First Impression – Rio -Rainbow Gate!-

Definitely Anime of the Year 2011 material.

Overcooled: Well, if it isn’t one of the first anime of the winter season. Huh, what do we have here? We originally weren’t even going to touch this but here we are…troopers, through and through. It’s not like I’m doing much of anything else, since I’m still lounging around until another brutal school year begins. XD

Ness: Hi all, Ness here. Finally some more winter anime are coming out and I’m still trying to catch up on certain animes! For the past few days I have been power-watching some anime but you’ll find out what later on hehe. As well, school just started on Tuesday, it’s so horrific and yet already tiresome. My goal this term is to not fall asleep in class! But it’s hard sometimes when the instructor is so monotonic and talks too much. Anyway, so yeah… Rio – Rainbow Gate! Enjoy…

Overcooled: Rio -Rainbow Gate!- wants to make sure it leaves you with the classiest first impression possible so that you know just what you’re getting into to. And there is nothing classier than a pair of silken, womanly legs peeking from between the covers to set the mood. Fear not, for we switch to something almost resembling a plot soon after: a loli named Mint is entering the Casino City with her grandfather and seems royally bored. So bored, she hallucinates and talks to her stuffed animal.

Like a responsible grandfather, he goes to gamble and tells the little girl to wander the streets of a high-tech, Las Vegas-like city alone. Because really, what’s the worst that could happen? She goes everywhere: from magic shows to boat docks. Still, she seems bored. Some weird ladies approach her when they hear her complain, and she at least has the decency to ignore them and move onwards.

Mint finally finds entertainment in the form of the legendary “Goddess of Victory.” She rushes to try to meet her, but is blocked by a crowd of rabid fangirls and fanboys. Luckily, some sleazy actress who has nothing better to do than loiter around and talk to lolis tells her to follow a ferret if she wants to find Rio, the Goddess of Victory.

She manages to breach security without a problem, despite being obviously under the age limit for a casino. There are more bouncing balloons and bunny girls than you can shake a stick at in there. Chesticles practically RADIATING in the light, like a shiny new car. Rio walks in, and everyone starts hitting jackpots. Because the goal of a casino is clearly to give away all of its’ money, so her power of granting luck is VERY PRODUCTIVE. Anyways, they meet, and Mint is wowed.

I’ll just distract her until security gets here

Mint’s next meeting with Rio is..well…she’s in a maid outfit, and her boss is ordering her to look after Mint. Why? Because her grandfather probably wants to gamble, and the kid just gets in the way. Anyways, Rio looks after her, and is promptly assaulted by an elite group of people who are highly trained in the art of stealing stuffed animals. Rio beats them all up, and the bear is safe.

Who would’ve thought wandering around in a skimpy maid outfit at night would draw attention?

Rio shows Mint around the casino the next day, explaining to Mint that she’s basically a paid slut who sometimes shuffles cards for people. Rio shows off her skills by helping a nervous guy build up the courage to propose to his wife after hitting a jackpot. There are so many things wrong with this, it could be a post in of itself so let’s just rofl and move on.

Since the show cannot think up anymore drama, they send in a random villain who wants…MINT’S BEAR! Dear God, this again? Somehow Rio ends up having to face him in a game of poker, and will have to strip naked if she loses. It’s like that Panty and Stocking episode, except…absolutely not. Her boss brings in a camera crew to film this event, in the occasion that he will get some sexy Rio footage that I doubt he could use for anything aside from his own pleasures.

The rest of the episode is just WTF galore, and no amount of sarcasm could exacerbate how silly it all is. Rio faces off to the challenger in a wedding dress to symbolize her union with the card game. -Insert obligatory Yu-Gi-Oh! reference here-. Rio’s eyes then open to another universe, as all of the world’s knowledge and secret course through her earthly body. In other words: she gets nekked, glows, and is surrounded by numbers, cards, and a copious amount of flowers. Meanwhile, the guy searches amongst a creepy graveyard-like area of cards for Queens.


All that, and Rio wins with the weakest poker hand possible, as the dude didn’t manage to find his Queens. Apparently, this guy’s story is that his wife left him and he collects rare stuffed animals to comfort himself. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I’M AWARE THIS ANIME BUT…REALLY…? YEAH, OKAY, THIS SUMMARY ENDS HERE. I’M DONE WITH THIS.

