Sengoku Basara II Roundup


Overcooled: YEAH!

Kyokai: PUT YA GUNS ON!!

Overcooled: DAMN YOU BEAT ME TO IT! I was gonna say that…

Kyokai: Muahwahahahahaaaaa~ Wow, that was so cliché…but that is Sengoku, alright

Overcooled: Sengoku is all about being over the top afterall =D And seriously, there must be a compilation of all of Date’s engrish somewhere

Kyokai: YESSS! There must be, somewhere in the fandom.

Overcooled: His English is actually pretty good considering how bad it could be…

Kyokai: It is like TK’s – you could actually understand it. Get Chance and Luck! Anyway, getting back to Sengoku before we start talking like some podcast people ^_~

Overcooled: Kekeke, true. Well, welcome everyone to our Sengoku Basara round-up! We weren’t doing episodics, but it was awesome enough to warrant a summary post to fangirl over the series have a discussion. =D Alright, here we go~

Kyokai: The first episode starts with a fight between Yukimura and Date; Oyakata and Kenshin.

Overcooled: Oh yeah, the series starts right off the bat with war. It’s like “Awww yeaahhh” right away XD

Kyokai: Yup, and Yukimura is defeated by Date…

Overcooled: I was kind of glad…I was sick of stalemates o.o

Kyokai: It was like a love battle xD

Overcooled: It definitely was. 8D Now we know who’s dominant~ kekeke

Yep, sexual tension.

Kyokai: I want to say something more but I will stop here… Fufufufuuu~ Then giant-ass Hideyoshi comes around with Hanbei…I ask what’s the mystery of his build? He’s a frikkin giant.

Overcooled: Hideyoshi is just ridiculously huge and his sideburns scare me <_<

Kyokai: So, Oyakata sends Yukimura packing, ashamed he lost a battle. The cub sure needs to grow up XD

Overcooled: Son, I am disappoint. But seriously, he develops throughout the entire series, which is nice~

Kyokai: Hai hai~ And Hanbei gets the hots for Kojuro and kidnaps him

Overcooled: Can I just say I love Hanbei? Although his lips are creepy

Kyokai: Lol, his eyes are beautiful. I don’t understand the point of that mask though. Does he have sinus problems or something? Is it holding his nose in place? I mean c’mon!

Overcooled: LOL yeah, it’s pretty fail. Maybe they’re running out of good character designs…

Kyokai: …drawing so many handsome men must be tiring

Overcooled: Let’s not forget Katakura’s “DATE IS THE ONLY MAN FOR ME!” outburst

Kyokai: LOL~ He was apart from him for 10 episodes too, such a waste T.T

Overcooled: I knooowww. THEIR REUNION WASN’T EVEN EPIC!!!

Kyokai: YES. I was dissapoint! >.>

Overcooled: I wanted more bawww and less manliness! I wanted at least a single tear. And maybe a manhug.

Kyokai: You wanted him to run into Date’s arms? Imagine if it was like Oyakata and Yukimura, except: MASAMUNE-DONO!!! KOJURO!!! MASAMUNE-DONO!!! KOJURO!!!


Kyokai: I think I will dream about this now

Overcooled: *cherry blossoms in background*

Kyokai: Like Kasuga, she always goes through a fangasm whenever Kenshin goes soft on her. Man, cheesy much? XD Oh, and it was sad that Oyakata and Kenshin didn’t get much screentime

I want to see Date try doing that…

Overcooled: Meh, I don’t like Kenshin much. He’s too..womanly

Kyokai: It’s all Paku Romi’s fault! Now that I know she’s an onna, I can’t imagine her voicing manly characters. It was all good with Edward because he was a teen, but Kenshin with that headband and Kasuga in the mix; it more look like a yuri moment >.>

Overcooled: lol, his outfit certainly doesn’t help matters. In the first season I was convinced it was yuri until I saw his six pack and lack of breasts.

Kyokai: Such disappointment. XD By the way, Date’s defeat by Hideyoshi was soooo saaaaad…

Overcooled: It wasss~ especially how his army protected him

Kyokai: That was very touching indeed. And then Ichi shows up in episode 4

Overcooled: Oh damn, I forgot about her. I thought she would do something important but then…she didn’t…<_< Basically they got Noto Mamiko in the recording studio, made her cry for 20 minutes, then sent her home

Kyokai: Such a waste for Noto Mamiko… That was one brief episode. Well, we know for a fact she’s alive at least. Was she possessed by her onee-sama’s spirit?

Overcooled: Mmm hmm, I think she’s possessed by Oda. If there’s another season, maybe she’ll be a villain somehow. If she’s the MAIN villain, she won’t be very scary though

Kyokai: That could actually happen, but her voice is not meant to be a villain’s at all

Overcooled: Hisahide also came back and he…didn’t do much either. He just slowed people down a bit.

Kyokai: Hisahide is one mean bastard…but has one cool ninja with him.  Anyways, let’s skip the whole war part. It’s basically Hanbei doing a war dance for Hideyoshi


Kyokai: YESSSS now onto some MANLINESS

Overcooled: YEOSH! So many battles all at once in the finale XD

Kyokai: It was an awesome end with all the multi-tasking fights XD I was going woohoooooo the whole time. I think I hurt my throat XD

Overcooled: LOL really? Ahaha. It WAS pretty epic

Kyokai: I was in that kind of a mood XD These people talk too much…(and of course with those long-winded dialogues…) But awesome nonetheless

Overcooled: I don’t remember Katakura being that awesome~

Kyokai: Ah, and Hanbei being sick…He sure stuck around till the end. I loved his face-off with Kojuro


Kyokai: He was keeping his awesomeness to himself! SO MANLYYYY! I was GAPING!

