Kimi ni Todoke – 01

Time for some hot and nervous chocolate~

FINALLY. I can write about my most favourite series of the Winter 2011 season. I have been waiting quite patiently for this. Though the quick blogging plans of this failed because even if I totally slacked off at work today; rather than writing, I was chatting incessantly with my aniblogging buddies. A time came that even Twitter got overwhelmed with our conversation so we switched to MSN. At one point in time, around 9 people were in the chatroom and still understood whatever the hell we were talking about. Don’t even ask me about the topics as it moved from PG-13 to R-18 and beyond. xD

Coming to Kimi ni Todoke, as I recapped last week, the timeline has skipped around a month after the New Year’s Even when Sawako finally realized her feelings for Kazehaya. The story resumes with their new term and it’s already the Valentine’s for which Kurumi was shopping in the 00 episode. Not to mention, chibi Sawako is back and she seems even MOAR ADORABLE than before to me!

Anyone you know makes a bento like this? DO WANT!

I must say, our Sawako is one awesome girl. She knows how to cook amazing looking food (seriously, presentation is 40% of cooking, while taste is the rest), makes homemade chocolate and is so humble that hypocrisy can’t even touch her. That is the reason why all classmates are waking up to her existence and interacting with her more and more.

On the other side, the class seating has changed yet again and the usual quintet (Sawako, Kazehaya, Yano-chin, Chizu and Ryuu), have been separated by different rows. Even if the Yano and Chizu eat lunch with Sawako, Kazehaya and Sawako only stare at each other quite longingly. It is as if a marked distance has built between the two main protagonists with the extra friends being acquired by Sawako while Kazehaya being his popular and admired self.

Remember fangirls, this is a Valentine’s episode and chocolate giving is quite important. Be it a giri (obligatory), tomo (friendly) or honmei (for special someone) chocolate, it’s the day of festivity and celebrated with much pizzazz throughout the school. Sawako being herself brought homemade chocolates for her friends, Pin and of course Kazehaya. Throughout the episode she kept on having her usual nervous monologues (cute as ever! <3), being pretty unsure of herself for the main reason she wanted to give the chocolates to Kazehaya, which was not giri at all.

Oh, Mr. Casanova, please accept by hot chocolate~

It’s interesting to note that Sawako’s nervousness is fueled by Kazehaya being so popular because starting from the beginning of the day, he has been getting one form of the chocolate or the other; also, eating Sawako’s homemade chocolates from other people. Both are pretty damn frustrated with the situation but being the meek themselves, they are slow to realization.

Kazehaya’s backstory was hilarious indeed. We finally get to know Pin’s trump card over him, a certain picture of self-wetting… BUT AWW, he was a kid then and he was scared shitless too! *defends Kazehaya plushie* But I was happy to see him retaliate against Pin, who was simply being a jerk (Kunyaro~!). I just wish Yano-chin was around to narrate some more scary stories to him.

Such a creeper!

In the end, it was all ruined by one Kurumizawa UME! Ugh, such a troll. Who intercepted our clueless hero and made him accept her first and last chocolate to him. Being a gentleman he accepted; though, being a total bitch, Kurumi crushed whatever confidence Sawako had for dishing out the chocolate.

Still, I understand Sawako’s sentiments for not giving chocolate disguised as a thank-you one because her feelings are stronger than that. Who knows she might just dish them out to her dad (poor bloke, always gets Kazehaya’s leftovers xD).

The big twist: A new challenger appears with a smexy voice~

Valentine’s Extra~

Twin-tailed Sawako. DAWWW~ <333

Stop bothering me… Don’t want your perverted stories >.>

This should come under sexual harassment! xD

I have to knit another cap for him?! NOOOOOOOO!

Nomnomnomnom~ Sucks to be you; didn’t get chocolates from your girl

PIN! You are such a pedobear!

*Obligatory Kazehaya goodness* Cover your ears boy, you DO NOT want to hear this~

Repent for your sins, human! Or else Aliens will kidnap and probe you

Such a bitchee (said in Panty’s voice)

End Thoughts:

Ah, Production I.G, you make me happy for staying true to the original content (always WIN in my books). For some reason, a certain podcast didn’t even mention you in their nominations for the year of 2010 when you entertained us with so many titles like Kimi ni Todoke’s first season; Sengoku Basara Ni and Break Blade, Bungaku Shoujo and Eden of the East movies. Tsk!

This episode was an awesome come-back episode. Not only because Valentine’s is just around the corner but it rightly captures the continued tension between Sawahaya, which is going to mount with time. Yes, this is a shoujo after all and insecurities will arise; you already got to see a hint of it when Kazehaya witnessed more and more of his classmates accepting Sawako as she is.

