Togainu no Chi – 05

A-1 says, add a pinch of creepy guys with creepy fetishes to a bland episode~.

~I realized the other day that I always pick things (anime, music groups, men) that people I know don’t necessarily like; Togainu no Chi is one of them. Yet, I will defend my choose and that certain thing, in this case Togainu no Chi, forever! YES, this show is extremely weird, creepy, pretty ridiculous and pretty bad at times; I’ll even admit that! But I rather enjoy it and I’ll be sticking by it through the best and worst times (as in this week’s episode), just like I do with certain other anime. In the end, ya’ll just haters! x’D (Hahaha sorry. I live two hours from Los Angeles, what can I say?)

At the beginning of this week’s episode, it’s a pretty quick change of scenes from the man with the eyepatch to Rin slashing some punks as he is trailing Shiki with the dead bodies he left from last week.

Rin looking pretty bad-ass for once!

Then we are suddenly thrusted to Keisuke, who was hilariously left all alone on the hotel roof (Poor guy, seriously x’D). He has a flashback…dream to when he and Akira were younger, and how Akira even protected back then too.

Then it’s to Akira who suddenly gets into a battle with a random man. He is actually tricked after he thought he knocked out the guy, and has his hands chained together by two other guys. The man starts stabbing him in the arm with his knife when he suddenly starts convulsing and turning freakishly purple.

Akira takes the chance to punch the guy down and take the tag on his neck as he escapes.

Fool just jacked your tags, man!

As Akira is walking away, he ends up hearing the Executioners walk past (When don’t these guys show up? Seriously, gets some new ‘suspenseful’ stuff in there). He accidently makes a noise which makes them get closer, but luckily Motomi is randomly there himself just in time to hide him as they come around.

Back to Keisuke, he ends up meeting up with Rin, who then both see Akira and Motomi walking towards them. Keisuke of course notices Akira’s wound and rushes back to the hotel to try and buy something first-aid-y for him. Rin steps in however and buys a whole Emergency Kit (because he’s so nice like that apparently).

Keisuke starts to act like usual weakling uke self, which actually makes Akira annoyed, and start raising his voice at him, telling him he hasn’t changed and that he doesn’t understand the situation he’s in. Keisuke then, not really knowing what to do, tells him a final ‘I’m sorry’ and leaves~.

End thoughts: THANK YOU AKIRA. THANK. YOU. *CLAPS (LITERALLY)*  I was going to totally bash on Keisuke for like 2 paragraphs but you gave him a good enough smack down for me (seriously, I started nodding my head along and clapping when Akira just went off on him)! Arigatou, gamsahabnida, gracias! I’m such a hater for the poor guy. I just…HATE him with such a fiery passion I physically want to punch something in the face |’D Literally. The whole time I’m watching any Togainu no Chi episode, I’m screaming horrible things at Keisuke….I’m sorry, he just annoys me sooo muccchhh, and I will probably keep ranting about him till the show ends, or he dies (PLEASE can he? I think it’ll be rather interesting).

Anyways, enough Keisuke bashing, it’s time for some episode bashing! Yes, I never thought I’d have to be so harsh to my beloved Togainu no Chi, but, I am a critic (in a way) and I must do my job! This episode was pretty choppy! I won’t lie; my summary for this episode really sucks because of that. In the beginning, it starts off with that eye-patch guy and some random guy giving him the green liquid drug, and then we have tiny clip of Rin, and some totally random battle between Akira and some licking guy! And to top it off, Akira sort of loses. I was like, “What is this?! What happened to your bad-ass aspect?!”. Are they trying to show us that he too is weak at times? I don’t know, but I was a bit annoyed.

Overall, this episode wasn’t anything special, aside from Keisuke getting yelled at by Akira, heh. No awesome battles, no awesome violence, no amazing plot developments, nothing. I’m guessing this is sort of a filler episode, maybe a bridge into next week’s episode? I really hope so. We can’t lost to the haters, Togainu no Chi! (Though I believe with Anime haters, they will hate it for life no matter what |’D)


Wait…WHAT? A GIRL? IN TOGAINU NO CHI?! WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY? Hahaha, don’t get too excited you…man out there; it looks like we might get a look at the eye patch guy’s younger sister who he talked about two episodes ago (Yes, I remember that), and it looks like Keisuke might actually do some killing on his own? Until next week then~.


