Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge – 12

Violence solves all problems

Is everyone enjoying the plethora of Anime Award categories Kyokai’s been pumping out? DON’T FORGET TO VOTE because something happens. When you do. Something…good. I think. Anyways, sorry for the slight delay for Arakawa. I’ve been quite distracted by shiny video games recently. The days have just been flying by~

Swiftly approaching new year aside, let’s get to Arakawa. NO, we’re not on Venus yet. Instead, the Mayor has decided to have a deathmatch called King Game in which the last man standing gets to have one “royal decree” that everyone must follow. An action-packed finale for Arakawa? Who would’ve thought. Everyone’s ears perk at the thought of having a wish granted, and thus the battle begins.

This is what yaoi fangirls look like while writing fanfiction. I kid you not.

Round one is a battle royale (no, not with exploding collars) where the first one knocked off the raft loses. Before the match even starts, teams and rivalries are formed.  Hoshi and Ric team up to bring down the tougher competition before they take each other out. Sadly, the metalhead brothers are torn apart by their conflicting (not really) wishes, and throw each other off of the raft. Once all the internal truces are made, the real battle begins.


Except, it’s an Arakawa style battle, so things aren’t exactly running full steam here. Hoshi and Ric plan to target Whitey, but end up fighting over over who will knock the liner off of his lines. Billy steps in and knocks him out, carrying him away and RIPPING OUT HIS FEATHERS for Whitey to lay his feet on, so that he’s technically still on a line. ANIKIIIIII~!!!

As Jacqueline fawns over her RABU BAARUDO, P-ko shoves her from behind into the water. Billy is awesome yet again, saving her from getting even a drop of water on her skin. All that’s left is P-ko, who sobs like a baby for being cowardly and forever alone. Unable to push a crying redhead into the river, Ric and Hoshi tell white lies to try to cheer her up. They do a good job…Too good of a job. She playfully shoves them for their kind words abotu her love for the Mayor, and actually pushes them into the water. P-ko wins and moves onto the next…horrifying…round…

After all that hype of the next round turning into a bloody battle, it ends up just being a balloon popping fight. Pshh, easy. However, everyone is allowed one weapon. Well then. That’s my kind of competition. :3 Sister teams up with Stella in order to grant her wish of making Maria become her mommy. They create Formation A, which is just Sister standing on top of Stella’s gargantuan shoulders.

Nino strikes first, unconsciously leaping into the air and diving after Sister. He shoots her snot bubble instead of the balloon by accident, but makes up for this blunder by throwing a bag of cookies into the water. Nino instinctively dives after them XD Maria breaks their iron tower by telling Stella everyone can see her panties. She returns to normal size and Sister inadvertantly pops her balloon.

With Stella out of the equation, Maria goes right for Sister in an epic clash. Poor Sister got burned so badly! Maria, can’t you ever be nice to him? T.T Anyways, as those two duke it out, Samurai sees this as his chance to attack the Mayor. The Mayor’s defence against a katana? His hair twirls like a fan. It seems hopeless up until they clash and the Last Samurai’s balloon is popped while the Mayor just has an awesome haircut. Hairdresser’s instinct…lulz.

The only two left are P-ko and the Mayor. An odd combo. P-ko drops her hoe so that the man she loves can have his wish granted. Just when it seems like P-ko’s feelings have finally reached the Mayor, he mistakes her surrender as a hands down defensive stance. P-ko then mistakes the Mayor’s sumo push as him going to hug her. It all ends in brutal fatalities and lulz.

Sister and Maria are the only two left. They both seem unscathed, aside from Sister scar spouting blood like a waterfall thanks to Maria’s insults. POOR GUY. The battle will continue next week. A 2 part battle? I give up on Venus now…But I’ll see you for episode 13 anyways!


Bonus Screenshots:

Hoshi gachapon! Only 100 yen per capsule to have your favourite douchebag as a cellphone strap!


P-ko what are you doing. You’re supposed to be cute, why is this even happening

No, Mayor. Dir en Grey are NOT looking for new members

End Thoughts: I really liked this episode! It was nothing short of hilarious (once again, I don’t actually laugh…T.T) and crazy. They managed to carry on the deathmatch for the entire episode without it getting old. Not only that, every character got a moment in the spotlight since they concentrated on only a pair of contestants at a time, which I appreciate as a lover of sidecharacters. (MORE JACQUELINE AND BILLY! YES!). I’ll be honest, the amount of Nino per minute (npm for short) has been reduced greatly…Isn’t this show about Nino and Ric?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a really stellar Arakawa episode. We’ve had good ones and okay ones, but this one is as good as the first few episodes were. =D I especially liked P-ko’s face off with the Mayor with the Ashita no Joe reference (which I only got thanks to reading Bakuman). P-ko actually confessed to him in that moment, but I doubt much will come out of it. Afterall, the Mayor is old (thousands of years old) and P-ko is just a spritely young thing. She should go after someone younger! She’s so adorable!

I wasn’t expecting a 2-episode “finale” from Arakawa since last season had a kind of low-key last episode that felt like…NOT the last episode. I guess they’re going for something flashier this year. They seem to be doing fine so far, so I can’t complain. Hopefully episode 13 delivers! =D SISTER VERSUS MARIA FTW!