Insert “This is Sparta” joke here.

Overcooled: It was kind of sad that Hanbei knew he was going to die so he was looking for a replacement. Awww~

Kyokai: You can’t really hate him, that was best thing about his character. I sure liked Chosokabe too. His troops of pirates are SOO DATE

Overcooled: Omg me too. When he teamed up with Date – AHHHHHHH LONG LOST BROTHERS

Kyokai: I fangasm’d XD

Overcooled: SAMMEEE

Kyokai: ANIKIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! HITTTTTOOOO!!!! Their armies are made for each other

Overcooled: I know. They shared horses too~

Kyokai: I loved the fact that Yukimura grew so much after bungling about. The way he took things in his hands and became a real General was awesome!

Overcooled: Yeah, he went through a looot of development this season, and it was all pretty natural. Yukimura is a fine man now 8D

Kyokai: All grown up! XD *pats Yukimura plushie*

Overcooled: *sniff* I’m so proud

Kyokai: Interestingly enough, if you compare season two with one, the supporting cast got less screentime in two because of too much to and fro and new characters introduced

Overcooled: It doesn’t feel like it though. It feels pretty balanced. Although there were a lot more characters this season.

Kyokai: Yeah, I didn’t miss them or anything, the pacing was fast and there were more fights. Speaking of fights, let’s focus more on the final roundddd. Those Ultimate battles? I MEAN WOWWWW


Kyokai: Fangirl squee is not enough! DATE and YUKIMURA WERE SO AWESOME! Yukimura stopped an entire moving fortress USING HIS MANLINESS and not to mention SHATTERED ALL DEM MIRRORS WITH HIS HOTNESS XD

Overcooled: LOL he was hotter than the sun. His sexiness was so great, Motonari died. Shame, Motonari was so awesome and clever~

Kyokai: He was even bossing Oyakata around to remain at home base, causing him to be overwhelmed by Yukimura’s manliness xD And Date…… Oh Date…His katanas fizzing out… NO LIMIT!

Overcooled: …and then heaven EXPLODED. Although to be honest, it was kind of weird that it only took Date to take down Hideyoshi in my mind..but whatever…it was cool to watch

Kyokai: Actually I was thinking it would be something like season one where Date would be joined by either Yukimura or Chosokabe for the final act. But wow, he was MAD. Hideyoshi kidnapped his Kojuro afterall XD

Overcooled: Yeah, same, I expected it to take more than one person to bring down that giant. It made Hideyoshi look feeble lawl

Kyokai: And of course, both of them had to go poooof after finishing the fight

Overcooled: I was worried Date died for a second actually…Then I was like “pshhh no, this is Sengoku.”


Kyokai: And it’s DATE MASAMUNE. I was sure he would pull through XD Now, the history of the sannin was pretty unclear till the end. I meanm Hideyoshi lost his wife in war or some incident and he tried to take over Japan for mere anger? I would repeat what Date said to Keiji, “Don’t tell me that he was a nice man.”

Overcooled: Not that this makes things any better, but he was bullied too. ._. Well, not bullied, but he got owned along with Keiji.

Kyokai: That giant getting bullied was so not believable. Keiji became the dancing monk while Hideyoshi went for WHERE’S MY WAR MOFO

End Thoughts:

Kyokai: I am glad Overcooled put me up to watch this or else I would have postponed it until it ended and then marathon it. SO MUCH MANLINESS! And of course awesomeferric ACTION! I am such a fangirl for these series. They can even make a third season if they want to, but Production I.G has given me a lot of grief already. No season two of Kimi ni Todoke still, so I won’t be overly excited or expect anything…. T_T Hopefully, the movie would be awesome and I can only say in the end: Party o ware ne~

Overcooled: I’ll also be looking forward to that movie, and there’s always the video game to tide me over in case a season 3 isn’t announced. It certainly was an awesome season..even better than the first one for me! I mean, you know a action series is good when you feel adrenaline pumping. My jaw must’ve been hanging open when Hideyoshi literally parted the seas with his FIST. Probably my favourite battles were Keiji vs Toshiie, Katakura vs Hanbei in the final and Yukimura vs Mori Motonari at the end too XD….and Date vs Hideyoshi, but that’s a given…No forget it, I liked everything. EVERYTHING. SENGOKU BASARA FTW. I demand all of you to watch it now if you haven’t already!


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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7 Responses to “Sengoku Basara II Roundup”

  1. Kushi says:

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch the series, but after reading this, I think I’ll check it out!
    It was the cliches that threw me off at first–but who cares it there’s fight scenes and great art–right? 😀

    • Overcooled says:

      Glad we could convince you! :3 It really is one of those “oh my god that’s so cheesey” anime that somehow makes the cheesiness look awesome….Wow, that’s a bad description. <_< Okay, just watch for the manly fighting and beautiful art. 8D I hope you like it~

  2. Abe says:

    You both have amused me enough to go check this out

  3. Sweety says:

    I am going to miss this so much! ;-;

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