Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt 5-6

Best. episode. ever.

I caught myself a legendary Masu, but he won’t be doing any review-thingies until this weekend-ish. He should be here for episode 7, once he gets an internet connection of his own. Then he can actually download the episodes. Otherwise, I’m sure he’d be here to join me on this CAPSLOCK-filled post of the epicness that was episode 6 (episode 5, not so much).

I’m obligated to talk about episode 5, even though I have basically willed it out of existence. It’s not a bad episode, it’s just unlucky enough to have to be paired with the best episode of the series in a post. So, how did episode go down? Well: boogers. This episode is about boogers and how the new latest craze is picking your nose. What makes it worse, is that a new company selling sweets that look exactly like boogers has opened.

Without much warning, the Anarchy sisters (I believe that’s their last name…) are interrupted from their mucus-y meal to board the Hindenburg a blimp to partake in a celebratory blimp ride of the new Oscar company. Anime has taught me to never go on blimps owned by flamboyantly dressed rich men, but I guess Panty and Stocking never watched Yu-Gi-Oh!

From there, a number of strange, strange things happen. Panty has nose-sex with what turns out to be a Ghost, who causes everyone to pick their nose with such ferocity, that they propel the blimp towards the moon with their nosebleeds. This doesn’t even need witty side-commentary from me, it speaks for itself. Panty and Stocking stop the blimp from crashing into the moon by stuffing Angel boogers (gratuitously donated by Briefs, who collects Panty’s…) down the Ghost’s nostrils. Boom boom pow, and we’re done.

The next section makes you think you’re watching the wrong show, by changing the animation style completely. In fact, you don’t even see Panty and Stocking until the last few minutes. Instead, we focus on a meek, older man who is practically useless in all regards. He gets scolded at work a lot, and his colleagues see him as more of a “Ghost” than a human.

The one nice thing about him is that he cares for his granddaughter, who is having a birthday soon. She mentions her undying love for Panty and Stocking, but the old codger has no idea who they are until he sees them on TV later on that night. He ends up missing his granddaughter’s birthday however, as his employees guilt him into coming to a bar after work. How? He bought some sort of stuffed sea turtle for an employee for her birthday using the money everyone in the office chipped in with. This makes the poor girl sob uncontrollably, so they make it up by going out to drink.  He tries to leave, but they tell him he can’t go until he downs an entire mountain of beer. Filled with determination….he somehow does it.

Well, he drinks it all, but he doesn’t make it past 3 wobbly steps forwards. If you were enjoying this up until now, I hope you enjoy watching an old man spew a sea of tossed cookies that floods the store, and several intersections down from where he is. His technicolour yawn turns into a Ghost, attracting some nearby angels (that is, Panty and Stocking) to do some slaying. Despite being rude towards the old geezer, they give him their autograph in the end so he has something for his granddaughter. =D

Here are we are, Metanorn-readers…(Metanornites? Metanornians?) episode SIX! Panty and Stocking are slaughtering ghosts left, right and centre at school but aren’t getting any Heavens…What’s up with that? Before they solve the matter, a new opposition arrives. No longer the Queens of school, they have to follow the strict new rules laid out by the new Queens. It’s not long before they reveal themselves, taunting the angels right from the getgo.

Scanty and Kneesocks (lulz) are devil girls obsessed with rules. The student body, for some odd reason, heartily agrees with them. It’s only until Panty and Stocking overhear their insults in the cafeteria that they finally snap and challenge them to a fight. The only ‘fight’ that’s allowed are ones without violence – all of which the Anarachy sisters haven’t the foggiest idea about. This goes down in history as their first ever loss! OH NOES!

Banished to the lowest classroom of the low (even worse than the F class in Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu), Panty and Stocking plan their revenge. They’re not in the disgusting classroom for very long, thanks to a lead from a Ghost and Briefs. This isn’t the first time they dive into a toilet to get somewhere. This time, it leads to Scanty and Kneesocks’s base.

WHOA, GIANT GHOST-CLONE PRODUCTION PLANT! ARE WE IN HELL? I like how Hell is connected to school, this makes a lot of sense…The devil girls reveal themselves, and if you had any doubt about them being demons…well, you can stop doubting it now (honestly, Panty and weren’t tipped off by the horns and red skin?). Following the return of the beloved PnS transformation sequence is ANOTHER TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE BY THE DEVIL GIRLS. OMG OMG OMG OMG, WHEN IS THE OST OUT, THAT IS MY NEW THEME SONG RIGHT THEREEEEEEE.

The Anarachy siblings respond by switching to DUAL-WIELD MODE!!! Of course, the main point of this fight is to destroy the power source of the factory, which ends up in the hands of the unlucky Briefs. This is one hell of a wild goose chase. Scanty vs Panty and Kneesocks vs Stocking!


Needless to say, summarizing that action sequence in a way that you understand how EPIC it is, is impossible. The episode ends with Briefs being taken hostage, but being saved immediately after. Panty shoots the power source, causing a massive explosion. The sisters escape and beg forgiveness from their mysterious master (???!) while Panty teases Briefs. I’m tired just writing this, what a wild ride!

End Thoughts: Do I have to talk about episode 5? Really? Fine. First of all THANK GOD THE BOOGERS WEREN’T GREEN. That would’ve made things far too gross for my taste. I just imagined them as cake, and it was all okay. The idea for the episode was so bizarre, I don’t even know if I liked it or not…but the fight scene was pretty badass. But really…a booger episode…? Gainax, you’re killing me.

