Togainu no Chi 10-12 [END]

Let’s end this quickly, shall we~?

~Finally, FINALLY I can finish this post! I’ve been sadly postponing the past three episodes because of exams and family who decided to come over, and then CHRISTMAS came -sigh-. It’s just been a bit of hell trying to give some love to Togainu no Chi, which has come to its inevitable close as my busy weeks went by. I was hoping to blog this straight through without having to do a big re-cap post like this, but oh well…things happen I guess.

Continuing from Episode 9, Rin finally gets to face Shiki in the colosseum, not knowing that Akira has pushed his way through the guards and is coming after him.

However their battle is quick, and Shiki already has Rin’s neck close to his blade. Before he can do anything, Akira bursts in, ready to kill Shiki before he kills Rin.

However another interruption occurs: Planes start to bomb the mansion. Akira takes the chance to run away as rubble starts to fall and drags Rin with him. They hide in an alley where Rin starts to go off , telling him that he was after Il re because of what he did to his friends and that he was ready to die. Of course, Akira doesn’t want him to die, and gives him quite the cheesy speech.

Their tender moment gets cut off though as the Executioners find them after being sent to capture them. Akira tells Rin to take off as he brawls with the red-hooded guy, then escapes himself. Meanwhile, Keisuke walks by himself towards the church, but collapses, seeing the brown-haired man just before he faints.

The day drags into night and Akira manages to fend them off but he’s found by the dog…person, along with the Red-Hooded guy. They fight, and Akira (of course) gets knocked down. He’s about ready to faint from a punch to the head when the Brown-haired guy quickly takes down the Red-Hooded guy from behind…

Akira’s the damsel in distress now! x’D

As Akira is whisked away, he dreams of a meeting with…the Brown haired man when he was a young kid. They talk for a bit about loneliness as Akira keeps the lone man company. Just before he leaves, he hands him the knife Akira still holds and uses~.

Keep someone company, get a knife…for FREE.

Akira awakens inside a buildings, where Keisuke and the Brown-haired man are at as well. He tries to ask him questions, but tells him that “guests” have arrived. They both leave the building where Emma and Gwen are standing.

Emma ends up telling Akira that her main goal was to capture n, the brown-haired guy. She set him up for the murder that sent him here in the first place just so he could lure him out. Gwen tries to stop her from shooting n, but instead Emma turns on him and shoots him.

You’ve just been trolled…

Emma continues on, saying n is actually the Nicole Premier, the military experiment who’s blood IS Line. They were both, Nicole Null and Nicole Premier, created to manufacture Line. She tells n that the army is coming and ready to take him back to a research facility, but as she shoots, the bullet misses and he quickly thrusts his hand through her chest, killing her.

n tells Akira to take Keisuke just as Shiki appears. Shiki goes after n, swinging his blade at him but isn’t able to make a single cut on him.

I love how they’re just chillin’ in the background….

Shiki starts to get strangely frustrated as he keeps swinging his sword at n. He asks n why didn’t he kill him back then as he flashbacks to a fire-y location where bloody, dead soldiers are littered all around. A younger n is killing these soldiers and spots a younger Shiki who is a soldier at the time. n attacks him, but lets him go and walks away.

He tells him that he wanted to feel the dread that was inside him, which angers Shiki and he continues trying to kill him. n continues on with more philosophical drabble until he tells Shiki if he can pass the trial of taking in his raw blood, line that hasn’t been diluted with water. Shiki ends up biting him on his chest, taking in some of his blood.


The blood immediately takes effect on him, and sends him crying out in pain. Shiki drops unconscious to the floor, but soon gets up, overcoming the 100% line.

Meanwhile, Akira and Keisuke are trying to head back to Motomi, but are spotted by some soldiers who are killing everyone in Toshima. Akira manages to take some down, yet when he’s in a tough spot, Keisuke suddenly charges in with a bat and smacks them down. They manage to get away, until they suddenly meet up with Shiki.

OMO, Keisuke ACTUALLY did something cool and defend Akira for a change!

Shiki immediately starts smacking on Akira, which causes Keisuke’s must-defend-Akira senses to tingle and he charges at Shiki. Yet, he quickly spots him and slices poor Keisuke across his stomach.

While n comes and continues his battle with Shiki, Akira stays with dying Keisuke in his last moments.

