Yankee-kun to Megane-chan – 04-06

Izumi’s past, Daichi’s first love and the student council gets to work!

Hiyo~ Sorry for the delay in getting the next review out for Yankee-kun, was a bit busy this past week with family. Which reminds me that the other day I had a Daichi experience… woke up randomly in the morning and someone was hovering over me. Haha, I was like “wahhh!” and then realized it was my brother asking to borrow my car. Anyways, thanks to all of you who commented on the first three episodes review for Yankee-kun. Again, I’ll be covering three episodes (4-6). So, lets get started and enjoy~!

As a continuation from the ending of the previous episode, four starts off with Izumi revealing himself as the other student council president candidate. His goal is to rid the school of yankees (Daichi in particular) and become number one! This episode focuses on Izumi’s past and relation to Daichi. Sorry Hana, but you’re just a side character this time.

After the speeches, Hana, Rinka, Chiba and Daichi check out the notice board. Apparently Hana can’t read well since she misread Izumi’s name on the list for candidates. Izumi appears in the hall and provokes Daichi; claiming that he’ll get Daichi to kneel before him. Poor Hana tries to show good sportsmanship by shaking Izumi’s hand but only to get the cold shoulder. Who’s next to turn to? But Daichi, who has to help in the campaign as the person who nominated Hana. So begins the campaign for Hana’s student council presidential election and a forced Daichi to give support.

The next morning, Hana, Rinka, Chiba and Daichi (who’s just sitting in the the back annoyed) are standing in front of school to promote Hana. Their campaign attire seems to be the least of their worries until Izumi shows up with two campaign girls in frilly sashes. In class, Rinka is introduced as the new transfer student and the classmates start to comment about another yankee being in their class. Mid-term results are passed out and when Daichi is pointed out by the teacher, Izumi wastes no time in degrading Daichi for being the lowest ranked in the class. After a few insults towards yankees, Rinka steps up with her kendo stick (which appeared out of nowhere) to intimidate Izumi.

During class break, Hana check’s out Daichi’s grade card and actually compliments him on his single digit scores. Well that’s because Hana’s aren’t any better. Daichi points out that Hana’s grades might effect her running for president but behold! Hana has another trick up her sleeve where it states on the back of the nomination slip that the candidate would be substituted by the nominator if anything happened.

Considering how sly Hana is, why oh why is she horrible with studies

The following day at school, Rinka enforces ‘yankee law’ onto the three gossiping girls. Through Rinka’s actions (which she thought was helping Hana), the girls start a negative campaign against Hana. Daichi and Chiba tries to talk to Izumi about the situation but Daichi only gets provoked by Izumi’s smart remarks against him. Later that day Daichi visits Sei to vent off his frustration and Sei remarks that Izumi’s name sounds familiar.

At dinner, Daichi is teased by his sister when Daichi’s mom found a paper in his pants pocket. The paper has science circled (by Sei when Daichi visited him earlier) for his future plans. Daichi is then pestered by his father about it and causes Daichi to storm out of the house. As Daichi is taking a walk, he witnesses a fight in a alley and the guy who won is revealed to be Izumi. Daichi visits Sei the next day who finally recognizes Izumi’s name as the head of a rival gang from middle school.

Hah! My wig hair is cooler than yours

After school, Daichi is confronted by Kagawa who is Izumi’s kohai from middle school and the two have a conversation about Izumi’s past. Izumi was the head of Suminaga Jr. High and after a while decided to quit being a yankee to pursue being number one in studies. I guess Izumi has an obsession of being at the top. The next day when Daichi arrives at school, he is confronted by a bunch of guys looking for the school’s yankee and they were pointed to Daichi by some classmates who didn’t know that the gang was actually looking for Izumi. Daichi gets suspended from school (again) and as the guys who made a mistake conversed; Izumi passes by to get the info on what happened.

Last man standing wins!

Daichi meets up with Izumi who called to meet up. The two discuss about their reasons for going to school and getting into fights. Meanwhile Hana, Rinka and Chiba arrive in the back. Izumi goes on about being the best, but what happens afterwards? After much revelation and a few punches thrown, Hana breaks up the two and goes on about having friends (comrades to be exact). Lets be friends and enjoy school life! That night Daichi’s father gives Daichi back his torn up (now taped) future planning slip. With few words between the two, everything seems just alright again.

