Togainu no Chi – 09

What “boys love elements”? I have no idea what…Oh…~

~”Street-fighting story with boys love elements” is what the article announcing Togainu no Chi‘s anime said on anime news network. “Boys love elements”…I find that really funny for some reason!  Don’t ask me why; I don’t know myself |’D Anyways, I stumbled upon the article when I was trying to find out how many episodes Togainu no Chi was going to have, which is 13. So four episodes left you guys! I truly don’t know how they’re going to end this; everything is just so jumbled up, especially with all this Keisuke stuff…Usually I can guess with these type of shows because I’ve been into the anime fandom for so long, but with this show, I can’t even focus. I’m really anxious to find out how they’re going to end this series; I have a feeling it might send my mind spinning (hopefully).

Now, onto episode 9, Keisuke and Akira finally meet each other and prepare to fight. Keisuke ends up making the first move and goes after him.

Yet, Akira, as they fight, keeps talking to him in an attempt to get him to come back to his normal self. He tells him how he feels bad over what happened, and how he didn’t necessarily appreciate their friendship. (Due to my lack of interest in their cheesy ass conversation Due to the fact this conversation goes on for a while, I’m not going put all of what the fighting friends said).

The fighting escalates as Keisuke throws Akira into a nearby abandoned warehouse. Keisuke throws out Akira’s knife, and tries to stab him with his own, but Akira blocks the blade with his hand.

His blood ends up spilling onto Keisuke’s face, near his mouth. The inevitable happens, and Keisuke starts withering in pain. He soon dies….

Why do I have so many screencaps of Keisuke in pain? Gosh I’m so evil.

Or…so we thought. Keisuke makes a grunting noise amid the silence and Akira checks his pule, finding out he still has a chance. He takes him back to an abandoned room where he waits by Keisuke as he goes through the harsh withdrawal symptoms.

Keisuke makes it through the night and in the morning, is back to his usual self.

This annoys me…a lot…

The two decided to leave, Akira telling him of the help Motomi was going to give them from the last episode, and start to leave. Suddenly though, Rin comes in, demanding their tags. He attacks them, even holding Keisuke hostage as they both hand their tags to Rin without a fight.

Rin takes off, muttering that he’s finally complete the set and can finally have his wish. He ends up at Arbitro’s mansion where he is allowed to challenge Il re (Oh I wonder who could that be…)~


End thoughts: This was such a soap opera-y episode; I can smell the cheesy-ness from outside my computer screen. Well, that whole conversation between Akira and the crazy Keisuke was what was really sappy. I think I might have complained about this same thing in the previous episode, and I’m sorry about that |’D Now, the soap opera aspect came in when Keisuke died, but then ends up being alive and returns back to his normal self.  I was thinking, “GETTING MY HOPES UP FOR NOTHING…damn you”. I was about to jump up and down and celebrate too…but oh well. I’d like to see what happens next episode because Akira left him alone to go after Rin, and now that I think about it, aren’t the Executioners after him? Ooooooo~ That sounds like a lovely, bloody death to me (Oh goodness, why am I so mean to poor Keisuke?!).

I love how Rin just popped out of nowhere in this episode. I had no idea what was going on; I thought he was possessed or something, looking creepy like that! He’s going crazy wanting to defeat Il re, who I’m guessing is Shiki (I just want to make sure). I hope Rin’s challenge against Il re is more exciting than when he fought Shiki in last week’s episode. He just flailed about every time Shiki hit him =3=; Also, I’m guessing this explains why A-1 just suddenly threw that “We are half-brothers” thing at us, to give us his motive for killing him? Truly, they could have just made him get revenge because of his dead friends and not have them related at all because a lot of us probably don’t even care anyways |’D

Even though I’m sort of bashing this episode, it was a good, sappy episode, especially with that awesome twist with Rin at the end. Now I’m ready for some bloooddddd~!! I’m not sure if I support Rin or Shiki…SHIKI…damn it! ;A; (I still love you Rin!)~


(Is it just me or does that first Preview screencap look dirty to you?) The topic of brothers pops up and we see a younger Akira talking…with his older brother? And Rin appears again, maybe to defeat his own brother. Until then~!!


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15 Responses to “Togainu no Chi – 09”

  1. Teabie says:

    it doesn’t make much sense to me that keisuke survived akira’s blood thingy. so, he lived because he’s… keisuke? lol. or hopefully there’s that sub-plot where they were whisked away as orphans and experimented on, keisuke’s blood biologically able to handle akira’s… or whatever. there really isn’t a need for in-depth story here, isit? hehe.

    i still am enjoying the story, though keisuke makes me annoyed too. i am trying my darnest to ‘like’ him. shiki didn’t appear this time, so i’m saaad. and i feel like rin is just going to get his arse majorly kicked by asking to challenge II Re. i mean, he was so sorely defeated by his own half-bro, and shiki didn’t seem to put in ANY effort either. rin, pleeeease don’t be an idiot. revenge can only achieved by strategising, planning and scheming. take a leaf from Lighto-san, haha.

    anyways, i support BOTH rin and shiki! neither of them should go! sigh.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I know right? Is Keisuke just so apparently healthy he can withstand it? x’D Gahhhh…!