Meanwhile, into Episode 12, Rin finally makes it back to the church where Motomi is waiting. They realize Akira and Keisuke haven’t come back yet, so Rin decides to go back and find them. Akira, still effected by Keisuke’s death, starts battling Shiki himself.

Rin comes in at the right time and tries to stop Akira from continuing to battle with Shiki. He can’t, but decides to join Akira and quickly gets apprehended by Shiki as he stabs him in the leg. Just before he can kill him, n and Akira join in and stop him.

Shiki’s so awesome, he glows neon…

Suddenly, a bomb goes off in their area as the soldiers start coming in. Shiki takes off to kill some of them, while n takes Rin and Akira safely away. The two continue to walk where they finally meet up with Motomi and leave the newly corpse-ridden Toshima for good.

Akira starts to live a normal quiet life, and visits Rin at the hospital where he’s still recovering from his leg wound. He also manages to meet up with Motomi, who’s also come by the hospital to visit Rin.

In the final moments of Togainu no Chi, Akira heads back to Toshima, reflecting on his thoughts of death, life, and how Keisuke’s death taught him many things. He walks through the blue-flamed streets, and comes upon Shiki, where they both draw their swords and fight each other~.

Final Thoughts: I-I really don’t know where to start. I will admit though…I cried when Keisuke died. I know I hated with him with this intense passion, but no matter how much I turned my head away, or tried to think “Yeah! Shiki!” I had tears stinging my eyes (which made me cry even more because it burned a bit). I KNEW I would too! Keisuke dying was one of those Christmas presents that at the time you really, REALLY want, but once you get it, you realize you truly didn’t want it, and have that bitter guilty feeling running through your system ;A;

Now I’m going to make a bold statement and say that Episode 10 and 11 were probably the BEST episodes of Togainu no Chi in all these twelve episodes. It did have a lot of cheesy, soap opera-ish aspects, but I quickly forgave all that because it ended up having all those mind-numbing secrets revealed and there was so much bad-ass Shiki I couldn’t contain my fangirly-ness! People were getting trolled in Episode 10, people were dying, weird shit was going on, the ending of Episode 11 literally made me cry, and AHH! It gave me all the things I liked from the series in two episodes just before the ending!

As for the ending, it was very…iffy. I didn’t LOVE it, but then again I didn’t necessarily despise it either. It’s very “Okay, WHAT?” to me :/ The last episode itself was very confusing with so much things going on; I can tell it was a bit of a rushed ending. You had last minute battles, unclear endings TO those battles, dead bodies, and all this cheesy dialogue flying around the place! I eventually got the ending, second time around as I did my final screencaps for the show |’D (Hoshi’s a slow thinker…). Two things I did adore from the final episode however was that last scene they had in Toshima, where they show the snow falling and the dead bodies of Keisuke, Emma, and others starting to be covered by it and the final scene of the episode where Akira goes back to fight Shiki. For the snow one, it’s not that I like the dead bodies part okay |’D I thought it was a great how they animated it and…I don’t know, I just think it was a lovely, bittersweet look at how it all ended (Yeah I can’t recover from sounding like a weirdo now, heh). For the final scene of the series, I loved the animation for that as well (the coloring was gorgeous) and the fact that Shiki and Akira still end up fighting each other at the end gave me a warm fangirl feeling, hahaha.

Anyways, series wise, Togainu no Chi was pretty decent. It didn’t quite meet up to my expectations, and had a lot more low points than high points from me. I was actually really surprised that it didn’t have a lot more yaoi innuendos! They just had the typical lick-the-blood-of-cheek-in-a-creepy-way thing and the peeks of Arbrito’s creepy fetish for young men (*shiver*) and that’s it. I guess that was good, in a way |’D I think the anime could’ve had more action to it, more blood, a bit better animation when it came to their face expressions, and LESS Keisuke (Yes I will bag the poor man even after he’s dead!). I did enjoy the series as a person who hasn’t played the game, nor read the novel, etc., but I’m not necessarily going to defend the series with all my might when it comes to a ‘What-was-best-this-Fall’ argument.

Well, it’s been quite fun blogging about this series, especially when it came to ranting, which I can do best x’D I’ll be missing my weekly dosage of dark atmospheres and bloody violence now that the comedic-romantic Bakuman is the only anime on my  blogging plate at the moment –sigh-. Looks like Hoshi is going to do some dark anime digging now~. Well until next time then Togainu no Chi lovers and haters all around~!


