Shiki – 20

Blood, blood, gallons of the stuff~

When this show is over, expect a rant like no other in the end thoughts. I already feel like I’ve watched the best episode ever, and we’re not even done yet. I love, love, love blogging about Shiki and am thankful this episode came out on my LAST DAY OF EXAMS YEAAAHHH. The perfect way to relax. Except, I watched it before my exam. Not sure how good of a sign that is.

What better way to start off an episode than by having someone’s eyeball explode? Toshio and the gang continue their shiki hunt in the Kanemasa mansion, uncovering body after body in all sorts of hiding places. Although they’re hesitant at first, it’s not long before the scene becomes a bloodbath due to the staked bodies. I’m sure this would continue a bit more if news of Ms. Ozaki’s death hadn’t reached Toshio.

After killing everyone they could, it looks like someone got revenge by killing Toshio’s mom in a way that she absolutely won’t rise up. They were decent enough to even leave a message and a trail of bloody footprints upstairs. Seeing as it’s daytime, they just go right on up there to check, coming face to face with Atsushi. Remember him sneaking in the clinic last episode? Yeah, well he’s gonna get owned now.

His dad, Ookawa, (I won’t call him Beardio since he’s in the episode a lot. Meh.) reacts by wanting to kill him for being so weak. A bit of a struggle and a lot of plasma later and he’s down for the count. Ookawa cries manly tears of blood (the manliest tears there are), and everyone moves on. Desensitized to death, they dutifully begin throwing the bodies into a pit. Who thought a conversation about setting fire to a bunch of people you just massacred could be so casual?

The villager’s next move? Check the underground pipeline. There’s no way they got everyone in one day. Alright, let’s just go – BOOM, HEADSHOT! The villagers panic…as they should…and look for the location of the sniper. Before Gackt (who else would it be?) can get more shots in, Natsuno wrestles the gun away from his target and challenges him head on. What I expected to be a fight turned out to be a short discussion of how Gackt wants to be a shiki because he likes hunting people down. With that out in the open, he shoots towards Natsuno as the villagers approach his lookout point. Did he shoot Natsuno? I…don’t know. (My guess = NO.)

The sun sets, and the night casts darkness over Sotoba. Sunako awakens, and Seishin stares down wearily at the petite vampiress. Then Tatsumi ruins everything and struts in with his bright red, too tight jumpsuit (better than last week though!) and tells Sunako that a lot of people died and Gackt hasn’t come back yet. Sunako looks…undone. She’s practically whimpering as Tatsumi assures her that he’ll find an escape route and Gackt. The evening isn’t complete until Tatsumi daintily sucks some blood from the willing Seishin.

You enjoying that, Seishin?

Tohru is still at that shed in the hilltops. Ritsuko basically tells him “I’d rather die than be a loser like you lololol” so he lets her prey go. What will Natsuno say when he hears about this, Ricchan? Oh well, it’s okay, you’re probably gonna die soon, so whatever. MOVING ON.

Go Ritsuko! Rape that Tohru, yeah!

Everyone is really at their wit’s end this episode. Sunako is absolute wracked with terror, confessing every feeling she’s ever felt to Seishin. She’s a monster, who would come to rescue her? She’s killed countless people, but she can’t help but wonder why it’s wrong. She just wants to live. How do you judge one life next to another? This is where the morals really start to blur. She really is forsaken by God.

Tohru, who has let Ritsuko’s prey go, was struggling with having to take a life to preserve his own as well. In the end, Ritsuko comes across as one of the purest characters in the show, so I forgive her for taking Tohru. In the end, him and Ritsuko just sit there holding hands, ignoring any sort of danger that may come of it.

…and then she probably dies <_<

Those villager’s are wily ones once they come together, aren’t they? They discuss how their conquest is going, and this is the first sign of apprehension shown from Toshio when Seishin is mentioned. No way he wants to kill his friend (or other humans who are under hypnosis), even if he’s labeled a “traitor.” Quite remarkably, he holds no grudge towards the silver-haired man. Sadly, a man under hypnosis pulls out a gun and shoots someone. Ookawa is the first to pull out a stake and kill him, much to Toshio’s horror. This is not…what he wanted…

STOP. Hammer time~

Bonus Bloodbath:

I will kill anyone who ships this.