Ryuu, Yano and Chizu were WIN as usual and I don’t even want to talk about Kurumi. The most interesting though was the appearance of Kento, the one with the fabulous bishie sparkle as noticed in opening sequence. Mamoru Miyano voicing him is so on-the-spot! Also, peeps, remember Yano-chin’s words about the bribe-chocolate to Pin. Something good to happen? You should keep on hoping even with a new challenger appearing. Can’t wait for the next episode and I just hope Production I.G increases the number of episodes. There is so much material to work on!

Before I sign off though, some pro advice for the three kinds of watchers of this series (in general terms):

  1. You just finished the first season marathon and are dying for MOAR after I posted up that recap episode. Be ready for a slow pace because this series takes its sweet time for development, which is never boring because the side characters are so lovable. And when it does peak, it is so epic that you forget the previous pacing and just bask in the wonderful glory of the main protagonist. You are in safe hands!
  2. You followed the first season when it aired on weekly basis or caught up by the mid and regularly followed then on. You might not have time to catch up on manga but rest assured the stuff you loved in the first season is going to be doubled in this one. Get ready to kyaaa~
  3. You have read the manga before or after season one ended and can’t wait for that confession to happen! We are in the same boat and I can tell you one thing, this will not be another nice boat and you should rejoice! Sit back, relax and enjoy~

Reading the above, you already know, I KNOW everything that happens. So, don’t expect wtf or wth from me but rest assured I have no intentions to spoil and would request all the commentors to use spoiler tags in case of wanting to discuss something from manga material. Anyone, who is curious and just want to see how the manga fairs against the anime for this specific episode, you can check it out till chapter 28 of manga.


The new challenger introduces himself to Sawako, while Kazehaya looks on. He better do something more than just looking! Till next time, Ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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34 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke – 01”

  1. Namika says:

    I can’t help but feel all fidgety, over how PAINFULLY SLOW there two are!!!!!!!!!!! ><""""""" Aaaaaaaaaw, Ume, why did you do that? ==" You're truly a troll… =3=
    However, I can't help but compare Sawako to myself O_O I would be freaking out in her place as well, and the Valentines is only a month awaaay *0* Sawako….. I totally forgive you for being so shy!!!
    Miyano Mamoru was such a WIN for the new character! Uwaaaaaaaaa~ I want to see mooooooooore *0*
    This show is the slowest one I’ve ever seen, and also the most nerve-wrecking one!!!!! T_____T

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL! Oh I know that feeling so well! You want to go and slap some sense into Sawako but what can you do. Her character is just like that and no helping it. It’s gonna be a slow ride but worth it. Good luck on Valentine’s~! xD

      *Another first comment cookee, w00t! xD*

  2. Kushi says:

    AHHH YES!!! I’ve been waiting for this this whole week. I’m gonna try to restrain myself from reading more before I watch it 😀

    • Kushi says:

      Wow, that ep was a ZOMG/awww moment. ZOMG for not giving the chocolate (rly Sawako?!) and awww for “because I love him and I don’t want my expression to be ‘obligatory’ when it wasn’t”. Although that twist was kinda cliche, I think it’s starting this new season on an even plane (not too much strength with an added uncertainty to Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship. Also pressure on Sawako by Ume-kun [D:<] and looks like the new male character's gonna put pressure on Kazehaya). I like the new character but I'm concerned that the character build and the planned ep length (13 according to Namika, good job checking btw, I was too lazy to try :P)will interfere with each other if production IG does take it slow as Kyokai said. But hey, I'd rather have a shot of Vodka than a keg of crappy beer.

      • Kyokai says:

        Well, the KnT goodness is back and everyone can kyaa over how cute Sawako is and how clueless Kazehaya is… >.>

        There was a reason I said, I hope this would run longer rather than 13 episodes because there is enough material for some more lovey doveyness. Also, Kento is here for competition after all. :3

  3. anaaga says:

    i am number 3. I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO HAPPEN!!!!! *squeal*
    yes, kurumi is being a bitch, but their relationship won’t really progress without her acting like a bitch. so yeah, kurumi is kidna necessary ^^;
    btw, it’s gona be 24 episodes right?

    • Namika says:

      Well, the information source says, that there will be 13 episodes. But that’s hard to believe, considering the pace of this anime!!! =3= chuuuuuu

    • Kushi says:

      probably another full year too~ Personally, 24-50 eps is a good number for a season.

      • Kyokai says:

        @ anaaga, high five for number 3! And I know what you mean about 13 episodes. Show ▼

        Kushi, I would want that too!

  4. Junko says:

    I waws looking foward and dreading this episode at the same time! KnT does the perfect valentines ep, rather than ending all peachy keen, it left me for one really heart broken ;__;

    I get a double dose of Miyano this season? F*YEAH!

    Also, Sawako and Kurumi are my new insperation to grow my hair back out.

    Also also, I just got some japanese cook books and bento box cooking essntials, so I can make you one 😀

    • Kyokai says:

      Totally agree. Perfect episode with an ending twist of no luck… but Miyano is always love. <3

      Btw, I was spitting image of Sawako few months ago, though bangs are hard to manage and same for long hair so now they have gone to shoulder-length~ Still, I wish you luck!