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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19 Responses to “Togainu no Chi 10-12 [END]”

  1. Snowley says:

    Togainu endind was so bad i wanted to remove it from my disc right away, but then, wy frient whom I watch it heven’t seen it yet… musr resist…
    It’s one of this shows that have awesome trailer, interesting begginin and there’s a bunch of crappy dialougses, DERP plot and HERP animation.

    • Snowley says:

      o.O so many mistakes… how to edit a post? And I’m double posting! Aaagh! *kills herself*

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yes must resist, let them watch it so you two can rant about it together x’D

      Yeah I have to admit you’re right :/ I was attracted by the trailer, loved the first episode or two, but then the story was just…bleahhhh, and the ending didn’t make much sense. I thought the animation was pretty decent though~.

      • Snowley says:

        Close-up animation wasn’t bad (despite nipples close ups in ep 12, o.O eeeeeeeeeew), it can’t be bad when everybody is bishounen ;p. But action scenes and far plan was all such a crap… I can’t call it anything but “lazy” – for ex. putting some random buildings captions into fighting scene (and LOL @ “ZAP” graffiti).

        The story – it’s exactly what you get when you cut out the porn factor out of yaoi. There is something going on, but it seems so unsignificant, and all you get is… Akira walking aimlessly?

        And yes, she must see it… I was going to call her and rant just after watching the episode, but then I realised it was 1 a.m. ;p

  2. Elyon says:

    Why kill Keisuke off NOW?! They had such a good opportunity to kill him before if they were going to anyway! XD

    For some reason, I kept expecting Motomi to be a bad guy throughout the whole thing. I don’t even know why, he just gave off this weird vibe like “I’m secretly an asshole in disguise.” (Maybe that’s just my weirdness again o.O )

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I KNOW RIGHT?! They should have killed him when I really, really wanted him to die but nooooooooo! They kill him off when I actually feel bad for the guy grawrrrr |’D

      Oh, same here, it’s not your weirdness XD
      He just looked suspicious, popping out all over the place~.

  3. Mito says:

    GAHHHHHHHHHHH!! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!! KEI-CHAN IS DEAD!! *broke the cd into 2 different parts* WHYYYYYYYY?? the anime is so good so far but.. but… (interesting plot even i only wait for my shiki-chan come) TT.TT this is kind of sad even at first i hat kei-chan but he’s an understanding friend!! *cries* oh well what done is done! XDDD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~oh well what done is done! XDDD
      But yeah I cried too, even though I hated him ;A;

  4. Hime says:

    I just got finished watching the last episode there and I have to say I am raging. I’m gonna rant here so feel free to tune at the point where it becomes insane rambling.

    OH. MY. GOD. Where to start?

    I have NEVER seen such lazy animation in my entire life. It was LAUGHABLE. The first half was horribly directed, every scene was awkward and thrown together, nothing flowed or seemed natural. GOD I HATE THAT BLUR FADE. And did you notice how many times they re-used pieces of animation?! You just can’t get away with that! How can they get away with that? This is the last episode, quality is supposed to be bumped up! So it goes out with a bang, not a badly drawn whimper.

    Also, on the subject of the animation and that, WHATS THE DEAL WITH ALL THE NIPPLES? I’m the last person that would say no to manservice but it was like like Whaaaaaa? I think we can safely say the BL in this anime was so far in the closet it was playing cards with Kaname and Zero. Then suddenly everyone’s baring their nipples to the camera! Only one though, you’ll notice. n got his out, Shiki too when Akira slashed him across the chest, we even got a peak at Gramp’s hairy ol nip when he tore his shirt sleeve – yeah, SLEEVE – to bandage up Rin’s leg. Oh, yeah, and Rin’s shirt miracuously got torn across the chest as well. Bottom like: It was awkward. Out of place. And tacky.

    Also, what was with those cats 69-ing?

    I should probably talk about it as a whole but before I just have to say about the last episode: 15 minutes in and they roll the credits? WTF? This episode was just a messy headache.

    I had such high hopes for TNC as a series. I loved the games, all that fighting and gore and sex. Lovely. I love the idea, despite how cliche it is, of the town with no rules the whole game of violence senario. But I got bad vibes straight from the get go. I found it to be a show that constantly got you excited only to bring you down. An episode would finish and you’d go “alright, that wasn’t that bad, not much happened but…” then the preview would come on and it be like “Oh WOW, something AWESOME is gonna happen next ep, I just know it!” Alright. Intrigue restored. And the next episode would come and dissapoint, it would be as slow and uneventful as the last one. But then THAT preview would be awesome and the whole thing would start again.