To make things worse, you give us a BARF segment. I appreciate trying the new animation style – I really liked that – but the vomit monster…made me want to vomit. Trying new things = good. Keeping the toilet level at the extreme end of the spectrum? It kind of butchered the effect.  I would like to mention that my Grandma started watching PnS with me for this part, because I watching in the living room. She seemed to enjoy this segment, again, except for the barf. LOL, oh grandma, you’re so crazy.

Most of the comments on the last PnS post aren’t even about episode 3-4…it’s just people telling me, no, urging me to watch episode 6. Even Hato-kun messaged me saying I HAVE to go watch it. I don’t know why I took my sweet time to actually watch it despite all this encouragement, but I regret not watching this beauty the second it was subbed. It was mind-blowing. It’s like they went and read my complaints in the last post, nodded, and then made this episode and shoved it down my throat. And I enjoyed it. THANK YOU, for picking up the pace, Gainax. THIS is what I want PnS to be, not some toilet humour bonanza with 5 minutes of action at the end of each segment.

What does this mean for future episodes? It means we will see more of those devil girls, and have some semblance of a continuing plot. We probably won’t see them next episode, but we will eventually. Scanty and Kneesocks make surprisingly great enemies for the Anarachy sisters. I’m all up for more intense battles between the two of them. I could watch that ALL DAY. That being said, episode 7 is going to look like trash next to this one if they slack again. PLEASE KEEP THE AWESOMENESS UP! OR AT LEAST GIVE US AN AWESOME FINALE! THAT IS ALL!

Until next time~


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18 Responses to “Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt 5-6”

  1. Xiao says:

    I never thought PnS would have plot…it still scares me. *shudder*

    But now that the Anarchy sisters are here (Panty and Stocking still PWN them, though) along with their so-called big bad guy mayor boss, I hope we get more action-driven episode like ep 6. It’ll be interesting to see how Gainax can top this heck of a toilet-wrecking-car-ramming badass catfight. Also, dual-wielding moment was friggin’ AWESOME. Nuff said. xDb

    • Overcooled says:

      Ahaha, indeed. PLOT + PNS? HOW CAN THIS BE?

      Wait, aren’t Panty and Stocking the Anarchy sisters? o.o Anyways, I would kill for more episode like this one too. There was just so much awesome crammed into every second of that episode <3333 I LOVED THE DUAL-WIELDING TOO!!!!!!

  2. MikADo says:

    Like i said episode 6 is awesomeeeeee!!!

  3. Jo says:

    The OST comes out on the 29th of DEC.

    But yeah, episode 6 was the BEST EPISODE YET of this season…
    I don’t think they can keep it up. They’ll probably bring back the EPICness in the last couple of episodes to finish things off. I’m hoping I’m wrong though..

    There was another blogger who mentioned that the second half of episode 5 may have been a tribute to Satoshi Kon..


    • Overcooled says:

      YAY! Thanks for the info! XD I’m so getting that *drools*

      I agree, they’re probably going to just coast for a bit then have a final miniarc of pure win at the end. It’s a shame they don’t make every episode good, because I hate being let down…

      I can definitely see a Satoshi Kon vibe going on, I never thought to mention it though XD Awww, that’s so sweet if it’s a tribute! =D

  4. Alynn says:

    Oh my god.. Episode six = awesome. So much mind blowing action!
    The new characters are awesome.
    I like Kneesocks better than Scanty. haha.

  5. Gunny says:

    that’s it. epic. :3 I loved Stocking car’s battle and the way she used that geek guy to go through the other car (does it had a name?) *–* Oh boy, I’m dying for this OST D: it’s the frist time since Air Gear that I want an OST like that * _ *

    • Overcooled says:

      His name is Briefs, but pretty much everyone calls him Geek Boy. XD That car battle was amazing…

      AHHH AIR GEAR OST!!!! YES! Such a good OST…Gunny, are you a fellow Air Gear fan? ;D

      • Gunny says:

        Oh, great layout I see there 8)
        Air Gear FTL *¬* I’m currently following the manga… it has such a huge, I mean HUGE, plot omg D: the story turns upside-down every chapter… it is crazy. but i like it (:

  6. sedra14anime says:

    Is this anime really that great? I’m not sure if I should go back and watch the rest of the episodes. I started watching the first episode, and couldn’t finish it. I don’t know why but it just really annoyed me, so I just dropped it.

    • Overcooled says:

      If you didn’t like episode 1, which was one of the best, you probably won’t like the rest of it. =P It’s very in-your-face, so the opinions usually end up being polarized between “I hate this” or “I love this.” I really like it (except for the episodes where they slack off and don’t give us 100%) but I can see how it would turn certain people off. ^^

  7. Hato-kun says:

    Seriously, all whenever I try to say ‘Rule’, it comes out as ‘RUUURRRRUUUU’ now. Thanks, PnS.

  8. Tenshi says:

    I believe episode 7 is now subbed and I skimmed through it (saving it for later tonight)… and it looks quite promising 🙂

  9. Mara says:

    Y’know what would’ve been some epic screen caps to put in? When Chuck and Fastener were ding the ir epic faces while raming teh cars into each other. I LOVED chucks face on that one. He was so determined to beat Fastener. XD

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