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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17 Responses to “Togainu no Chi – 05”

  1. aihara-yuki says:

    lmao, i totally agreed about the part where Akira FINALLY got pissed off, XD
    It’s like a whole new refreshment for me 8D
    Ohh, and yeah~ that’s the eye patch guy’s sister… i wonder how’s she related to the story -.-

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Oh yes, it was like a sudden cool breeze you get when you’ve been standing in the sun and you’re starting to get hot, you know? X’D

      I wonder too…otherwise why would they put the eyepatch guy again? @A@

  2. Alynn says:

    I think my favourite part in the whole episode was Akira getting annoyed at Keisuke. BECAUSE HE TOTALLY DESERVES IT DAMNIT.//end spaz

    Also I spent a little time wondering if the guy at the beginning was a ghost of something. (He was glowing!)

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I KNOW RIGHT?! He needs to be tougher!! D8<

      Seriously…I didn't even noticed he glowed until the second time I had to watch it |'D He's certainly interesting though…

  3. Aeris says:

    Please don’t be so mean to Keisuke… actually he is a real badass just wait for episode 6 and see…^^ I played the game so I know what happens and Keisuke has a… uhm nice bad end. XD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Oh reallly? Aww, well, I’ll just have to see then ;D
      Oooo! A nice bad end to Keisuke? That just got me all excited X’D

  4. anaaga says:

    finally keisuke leaves! ohohoho can’t wait for keisuke to do some action!!! fufufufu

  5. sedra14anime says:

    This episode was just terrible, and I agree with you about Keisuke. He is so annoying, and all he does is get in Akira’s way! >:0 Supposedly, there’s only suppose to be a total of 12 episodes for Togainu no Chi, and it’s already the 6th episode! Nothing is happening, its so boring, strange, and creepy. -Sigh of dissapointment- The only reason why I’m watching this because I want to know what happens in the end!! I want to see more of Akira’s bad-ass side, and not random scenes with that creepy blonde guy who has that weird boy fetish…creeeeppyy.

  6. sheratan says:

    Keisuke is indeed very annoying.I just can’t stand that every phrase he utters have “Akira” or “gomenasai.”

    When he left Akira, I thought I was watching a bad shoujo manga; you know the heroine running away in cries after her love scolded her.

    There is still a possibility for him to become an awesome character. However, he has to man up and stop being a pussy. Even Rin, the most effeminate character in the show, is better than him…

  7. Dan-go says:

    OMG WHO HERE WANTED TO PUNCH THAT GOD DAMN WUSS FACE IN THE KISSER? useless stupid idiotic, YOU PROTECT NOTHIIIIING, god i h8 keisuke…also…female…jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :3

  8. AkatsukiYuki says:

    OMG… I know what’s gonna seeing Keisuke holding a knife/sword..NO, don’t you dare get your hands on Akira!!!

  9. Spirit says:

    I like Keisuke, ok? I like the Hetarezeme type.
    I played the visual novel and, sorry, I hate Shiki, Rin and all those characters the fandom seems to like.

    Sorry if I made some mistakes. English’s not my native language.

  10. Overcooled says:

    WHOA didn’t know you hated him that much. OVERCOOLED STEPS UP TO HIS DEFENSE. XD He’s weak because he’s never had to fight in his life, so he’s just learning. All he wants to do is please Akira, is that so bad? Maybe if Akira wasn’t such an asshole to him and gave him a chance, he’d know what to do =_= In my opinion you can’t pin all the blame to Keisuke…Akira was even a jerk as a kid, LOL. woooow. OK, you can hate on Keisuke while I hate on Akira 8D

    So…is Akira’s blood poisonous (when mixed with the drug?), or are the drugs being tampered with so they provide a strength boost and then kill them? O_o

  11. kitsune says:

    It is a bit sad that you and the whole fandom seem to hate Keisuke. IDK, while he does border on the creepy side, what would -you- do if the guy you’ve liked for years slinked away to some crazy dangerous situation? XD I’d much rather be around him than say, Shiki or Arbitro, but that’s just personal preference. Even Akira, because man dude, just throw a bone to him sometimes? He’s kind a jerk to him all the time…
    But I agree about the episode-bashing though. I haven’t played the game so I don’t know the story very well, and it made it all very confusing and just…way too fast? I won’t go into the animation, because it’s pretty bad to begin with |D

  12. Dan-go says:

    I hereby declare war on all keisuke lovers, akira kicksass, keisuke doesn’t
    quod erat demonstrandum

  13. manny says:

    Akira’s a personality-less asshole. How the fuck can anyone even like him, lol? It’s sad that the nice guy who provides the only entertainment and anything remotely close to depth in this otherwise shitty story is the most hated character.

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