    Gah, this comment/rant has gone on too long xD apologies.

    Oh, well…I did love Rin, that’s something at least! xD

    I hope you had a good Christmas Hosh!

    • Hoshi says:

      Shoot you should have did this for me! I was too nice! |'D

      Yeah when they started rolling the credits in that early I was like, "WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS? IT'S DONE? WHAT?!" But I fast-forwarded it and yeah...
      Ugh I don't even know what more to reply to this! YOU SAID EVERYTHING I WANTED TO SAY BUT COULDN'T BECAUSE MY NICE FILTER WAS ON X'D *clings to comment*

      Anyways, thanks, and hope you had a good Christmas yourself!<3

    • Kyokai says:

      Sometime fangirl rages are awesome. I laughed like hell reading this. I noticed the reuse of clips and tacky nipple show too. I mean, you don’t have to put all the cards in one bag, right?! I was not satisfied as a fangirl except for some Shiki and Akira love.

      Btw, Hoshi, you haven’t seen some of old comments of Xiao-chan. We used to have long winded discussions on Durarara!! xD

      • Hoshi says:

        ~Oh same here XD I didn’t really notice the excessive use of nipples until later hahahaha.

        OH GOODNESS, I can imagine x’DDD
        If I hadn’t been such a shy lurker I might have joined in back then…

  5. Kyokai says:

    This has been an OK series for me. This could have been sooo better. I mean, I get the fact that they wanted to keep that game feel but c’mon, work on your transitions! I expected more from A-1 Pictures, the same people who gave us Kuroshitsujis. Just sad to see the quality drop. >.>

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I know, it had potential but ehhhh…they ended up killing it. I EXPECTED TONS MORE FROM A-1 TOO! They’re my favorite production company and all…-SOBS- They’re also going to do the anime for a favorite manga series of mine in April and I’m hoping they don’t get lazy on it as well ;A;

      • Hime says:

        Wait, wait…wait…

        These are the guys that did Kuroshitsuji? You’re kidding!

        I caught episodes here and there and while it wasn’t for me the animation was impecable. Oh, God, now I wanna cry ;____;

  6. anaaga says:

    i don’t like the anime. the anime sux. the ending doesn’t make sense. and i don’t get akira’s cheesy talk AT ALL. just what the hell is he talking about.
    the ending is rushed, and there’s no yaoi in it. if the they insert the whole shounen-ai relationship, it will kinda make sense. but no they didn’t. wusses

  7. Teabie says:

    sigh, Hoshi-chan… i totally felt for u and all the fangirls out there. i embarked on this anime totally expecting it to fail, which is why i walked away with no disappointment whatsoever. and that’s sad, i think. i’m a huge (closet) fan of yaoi, wait till my non-otaku friends hear this! they’ll never geddit… and when i saw midorikawa as a seiyuu, i decided to watch this series. but the first episode pretty much told me what i needed to know. yes, i totally agree with Hime-san. the previews always made u hang on until the next episode, which would probably be another fail. the last 2 episodes were good, i agree, that a lot of mysteries were unravelled, but it was all so smashed up together within 5 min intervals. it would be nice if they did the revelations at better timings across the series. much as i was expecting keisuke to die riiiiight at the last minute (and then he did, sigh), it still felt so sad that he had to go thru so much, only to die just when he was so close to resuming a ‘normal life’ with akira (and having gay prOn, haha). it just didn’t seem fair, i guess. keisuke would be rolling in his grave. and akira going back to confront shiki… i thought the military people were wiping out toshima clean and restarting the city afresh? obviously i’m so slow with the story, i totally fail. and akira’s last reflections were supposed to be moving, but by then, i was in a 0____0 mode. i truly mourned for the end of Ore no Imoto, but this one? Pass! It could have been spectacular though, sob. A1!! Whyyyy!?

  8. Overcooled says:

    I JUST WATCHED THIS NOW. I…wtf was that. They built up a huge mystery and in the end everyone squabbled like children in a schoolyard. It was a series of pointless fights. They tried to take a yaoi game and disguise it as something with plot and…that just doesn’t work. There are so many things wrong with the ending.

    Ugggggghhhhh *headdesk*.

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