Togainu no Chi – 03


Keisuke, stop being such a useless uke~!!

~FINALLY IT IS SUBBED!! I was literally having a spazz attack when it wasn’t subbed by Friday. Yet, as I watched it, I was actually disappointed with my beloved Togainu no Chi!

In this episode, Akira and Keisuke make their way back to the Castle so Keisuke can get his tags to participate in Igra. On their way, they see  Motomi who ends up tagging along with them.

When they enter the Castle, Keisuke, Motomi and Akira are guided to see Mr. Arbitro. A man tells Keisuke to wait in a room for him, and just as he enters, Arbitro is seen walking down the hallway.

Arbitro suddenly starts to freak out though as he spots Motomi, asking him frantically why he’s here. However he quickly tells him to never come back, and heads into the room. As he closes the door, Motomi tells gives Akira a warning about Arbitro, saying he’s taken interest in him, and the he loves young boys with pretty faces (Oh gosh…sounds like pedophile to me).

Motomi also mentions the chained up door they saw earlier as they start walking out of the building. He tells him its the door to the Colosseum, the arena where you fight II Re, the dueling platform to see who the new drug lord will be.

Meanhile, Keisuke is getting his tags and the rules of Igra explained to him; Arbrito tells him that Igra is like a poker game where you have to get a royal straight or full house with the rank 10 and above tags. He also has the right to challenge II re. Finally, when battling for tags, if you land on your back, you lose and the winner takes your tags. Keisuke is given five tags, and is told he must wear one to show that he is participating.

As the topic of what happens if you break the rules, the Executioners pop in, dropping off a bloody body.

Kiriwar notices Keisuke as a newbie, and says that lately they’re have been a lot of people attacking newbies. Arbitro is a bit angry, and lets them kill anyone they find doing just that (this is called foreshadowing kiddies!)

Arbrito proceeds to tell Keisuke about them, saying that they go around Toshima, find people who break the rules, and punish them. He tells more rules like participants can’t have firearms, have a battle with no eye-witnesses, or even give up on Igra all together.

I have to admit I love his evil smile…
…but this is just SO CREEPY.

Outside, Keisuke shows his tags to Akira and Motomi, and as they’re leaving the castle, the man with blue hair and an eye patch from the beginning is watching them for a far….

Suddenly, while Akira and Keisuke walk through an alley, the man appears behind Keisuke, holding a knife by his throat.

Of course Akira isn’t going to let anything happen to his precious Keisuke, and is prepaired to fight. But the guy only hits him on the back, taking his tags. Keisuke ends up ACTUALLY distracting him while Akira gets out his knife and goes after him. He manages to cut off a cross from his neck, then knock him down, taking back Keisuke’s tags.


The guy soon gets up, but then just runs away from them. As he leaves, Akira notices the silver cross that he cut off from the guy’s necklace and picks it up.

Nice weapon Keisuke….

They go back to their safe house from the previous episode where Rin finds them, telling them that it isn’t a good place for a hide out.

I love how you popped out of nowhere Rin xD

He also notices Keisuke’s tag around his neck, and as he gets his camera to take a photo of all of them together, he accidentally spills photos from his pocket. One of the photos falls next to Akira, and he picks it up, seeing that it’s a photo of the guy with the sword from the first episode. Rin instantly notices that he has it and gives Akira a menacing stare as he takes the photo from him.

Rin suddenly gets back to his cheerful side, and the three of them leave to find a better hide-out. On their way however they are stopped by the Executioners, and as they leave, the man with the blue hair comes back wanting to talk to Akira privately.

They go behind a building where the man asks him for the silver cross. He tells him it belonged to his younger sister, but he quickly changes the subject, saying he knew Akira from when he played Bl@ster. The man, known as Takeru, tells him that he is playing Igra for money, and begins to rant about how people on the top, like Akira was in Bl@ster, never know how people who have to work from the ground up feel. Then as Akira leaves he takes out his knife and the two battle for a short time before Akira cuts off the cross again. He picks it up, and then runs away (again), not before saying that Akira will never beat II gre~.