Tohru: emo kid extraordinair

Cirque du Shiki: coming soon

…So, who’s cleaning this up?

End Thoughts: I am so close to giving this show a 10/10, and it’s not even done yet. At the end of every episode I say “Whew, that was quite the episode. Climax of the series!” and then the next episode is even MORE thrilling. How can I not love an episode that starts and ends with bloody murder? Oh, and it’s full of killing too. Of course, I’d be a bad judge if it took only a few splatters of blood here and there to impress me. Episode 20 is also wrought with emotions, moral issues, and the weaving, unpredictable plot that’s been growing since episode 1. With only 2 episodes to go, I am eager for the final episode, yet apprehensive of the end of one of my favourite series to watch AND blog about.

Something I really liked about this episode was how it nailed the moral dilemma of the shiki versus the humans dead on. Yes, it’s inherently there in the plot before now, but now it’s just made obvious. I side with Toshio, some people with Seishin, some neutral but overall…no one is right. As much as I know I’d take Toshio’s side if worse came to worse,  I really don’t think you can claim that either side’s actions are justified. It’s not a battle of “who is right” but a battle of “okay, who commits the least amount of crazy sins?” Who is the real monster here? Shiki forces us to ask that question, and the results are rather chilling.

Luckily, we don’t have this situation in real life (except for us killing animals), so you don’t have to feel bad about being a human and killing things. :3 I felt really bad for Sunako for the first time when I saw her so worked up, but I also felt horrible for Toshio when Ookawa killed that poor human. Toshio didn’t want it to turn out that way, but killing a human who’s alive versus one who’s a shiki….is there really that much of a difference? Still, for him it crosses a line where he can’t deny the brutality of it all. Both sides are filled with doubts at this point, making me VERY interested in how they’ll react in the following episodes with these contradictory thoughts and feelings.

My end thoughts for Shiki always end up taking the serious route, I CAN’T HELP IT. IT’S GOING TO END SOON TOO. TT.TT I literally had to refrain myself from writing more paragraphs about Ritsuko, Tohru, Natsuno and Gackt LOL. (Especially Ritsuko. Impressive lady, that one.) I swear I could write a goddamned essay on this show.

Preview: My fellow shiki-sadists, the next 2 episodes without a doubt are going to be….insane. I’m guesisng the preview is vague because THERE WAS TOO MUCH CRAZINESS, THEY COULD ONLY SHOW US THE RANDOM PARTS. Seishin still seems to be doing fine, and he’s even escaping off somewhere, so it seems. Maybe the okiagari are making a move to escape? I see Masao is there, idly watching the humans, and Yoshiie runs into Gackt. Lastly, Ookawa finds Seishin dad and he looks like he’s still alive! Not much we can do but wait for next week.



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49 Responses to “Shiki – 20”

  1. Tofu says:

    I’ve always been thinking that Yuuki Natsuno was dead… I guess his not.. (well I ain’t one to say because I don’t watch Shiki)

    • Overcooled says:

      Get out of my post until you’ve watched Shiki. HOW DARE YOU.

      (I kid, I kid….But seriously, watch it O.O)

    • anaaga says:

      HOW COULD YOU NOT WATCH SHIKI!? i am dissapointed in u 🙁

      but then again, it’s like me not watching clannad yet xD

    • amado says:

      I also dont watch shiki but I do read the manga…
      maybe I should watch this since its now ahead of the current chapters

  2. Snowley says:

    *takes comment virginity*


    It’s funny that I realised how bloody this episode were after seeing screenshots.

    Huugh the story’s coming to an end, feels bad ;_____;

  3. Elyon says:

    This whole episode was like one big “OH SNAP” after another XD
    …I kinda miss Shizuka, even though she didn’t do anything. P:

  4. anaaga says:

    man i LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode.
    i like how ritsuko and tohru ended up being together. but i got this feeling that ritsuko dies. or maybe not. tohru didn’t cry yet.
    and natsuno, oh god natsuno! *melt at natsuno’s sexiness* i’m sad though. natsuno always got the least time in the anime. well he’s trying not to be seen by the villagers, so he has to run everywhere. but still, i miss those days where one episode equal to 25 minutes of natsuno and natsuno only :'(
    oh, and even if natsuno get shot, he’s still gona be alive anyway. he’s the unusual kind of immortal right? i think…
    although i really like this episode, i don’t like the moral questions the anime is asking. it’s like, trying to find excuses for murders by shiki. starve to death, yeah right. don’t they ever heard of animal blood? or a diet where they feed once every two days? DON’T THE WATCH TWILIGHT? XD DON’T THEY ASK ADVICES TO EDWARD CULLEN? XD so i basically agree with toshio to kill all the shiki.
    and ookawa is just stupid and hot-blooded, that’s why he killed the human in a snap. and he didn’t listen to toshio’s advice too. he’s basically ignorant. see, ignorance isn’t always bliss xD
    but meh, it’s just an anime anyway. animes are called animes because they don’t happen in real life. yes, even those slice of life shoujo(s) xD

    • Overcooled says:

      They seemed peaceful, but Ritsuko hasn’t eaten all night, so I can’t see her surviving. Those two fit together a lot more than when the series just started and the crush seemed so out of left field @[email protected]

      Natsuno is the main character (supposedly) and he’s hardly in the show anymore lol. I miss him. (I think he’ll still be alive too)

      If only shiki could diet…If they don’t eat every night, then they die XD It’s less of “are shiki doing something wrong?” and more of “who is wrong: the humans or the shiki?” that the anime seems to be asking. But yeah…I’d kill those buggers too XD I really don’t see much wrong with Ookawa’s actions, to be honest. It’s brutal, but it’s getting the job done. You can’t have any grey areas when you’re trying to completely kill off another race.

      • Snowley says:

        Natsuno is now like Moby Dick, we rarely see him but he still has influence on the story ;p.

        Shiki has one conclusion to me: kill or be killed. It’s the basic human behaviour, something that still connect us with the animals. So after all, people are not that different from the vampires. It’s more like our “spieces pride” – we’re above any other spiecies on the planet, and don’t want to loose the place (also we’re not accustomed to be run from any other spieces). On the other hand, if we consider shiki still some kind of humans, they have no right to kill. Ppl don’t kill ppl… oh wait, besides stupid wars, murders etc. very abstract reasons. Vampires kill only in order to live, so are they justified? And if we state that vampires are human-like, is killing one a murder? (in self defence, yes, but still). Ah, sorry tl;dr

        • Overcooled says:

          LOL nice one.

          Don’t apologize, I love long comments~ And you’re right, the whole killing for survival is a very instinctive thing to do. It’s not like it can really be helped. There is no other way to survive, afterall. Humans always see themselves as the most important because, well, it’s natural. You treasure your own life – which is hard to label as being “wrong.” The shiki are just trying to survive too, but they HAVE to kill to survive, which makes them a threat for humans. Where there are shiki, there will be death. It’s one big “which species” can survive battle. Haha, this reminds me of Biology class now XD

          • Snowley says:

            Ah, you replied *goes tsundere*
            Sorry, I narrowed the coversation that way, I study Biology after all XD (but want to go on medical studies to cut dead bodies cause it’s more ineteresting)
            Back to the point, humans are very self-aware (it used to be thinked that we’re the only self-concious creatures, but some recent studies pove that might be wrong) and aware of other people (the compassion), so denying murder is something strong in our subconsciousnes. But the compassion goes on the side when someone is trying take our lives. We’re all just big, big egoists. Well, there are also ppl like Sensin, but he didn’t choose the “compassion” way, he just gave up (to me at least).

            It’s kind of funny how Shiki can start a serious conversation XD

            • BlackBriar says:

              No he didn’t give up. Even after everything he has seen, Seishin made his choice and went to Sunako on his own. Especially after unintentionally quoting some of Sunako’s sentences when they were in the temple: “Death is terrible for anyone. There is no especially terrible death”. He and Sunako are compatible. After reading his novels, she says that he seems like someone forsaken by God and he replied by saying that looks very lonely. He even told her that he came to her of his own free will. In the end, he made his decision by being by her side and doesn’t have a problem living with that decision.