A glorious ending to a glorious anime


Don’t worry! My boobs will protect you!


Yeah, she spends all day kissing balls and we made a show about it, basically.

Obligatory “IT’S TIME TO D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DUEL!” caption

End Thoughts:


Ness: Yaaaayyy my first tag team with OC!! So yeah, how about that Rio – Rainbow Gate!?

Overcooled: Oh God. It was horrible. and I couldn’t stop watching.

Ness: I just wanted it to end quickly 😡

Overcooled: I…I think I’m actually gonna watch more of it LOL

Ness: Ohhhh you’re gonna be on your own on that one!!

Overcooled: I know. but it’s so bad it’s almost good. I laughed at things that shouldn’t have been funny

Ness: Me too!! Especially the opening when they’re trying to introduce the main character. It was so funny how they tried to build anticipation for seeing the main character’s face. Boob and butt shots!

Overcooled: Yes lol, because we really care about the face that matches though assets. Why does that loli even like her this much?

Ness: The little girl is bored being dragged to a casino by her grandfather who lets her run around as an easy target for pedos~

Overcooled: I know. Bad parenting.Like, where is her mom or dad? WHY DID THEY AGREE TO THIS? There are so many oddities in this show…

Ness:Yeah really. As well, I thought that the main character Rio was supposed to be like from a game world but I guess she just has some special ‘powers’ that give her and others good luck with games.

Overcooled: It’s hardly a power. She’s just a lucky bitch.

Ness: Probably that too haha! Especially how you get to see her dress up in those skanky outfits around the hotel. The boss is a pervert who takes every chance he can to film some naughty stuff of Rio. Bad example for a child srsly. Poor Mint~

Overcooled: lollll i know. This is why little girls aren’t allowed in casinos

Ness:Yeah! Also what about that guy who’s been stalking the two girls?

Overcooled: YEAH! I swear the motives of the people in this show are so messed up.

Ness: I know and all of a sudden Rio not only is good luck but she can also bust out some self defense moves.

Overcooled: I bet that’s the only time she fights too, it was so random. I felt like I was watching an abridged series

Ness:Well, from what I read on the up to date info on the show, Rio is aiming to become the Most Valuable Casino Dealer and in order to get that she has to gather 13 gate cards by battling other dealers.

Overcooled: That doesn’t even make sense….

Ness:I know, really!

Overcooled: Why would she even need to…what…i..

Ness: Her mother apparently was one of history’s greatest dealers….Thus the quick reference of Rio in relation to her mother in the anime.

Overcooled: I feel like dealers are being highly overestimated. Don’t they just…throw the ball into the roulette for you and stuff? XD

Ness: Hahaha. Apparently Rio is like a Goddess of Victory, not only does she bring good luck to the players but she calms down the crowd. Didn’t you see her kiss the roulette ball? She was “talking to the ball”. Hah

Overcooled: Oh, I saw it alright. How could I not see it. Ohhhh boy AND THAT BATTLE OF POKER!!!

Ness: Yeah!! The QUEEN KILLER… LOL. But the scene when they went into that sort of game world kind of looked cool. I liked the effects but the character design of that Orlin guy looked kind of off then.

Overcooled: It looked way too cool for a card game when they were slamming their cards down. And yes, his glasses and eyes were….odd

Ness: And then when Orlin lost we find out what he wanted was the collectable teddy bear. It just threw off my view of the anime.

Overcooled: It was probably the most retarded moment in anime of the decade

Ness: Yes! It’s like they wanted to make it a happy happy ending after all the ‘danger.’ But anyways, did you notice that Rio’s legs had glare marks and her boobs had like pink blush marks? I thought that was so weird yet funny for character design.

Overcooled: YEAH she was so SHINY

Ness: I was like WTF!! Anyways, that’s all I can say on the anime. I don’t think that I’ll watch another episode.

Overcooled: I will. but for the wrong reasons. It was so bad it was almost good

Ness:Hahah, good luck continue watching the anime. 😡

Overcooled: XDDD too much fail…to pass up

Preview: I doubt you’ll see much more about Rio on Metanorn, but here’s a preview anyways. Rio is apparently dating some guy named Elvis, and Mint does not approve. There is also some clumsy red-head, so I assume we meet some new characters to keep things fresh. Based on the episode name, Rio will battle someone for a Gate card perhaps? Hmmm.