End thoughts: Keisuke is really, REALLY getting on my nerves now. He’s becoming that typical weakling character that doesn’t really defend himself, and has to rely on the main, stronger character, which really pisses me off to no end. Throughout the whole episode I was ranting at my computer screen, going, “GOSH KEISUKE! Stop being such a wuss!” I also dislike this new character with the eye patch; he’s a wuss too, running away TWICE from Akira! I’m like, “Dude, seriously, finish your fight. This is supposed to be an action anime! D8<” He’s just another one of those useless punks, gah. The two of them are just proving how bad-ass Akira is xD I was cheering for him to kick that eye patch guy’s ass the two times they fought.

I really wasn’t too pleased with this episode. I had to wait almost four days for the subs to release, which already had me in an irritated mood, and when they did come out, I was given a pretty disappointing episode. It’s all Keisuke’s fault! We had to go back to the Castle, and go through all that stuff again. The only benefit we got was that we finally got to see this Arbrito guy, who turned out to be a total weirdo with his statues and paintings of…boys, and we also got a little more info on the job of the executioners and the rules of Igra. Ugh, every time I had to re-watch the scene with Arbrito and his dog…person…guy I seriously got chills. It was so disturbing and just plain creepy o____o

Oh yes, another benefit we got was that small scene with the pictures that fell out of Rin’s pocket, and one of them was of that guy with sword (Shiki, his name is apparently from what people have told me). I was like, “Ooooooo~! What’s this Rin? 8D” And that look he gave Akira too, I got a tinge of excitement. I’ve also noticed the animation is getting a little faulty too; the character’s faces are looking a bit strange to me. Luckily, the action animation is still looking great, so hopefully there won’t be problems with that~.


It looks like my bad-ass man Shiki is going to make a comeback, with Akira possibly fighting him. And WHAT’S THIS?! Is that Rin on top of Akira? WHAT?! Nooooooooo! Until next week then~!


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17 Responses to “Togainu no Chi – 03”

  1. Alynn says:

    I felt like I was waiting for this episode for 10 years. Seriously. I think I ended up checking every hour every since it was released to see if it was subbed yet.

    And it didn’t even live up to my expectations… Sigh
    Stupid Keisuke, stop being such a wuss. :red:

    I just hope the next episode is a lot better than this one!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Seriously D8 I was so mad that it didn’t come out on time, and then the episode was such a dud! I wanted to cry a bit |’D

      I do too~!<3 Well it will be because it's got my man SHIKI OH YEAH!

  2. From what I’ve heard, Keisuke is just gonna keep on being a loser. I’m actually not all that annoyed with him yet, although I think that has much more to do with the fact that I watched UraBoku this summer and Yuki really was one of the worst characters ever. If anything, I’m irritated that Keisuke entered into Igra, because he clearly has no business fighting since he sucks at it. If he’d just remained Akira’s stupid friend, I could’ve rolled with that, but now he’s Akira’s stupid friend who is in way over his head. Ugh.

  3. AppleSauce says:

    Yeah. Keisuke getting surprised attacked really pissed me off on how easliy he got attacked. LOL. Ahhhh, why is he always so off-guard?!?! Before I watched it, I was hoping for Keisuke to somehow get stronger and be able to at least protect himself but I guess I was wrong. :6
    I looking for some Togainu no Chi doujins for Keisuke and Akira, and I kept seeing Akira as uke. LOL, so it’s weird, I keep picturing him as seme, yet all most the doujins I saw was him being uke.

    • anaaga says:

      akira is always and will always be an uke.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yep, I had a tiny bit of hope for Keisuke myself, but after that surprise attack when he BARELY got his tags…I was like, “Oh Keisuke, Keisuke =___=;”

      YES ME TOO!!! :wah
      I’ve had people tell me that in the game, Akira is ALWAYS the uke, even when paired up with Rin and Keisuke!! o____o I picture him as a seme too, so I found it weird too~.

