path you take. If you have already seen the first season and/or read the manga, you are all set for the journey with me as a true fan of KnT. I was not aware of the fact that the first episode would actually be a recap of season one (been there, done that), and from Kurimi’s perspective no less… Production I.G, you trolls! I did not sign up for this but I’m still going to watch it! Something is better than nothing, right? I guess more ridiculous fun via Aya Hirano? >.> Let’s get set go!

We start with Kurumi musing about how she got to like Kazehaya in the first place. Oh how difficult she had it because she was pretty and cute, so girls made strategies behind her back to block any guy that she would like because she was the one who always ruined things for them. Well, I know for a fact that girls can be quite mean machines so the super sugar-coated princess, who evolved from these incidents, is not hard to imagine.

Kazehaya being his cute self—always looking out for others no less—spots the almost-in-tears Kurumi and frets enough for her to baww out. It was so comically moe that even my cold-heart melted a bit for her. From her eyes, we see the progress of storyline of how she fell for the guy liked by all because she was the girl, who was exactly like him.

She hid her feelings well and transferred to the same high school as him (Kitahoro), following and preparing for the next phase. However, things did not go as she planned when it was time to make everything golden. She found to her dismay that Kazehaya was actually hanging around a weird girl named Sadako; the girl, who is not scary at all and simply misunderstood.

Oh, I am your true friend, girl~

Bitch, you stole him from me!

Kazehaya, you da man!

In the process of eliminating her from her way by false hook ups, she even strengthens Kazehaya’s feelings for her, who was completely clueless of the whole event. Even when sabotage didn’t work, she tried the friend-card but failed because she faced Sawako’s honesty and the budding love that was not swayed by anything. When she saw no other way and became nonplussed with the pure-hearted Sawako, she confessed her feelings to Kazehaya, finally getting the courage from her rival.

But, we know what happened, right? He rejected her quite nicely because he already likes a girl more than anyone else.

Finally my like for Kurumi awakened because she faced the rejection with quite aplomb and didn’t lose heart. She would still buy the most expensive chocolates she can afford for Kazehaya and give it to him as her last goodbye, unlike Sawako who would make her own.

Piccy Goodness~!

Korros, korros, korros, korros~

Kurumi’s Personal Death Note….

Ehhhhh…. Oofuri?!

I’ll keep you my dirty little secret~

Whatever you do, Sawako-chibi > any other KnT chibi


Oh damn, woman, stop making me feel sorry for you!

Is that an evil aura I see or you were born with something purple coming off you all the time?

If this was yuri… Eeeep. Muri, muri, muri~!

You talkin’ to me?!

Obligatory Derp

End Thoughts: Aaarghhh… I have to wait for another week for some development, HUH?! Such unfairness! But I can’t be all huffy-puffy because we at least got to hear the new opening and ending sequences, both of which were complete WINS!

“Sawakaze” by Tomofumi Tanizawa <3 (even better than his Kimi ni Todoke for the first season and I thought he would be unable to top that!)

Ending sequence “Kimi ni Todoke” by MAY’S. Another good one; also, such beautiful art!

Coming to the episode, it was not a bad recap because it was from a third party’s perspective than the main protagonists. The Death Note references were so good that I ROTFL’d. Also, after this, you can’t really blame Kurumi for whatever misunderstandings she tried to brew against Sawako because all is fair in love and war. Aya Hirano always voices roles of bitches, who turn out to be not bitches at all. Kurumi is a prime example, who is just swayed to do a lot of activities by her puppy love for Kazehaya that never got realized. This is the episode, where you would really feel sorry for her and empathize because she is really not a bad person, per se. I guess, we would never know the possibility of no Sawako and the event if Kurumi had confessed to Kazehaya before. It’s all about Sawahaya~ and no one can stop them in reaching each other; cheesy I know but I love it!

I turn into such a romantic sap whenever I watch Kimi ni Todoke that I amaze myself. You can even see my eyes shine; facial expressions turn gooey and am full of knowing smiles; it can be easily said this is a perfect feel-good anime that you can watch alone or with friends. The only shoujo anime that makes me HNNGGG… I swear, it’s too good and I can’t wait to see all the old gang together again, hear Noto Mamiko as Sawako and the many internal battles she would overcome to make her voice finally heard.


