Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt – 08

Last week: Transformers. This week: Zombies and Phoenix Wright

Ever since those devil sisters appeared, PnS has gotten a lot better. Gone are the days of barf, boogers and sperm soldiers. Welcome to a new era of well-done parodies and adrenaline-pumped action. Where else will you see the unholy union of dildos and the undead? Two lawyers duking it out in a variety gameshow?  Cartoon style and super sexy hi-def scenes? Now that I’m done gushing, let’s dive into it!

Right from the title screen, we’re tipped off that this episode is about zombies. Even the TOWN name is a reference to zombie flick directors. So were are the Anarchy sisters in this time of peril? Barricading themselves in a police station since they were stuck as “honorary police officers” for the day. They would love to bust the door down and blow everything to smithereens, but apparently zombie Ghosts are immune to the angel’s weapons. At a loss at what to do, the civilians start to argue and call them impostors.

Garterbelt pops out of the loo to start telling us how to kill them before going back in to finish his…business. A regular cop bravely takes charge, saying that they’re weak to fire. Anime cops are always useless though. Within 5 seconds, he accidentally drops the fire in front of a massive crowd of zombies, who now have a convenient light to see what their victims look like. All hell breaks loose now that the door is open! Garterbelt, just spit out how to kill them already!

Really? Split their heads open? I don’t need some black guy to tell me that, I’d do it instinctively! Panty manages to lead a small rebellion to a weapons store by bashing zombies in with a baseball bat. Except the weapons store is a sex shop. HOW DO YOU MIX THOSE TWO UP? The demon sisters laugh and act all hoity-toity from a distance, reveling in the undead army they have formed. They make a zombie messenger especially for the angel sisters just to say “nya nya nya, you got owned by us~”

Garterbelt is taking mental notes for later…

Sufficiently pissed off, they do what anyone else would do in this situation – grab some neon-coloured dildos and start killing zombies. There’s actually a longish scene with a civilian trying to sacrifice his life and be dramatic, but his speech is so long that he becomes a zombie before he does anything useful. After more engrish swearing than you can shake a dildo at, the sisters plow their way (heh.) through the zombies in an attempt to get their car. Once IN the car, they’re actually in more danger though…

Garterbelt has a lot of screentime this episode, what with all his zombie killing. He even has a face-off with the zombified Panty and Stocking. Oh man, if we had a zombie transformation sequence? DAAAMMMNNNN. Anyways, they fight while the demon sisters get swarmed by their own army. In the end, everyone is a zombie and can’t change back. Lulz.

The next segment is some “Judgement Day” game show on TV in which Panty and Stocking forcefully attend. It’s basically a court hearing, but airing on TV. Like Judge Judy, but crazy and Japanese. They’re judging PnS for the murder of some benevolent Ghost, and the judges will ultimately be the viewers (who consist of rabid fans and rabid haters).

Tom Croose (wooooooow, blatant reference is blatant) is the attorney trying to prosecute the lovely angels, and a monkey with an IQ of 60 is the lawyer for the defendants. At least the monkey can speak? Sadly, all the evidence Tom Croose has is pretty incriminating. Photos of where they were before the murder, Panty saying she shoots all Ghosts on sight, and Stocking not remembering the names of all the Ghosts they’ve called. So even though they don’t recall killing the poor, innocent, Mr. Husband Petters – they’re pretty much guilty.

One of the last straws is when Panty is asked to display how her gun works since some witnesses heard gunshots. Instead of just normally transforming her gun, she gives everyone a mini stripshow with a conveniently-appearing pole. For this, they are banished into a metal coffin for the rest of the trial. The last and final straw is when the Ghost’s wife gives everyone a sob story to win sympathy.

The audience votes them as GUILTY, and the more guilty votes they have, the higher the voltage of their ELECTRIC SHOCK. Stocking enjoys it (Looks like Tarou from MM! has a new friend…) so they turn the voltage to max, revealing the identities of the host and Croose as none other than the demon sisters! Their identities are fully revealed once the machine explodes.

It hurts so GOOD

The residual electricity shocks the monkey lawyer, stimulating his brain to the point where he becomes THE ULTIMATE PRIMATE (I typed primape at first, but that’s a Pokemon…).  He solves the case quite easily – if Panty shot the Ghost, it would have exploded. Derr. The killer is none other than the wife, and the host and Croose were in on it! The judge sticks the crazy wife in the electric tomb and the viewers say she’s guilty, of course. BZZZTTTT!

The judge, clad in his thong, begs the angels to kill the Ghost (who survived the shock). Finally free from their prison, we get some good quality TRANS-FO-MASHUN SEEK-WENTZ! Great way to end the episode, along with almost naked! demon girls.