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48 Responses to “First Impression – Rio -Rainbow Gate!-”

  1. Kyokai says:

    I just watched this and…. I would agree, so bad that it was funny. Wtf was Yoko thinking voicing this character? II expect more fan service and ensuing card slamming. I would rather catch up on some old anime than this.

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t know how they got Azusa and Mio to do voices for this show. T.T It’s mind-boggling. I watched it with my friend and we had a grand time making fun of it though XD

      • Tofu says:

        But Kyokai, Yoko isn’t voicing Rio in this anime xD If she did I’d be like ugh… GET OUT YOKO!! YOUR RUINING YOURSELF!!! Dx Azusa as Mint…come on… you gotta say that’s cute…

  2. baka_girl says:

    Looks like this one is not my cup of tea :p

  3. Elyon says:

    Why does Rio put up with this crap? The pervy boss, fighting for the yugioh gate cards or whatever, doing such a demeaning job that forces her to dress like a skank all day- she’s the goddess of freaking victory! She can win all the money she wants! She could clean out the whole casino and never have to work again! The next antagonist should be like the owner of the casino coming to murder her instead of some weirdo with a stuffed animal fetish. XD

    • Overcooled says:

      True dat. Rio should just empty the wallets of every casino on the face of the Earth and be on her merry way -.- I agree, hopefully her next rival isn’t some beanie baby-philiac….

  4. foshizzel says:

    Haven’t seen this episode but from what I see from screen shots and others it looks like a boring show, lots of reused animation too right?? then again I wasn’t expecting much from an anime based on a pachinko machine xD

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m pretty sure Ness and I were subjected to the same boob bounce at least 3 times. =.= But really, watch with a friend for a good laugh.

  5. Masu says:


  6. xochandaox says:

    I lovee abridged series.
    Oh, Anyway. I will probably keep watching this just because Its nice to see other people Fail.

  7. Joojoobees says:

    There was a lot to be disturbed by in this show, but I still can’t get over grandpa abandoning a six-year-old so he can gamble. With that, my head exploded, and everything that happened after was just more nonsense.

  8. Junko says:

    This made me want to watch YuGiOh more than whatever this is. Job well done, me thinks

  9. Tofu says:

    Oh wow… OC your words have pierced my heart xD But all in all I will still continue to watch it because Ayase (Azu-nyan) as Mint is cuuute~ and I haven’t seen Yoko’s character yet ^^ The character design for the eyes reminds me of Shiki how it’s all round~~ And the whole shine effect reminds me of HOTD or some other ecchi show, but sure the story line is… very weak and the concept of a casino GIVING out money instead of GAINING money is totally CONTRADICTION RIGHT THERE! T___T Maybe I’m just hoping it will get better when Yoko appears? nishishishi~~

    I’ll be following this anime through and through

    • Overcooled says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, Tofu…But it’s bad. Also, please never compare these soulless eyes to Shiki ever again…Thank you. DX

      Oh, the contradictions! This anime makes less sense than quantum physics.

      • Tofu says:

        ahh… well everyone has different opinions right? ^^ And I’ll be sure not to compare them again, no worries xD

        What are…quantum physics? ^^”

        • Overcooled says:

          No. Opinions aren’t allowed here. Well, anyone’s but mine anyways.

          lulz, anyways, quantum physics? Aw geez, that’s not something I can explain so easily Tofu…XD

  10. wonton jr. says:

    Ugghh there was way too much fan service in here for me, the only thing I like about this is that Azusa’s seiyuu voices Mint ^^

    • Ness says:

      I think the fan service parts were kind of funny because of the pink blushes and the shiny legs haha.

  11. Kushi says:

    “Anyways, Rio looks after her, and is promptly assaulted by an elite group of people who are highly trained in the art of stealing stuffed animals. Rio beats them all up, and the bear is safe.” I lol’d
    So is the series really about casinos+lolis+stuffed animals+boobs?
    I, I don’t know if I can survive watching this

    • Ness says:

      Yeah, the story is just too much for me. As well, they’re going to incorporate a battle for best dealer haha.

