Arakawa Under The Bridge x Bridge OP Single

Arakawa Under The Bridge x Bridge OP Single, COSMOS vs ALIEN

Phew! I AM BACK!!! Yes! That family emergency turned into a mini-vacation later on but while I was carting off to different cities, Metanorn sure hit some bumps in the last 2-3 weeks because of the migration happening, theme changing and what not! Though, I see things settling down and some regular readers, who are being totally awesome. It was a very good idea to get the chatbox (temporary or not) started as the real interaction was amazing (not to mention, filled with love confessions and fandom fun) like our motto getting changed to: this is the place for bishies, who come here to confess their love to each other.

This is just a welcome back present as mostly everyone loves Arakawa Under the Bridge (Maaya and Hiroshi ftw~) and personally I love Etsuko’s voice for being so sweet. Enjoy the new OP Single, while I put up some more updates and posts including some much needed makeover of the sidebar. Ja ne~

Artist: Yakushimaru Etsuko

2. Nanchatte The World
3. Wool wa Yukkuri Yume wo Miru ka?

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18 Responses to “Arakawa Under The Bridge x Bridge OP Single”

  1. Dan-go says:

    i swear this single is the only thing getting me through exams atm

  2. Dan-go says:

    also the album art for this…nino’s…family? i like the one with a fish in her mouth 😀

  3. Captain says:

    Oh god. All those Venusians *3*

  4. MikADo says:

    I absolutely LOVE this OP <3<3ㅅ< )

  5. fathomlessblue says:

    It’s a nice enough tune, but I still prefer the ending theme so much more. Hopefully it will be released soon enough. Ties with the ending theme to Yakumo as my favourite songs of the season. XD

    • sassy says:

      Looks like the Akai Coat single will be out on the 8th of December, stay tuned…

      Also, the Arakawa Under the Bridge OST that comes out on 12/22 will have Maria’s OP, hehehehe

      • Dan-go says:

        Ohhhhh Yeaaaah, wooot epic christmas present shaft

      • Kyokai says:

        This Arakawa news gives me much to look forward to in December! ^^

        • Dan-go says:

          this arakawa news will see me through my physics exam <3 shaft

  6. amado says:

    the weirdest OP song ive heard so far…

    • Dan-go says:

      Someone needs to watch some Lucky Star

      • amado says:

        I plan to watch that when this school semester ends…

        • Dan-go says:

          the most EPICLY EPIC, epicly pointless, of epic proportions ANIME IN EXISTENCE

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