The last season ended with Sawahaya on an official date for the New Year’s Eve. After a six week skip, we would reunite with our lovable characters as they fuss over Valentine’s Day next week. Yes, MOAR Chizu, Yano-chin, Ryuu and Sawahaya! Would Sawako muster up her courage to give the chocolates she so painstakingly made to Kazehaya? Tune in next time to find out. Till then, Ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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41 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke S2 – 00”

  1. Namika says:

    I was so happy to see that this was out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I totally agree with you, Kyokai! This is one of the most feel-good anime I’ve ever seen!!! It’s too cheezy, too girly, too bubbly, but so CUTE~! Sawahaya FTW!! >3<
    I liked the episode overall, it was a nice recap. And I always liked Ume btw. Even though she was a bitch from the beginning, you could guess, that she wasn't a bad person. And especially this episode made me feel SO sorry for her! Can't wait to see the next episoooooooode~
    The opening was really cute too!!! I like the 1st one more, but this one was nonetheless great ^3^

    • Namika says:

      Yay, 1st comment !!

    • Kyokai says:

      I totally agree! I couldn’t stop fangirling the whole day of this episode release. Aaarghh… Valentine’s episode next and I’m already going woo~ for Sawahaya~

      If you talk about the character Ume, I would never blame her because it was quite natural of whatever she did, some girls do a lot of get the things they want but I think I get more irritated in anime because of Aya Hirano voicing her. >.>

      Btw, I like Tomofumi Tanizawa so much that whatever he sings is all good for me. Such a husky voice… <333

      And hells yes! *first comment cookie*

      • Namika says:

        *chum-chum* :3
        Yeah, his voice is amazing! I feel like it’s is reaching all the way to the depths of my heart and fills them with positive feelings and warm, bubbly space :3 So pleasant…..
        Give it to him! Give Kazehaya the chocolates! ><""" Aaaaaaw~ That’s my fav subject for the shoujo episode : Valentine’s day! <3

  2. Masu says:

    perhaps there’s a reason why it was labeled episode 0? anyway, my gf keeps telling me she wants to watch a show that is light-hearted since i always watch shows that are DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DEATH DRAMA DRAMA KILLY DRAMA SAD ENDING. is this a good one for that? 😡

    • crownclownking says:

      Hey yh definitely this is the anime to watch if your looking for something light-hearted but great hell its even got drama and romance, not forgetting the slice-of-life feel too its really a awesome show recommended 5 *****!

      • Masu says:


        • Kyokai says:

          Yep there is because of being a recap. It’s a VERY good anime to watch with your gf because well, it’s an ideal shoujo and you really get to love all the characters. So, go for it!

          • Masu says:

            but but but, its girly! then again…i did watch ToraDora, Hachimitsu to Clover, and Kuragehime among others…..

            • Kyokai says:

              Dude, if you liked these, you gonna love this so get to it!

  3. Eli-la says:

    Soooo, I watched this having never seen/read KnT before and ended up thinking Kurumi was the main character… Fail xD

    But oh well, up until this morning I was actively disinterested in KnT, whereas I’m now VERY interested… so I’ll just go with the flow xD

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahahaaa! Of course, she isn’t but if you are starting off, I still think you should watch the first season and it would automatically get you towards episode two of season two because it is that good and you would love it. XD

  4. Junko says:


    Kurumi for me is the epitome of the rival girl of shoujo manga. She’s the only one who dosn’t end up being the cliched BFF afterwards, but still, her and Sawako have a rare and amazing relationship. Kurumi exhibits so much difference and change and depth of character in such a short time it really spices up the gentle KnT pace. That, and she’s as cute as a button.

    But as much as ilu Kurumi, hands of Kaehaya, he’s taken.

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL! Kurumi is ftw too~ You can’t really blame her and actually end up admiring her in the end to take a stand for her feelings and coming clean. But however great she is, doesn’t even put up a candle to Sawako, the cuteness-overload queen~

      Can’t wait for next week! xD

  5. Sawahayafan123 (Amutofan123) says:

    I couldn’t help but feel bad for Kurumi while watching this, especially since her feelings are so easy to relate to. I mean, who hasn’t liked a guy who likes another girl? EEEEP!! I can’t wait for some Sawahaya in the next episode~ God, I missed this show.

    • Kyokai says:

      Same here! After this you can’t really help but empathize with her. And MOAR KnT, YEAHHH! xD

  6. wonton jr. says:

    I really like the opening song of this season, the animation is really cute and everything! Usually recap episodes bore me but this one was ok.

    • Kyokai says:

      Production I.G usually do marvelously in animation and OP/ED was so cute and beautiful. Also that husky voice of Tomofumi~ Aaah, fangirl squee. This was definitely ok and I can’t wait for Sawahaya!

  7. Elyon says:

    I really just can’t seem to feel bad for Kurumi. I did for a brief moment when she overheard those girls and how they were using her, but…she did the same thing to Sawako pretending to be her friend.
    (Okay, maybe I’m just biased because of MUCH SAWAKO LOVE <3 Gawd I missed her.)

