Togainu no Chi – 08

Orphans, experiments, brother against brother fighting, and a little religion just for the heck of symbolism~

~I feel like I’m starting to get a little harsh on Togainu no Chi as it goes on. Yet, everytime I complain/rant about it, the next episode always make me feel bad for doing so x’D For example, last week’s episode I was completely confused, which got me frustrated and when Hoshi gets frustrated, it leads to insensible rambling and such (It’s a family trait). However this week I’m sincerely satisfied with this episode (maybe because we finally got about 60% of our questions answered?) and now I’m starting to feel a bit bad, even for complaining about Keisuke. WHY AM I SO NICE? I think I’m just too easily convinced…

So what’s with this 60% of our questions being answered? Well, Akira appears at Arbitro’s mansion looking for answers about how to save Keisuke from Line, and Arbrito gives it to him.

He tells Akira about Project Nicole, a project made by the government to create the strongest solider. They created the ENED and assembled the most talented specialists to do the research.  They finally created “a miracle” and the blood taken from the subject called Premier is a substance that improves the capabilities of the human body, called Nicole (a.k.a the raw material for Line).

He also reveals that it’s in Akira as well, and that he believes Akira was a ENED test subject. Akira tells him he’s never even heard of it before, and that he and Keisuke both grew up in a normal orphanage. However, Arbitro says that those who were unsuitable had their memories erased and were returned back to their orphanages. Akira though had a result where his blood neutralizes Line and produces toxins in the body of anyone who licks his blood (which is why it affected the addict and the blue-haired guy badly). However, Arbitro tells him, he can stop the poison and possibly save Keisuke that way, with his blood.

Of course this wouldn’t Togainu no Chi without a little creepy-ness from Arbitro going on. He asks Akira to rest at his mansion while he takes some time to find a way to help, but Akira refuses and tries to leave. Yet outside the door he is stopped by Arbitro’s guards and we get the why he wanted him to stay…

He’s got his rape face going on…*shivers*

Akira manages to escape (un-raped) and winds up finding Motomi in a church. He gives him the paper Arbitro gave him, which is with chemical compositions. Motomi tells him that he unfortunately can’t save Keisuke with his blood because it’s too dangerous, despite what Arbitro said. Motomi also ends up telling him he was once a researcher for ENED, and goes even more into the fact that there is no way to save a person from Line, which of course, crushes Akira.

Now, time for my favorite part in the episode: Rin waits on a lonely road, reminiscing about his friends who were killed…by Shiki. All the while, Rin has been trying to get revenge on Shiki, and finally meets him face to face on the road he stands in.

The epicness that is Shiki is coming toward you.

The two exchange blades and some (epic) harsh words towards each other. Rin then suddenly reveals he looked up to him, Shiki a.k.a his older brother.  The battle doesn’t last long however as Shiki easily gets rid of his pesky younger brother.


Back at the church, Akira tells Motomi of how he came to Toshima, why he had to participate in Igra, and how he blames himself for what happened to Keisuke, bringing him to admit his faults. As the older man, Motomi tells Akira that he’ll help them escape, but he needs to bring Keisuke over to where they’re at.

Akira finally meets up with the changed Keisuke as the episode closes; the start of the showdown between friends, it seems~.

End thoughts: First off, thank goodness this episode didn’t turn out to be extremely creepy or kinky like I thought it was going to be, or else I would’ve been freaking out like crazy |’D Every time I watch a new episode with Arbrito, I always have this tiny fear I’m going to be creeped out in some way…

Anyways, it seems that we’ve FINALLY reached the point in the anime where (some) pasts and secrets are revealed, which is why I’m loving this episode a lot. Who would’ve thought Rin and Shiki were half-brothers?! x’D I was like, “WTF? WHAT?!” I couldn’t, no, I STILL can’t believe it. I was thinking this doesn’t make any sense at all, until Rin said they had different mothers. I feel like they just randomly twisted that “They’re actually brothers” thing in there to make it more mind-blowing. It was my favorite part though xD I’m glad I finally get some freaking answers after last week’s confusing episode, but right now I’m hooked mostly on the Shiki and Rin sibling hatred thing. GO BROTHERLY HATE IN ANIME. I swear, Shiki has some of the coolest one-liners and comebacks ever: “Trash should know their place.” “I’m not interested in assisting with suicide.” I was like “OOOO~ BUUURN, RIN!” xD Shiki, you’re so bad-ass; I don’t think I’ll be ever able to NOT say it in any episode with him in it hahaha.