The next day at school, Izumi drops out from the run to be student council president. The group starts to move into the student council room when Daichi complains about having to help and only to find out from sneaky Hana that the person who nominated the president has to join as a member. Thus Daichi is the vice president and surprisingly Izumi shows up as the second vice president.

Real men don’t say sorry to each other

Episode five starts off with Hana running into the student council room yelling about terrible news. Through a poll, the school has very little expectations in the student council. Well, its expected considering that both Daichi and Hana have the lowest grades in the class and that there are yankees in the council. Daichi leaving the room after some smart remarks from Izumi, goes outside to see two students: Kudo and Tachibana up to something. Hana appears from behind Daichi with a camcorder and begins the student councils first job of learning the school’s good and bad points. However, what Daichi and Hana actually see is the discovery of Kudo and Tachibana in some sort of relationship.

Hana: The bad of this school~

At home, Daichi and his sister watch as their father is being faced by their mother. Apparently Daichi’s father went to a cabaret again. Its amusing how the father just answers the questions so truthfully and the mother is so calm.

Maybe the truth isn’t always the best…

The next day at school, Hana, Rinka and Chiba starts to interview classmates and to start it off its the three gossiping girls (one of them is Tachibana) from the previous episode. Somehow when discussing about the school they get onto the topic of how the guys in the school aren’t handsome (besides Izumi). When asked about Daichi, the girls insult him and of course he enters the room from behind. Good thing he didn’t hear anything hah! But then the discussion of Kudo and Tachibana comes up and Tachibana trying to cover up things denies everything. Afterwards, Tachibana and Kudo meet on the roof where Kudo gives her a thank you gift and blurts out that he likes her. However, Kudo is turned down and Tachibana walks away.

Ahh forbidden love, the nerd + the cool girl

Meanwhile, Hana gets Daichi to help out with their job by recording but then one of those gossip girls (the annoying, tough voice one) steps in yelling that Tachibana is being stalked by Kudo. Hana and the girls try to get Daichi to do something about it but Daichi states the obvious that the two are dating. This forces Tachibana to be mean and turn down Kudo in front of everyone.

Nerds unite and never give up! … Even if you turn into a stalker

That evening at home, Daichi and his sister finds a note that their mother left home. Somehow the sister includes Daichi on the blame of why their mother left and thus leaving Daichi to do the cooking. Of course he can’t cook heheh, poor Daichi.

WTB delivery~

In the student council room, Hana comes up with a new (obvious) job for the student council – to try to bring Kudo and Tachibana together. In the corner Izumi puts in his two cents on the matter (somehow I think he’ll just randomly appear out of nowhere from now on) and says the most common thing, to not get involved. Izumi claims that Daichi has never been in love so he doesn’t understand anything. But Daichi claims that he has been in love (proof or its all LIES!!). Later when Chiba and Daichi are alone, Chiba inquires why Daichi’s mechanical pencil is pink. This starts a flashback, Daichi taking his entrance exams and his pencils keep breaking. So the girl sitting in front of Daichi gives him a pink mechanical pencil. After the exams Daichi went searching for the girl but never found her. Flashback ends.

Awwe, Daichi’s first love… lost

Following that, Daichi receives a text mail of his mother winning the lottery and to no luck Daichi couldn’t persuade his mother to go home when calling. The next day at school, Hana presents her ultimate plan to Daichi. A best couple contest and the winner would win a ‘wonderful prize’. Hana tells Daichi that she won’t tell him what the prize is unless he enters the contest. Apparently even Chiba and Rinka knows the prize and this gets Daichi interested. Its either enter the contest or do his job as vice president (I’m sure we know what he chose). The first person that they approach is Kudo who turns down Hana’s suggestions and denies that Tachibana would have feelings for him. I think people who are used to being in a low state, instinctively do such things to make themselves feel secure.