      And, I luff you for making the effort on bento. I wish I was in NZ! xD

      • Junko says:

        I wish I could have Sawako hair but dammit it wont be striaght! Huuur

        And I’ll send you a photo of the bento once/if I get it done!

        • Kushi says:

          I think curly hair is fine; I know plenty of friends that want curly but have strait hair.

  5. wonton jr. says:

    Aww Kurumi you’re such a troll.. but I still love you anyway!!

    Even though I was disappointed she didn’t give it to Kazehaya, I also think it’s good, because it causes more drama, plus all of Sawako’s chibis and imaginations were awesome XD

    • Kyokai says:

      Of course, Kurumi is important and she would be catalyst for moar tension. But, we gotta love all the dorama and KnT goodness. I don’t think anyone but Noto Mamiko could have done this role, Sawako is SO WIN~ <333

  6. Metalsnakezero says:

    And now my life is complete with the return of Sawako \(^_^)/
    Also I want to learn how to cook some of those foods because they look good.

    • Kyokai says:

      Wohooo~ Same here! I missed this too much! >.>
      Now with google, everything is possible, try it out~ ^^

  7. Xiao says:

    Everybody says Kurumi’s a troll but I don’t see it that way. Sure, it’s mean that she keeps picking on her rival even though she’s been rejected already but the one who caved in was Sawako…which goes to show the longer she dawdles over her feelings, she’ll never say what she wants to say to Kazehaya. So I thought Kurumi being blunt about Sawako’s chocolate was a good small lesson to her (Chizu and Ayane, as awesome as they are, are too sweet on her). If she’s not a little bit more upfront like Kurumi and everyone else is, she’ll keep losing her chances.

    …and at least this is much better than last season with her spreading rumors being Sawako’s back. 😛

    Other than that, Pin blackmailing Kazehaya was just too funny. lol

  8. Nalit says:

    I’ve been waiting for this episode all week! Now I can have some adorable Sawako to help destress! ^^
    I know they’re both voiced by Miyano (squee!!), but Masaomi and Kento sound really similar! It’s like Kento is another version of Masaomi!

  9. Dan-go says:

    okay, this comin year is my last school year, and i dont wanna load up on too much for this season…is this one worth it?

    • Hime says:

      If you like sparkley slow paced shojo romance drama then yes, yes it is.

  10. Trusx says:

    I just wanted to slap Sawako silly so that she can get into her little brain that she should give Kazehaya the f*cking chocolates! It was a really frustrating episode. I got mad at her.
    And also I wanted to kill Kurumi, that b*tch!
    Yep, that episode ticked me off.
    On the plus side, I wanted to eat Sawako’s bentou and homemade chocolates!

  11. Yi says:

    Kurumi’s not a creeper!! She’s lovely!
    I’m so glad she’s getting so much screentime these last two episodes. I’ve missed her in the latter third of the last season.

    p.s. You can probably tell, I’m a huge huge huge Kurumi fan.

  12. cassi says:

    It’s finally back! 😀 I want a Sawako Bento! It’s looks so gooooood! *drool*

  13. Hime says:


    • Gunny says:

      I second this.
      But kurume did helped the fate back there. That bitch. Just when I thought she would surrender, she just come back all happy and bitchy with her troll’s skills power of persuasion. ARGH! JUST DIE ALREADY D:

      • Hime says:

        Hopefully she’ll be less of a feature this season since we have that new blonde guy to add dorama.

  14. Jo says:

    Not enough bubbles!! Just kidding…lol

    but I’m sure glad that show is back. Given that it will be for 13 episodes probably means things will move faster, which is YEAH!! for us.
    But I hope they don’t focus everything on Sawako and Kazehaya…I want some development between Chizuru and Ryuu, they make such a cute couple…


    • Hime says:

      Aww, I was really hoping they’d do another 24 episodes! 13 isn’t enough x3

  15. bakuhasu says:

    Keep your Nominees to your own (In Mamoru Miyano Voice. BTW it’s 2011!! Stop living in the past!

  16. Amutofan123 says:

    KYAAA!!!! IT’S BACK!!! Oh, Sawako! Why didn’t you give him the chocolates?!! D: Ah, one of the reasons I love Sawako so much is because I can relate to her. And my feelings on what Kurumi did were much like Xiao’s.

  17. Bear says:

    Visually, this series managed to one-up season 1. Other than that, I don’t think I can take the pacing anymore.

    It’s far too guilty of the shoujo pitfall which gets to me
    most – it doesn’t really reveal enough of the male protagonists thoughts and feelings and ignores what is actually a strong cast of supporting characters. As a result, we’re left with 20 minutes of repetitive Mamiko Noto internal monologue and still-shot images. We get it. She’s nervous. Save us half an episode of the recycled script and have the character let out an audible sigh.

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