Otome Youkai Zakuro – 12

More Agemaki and less Zakuro. Spirit Affairs to the rescue!

Finally a day off from work but I slept most of the day (Monday) because I went to sleep early in the morning after a boring day (Sunday) at work followed by lots of fun singing Xmas carols (for the first time) around my friend’s neighborhood. While I don’t have confidence in singing alone, when in a group I think that I’m okay hah. But there is a part in ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’ where just the sopranos are singing and yes I could hear myself with the other two singing that part with me haha. I’m unsure how many houses that we hit up (~15) but there was one that let us in and offered us hot cocoa and cookies, it was so strange.

Episode 12 starts off with Zakuro (in a trance state) being lead by Byakuroku towards Omodaka for their wedding ritual that involves dancing masked men and bells being chimed.

Meanwhile, the Spirit Affairs gang meet up with the Ah-Un guardian statues to get transported to the Village of Oracles. At first the guardians refuse to transport them because of the dangers but after much persuasion by Agemaki wanting to save Zakuro; the guardians transport the group.

The group wakes up in the Village of Oracles world only to find that they’re separated from Agemaki. Wandering by himself, Agemaki hears a crying voice and walks toward the direction of the noise. When in the room of the source to the voice, Agemaki hears Tsukuhane’s voice asking for help in conveying her words to Zakuro and Omodaka.

Agemaki all alone

Back at the wedding ritual, Omodaka is about to kiss Zakuro but is interrupted by a gust of flower petals. The Spirit Affairs group arrives to be surprised of Omodaka’s identity and get confronted by controlled spirit foxes. While the group is distracted, Omodaka escapes with Zakuro toward an “accursed place” so he can “plant his seed” in Zakuro.

As Susukihotaru tries to stop Omodaka from escaping, she’s confronted by one of the spirit foxes and takes in their emotions and voices. The spirit foxes plead with Susukihotaru, crying to be released from their pain by killing them. The girls refuse to kill the spirit foxes and Riken steps in to show that the humans aren’t helpless by defeating the ones controlling the spirit foxes.

Go go human fighting pawah!

Meanwhile, Omodaka carrying Zakuro and accompanied by Byakuroku arrive at the accursed place which is where Omodaka as a child witnessed Tsukuhane’s secret love affair. After venting his jealousy of Zakuro’s fortunate life, Omodaka was about to (try again) kiss Zakuro but is interrupted by Agemaki’s voice. Byakuroku attacks Agemaki and pins him down and Agemaki comments that it isn’t just Zakuro that he’s trying to save. Just when we thought Agemaki would be finished off, Ganryu rushes in to the rescue and shows off that he doesn’t need his twins help.

Ganryu-sama vs Byakuroku… FIGHT!

The whole Spirit Affairs group is united and Omodaka shows off some of his power to attack the group. Meanwhile, we see Zakuro in her dream state hearing someone crying and looking at the shadow blobs massing up a tree. As Zakuro talks, telling it not to cry anymore, the shadows disappear and leaves us with a boy crouched facing to the tree.

Omodaka continues his assault on the group and as Ganryu is knocked down by Byakuroku, his sword flies in the air landing towards Zakuro. Agemaki rushes in to move Zakuro out of the way and is about to remove her necklace that binds her powers but decides not to. This stops Omodaka’s attacks and Agemaki talks about hearing Tsukuhane’s voice. As Agemaki is about to convey the reason to why Tsukuhane returned to the village, Omodaka interrupts saying that the reason was obvious, Tsukuhane returned to protect Zakuro and she refused to eat or produce other hanyous; thus eventually dyeing. But what was worse is that Tsukuhane remained in the same state after death tormenting Omodaka. Agemaki then remarks that wasn’t all and that Tsukuhane returned to be with Omodaka whom was taken away from her.

Omodaka recalls being a child and yearning for his mother but when he runs away to her, he ends up witnessing Tsukuhane’s affair. Just when we think Omodaka would have a mental breakdown, his expression changes and he attacks Agemaki. Omodaka approaches Zakuro with the intent of killing her but is stopped by screaming. Omodaka runs to the edge of the cliff to see his estate burning down.

Persuaded from mating with Zakuro to wanting to kill her

Daidai is running happily through the halls, burning down the place and releasing the locked up hanyou. When Daidai approaches Rangui, Daidai is praised for being better than Baykuroku (sister complex?) and is coaxed by Rangui who wants Daidai’s “help”. But from the side view of Rangui, it looks like Rangui is about to bite Daidai maybe to get her power. I think that the subtitles translation of this part was incorrect, using the word “help” for “chikara” instead of “power”… which is what Rangui was asking from Daidai.

The other sister goes crazy playing with fire and gets some yuri action

Omodaka watches as the estate is burning and says “that’s where..” then rushes off carrying Zakuro. The group tries to go after Omodaka but is stopped by Byakuroku who confirms with Agemaki that it’s Omodaka that he also wants to save and agrees to then help the group. Meanwhile we go back to Zakuro in dream state, she approaches the boy and tells him (by name) not to cry.

Don’t worry Zakuro, you’re still the main character and you’ll get more closeups while awake next episode

Extra Pics:

Agemaki: “Oh mighty Ah-Un guardians, here’s my offering

Hidden stash~

Otome Youkai Zakuro Side Story: Riken and Susukihotaru’s Love Story

Kyaaaaah!! Agemaki-kun~

Omodaka: “I’m cooler than Agemaki muwahah. I have more closeups this episode.”

