K-ON!! Music Compilation

All the music thus far from the fabulous second season!

Updated with K-ON!! OST Vol. 2

Hato-kun: K-ON!! is awesome. The only think I don’t like about K-ON!! is writing K-ON!! in a sentence, because K-ON!! is the correct way of typing it, but it looks grammatically incorrect. In any case, the music is awesome. Now this compilation will bring together pretty much all of the music from this season, and I’ll provide all the links to the first and second ED’s and OP’s, as well as the insert song albums. If any links are down, gimme a yell, I’ll sort something out.

Kyokai: Update with the second Soundtrack:

1. Early tea
2. My dearest Baumkuchen
3. Okashi no Merry Go Round
4. Pasadena Fwy
5. Na I Sho!
6. Tarirariran!
7. Shiosai to Yuuhi
8. Sepia iro no Nikki
9. Tenpura-kun
10. Hard luck girl
11. Autumn breeze
12. Fine rain in afternoon
13. Cherry’s toy box
14. Nuki Ashi Sashi Ashi Shinobi Ashi
15. Ningyo no Kataomoi
16. Kaidan non Kaidan
17. U&I ~Yuuhi no Kirei Naano Oka de~
18. Unjou Chaya
19. Fude Pen ~Ball Pen~ (YuiAzu Ver.)
20. Sakura ga Oka Joshikoura Gakkou Kouka

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K-ON!! Character Image Songs – Yui Hirasawa

Artist: Toyosaki Aki

1. Oh My Gitah!!
2. Shiawase Hiyori
3. Come with Me!! (Yui Ver.)
4. Oh My Gitah!! (Instrumental)
5. Shiawase Hiyori (Instrumental)
6. Come with Me!! (Instrumental)

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K-ON!! Character Image Songs – Mio Akiyama

Artist: Hikasa Yoko

1. Seishun Vibration
2. Aozora no Monologue
3. Come with Me!! (Mio Ver.)
4. Seishun Vibration (Instrumental)
5. Aozora no Monologue (Instrumental)
6. Come with Me!! (Instrumental)

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K-ON!! Insert Single – LOVE – DEATH DEVIL

Artist: DEATH DEVIL (Yamanaka Sawako, Kawaguchi Norimi) [CV: Sanada Asami, Asakawa Yuu])

1. Love
3. Love (Instrumental)
4. GENOM (Instrumental)

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K-ON!! Band Yaro-yo!! ~Let’s MUSIC!! ~ Band Score

Artist: Houkago Tea Time

1. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental)
2. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental [-Guitar 1])
3. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental [-Guitar 2])
4. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
5. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental [-Bass])
6. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental [-Drums])
7. Listen!! (Instrumental)
8. Listen!! (Instrumental [-Guitar 1])
9. Listen!! (Instrumental [-Guitar 2])
10. Listen!! (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
11. Listen!! (Instrumental [-Bass])
12. Listen!! (Instrumental [-Drums])

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K-ON!! Band Yaro-yo!! ~Let’s MUSIC!! 2~ Band Score

Artist: Houkago Tea Time

1. Utauyo!! MIRACLE (Instrumental)
2. Utauyo!! MIRACLE (Instrumental [-Guitar 1])
3. Utauyo!! MIRACLE (Instrumental [-Guitar 2])
4. Utauyo!! MIRACLE (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
5. Utauyo!! MIRACLE (Instrumental [-Bass])
6. Utauyo!! MIRACLE (Instrumental [-Drums])
7. NO,Thank You! (Instrumental)
8. NO,Thank You! (Instrumental [-Guitar 1])
9. NO,Thank You! (Instrumental [-Guitar 2])
10. NO,Thank You! (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
11. NO,Thank You! (Instrumental [-Bass])
12. NO,Thank You! (Instrumental [-Drums])

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K-ON!! Insert Album – Gohan wa Okazu / U&I

Artist: Houkago Tea Time

1. Gohan wa Okazu
2. U&I
3. Gohan wa Okazu (Instrumental)
4. U&I (Instrumental)
5. Gohan wa Okazu (Instrumental [-Guitar1])
6. Gohan wa Okazu (Instrumental [-Guitar2])
7. Gohan wa Okazu (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
8. Gohan wa Okazu (Instrumental [-Bass])
9. Gohan wa Okazu (Instrumental [-Drums])
10. U&I (Insrumental [-Guitar1])
11. U&I (Insrumental [-Guitar2])
12. U&I (Insrumental [-Keyboard])
13. U&I (Insrumental [-Bass])
14. U&I (Insrumental [-Drums])

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Buuuuuut wait! There’s more! Click the links below the images of the singles and albums below to go to the original posts, with all of the appropriate links. Now have fun listening to pretty much all of K-ON!! (It was appropriate that I learned a K-ON MOVIE WAS ANNOUNCED TODAY. HNNNNNNNNNG)

K-ON! Season2 OP2 “Utauyo!! MIRACLE” and ED2 “NO, Thank You!” Singles

K-ON!! Insert Song Single – “Pure Pure Heart” by the Houkago Tea Time

K-ON!! (Second Season) Opening Single – GO! GO! MANIAC

K-ON!! (Second Season) Ending Single – Listen!!