After Kudo leaves, Hana looks at the picture of the ‘wonderful prize’ on her cell, commenting how she wanted Tachibana and Kudo to win it. Daichi looks in at the picture and shock!! The location of his mother is revealed – Hana’s house. By the way, the big prize is a wide screen LCD TV. Daichi’s mom confided in Hana’s grandfather and got him to ‘let’ her stay over. It was actually Hana’s grandfather who invited Daichi’s dad to the cabaret. I think even though Daichi’s mom might seem really nice, she’s actually pretty sneaky and smart. Daichi’s dad appears and begs the mom to come home. But Daichi’s mom won’t go unless Daichi’s dad remembers the thing he told her on their first date and of course he doesn’t remember.

After school we find out that the thing that Daichi’s dad said on the first date is “I like you” and how you cannot remember such a thing is beyond me. Daichi’s mother preaches to Hana and Daichi about love and having the chance to saying what you feel. That love is something you feel hard in your chest (heart attack?). Well it had to be explained since Hana seems a little slow on such things. Daichi’s dad appears again and doesn’t get the answer right. With a sigh, Daichi’s mother gives up and agrees to go home anyways.

The Monshiro High School Best Couple show begins! Hana tries again to get Kudo to participate but he refuses yet again. So things are left to Daichi to drag Kudo to the backstage where he verbally persuades Kudo into participating. Meanwhile Tachibana is dragged to the show by her friends. Kudo goes on stage right before the results would have been posted and begins to confess to Tachibana. In the middle of it, Izumi makes his cool entrance and inputs scenes that Hana recorded of the couple earlier onto the big screen. After watching the scenes, Kudo finishes off his confession and Tachibana approaches to complete the scene.

Episode six: Daichi and Hana takes a re-exam and when handing in papers, Daichi drops his mechanical pencil which is picked up by the girl sitting in front of him. Daichi has a short flashback of the girl who gave him the pencil and ends up thinking that this girl is her. The teacher yells at Daichi for turning in a blank exam but its actually the girl who was sitting in front of him – Miyagi. As well, Hana did horrible on her exam so both girls will have to re-take the exam which seems really generous for a prestigious school (re-re-exam). Hana and Miyagi studies with the help of Chiba in the student council room. Meanwhile Daichi keeps on glancing over in their direction and even went as far to daydream that Miyagi and him were getting mushy.

Wrong person!!

The next day in class, everyone looks at Daichi after hearing some snoring but to our surprise it was Izumi who was sleeping in class… with his eyes open. The teacher tells Izumi that he’ll end up like Daichi if he keeps on sleeping in class. How rude of a teacher to say such remarks but it was funny that Hana adds how horrible it would be. Later it’s posted that Miyagi is suspended from school for getting caught having a part time job.

That night Daichi’s homeroom teacher, Sakai, inconveniently shows up for a home visit. As Daichi tries to stop his mom from letting Sakai in, Daichi gets backhanded. Uwahh not only is Daichi’s mom sneaky but scary too. During the meeting Adachi’s grandfather is there for dinner and for a while the meeting turns into a conference about Hana. But Daichi gets them back on track after yelling at them. Its funny how the family is just eating dinner in the next room during the whole thing.  At one point the meeting gets serious about Daichi’s grades and decisions.

Mama’s gonna knock you out~

During class, Izumi is caught sleeping again that Daichi is later pestered by Sakai about it. This pushes Daichi to stalk Izumi around until he runs into Sagami (the yankee from episode one that Hana kicked through the roof) who gets yelled at Izumi for being late to work. Thus we find out that Izumi is actually working part time (just like Miyagi). Meanwhile, Hana finds Miyagi working part time as well. The next day at school Izumi tries to turn in a resignation form to the student council but Daichi turns it down telling him to turn it in to Hana. That evening Daichi and Sagami has a meeting to talk about Izumi working. Izumi is working to pay for his father’s hospital bills. As well, later on in the same situation, Hana pulls Daichi aside to tell him that Miyagi is working to pay for school because her father got laid off. It’s a hard world out there~

You better watch yo back

Following that, Miyagi ends up quitting school and Izumi hands in his resignation form to Daichi. Later while Daichi is in the council room laying on the sofa in deep thought, Rinka and Chiba grabs papers from a cupboard above him and drops some books. Meanwhile, Hana takes her re-exam but stops in realization how a student shouldn’t be forced to quit school. Upon Hana’s return to the council room, Daichi shows Hana the book they found and everyone steps up to take action about Miyagi and Izumi. Hana goes to Miyagi and Daichi to Izumi to explain their solution. In the student handbook (the book Daichi found) there’s a rule that if 2/3 of the students agree with the student council proposal, it will be passed as a new rule. The rule that’s proposed is to be able to work part time by getting permission from the school. Meanwhile Rinka and Chiba are at school getting students support. The proposal is passed, Miyagi retakes her re-re-exam but still quits school and Izumi quietly thanks Daichi for his help.