Ending Thoughts: Just like the previous episode, this one was just as good. More story, more Omodaka and more Agemaki. I was sucked into this episode that it was over before I knew it. Though, I kind of feel that not too much happened in this episode but it might be due to all the explanations that happened and just when things were getting good, it ended.

I didn’t mind much that this episode focused a lot on Omodaka and his feelings. We found out why Omodaka turned out the way he is and it can’t be helped that he was scarred as a child by witnessing his mommy being with another man. As well, the way he was raised by his father who neglected him and all he wanted was his mother’s affection. It’s nice to know comparing to how Omodaka was in the flashback of the past, that he actually wanted to be with his mother in the first place.

On another note, I’m glad that we finally got to see some fighting action again. Even though it wasn’t much, it was good indeed. Got to see some Riken protecting Susukihotaru side love story. The military guys can actually fight but I think Agemaki went down a little too easily against Byakuroku. Ganryu finally gets some fighting action and saves Agemaki from Byakuroku. No cool singing from the girls unfortunately.

I have a slight feeling that Omodaka’s fate in the end will either be that he will come to realize through Zakuro’s feelings that he’s been wrong and that he really was loved or that Omodaka will meet an unfortunate end along with Rangui. I think from what I noticed since episode 10, Byakuroku might have a little crush on Omodaka with all her blushing side shots. As well, I wonder what Omodaka was running towards with Zakuro in a rush after seeing his estate being burnt down. Maybe it was towards Tsukuhane’s body? Oh well, guess we’ll find out next time. Can’t wait for the next episode to come and don’t worry Bakuhasu, you’ll get more action from your favorite seiyuu’s character soon.

Preview: Finale Episode – Zakuro!?… comes to the rescue against the jealous crazed Rangui.


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16 Responses to “Otome Youkai Zakuro – 12”

  1. Dan-go says:

    as always with zakuro it’s a little lacklustre in terms of action, the fox thing seemed blatantly obvious to me, everything seems to take the most conventional route possible

    • Ness says:

      I understand what you mean. There’s really not that much that will or has surprise me thus. But I appreciate the effort put into this series art and animation.

  2. Hogart says:

    This has been disappointing lately (I guess shallow build-up and pedestrian scenario-writing leads to these sorts of things). But you’re right, at least it’s much prettier than most of the stuff airing this season.

  3. anaaga says:

    the only episode where omodaka is ugly. my shoujo instinct tells me that omodaka will end up with byakuroku. or at least they’ll go somewhere far together. oh well, they’re a good match.

    i’m sorta disappointed in this episode though. the action is done half-heartedly. it’s not even real action. just using some words, talking between fights (how could the fight and talk at the same time?), more swords, and done.

    oh well, at least the drama is still strong. shoujo i tell ya

    • Ness says:

      I agree with you. Maybe the action felt halfheartedly because we didn’t get to hear the girls singing hahah j/kng. But at least we got to see the humans actually do something this time. Ganryu got some got action shots hehe.

      One more episode, hopefully they end it well.

      • anaaga says:

        i actually miss the girls singing. they sing better than i do

      • anaaga says:

        btw i just found out that the mangaka for zakuro is one of my fav yaoi mangaka! w000t! it’s surprising that she actually does shoujo…

        • Ness says:

          I like the singing, its pretty cool :3

          Hahah glad to hear that the mangaka of Zakuro is one of your fav for yaoi. I did a search, lots of that person has their manga published by Yen Press 😮

  4. Starry says:

    Hah! Knew it! I knew that they would make viewers sympathetic towards Omodaka by giving us the – he was hurt by his mother’s actions – reason! But I will not forgive Omodaka! I will not forgive him for stealing Zakuro away from Agemaki! *Rages*

    Last episode already… I’ll kinda miss it I suppose, even with it’s conventional storytelling… ^^” Hope that the ending would be satisfactory! 😀

    • Ness says:

      Yeah, I kind of didn’t expect the sympathetic card to be drawn. But then again, I haven’t put too much thought into this series because most things seemed obvious.

      Yes, last episode finally coming soon. I’ll miss the art and animation. I think I’ll try to get the OST. Hope the ending is good and Zakuro with Agemaki leaves us well.

  5. Hanabih says:

    Omg, poor Zakuro, she didn’t appear (awake) in this episode, haha! (⌒ ⌒;)
    But finally, Agemaki is doing something (well, even if he doesn’t do anything, I’ll love him, hoho~), go! Go! A-ge-ma-ki~! 3<)
    (Sorry about my english!) (。・ω・)ノ゙

    • Hanabih says:

      Oh, I’m sorry~ some lines have been cut out (before the last line):

      I’ll miss Otome Youkai Zakuro~ (≧ヘ≦)
      The art, music, characters and seiyuus~ ♪ (I miss the girls singing too~)
      Well, hope that Agemaki will finally tell his feelings towards Zakuro, right? (>3<)

  6. bakuhasu says:

    Anyone that can point out the reused animation that is Omodaka and his summoning wolves?

    • anaaga says:

      um, i think it’s the wolves that looks like the tentacles. the wolves that came out from omodaka’s mantra.
      am i right?

      • Ness says:

        Haha is that an Ika referance?

        Omodaka’s character in general is underdeveloped or maybe just too overly developed.

  7. Teabie says:

    oh funny, i’m not one for shoujo stuffs but this one really made me hang on. maybe it’s the seiyuus, the animation, the beautiful singing, or maybe everything of those! gotta say, i agree with all the comments above, but overall, i still love this series. it’s one of those shoujo ones which i actually love, cliche as it is! i will miss agemaki (sakurai!!) and zakuro’s cute little tension together…

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