  4. anaaga says:

    WHAT THA FCUK KEISUKE!!! grrr i knew he’s gona be useless and all that,but still, he’s getting on my nerves! D:<
    ….welcome to the world of extreme SM. so don't think that MM! is bad now xD i still wonder how arbrito kiss the dog on the mouth with that huge-ass stick the dog is biting with…
    i still find it funny that arbrito and takeru got the funniest voice(s). they all look so cool, until i heard their voices…i can't help but giggle every time takeru talks. their voices just don't match up with their physical appearance…xD
    and zomg, it looks to me as if shiki is kissing akira! me and my dirty brain! and rin on top of akira!? akira is so lucky, getting it twice in one episode xD

  5. Overcooled says:

    I actually liked this episode. Maybe it’s because I don’t mind Keisuke being useless that much. Probably because I know deathmatches aren’t exactly the easiest thing for one to get used to. It’s not his fault he’s not a professional fighter XD

    The “dog” creeps me out too. Mostly his piercings. If they catch on something – it’s gonna hurt. But at least we get some shounen-ai that isn’t just implied? lol

    Eyepatch dude ran away a lot, so I’m not sure if I like him or not either…

  6. bakuhasu says:

    Is there a GUY besides ME that is watching this 3rd Episode?

    As I may or may not mention this is definitely a GAY PORN (HEHehe.. DDD inside joke here) along with the good o Fortune Arterial and Yosuga no Sora. Thing is Toganinu no Chi is a straight up gay porn both in the literal sense and in my stupid inside joke. Then again this 3rd episode just makes me want to touch my skinny self each time a minute has passed…. ( Waits for all the girls to go away….)

    Now that’s out, in a serious manner, this episode was….an episode. Nothing surprising, the plot is just standard take me to the top with a group of my f*ck buddies. But then again (as a guy) I don’t watch (as you girls giggling in the waaay end) Togainu no Chi for the story. I watch it (being the FIRST Shonen Ai that I’ve watched) is for the fanservice, and that is this episode (you know what I’m talking about….). Things get pretty heated as what’s a turn on for them is a COMPLETELY turnoff for me. What I’m getting here is that I do it for endurance see how manly this goes and to see how much I can endure.

    Also I like that one girl Rin? She’s pretty cute thank god we have a girl in the show. GAWD how can I survive with an all male cast?

    • Dan-go says:

      W8…SHES A GIRL??!?!?! i’m so confused, and now that i know it’s a guy on guy anime i’m suddenly seeing it in a whole newlight…. :sad5 but dont worry bakuhasu, we show represent the superior patriarchial sex on these posts

    • Tofu says:

      Woah… This anime didn’t intrigue me at all when I read the review and saw the trailer but after hearing Baku say it’s a gay porn… It was worst than I thought… DEFINITELY AIN’T WATCHING THIS!!

      • Dan-go says:

        tis the slightest exaggeration, there are no sparkly scenes, its mostly depressed kickass guy beating people up while protecting the wimpy crybaby, i like the druggy post apocalyptic setting, it’s a little bit dark and a little bit twisted

        • Tofu says:

          oh… Well even if you put it that way, I still ain’t gonna try it out, doesn’t seem like an anime for me

    • Mika says:

      Actually, Rin is a boy. |D

  7. Teabie says:

    no matter how painful each episode has been so far, i’m sooo hanging in there bcos it HAS to get better. i can forgive all the cliches, so far. and Shiki!!! i just wanna see him ever since he appeared in the OP and in that first few seconds of the 1st ep. omigosh… *fans herself*

    Keisuke annoys me to no tomorrow, but well, you know there has to be such an uke character in such a series. sigh. gotta bear with it, folks!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah, it’s slowly getting better! A-1 always manages to step up their game so I’m hanging in as well (The fourth episode was SO MUCH better than this one). YESSSS SHIKI~!!! He’s just so awesome and to tell the truth I’m mostly waiting for him to come out |’D

      -sigh- Unfortunately that’s true so we’re all gonna have to bear with it =3=;

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