            • Overcooled says:

    ’s not like I care or anything! B..baka! >///< It's okay, half of the courses I take in Neuroscience are Biology-based~ I see it as humans are a-okay with killing things they don't think are extremely self-aware or have an equal level of intelligence (such as animals). When it comes to another "equally ranked" (so to speak) human, is where it becomes a moral issue. You can kill a chicken, but kill a human and it's off to jail with you. The problem is that shiki are a different species that might as well be an animal, but they have human intelligence and self-awareness....But yes, all compassion has to go out to window in order to kill someone as human-like as a shiki (and vice versa for them). Seishin, if anything, if OVERLY compassionate and can't overcome that to kill the shiki. I think Shiki is the type of show that sparks the most epic discussions. At least, for all the things I blog about. =D

            • Snowley says:

              You’re a baka ;////;! *runs away*

              I blackspammed Senshin a bit, but that’s just what I think, and I admit I don’t pay much attention to this character ;p

              It’s true that hurting animals that are human-like is difficult. Killing a cat or dog is considered something bad. But, killing a cow is not that bad, isn’t it (and it’s still thinking and lovable creature)? Beacuse it’s food. And there we go in circles with the “survival of the fitest” theme.

              Oh, I have neuropathology course in 2nd semester! 😀 Biology geeks assemble!

    • anaaga says:

      it’s kinda funny how i started all of this and i’m replying none of you guys’ comment. i’m just too lazy :p

      @OC; btw, in the manga, they didn’t cover the bodies when they throw them into the hole.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    People be dying! lots of blood everywhere!

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Beardio has finally gone off the deep end. So if any human collaborators get caught, they’re dead. In other words: There’s is absolutely no way that Seishin can ever go back. That not being the case since he willingly chose the vampires. He should escape with them and start a new life with them like they had with Seishirou. With the way things are going, Toshio’s eventually going to lose control of the group because the villagers are becoming more and more irrational. Probably thinking “What have I done?” No matter what, I’m sticking to the Shiki’s side till the bitter end. I can’t shake how cute Sunako is and I don’t want to see her die. She and her pet Seishin are perfect for each other.

    • Overcooled says:

      LOL yes, I need more people catching onto my nicknaming system.

      Seishin couldn’t go back, even they didn’t kill him. He’d be shunned at the very least, and someone as deeply thoughtful as him wouldn’t want to live through that at all. But yes, his best choice now is the run away with te okiagari, even if Tatsumi is sucking his blood every night. I’m afraid that Toshio will lose control too and his friend will die…It’s really sad. But really, the villager’s are just trying to completely eradicate the shiki and there is no other way but to kill off ANY chance of them coming back. Leniency will just lead to their deaths. Selfish, but it works.

      I felt soooooo baaaddd for Sunako this episode. This is the first time she really got to me. I don’t want her to die either! I get the feeling either Seishin or Sunako will die in front of one another, leaving the living one to break down completely T.T Haha, Seishin is quite like a pet, isn’t he? :3

      • BlackBriar says:

        It seems Seishin has become really determined to protect Sunako. You can a change in his eyes. So the war for survival is going on and he’s gone to the side of his supposed enemy, the vampires. He chose their side easily and values them greatly. I supposed he prefered having a relationship with a vampire than a human. A person with a potentially vicious personality who can give you immortality. But this particular vampire has a child-like innocence that seems to snag and charm anyone. This is almost like Romeo and Julliet, Shiki style. If they get out of this alive, I guess he’ll give her the honor of drinking every last drop of blood so he can become a Shiki. They have a lot in common. They wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for Seishin’s occult novels. That has fate written all over it. I’d like to be in his place if it was possible. Really dramatic.

        • Overcooled says:

          I know. He’s barely conscious, and he tried to shield her when Tatsumi came in. I don’t know if Seishin would actually become a shiki, but it would be great if he could. It would suit him perfectly, and he’d get to stay with Sunako and maybe travel around killing the unwary.

  7. Kyokai says:

    Best caption for that bearded guy: IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME! xD

    This episode was so WINNNN!!! AHHHH. I wish I continued blogging it for SJ but man my timetable has gone all over the place.

    Anyway, I still don’t feel sorry for Sunako. Call me cold but damn, after killing so many people she thinks her crying will get her sympathy points? Sure, Seishin will take that shit but I will not. I’m still wondering what the hell is Natsuno up to; I mean come on out with it already. Also, that Tohru/Ritsu scene was such love, I wish she hadn’t awaken. ;-;

    • Kabitzin says:

      This is why you should sleep with one of those sleep masks on or sunglasses; also, sunscreen before bed is a must!