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22 Responses to “Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge – 12”

  1. anaaga says:

    that face. definitely. especially the sex scenes, they definitely helped me to exercise my face muscles. HEHE
    and what the hell is sine cosine doing on my screen? I’M HAVING MY WINTER HOLIDAY HERE!!! >.<

    the humor is the only thing that makes me watch this. it's obvious that they're not gona do anything with the main plot (ninoXric, go to venus, etc), because the manga isn't even done yet. meh.

    and everytime the capsule opens, i was actually shouting "I CHOOSE YOU, HOSHI/P-KO/MAYOR/everybody that came out from the capsule!!!" i just can't resist the temptation! xD

    • Overcooled says:

      They go into fanfic writer mode, typing furiously and giggling all the while. I can picture you doing this LOL

      No Venus makes me sad, but at least it’s still interesting. =D

      • Captain says:

        Oh man, there will be a season 3! There MUST be a season 3! There’s still so much story and material to animate ; o ; I hope SHAFT doesn’t suddenly decide to drop Arakawa or anything…

  2. Alynn says:

    I loved this episode so much! Also no sine or cosine functions kthx. D; Learning about this stuff once I go back to school.


    Lol at Mayor’s Visual Kei haircut and when Nino’s just like : D

    bubububuuuu, w-what about venus? D; OH WELL. I want to see who wins the sister vs. maria match. : D

    • Overcooled says:

      I like how everyone recoiled in horror when I mentioned sine and cosine. I need to slip some more math into my posts and see what happens XD

      THANK GOD THERE WERE NO MUSCLES, I WAS TERRIFIED. The visual kei haircut was awesome though pffft. I love my j-rock XD

      I know…I wanted Venus too…but Sister vs Maria doesn’t sound too shabby :3

  3. Amutofan123 says:

    I loved this episode! Eh, I give up on Venus too… I wonder who will win the match? Sister or Maria?

  4. Hoshi says:

    When it cut off, I literally was going, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!” x’D

    OMG Mayor’s visual kei haircut part cracked me up. I’d have the Mayor in my visual kei band (Along with Hoshi HAHAHA) o3o

    Ahhh, yeah I’ve basically given up hope for them to go to Venus |’D I was anticipating it so much after…well, I forgot the episode number but yeah that feeling is gone. If they actually DID go in the next episode I’d be so surprised o____o

    • Overcooled says:

      I did NOT expect it to suddenly cut off either. Gah, now we have to wait. I would be surprised if in the last 30 seconds they’re like “IRONY! WE’VE BEEN ON VENUS THIS ENTIRE TIME!” and then they laugh, and it will out-troll Panty and Stocking.

      • Hoshi says:

        ~OH GOD I dont think anything can out-troll Panty and Stocking ending (just watched it today. I was like “WHUT. WHUT?!” Gotta love Stocking lol).

      • Dan-go says:

        cannot waaaaaaaaaaaaaait for the next episode nomatter what happens

  5. Snowley says:

    This P-ko screenshot reminds me of Guren Lagann…. hmmm I smell a reference?

    • Overcooled says:

      I think I know the one you’re talking about. If it’s a reference, it’s pretty subtle, but I like it XD

  6. Yuzu says:

    Ahaha XDDD sine and cosine.
    What happened to Tangent?
    It was a pretty short episode to me D8 too short. But it was cute xD sister’s cookies FTW.
    Poor Sister. Please win xD
    Ahh but we’re still waiting for Venus. Hmph.
    More Nino plz?
    Maybe Amazoness will jump in again..

    • Overcooled says:

      Well *puts on glasses*. As you can see, Whitey didn’t draw a graph of a tan function, so it is excluded *takes glasses off again*

      I was enjoying it so much, I was shocked when it ended too ^^; I feel so bad for Sister when Maria belittles him (but it’s a-okay when she tortures Ric). I’m giving up on Venus and Nino’s past for now =.=

      XD Omg the Amazoness…please no….lol…

  7. Captain says:

    I’m going to say it again, but..VENUS..IS..COMING..SOON! I do suppose there’s going to be a third season of Arakawa or something, totally dedicated to Venus. Actually…that’s probably not possible, since the trip is kinda — They’re catching up with the manga, anyway, so maybe a break until Spring or something.

    OH GOD I REALLY WANT TO SPOIL IT FOR ALL OF YOU GUYS~♥ I know you haven’t read the manga like I have. I’m just gonna say that you shouldn’t dread Amazoness or anything since she’s going to be playing a big part in the Venus mission xD

    P-ko is SO scary in the manga. She’s like something out of Shiki.

    • Overcooled says:


      I HOPE they eventually do a season 3…but I’m not sure, since this season wasn’t quite as good as season 1. We shall see~

      Oh God, I don’t want more of the Amazoness…P-ko as a creepy little redhead would be awesome, I need to look into this…

  8. Miyu says:

    GO AWAY, SINE & COSINE, I’M ENJOYING THE LAST FEW DAYS OF MY HOLIDAY T.T (before 30 pages of math homework will start to haunt me again)

    Where on Earth is Venus? (No, not literally.) I miss Nino T.T She didn’t do much this episode LOL.

    • Overcooled says:


      Add some more Nino and Venus and we’re all happy bunnies.

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