End Thoughts: I found this to be another solid episode. By solid I mean batshit crazy. Lots of references too. It took me a long time to notice the Ren and Stimpy reference that people kept mentioning…It’s that Mr. Husband Petters looks like Stimpy. …Right? XDDD And Stocking making her high-pitched noise after killing that zombie was a Bruce Lee reference. IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO REALIZE THIS, DON’T MAKE FUN OF ME. The parody thing is going well for them, to be honest. It gives them something to focus on. While each situation isn’t the most original idea ever, PnS manages to spin it in a completely ridiculous way.

The zombie half was amusing in all of its engrish swearing majesty. Sadly, the only zombie thing I’ve ever seen is Highschool of the Dead. I KNOW, i need to watch a zombie movie one day and I WILL. And yet I’m the one who reviews all the horror/creepy shows hurr hurr hurr. The ending was great too. XD

I enjoyed watching the second half, but in retrospect, it’s pretty low-key. It’s very unassuming and a bit weird to try and follow. Anyways, I always appreciate the tired and true OBJECTION! reference. It never gets old. I loved the poledance scene too. GO PANTY GO!

Overall, I am very pleased with PnS right now. It’s hitting all my right spots and filling me with pleasure. ….Yeah, I’m not even going to go back and reword that. I am digging this consistency. I actually look FORWARD to new episodes, when before I would fidget nervously when I saw it up for download. I never knew what to expect. Hopefully, keeping my expectations up at this point won’t blow up in my face. Have fun talking to the non-PnS-watchers about dildos and zombies as they slowly think you’ve gone crazy! =D

COME again soon ;D (Yeah, I went there)


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21 Responses to “Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt – 08”

  1. Sebz says:

    The ultimate primate’s an Ace Attorney reference xDD

    I think this is the craziest episode so far, despite being parody-heavy. But isn’t the Scanty and Kneesocks trend getting a little tiring?

    • Overcooled says:

      I only played a little bit of the first game (I know, shame on me) so I didn’t catch that XD

      I would reserve “craziest” for episode 6, but it was a good episode with a lot of wtf. The Scanty and Kneesocks trend could very easily become tiring, but I can’t seem to get bored of them…they’re just too cool! (at least, so far)

  2. Dan-go says:

    No…not really, the whole, anti-anarchy system thing they’ve got (like the whole obsession with rules) is always a nice contrast, like the angels being the unruly chaotic ones and the demons being the rule following wimps

    • Overcooled says:

      And yet they break the laws of nature and physics! They aren’t very good at following rules.

      But I do like how the demons are tidy and the angels are reckless slobs.

  3. Dan-go says:

    Oh yes and for the zombie episode references y not start with the title “…Of the dead”=”Night of the living dead/dawn of the dead/day of the dead series”

  4. Tofu says:

    Woot!! MM! reference! xD Tarou’s found the perfect person for him who actually understands his Masochism ahahahah ^^

  5. Captain says:

    I’m starting to get a little afraid that PnS might end up being a parody series D;

    And the double entendres in this. THE INNUENDOS.

  6. MikADo says:

    The zombie episode was so awesome!
    The d*ldo weapons 😀
    actually i enjoyed the second part more
    since i played all the games of ace attorney
    it was much more funnier when the monkey attorney
    says “ii Ari!!” XD
    PnS is introducing all these parodies in their Ep
    and i luv it <3

    • Overcooled says:

      I loved the zombie part too. It actually took me a while to figure out what those things were. Then they vibrated. O_O

      The parody thing is working thusfar~

  7. Jo says:

    not only was blatant reference blatant, it was an exact copy of Tom Cruise from the movie Magnolia…(dunno what the movie is about, never watched it)


    • Overcooled says:

      Ohh, I didn’t know it was from that movie…which I have never seen before! So many references!

      Leave it to PnS to parody something so closely and get away with it.

  8. Jo says:

    here is a youtube link to a clip, (its not in English though). Same dramatic entrance and they even used the same background music…lol


  9. Psycho says:

    This episode didn’t really impress me just like previous episode. Other than Racoon City and Ace Attorney parody, most of them I don’t get it.

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, even though I didn’t get most of the references until AFTER the show, I still enjoyed it. The references are just nice little bonuses to the crazy storyline.

  10. Gunny says:

    a zombie transformation sequence would be pretty… disgusting, lol (actually, it would be cool 8D)
    P&S is the best anime from this season so far… and the parodies…(I laughed LOUD at the monkey’s “OBJECTION”! ace artonerry is too epic *-*)
    this one was full of references. good episode :3 yet, I want to see some car fight this week (: (who knows, fast and furious parody…?)

    • Overcooled says:

      Disgusting, but I want to see it…XD

      While PnS isn’t my favourite this season, it is ONE OF my favourites (it can’t compete with the consistently awesome Arakawa and Shiki). =D It’s becoming a really funny show, I’m glad.

      Ahhh yes, another car fight! lol, I wouldn’t put it past PnS to do a fast and furious parody. Who knows what will be next?!?!

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