      It’s really hard to like Keisuke after all that’s happened. It doesn’t matter what he does, he’s still annoying! =A=; I have a feeling Rin is going to get his…arse (LOVE THAT WORD) kicked as well. And oh yes, revenge takes time ;D XD

      SO TRUE~!! ;A;

  2. Elyon says:

    I swear this episode was meant to mess with our heads.

    “Because Keisuke, I…..”
    Say ‘I love you’
    *Flashback to childhood*
    “K-Keisuke, I….”
    You love him! You love him!
    *cheesy speech about friendship*

    …-_- Also, the suddenly changing back to normal was really lame. The only way this could have concluded in a way that would have been satisfying would be if Keisuke died.

    • Hoshi says:


      Seriously…My face literally went from this *A* to this =3=;

  3. urina says:

    Well then, it seems like that anime choose Keisuke route…..where’s my Shiki T_T.
    When i watch this epsode, i just hope Akira kill Keisuke and collapse (of couse Keisuke die)and then Shiki will appear and take Akira to his room. That is the way we go into Shiki route but…it didn’t like that T_T
    Now i’m sure that Shiki is just a side character due to his liitle scence T_T
    This anime is not as my expectation now, maybe i will drop it from here T_T

  4. Dan-go says:

    OMG FUUUUUUU- i havn’t watched yet, so i was like, just skim the images for now….and then the 3 words i read were “When keisuke dies” FML

  5. anaaga says:

    it’s so obvious, there’s no pairing. akira is sooo gona end up with no one *roll eyes*
    they said they’re gona use shiki’s route for the anime, what bullshit is that? they’re using nobody’s route, mixing up all of the routes just for the sake of information (and drama). if they’re using shiki’s route, keisuke’s supposed to be a dead meat by now. but noooo he’s still alive, and healthy too. that’s not shiki’s route! that’s keisuke’s route! and that part where rin and akira almost make out on the roof, that’s rin’s route too (i think. forgot it already). GGGRRRR. there’s no romance between shiki and akira at all!!! i want that!
    more like i demand proper yaoi anime!!!
    that’s it. i can’t take it anymore. the cheesy-ness, the disappointment of no pairing, it’s too much for me T___T *start watching Sex Pistols*

  6. paper says:

    I thought it was AkiraxShiki not AkiraxKeisuke… oh well.
    Anyways, I thought Keisuke was going to die…and then I find him still breathing and alive. >3> It’s not like I want him to die but they made it seem like he was going to.

  7. Ruby says:

    How come no one likes Keisuke? like no one, none whatsoever…I think I’m the only one who does T_T he’s really cute xD Maybe if Shiki showed up more often then I would like him better but as of now I lost my love for Shiki, he needs to do more than just show up and walk away after 3 minutes or at least talk a little more~

    • Overcooled says:

      Awww, come here you, we can both be the only ones who like Keisuke together! XD

      I’m also losing interest in Shiki. He shows up and says lame one-liners and is practically in god-mode compared to the other characters in the show <_<

    • Elyon says:

      You’re not alone, I love Keisuke >w< I have a thing for the uke characters. But dammit, Togainu No chi needs to GET TO BL ALREADY!!!

    • Ruby says:

      Yay ^_^ you guys are awesome 😀 I can’t believe there was more Keisuke fans out there xD

    • paper says:

      I love Keisuke when he goes bad. Does that count? x3

  8. Overcooled says:

    Okay, it was sappy, but I LOVED IT! That conversation was so overdramatic and every second of it drew me in. I liked that the power of his words didn’t heal him, now THAT would’ve been cheesy. It slowed him down a little, but SADISTIC KEISUKE was still in control. As much as I liked it when Keisuke was badass, I was extremely relieved to see him back to normal at the end. I know you don’t like Keisuke, but SOMEONE has to. XDD

    Omg that flashback…no wonder Keisuke hated him, Akira is terrible -__- Ugghh, at least he’s sort of changing now. This was my favourite episode of Togainu no Chi. FOR THE DRAMA AND FIGHTING NOT FOR THE BL…I…I SWEAR!

  9. Dan-go says:

    CHEEEEEEEEEEZY FEEEEEEEEEEEEST, i approve, it’s why i watch this 😀

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