    • Kyokai says:

      Well, I kinda did but for me everything shoujo-wise last year was < Sawahaya~ Can't fangirl enough for KnT <333

  8. Masu says:

    i just want to go an troll and say that real life normally doesnt happen this way.

  9. Kushi says:

    I love the cute+beautiful art in this series. Well,I’m off to watch the rest of s1 to watch s2 with Metanorn~

  10. ichigopockysticks says:

    AWWWW its back hurray *happy dance time* I always smile and become all giddy when I watch this show. I am so happy it is back 😀

    • Kyokai says:

      You and me both. The ONLY show that puts a silly smile on my face. :3

      • ichigopockysticks says:

        Kuragehime was close and still made me smile but I just smile thinking about it
        sadly though no one in my otaku group watches it

  11. Yvoon says:


    its finally out!!!

    thank you so much kyokai. <3

    you da best!

    the art is beautiful as usual, and the fluffiness of the anime just makes you want to squeal at how cute they can be, but at the same time, make you wanna pull your hair out at how dense and slow they are…-_-…

    either way! this anime definitely gets my rating.

    • Kyokai says:

      Hells yes! Anytime, when it’s Sawahaya~ Expect a series of timely blogging on this for sure! <3

      You want to kill them but they are soooo cute and feel-good that you are pretty much get into the flow of things. Oh god, I can't wait for next week!!!

  12. cassi says:

    The new opening is so cute! 😀 I don’t really like recap episodes but I love Kurumi!

    • Kyokai says:

      Tomofumi Tanizawa <3 His voice is sooo sweet! Currently ODing on his recent album Maboroshi Dokei~

  13. AkatsukiYuki says:

    The OP “Sawakaze” made me suspect if the singer got his inspiration from “Sawa”ko and “Kaze”haya.

  14. Trusx says:

    I wanted to see the continuation from last season, but at the same time this recap wasn’t bad, ’cause half of it stuff I didn’t remembered.
    The Death Note part cracked me up. I was like “Why does this look so familiar?”
    I didn’t know Kurumi was voiced by Hirano Aya! >.< I have to rethink my hatred toward Kurumi… Nah! I still don’t like her.

    • Kyokai says:

      Same here. I was all geared up to do an awesome comeback episode. Still, there was new footage and general KnT feel-good so it was okay. I think my dislike for Kurumi starts with the fact of Aya Hirano! xD

  15. Hime says:

    I’ve heard people getting very angry about this episode because it was a re-cap. That’s not what bothers me, since the ratio of new footage to old is pretty okay. No. What annoys me is that it’s a re-cap all about Kurumi. ARGH. I can’t stand Kurumi. She’s so whiny and pathetic. GRR.

    But on the plus side, the animation was as good as I hoped. Gorge gorge gorge. Thank you anime jesus! I don’t really have much else to say that isn’t bitchin’ about Kurumi. Uh..the preview looks interesting. I did laugh when the subtitles came up with Sawako saying “I’m going to give it to him.” LOL, inappropriate wording.

  16. Reika says:

    Ahhh, one of my most favorite shoujo manga ever. Nice to see the quality didn’t drop when it became an anime x3

    The recap…it was ok, I guess.

    …Ok ok, geez, I have nothing more to say! Is not like is my fault the opening was so beautiful I kept repeating it and I didn’t pay attention to the anime itself cause I kept humming! DDDDDD:

    Also, the opening’s name is not “Sawakaze” but “Soufuu 「爽風」” (they have the kanji for both Sawako-chan and Kazehaya x3 I’m such a happy fangirl now”

  17. anaaga says:

    whaaa the first comment failed? GGRRRR retarted net >.>

    i kinda got pissed because it’s a recap, but then i got to see MY PERFECT MAN KAZEHAYA. life is good now. oh kazehaya, marry me! xD

    i gotta wait another week for a real episode 1 eh? booo T_____T but since i love KnT so much, i am willing to do that 😀

    and is it just me or the animation is actually better than the first season? or i love it so much it looks perfect for me? :3

  18. Nadia says:

    Awww. <3 This brought back some good memories~… At first I was a little disappointed from it being a recap episode, but I ended up liking it. I feel pretty sorry for Kurumi, the poor girl. I have a friend that actually IS Kurumi, complete with soft voice and cuteness! Except my friend's not really a bitch like her. xD

    Oh, I just LOVED the OP! <3 The animation was adorable too! And is that a new character I spot in the beginning of it?…

  19. the_poop says:

    Glad to see that the 2nd season has finally started!!!
    I need to go find this right now…

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