Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt – 07

And you thought we didn’t like mecha shows

Oh. my. gosh. PnS episode 7 was actually good! I had prepared myself for the worst and everything. Well then, Gainax, just keep this up until the last episode, and we can forget about the bad episodes. We’ll just sweep that dirt under the rug. Do we have a deal?

NOOO NOT ANOTHER STOCKING FIGHTING WITH PANTY EPISODE!!!…Is what I first thought. Until 2 asteroids crashed with Optimus Prime and Megatron rip-offs. I’m so glad they didn’t waste any time getting to the mecha switch-up part. With their newfound powers, the siblings assemble an army of Transformers based on their bedroom decor. My personal favourite would be the condom Transformer.

Panty sets up base by the fridge so Stocking can’t get her sugar fix, but she just pops out of the fridge anyways to get the first strike. PEW PEW PEW! Panty’s next base is slightly more successful. By hogging the bathroom, Stocking can’t use the toilet! Ha! Wait, Transformers still pee? <_< ANYWAYS, after donning a diaper, Stocking one ups Panty yet again with her army. She even lands a blow where it hurts most, sending a studly, suicide bomber to have hot, mecha sex and then explode. I will never be able to assemble something from Ikea without imagining mecha sex EVER AGAIN. Thanks PnS.

The robot war between the Pantybots and the Stockingcons rages on for several more years, getting more and more out of hand as time goes by. By now, the house has become some weird, futuristic…thing. Briefs finally awakens (yeah, I dunno how he slept for so long) and begins lecturing the original Transformers about how pointless their war is. The seemingly diplomatic turn of events shifts to the annihilation of Earth.

Awww, Geek Boy, you interrupted an awesome fight!

Gainax has finally caught on that as long as there’s a transformation sequence, the fans go nuts. So, a Transformers transformation sequence? Or at least, the first part of it? *Applauds*

So the world was saved once again, and no morals were learned.

We’re already on the second part now! Either I’m getting better at succinct summaries or I’m just becoming more and more vague. But come on, who watches PnS for the PLOT? Pshhh. (The answer is crazy people, that’s who!) Part 2 is, believe it or not, just as good as part one. Garterbelt fumes over the sisters using him like some sort of sugar daddy and burning through his money like wildfire. Instead of earning Heavens, they make a bet that they can earn back the 3 million dollars they spent in normal currency. If they lose, it’s goodbye to those pointless spending sprees.

Pfffttt girls can’t do JOBS!

Getting a job is hard *suppresses urge to rant about the subject*. Briefs sets them off on the right foot, but it turns out putting them more in debt than in the black. This is why celebrities should stick to being pretty and not having to think. Still, I would love to have Stocking as my nurse. GO AHEAD AND JUDGE ME.

Hellooooooo, nurse!

They haven’t made a dime, and it’s day 3. In a last ditch effort, they take the advice of some older man and head to the casino. Looking more fabulous than any Star Driver character, the Anarachy sisters waltz in and start raking in those chips from the first “ka-ching!” Briefs tries, but just gets booted when he runs out of money. As angel’s, they have a LOT of luck. It’s not long before they’re escorted to the VIP roulette section to raise the stakes.

Hey, isn’t that what Haruko wore in FLCL?

If the name of the casino (The HELLton) didn’t tip you off, finally seeing the two devil sisters should be enough. That’s right, THEY’RE BAAACK! The casino is not only driving the town into an economic crisis, but the money is feeding a Ghost. Their eyes bug out of their skull when they see PnS though. Although this wasn’t in their plans, Scanty decides to take this opportunity to catch them off-guard and get revenge.

Kneesocks slaps on a moustache and a dealer outfit, and she’s good to go. As the new dealer, she uses her devil’s luck to cancel out the angel’s winning streak. It’s not long before they lose all their money in a ragefit, and the tube slowly descends to suck them up. That’s when things suddenly turn into strip-roulette as Panty pawns off her feather boa/mink scarf? for money.

Things get worse. Or better, I guess. Whatever your perspective, things are pretty naked up in hurr. Panty and Stocking are left in only their panties (yep, no bras). Seeing this as the perfect time for Panty to lose her weapon, Kneesocks cackles evilly…and is distracted by Panty’s sneeze. She accidentally drops the ball, which just so happens to land on the jackpot.

All the money pours out along with the deflated Ghost. Panty takes off her panties and puts the pathetic-looking thing to rest. Kneesocks and Scanty retreat for now, cursing their luck. Until next time!

End Thoughts: I like how the devil sisters ran into Panty and Stocking again, yet they aren’t actively looking for them. I’m not sure how I’d feel about them being like Team Rocket, slinking after the heroes time after time only to be blown into bits each time. It’s less pathetic this way, because at least their plan was WORKING before those two came.  Well, WHATEVER they do, I’m glad to see them.

I still can’t believe they stayed in mecha mode for AN ENTIRE EPISODE. What a treat! =D Especially the robot sex…ESPECIALLY THAT. PnS is really bucking up now that we’re in the final stretch, which is all I could ever ask for. So what transformation sequence will they have next?  We had a debu one, a mecha one, a youkai one….Maybe a loli one? Let’s hope not.

I’m glad we got a lot of the hi-def art too. Nurse, policegirl, and stripper! =D Just stay away from the grossout humour (boogers, barf, poop) from here on in, and you’ll be fine. Don’t let me down, PnS. We have something good going on right now, don’t ruin it!

Dat ass.


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10 Responses to “Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt – 07”

  1. MikADo says:

    OMG i loved this episode!
    did you check out the Gainax homepage?
    they change the illustration time to time and this time it was PnS transformers 😀 Gainax is getting wilder every year, and i love it!

  2. foshizzel says:

    This episode made me die laughing! lol the transformers half was great nice to see Gainax do more parody work xD

    2nd half yay more screen time for the demon sisters 😀

  3. Dan-go says:


  4. Leah-san says:

    Holy Shit, those transformation sequences were awesome! The… mecha sex…. HNNNG!

    • Dan-go says:

      forgive me but i have to say it…Thats the first time i’ve ever seen screwing with screwdrivers 😉

    • Overcooled says:

      That mecha sex was actually pretty hot LOL
      …Before he suddenly exploded <_<

  5. Gunny says:

    I almost fell from the chair when the mecha transformation sequence started D: (I did not fell only cuz they turned into human again D:) omg… the OST… 8D

    • Overcooled says:

      I know, I was like YEAAAAHHHH but then they turned human again. I guess going all the way and making the whole thing mecha would be too much trouble. Oh well, I cherished those 5 seconds of joy. <3

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