Kuroshitsuji II Black Sound Selection 01

Kuroshitsuji II Black Sound Selection 01

Being a marketing person, I’m sometimes amazed at the promotional stuff of Kuroshitsuji, which gets so much sales. Props to the studios and their agency. Anyway, this release was coupled with the DVD release of Kuroshitsuji season II and first in line of total nine. Details of which are below:

  • DVD Release 1: First two episodes and Black Sound Selection 01 (22nd September, 2010)
  • DVD Release 2: Episode three, OVA: Ciel in Wonderland – Part I and Black Sound Selection 02 (27th October, 2010)
  • DVD Release 3: Episode four, OVA: Welcome to the home of Phantomhive and seiyuu commentary (24th November, 2010)
  • DVD Release 4: Episode five and six and seiyuu commentary (22nd December, 2010)
  • DVD Release 5: Episode seven, OVA: Making of Kuroshitsuji II and seiyuu commentary (26th January, 2011)
  • DVD Release 6: Episode eight, OVA: Ciel in Wonderland – Part 2 and music CD (23rd February, 2011)
  • DVD Release 7: Episode nine, ten and music CD (23rd February, 2011)
  • DVD Release 8: Episode eleven, OVA: The story of the Shinigami Will and music CD (27th April, 2011)
  • DVD Release 9: Episode twelve, Fifth OVA and music CD (25th May, 2011)

The OVA information has already been reported by Hoshi and now you know about the release dates too. As the music releases would be bundled with the DVD releases, look forward to it! Scans are included so all the Kuro fangirls, ENJOY~ ^^

Artist: Yucca, Iwasaki Taku

1. The Slightly Chipped Full Moon
2. A Watchdog’s Investigation
3. Made by 3seconds
4. Fabulous Treatment
5. Higeki no Makuake
6. Kurutta Honoo
7. DIE·Enjou·DEATH!!
8. Kikiteku Full Course
9. Little Lady (I)
10. Little Lady (II)

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5 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji II Black Sound Selection 01”

  1. eerikoko says:


    ありがとう! :woo


  2. Hoshi says:

    I just thought they’d release another part to the Soundtrack again! Wowwwwww~ thank you Kyokai!<3 8'D
    -goes off to enjoy the scans-

  3. anaaga says:

    damn, they’re good and earning money and promoting at the same time. i’m seriously impressed this time

  4. panda says:

    yay!!~ :fangirl

  5. Lizzy says:


    This is great~ I adored the music for the second season. >w<

    I can't really pick a favorite on this one. They're all really great~

    I originally thought that "The Slightly Chipped Full Moon" was in Latin….goes to show you how much Latin I learned in the two years that I took it. xD;;;

    Thank you so very much for the gorgeous music and wonderful scans~~ :thumb:

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