As for the heart-to-heart thing with Akira and Motomi, I found it kind of sappy with that “The most important thing is your heart right now,” but that’s just me. All though, I shouldn’t really be complaining about it because we need that every once in a while, am I right? Plus, Akira needs to realize that he’s totally in love with Keisuke that he cares about Keisuke, no matter how soft and touchy that sounds. x’D I’m extremely anxious and nervous for this next episode…I ACTUALLY don’t want Keisuke to die! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?! I’m becoming soft towards him just like Akira! NOOOOOO–!!


It appears there will be a bittersweet showdown between Akira and Keisuke with maybe some sentimental confessions. I’m scared as to what the knife and the blood means…I’ll be on edge till next week ;A; Until then~!


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9 Responses to “Togainu no Chi – 08”

  1. anaaga says:

    man, rin’s dead boyfriend is hot. a part of my heart wants him to be the main character instead of akira xD
    and i can’t help but giggle a little bit when akira dreams that keisuke dissect his stomach and pulls out akira’s intestine. man, i must really haaaattee akira.
    and what’s this? i want shiki X akira!!! i’m starting to think that the anime’s gona be ambiguous, no pairing whatsoever. means akira’s not gona end up with any of the guys :'( i hope my feelings is not right >.<

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahahaha he is!!

      WOAHHHH. It’s okay; I understand. We all have that one anime character who we hope dies a terrible death XD

      I DO TOO! GAAHHH I HOPE NOT EITHER ;A; Where’s the fun in that?

  2. Typhoon says:

    Who would’ve thought Rin and Shiki were half-brothers?!

    But hey, they totally look like each other! Look at those long eyelashes! Those are Shiki and Rin’s exclusive trait. 🙂

    • Hoshi says:


      Ahhhh, I see now; Thanks for pointing that out! I would’ve never caught that, hahaha.

  3. Sebz says:

    Wait Shiki and Rin are halg brothers?!

    totally missed the memo…

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yep. It’s hidden in the dialogue x’D
      Rin keeps telling Shiki that he looked up to him as a older brother, even if they had different mothers.

  4. Overcooled says:

    Finally got around to watching it!!

    Oh my gosh, the half-brothers thing is so lame…It’s like they couldn’t think of anything dramatic enough for Rin’s past, so they added in the brother thing to try and be original. UGGHH. Oh well, despite the half-brother thing, killing his friends is a good reason for the little blonde to pursue him. I’m still surprised that Shiki is so powerful…I was under the impression Rin was stronger than Akira, but he looked like he was flailing about even more than him in the fight @_@

    Is it weird that I ship MotomixAkira? I wanted him to forget Keisuke and just stay in the church with him…LOL

    • Dan-go says:

      ugh i thought he would have had a great background because of his whole dark/happy demeanor…major letdown

  5. Teabie says:

    I guess with the fact revealed that Shiki is Rin’s half-brother, it finally made sense to me why Rin would be hanging around in yucky Toshima. And gosh, I totally agree with Anaasha’s comment in the beginning – Rin’s bf was hawt! It was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw him and his friends in the episode, haha! Man, what were we thinking about? Hehe.

    Maybe Shiki got jealous and swiped them all out. But the awesome epicness of Shiki is always overwhelming. I get this zoku-zoku feeling whenever he appears. I go, “DE TAAAA!” Lol. And Arbito’s ‘inu-friend’ should appear less, because ohmigosh, no matter how many strange, lewd and twisted things I’d seen due to anime, this one really doesn’t sit well with everything within me.

    And I’d be honest, I pretty much like the new Keisuke, haha. The former one was nice and definitely likeable, but he was such a drag. I kinda understood why Akira burst out in anger at him in that episode. But I wish Keisuke didn’t have to go to THAT end of the continuum, haha. Hopefully he wouldn’t try to lick Akira’s blood. Line users have a tendency to ingest blood, is it? Hmmm. Not nice if Akira ended up killing/inflicting lots of pain on poor Keisuke. I wonder if there’s a back story between Akira and Keisuke in the PS game. I can’t imagine a guy so attached to another one so as to follow him to Toshima and all that. Mates are mates, but to this extremity? Would they reveal all? Well, I know the CG pictures for the game were… ahem, revealing to say the least.

    Sowee, I’m ranting! I’ll zip up now. Waiting to read more epic posts of yours. 😉

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