  12. A-chan says:

    Seriously, this anime would be a very interessant but no, it doesn’t ! Why ! I think seriously the author of this ### should more study about las vegas etc.
    I prefer to watch Ocean’s eleven again! =w= *oh man it would be a great anime *__* bishies ohoh *dies**
    And the game..omg…:/ disappointed *I play poker but I am a novice xDD*
    It’s so sad :/ Rio is cute but…rah..
    oh and How a little child can go to casino ? D:

    Thanks for this review !

    • Overcooled says:

      They just wanted to make a quick cash-in on a sexy character…Ocean’s 11 would probably be a better way to spend your time than this. Almost anything is more gratifying than this, though XD I have no idea why they’d even let Mint prance amongst those bunny girls all day either @_@

      Glad you liked our review XD

  13. anaaga says:

    this anime was so funny, i couldn’t stop laughing when i watched this. first, mint is weird. she talks with teddy bears and she thinks everything EVERYTHING is boring except the goddess of victory. are you serious? that city looks so fuckin awesome! but she’s still bored anyway, no matter how awesome that city looks.
    and rio. that’s her name right? man, that woman…she got this “innocent” mind with her, acting all cutey cutey. but her dress. and her BOOBS. that’s beyond normal right there. i guess tomo from seikon no boobs got a new friend now.
    the drama is this anime is so hilarious. betting about his marriage, stealing teddy bears…and i thought shoujo is baaaddddd. and her other world!!! i thought she was gona go all Sailor Moon, getting a uniform for playing card. but then she just stays NAKED and then GLOWS. i wonder what kind of body lotion she uses…
    sad to say this, i think i’m gona continue watching this thing when i’m bored. even if it’s bad, it’s funny in a stupid way. i’m watching it because it’s retarded in a funny way

    • Overcooled says:

      “Retarded” is actually a really good word to describe this show. Ness and I pointed out a dozen bad things and STILL we didn’t cover it all.

      I would love exploring that city. There’s something terribly wrong with Mint. =.= Don’t even get me started on Rio’s Barbiedoll body. I bet she has crazy back problems…

    • Ness says:

      Oh yes, we didn’t point out Rio’s persona. Her innocent personality just doesn’t match up with her body but I suppose it matches with how even though it’s a fan service anime, and we have thieves who attack her.. they still went for a happy ending for the villain in such a retarded way. It’s like they’re trying to put all the crappiest story lines, moments in anime, and such in one… just that there’s no bishis HAHA

      • anaaga says:

        yup, no bishies. WHAT IS A FAN-SERVICE ANIME WITHOUT BISHIES!? D:< i don't think my eyes will be able see rio's boobs anymore. I NEED BISHIES! xD
        seems like the guy in the next episode won't be ugly though. i hope.

  14. Dan-go says:

    I like…that is all

    • Kyokai says:

      Should I start calling you Marina fanboy?

      • Dan-go says:

        depends…do you not fear the wrath of japanese rice flour dumplings? for if you don’t u soon will >:D

        • anaaga says:

          dangos are supposed to be peace-loving creatures, it can’t attack others.

          • Dan-go says:

            then you’ve never been on the bad side of a dango, it’s a dark and scary world out there

  15. Dan-go says:

    Btw, how come it’s the girls that end up reviewing all the fan service stuff? it always struck me as odd, seeing as they wouldn’t really like it all to much

    • Ness says:

      Nobody else wanted it so OC and I volunteered to do the first impression. I don’t mind some fan service stuff as long as there’s plot. Like Hyakka Ryouran, okay plot, good fighting action, creative censorying and interesting art.

    • Dan-go says:

      to be honest it wasn’t major fan service anyway, nothing in comparison to hotd

  16. hint says:

    Did anyone else get the point ?
    The villain here has a strange resemblance to Chris Hansen, US pedophile hunter. You just have to invert the colors, white jacket to black, black shirt to white one and so on =)

    Chris Hansen wants a bear X)))

  17. Dan-go says:

    is any one else following up on this series? i decided to watch the 2nd episode out of interest, and yes there IS an ulterior plot, and it’s still very much enjoyable, the animation is bright and uplifting, and the fanservice isnt rlly that bad (in comparison to hotd)

    • Overcooled says:

      Nope, no one will be blogging about Rio. I’m still watching it to laugh at how bad it is though. It’s kind of pointless to cover a show that’s this…well…bad. You and Tofu are one of the few who actually like it so…you’re on your own XD

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