      I don’t feel sorry for Sunako either. Why didn’t she just get a job at a hospice or something?

      • Overcooled says:

        lol, I’d love to see her work at a hospice, and then having all the senile old folk rise up and form a SENIOR OKIAGARI ARMY. It would be the most non-threatening army ever.

    • anaaga says:

      nobody should feel sorry for sunako. making bunch of excuses, acting like a spoiled child to seishin. and seishin’s buying it too. what is he, a pedo?

    • Overcooled says:

      I KNOW, IT’S SO GOOD! I liked reading your shiki posts too, I love reading up on this show XD

      While morally I would agree that the shiki should be killed, and would not hesitate to wring her little child neck, I’m going to play the devil advocate and say that she didn’t choose for it to be this way. She’s just scared, and is choosing to save her life over others…which is the same as the humans are doing. Putting their lives as a priority.

      TohruxRitsuko is surprisingly cute! It almost makes up for the lack of Natsuno

  8. Namika says:

    wow… O.O That’s a lot of blood…. But I don’t mind at all! ^^ However, I can’t help but wonder, how is it possible? Heart of a shiki isn’t beating, so blood doesn’t circulate throughout the body. So what’s with the fountain of blood every time a Shiki gets killed?….. Oh well.. I’m still fairly content)))
    The moral and the “Forsaken by god” moment really made up the whole episode, I think….. So it’s not only the brutal massacre. And I like the fact, that Shiki makes you wonder on such a subject…. a subject which has no conclusion, right or wrong side. I just love this show! And I can’t bare the fact, that it will end in 2 weeks…. TT^TT
    I want more Natsuno and Seishin in the next episooode! >з<

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t mind either <3

      There are a LOT of medical inconsistencies aside from just spurting blood everywhere lol.

      I like how the "forsaken by God" quote is a recurring sort of reference too. The episode had a lot of variety - shiki always shows us the events from so many characters in just one episode <3's ending!

  9. Hime says:

    The combustion of the shiki’s skin is so friggin’ cool and nasty. >XD

    Sunako’s little moral speech was really great, it’s hard to make two characters just sitting around talking exciting in any way, but it was so thrilling and heartbreaking hearing her lay down her thoughts like that. Makes you wonder what you’d do, doesn’t it?

    I’m really hoping Toshio and Seishin can reconcile. 🙁

    • Overcooled says:

      I know, it’s so GREAT.

      I loved that scene too. She seemed so fragile in that moment, and even though it was just talking, I was totally drawn in.

      Bawww I want them to be friends again too. Toshio seems like he wants to see Seishin again, but all Seishin cares about is getting the blood sucked out of him -.-

      • BlackBriar says:

        I don’t think they will be able to reconcile. Seishin has completely turned on the humans and Toshio is dead set on killing the Shiki. They both have long since passed the point of no return and have become complete opposites of each other even though they grew up together. Seishin’s all consuming sympathy is due to his point of view on the situation in the village, his degrading relationship with Toshio, especially his attitude and that gory scene of killing his wife wife an expressionless look on his face and notably his meetings with Sunako and Tohru. They are as different as day and night and might end up killing each other to protect the sides they have chosen.

        • Hime says:

          Opposites attract, so they say 😛 *tries desperately to cage yaoi beast*

          But, no, I don’t agree they are past the point of no return. Toshio clearly still cares about him and doesn’t like the idea of killing him, and Seishin isn’t being controlled (yet) by any shiki so it’s possible once it’s all over (and if they’re still alive) him and Toshio will kiss and make up be friends again, once/if Seishin realizes what a giant idiot he’s been.

          And yeah, Seishin does seem to like getting sucked being bitten by shiki, but then again it’s Tatsumi. Who wouldn’t!? In those tight fitting clothes. Dayuuuum. 😛

          • Namika says:

            Yeah, I too hope that they will reconcile….. T__T So, until the anime is over, we won’t know for sure 😛

            OMG, Tatsumi! Despite his weird fashion sense, I still like him very much!)))) And Seishin DOES seem to enjoy….well, you know ^^ ahemyaoiahemfan

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