Later, Miyagi thanks Hana for the student councils help but we see a sad Hana as she leaves. I suppose it’s one of those things where even if you tried your hardest to make things work out, it won’t always go right in the end. Daichi chases after Miyagi as she leaves the school. He confronts her about the mechanical pencil only to find out that it wasn’t her. So now we’re still left with the question of who’s the owner of the pink mechanical pencil.

End Thoughts: Do you ever notice that Izumi looks kind of strange? I think maybe I pay too much attention to the facial expressions sometimes but its just hard to not notice. Sometimes Izumi just looks kind of weird or really pissed off (in a creepy way). But yeah that’s just a random thing that I’ve noticed. Anyway, so how about these three episodes? I’m just going to state the obvious that I’m seeing the episodes are leading up to something about Hana and Daichi’s relationship. Episode one was for the introduction of Daichi and Hana, two was for Chiba, three was for Rinka, four was for Izumi and there we have the student council. Now episode five would be the introduction of Daichi’s first love and six brings us to someone who almost could have been that first love. So I’m hoping that episode seven will hit up more on the topic. Unfortunately for me, I kind of already know who it will be even though I have yet to finish this dorama series. I’m basically watching and then writing.

On another note, there’s some funny scenes that I failed to mention in the reviews. In most of the episodes, Daichi would start to over exaggerate when he thinks something is going to happen but then he’s hit back to reality. I like to call this a “Is this it…” scene hah. For example,when Daichi was daydreaming about Miyagi but it turned out to be Chiba (seen above in the review). Anyways, such scenes happen throughout the series and most of them are at first with Hana confessing to him. Another thing, I noticed that Rinka might have something for Daichi. At the end of episode three, Rinka had a “Is this it…” scene with Daichi confessing love to her but in the end it turned out that Daichi was talking to a butterfly. So ever since then, there has been some short scenes of Rinka glancing at Daichi and I’m sure there will be some in the next episode to come.

I think every few episodes I find a different character that I like. From review episodes one to three, my favorite was Sei. For episodes four to six, my favorite character would have to be Daichi’s mom. She says some unexpected things and is so uncanny with her words that she gets her way. Daichi’s mom is probably the head of the family in the shadows but most people would just think it’s the dad. Also, of course what makes Daichi’s mom awesome is how she just backhanded Daichi in front of the teacher. I’m sure the teacher was thinking that he better not mess with the mama.

Preview: The class goes on a trip… Daichi and Hana becomes closer?!

For those interested watching this dorama, you can find them subbed by TimeLesSub.


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  1. Junko says:

    Aw man reading this brought back (pretty recent) memories XD

    I love how much of an idiot Hana can be, but a dorky, lovable idiot. Her and Daichi’s mother. So funny XD

  2. ichigopockysticks says:

    I dont think I commented on your last post but I was sick and caught up on all anime then downloaded this and watched it all and I am now a total fangirl. So thanks a lot I love this show now and I am now somewhere in the 90 in the manga.

    • Ness says:

      You’re welcome and thank you~! Glad you watched this :3 Hehe you’re ahead of me now. Four more episodes to go and I’ll probably start the manga afterward.

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    it’s kinda weird to see all of these drama in real flesh, not in 2D xD

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      If you get past the idea that its an adaption of a manga, you can just think if it as a cool, funny, drama TV series heheh.

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    haha, mann i loved she had worse scores then him.
    Ahh, just looking at the screen caps brings back the good memories~

    Again, thanks~

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      Welcomes :3 Yeah, it was funny when Chiba was like “Wait.. are our tests really out of 100?!” Hahah

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      He’s hiding from Izumi because he doesn’t want to get caught stalking him :3

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