I wont be putting up Tenshi ni Fureta yo! as the insert single isn’t out just yet, but as soon as it’s up, I’ll post it for you guys! Happy listening (Especially a certain someone named ‘Tofu’…)!


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25 Responses to “K-ON!! Music Compilation”

  1. Overcooled says:

    SO. MUCH. MUSIC. *drools* Thanks Hato!!! I predict that the Death Devil songs will be on loop for quite a while now.

    I know, I can’t wait for the movie either!!! 8D

  2. Masu says:

    desu debaru!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kyokai says:

    Props to you, Hato~
    Good stuff! XD

  4. Tofu says:

    OMG!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! MY SINCERE THANKS TO ALL IN METANORN xD i didn’t think it would be out so fast after i made the request but never-the-less i’m grateful (especially to Hato!)definetly looking forward to listening these songs on replay, and also i’ll look forward to Tenshi ni Fureta yo too, anyways.. Domo Arigato! :runs: :woo

    • Tofu says:

      AND ALSO I COULD NEVER FORGET ABOUT THE MOVIE~!!!! I’M SO HYPED UP ABOUT IT!! i want to watch it but also not at the same time because if i do then K-ON would be completely over! :tantrum I’m gonna miss K-ON a lot… especially Mio Akiyama (Hikasa Yoko) she inspired me a lot :baww:

      • K-onatic says:

        hahahhaa i´m like you!! LOVE K-ON FOREVER!!! lovee all songs! but the most especial is tenshi ni fureta yo :3 love iit!!

  5. Dan-go says:

    Got them allllll, cant w8 for the tenshi no furretta yo or whatever that azunyan song was called

  6. scol says:

    good collection. already have em all but thanks going out to you guys anyway

  7. G says:

    How about compiling season one’s music too, even though it’s already way long ago? pretty please with a cherry on top? 😉

  8. nagi says:

    oh, this compilation’s a treasure! thanks a bunch, hato-kun!

    btw, does only yui and mio have that *awesome* character image song album cover? what about the rest of HTT? it’s a shame if there’s none.

    • Tofu says:

      there’s no information on new character image song albums for the rest of HTT Dx most likely they don’t have one since Yui and Mio are main characters in K-ON (or so they seem to be…)

  9. watermelonss says:

    this is wonderful
    Thank you so much
    you’re my hero
    another keion collections for me, woot
    I’m so happy
    today definitely my lucky day
    thank youuuuu <333

  10. alex says:

    keep it on

  11. Tofu says:

    errm… i dont know what to say.. i just read your site rules and rule 9 was don’t request downloads of music… I AM SO SORRY!!!! i recently requested new K-ON songs to be posted (as such this post is the K-ON songs) i didn’t mean to break the rules… D: i’ll never request for such things again! Gomenasai METANORN~! :wah

    • Kyokai says:

      Aww, Tofu-kun, it’s ok! You asked so nicely. What we don’t like is demanding links.

      Also, being a regular commentor, you get bonus points. 🙂

      • Tofu says:

        Kyokai~ x3 thanks, i’ll continue to be a regular (hopefully without any distractions like homework etc…), METANORN is such a wonderful site xD
        i’ll be careful with what i say in the future xD

  12. Dan-go says:

    Tenshi no furetta yo single gonna comeout? also WHOS PUMPED FOR THEE MOVIEEEEE

  13. alex says:

    K-ON!! is awesome.

    no objections about that
    thanks for all

  14. Jo says:

    Watch this and cry…

    and after watching, can someone tell me how they did the music for it? I don’t think it is official stuff right??


  15. SakuRedux says:

    Tenshi ni Fureta yo! isn’t actually getting a single. Similar to Watashi no Koi wa Hocchikissu it’s coming out on the new album, Ho-kago Tea Time II, which releases on October 27th.

    • Tofu says:

      watashi no Koi wa Hocchikissu the song already came out in another album that was posted by METANORN so i guess it’s only tenshi i’ll be waiting on xD

  16. Buri-chan says:

    Ah! Thank you so much!! ^^

  17. METANORN says:

    […] so sit tight and enjoy your K-ON!! music! And if, per chance, you missed my first compilation, CHECK IT OUUUUUT. It’s pretty […]

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