A Kuroshitsuji II sequel?

A possibility to a sequel to Kuroshitsuji II? WHAT?!

~Kuroshitsuji fanatic that I am, I’ve been scavenging the net to fill the cake-sized hole that the ending of Kuroshitsuji II left. Yes, there are the OVAs that I had previously posted about, but it’s been hella hard waiting for someone to sub it ;A; One day however I stumbled upon the Black Butler forums and discovered something quite interesting!

A translated interview from G-Fantasy’s November Issue which features Yana Toboso, Mari Okada (the series composer), and Takeshi Kuma (the editor in charge) had a piece of them talking about a possibility for a sequel to Kuroshitsuji II! OAO :

Editorial staff: The OVAs are a different kind of “Kuroshitsuji”, unrelated to the main plot, but if you had to create a sequel of the main story, how do you think it would turn out?
Toboso: It’s kind of an old movie, but I think it would become somewhat like “Interview With The Vampire”. Like the girl who is turned into a vampire in the movie, season 2 Ciel can’t become an adult on the outside but only on the inside, so he would be walking the bad boys’ road (LOL).
Okada: Indeed, I can only picture a sequel that would disappoint our viewers. But actually, lately I’ve been having this feeling that it is possible to write a proper sequel for “Kuroshitsuji II”.
Toboso/Kuma: Even though the last episode ended like that!? ……But I think I’d like to see it (LOL).
Editorial staff: Now we only need encouragement from the fans, and maybe the day we will be able to see a sequel is not that far.
(source: Black Butler Forums)

Of course, by  ‘encouragement from the fans’, they mean they want us to open our wallets and buy the DVDs most likely xD

It looks like Okada might have a story in mind, and with the fan’s  money support, we may just get a sequel! Yet, that also poses a question: do we even want a sequel? Even Okada herself said she could only imagine a sequel that will disappoint us, the viewers (especially with an ending like THAT as Yana and Kuma said |’D)

Personally, I grew to love the ending to Kuroshitsuji II, and love the uncertainty of how Ciel and Sebastian will carry our their lives together forever. When it ended, my thoughts on another season were really negative and I really, really don’t see how they could continue it. I love Kuroshitsuji, but it seems a bit too much. Though, it would be rather interesting to see what kind of story Okada might have planned, plus there is that “Interview with A Vampire” idea that Yana said xD If it were to be maybe a special, and not a season, then I’ll be all for it. (I MISS CIEL TOO MUCH ;A;)

So should there be a sequel to our beloved Kuroshitsuji II with that soul-shocker of an ending? In the end, it is up to us fans~.

{Also, please remember that this is only a possibility, and don’t expecting anything to come out until something official is said by A-1. I don’t want anyone saying I was lying or anything |’D}


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9 Responses to “A Kuroshitsuji II sequel?”

  1. Sebz says:

    oh my…
    I do hope it pushes through! 😀

  2. Shuu says:

    As a big fan of the manga who enjoyed the 2nd season as if it was some kind of comedy parody of the manga, I would really not mind if there is gonna be more of the anime, I’d enjoy it no matter how bad it would get XD

  3. Overcooled says:

    I hate that sort of “Hmmm maybe if you’re good, fufufufu” kind of teasing. JUST TELL ME YES OR NO. O_O If there’s a new season, I’d definitely watch it though…lol

  4. anaaga says:

    meh, they’re doing this to see the fans’ reaction i guess. if there’s good response, they’ll probably make the third season (calling it the sequel of the sequel sounds weird…).
    i guess there are number of fans who didn’t like the ending of the sequel, which is just pure genius so i don’t see why they don’t like it. hehe

  5. Namika says:

    well, I don’t think that they can squeeze something more from the storyline….. if it’ll be a special, or even a movie I’m all up for it, but the new season, even possibility sounds like they are pulling a cat’s tail.
    Kuroshitsuji was just great and I enjoyed it to the bits, but still… I get the feeling that 3rd season would be a bit too much.

  6. HokaHoka says:

    I would love to watch a 2nd season of Kuroshitsuji…as for the Kuroshitsuji II no…<.< I do think that end was more than good!!!

  7. Candii says:

    Hm… If there was a sequel I wish they’d do a prequel ish thing and focus on ALois and Luca 8D!

    But w/e. It’d be nice but I really wonder how the sequel, should there be one, be about… would Ciel end up going insane with hate (like Claudia ended up being)

    But I hope there’d be more humor like the first season though xD

  8. MikADo says:

    Now all of you people buy 10 DVDs each and you will be seeing the sequel XD

  9. Joichi says:

    Awesome, well i don’t blame them, if it wasn’t for fans giving support and (if you are really against) money, anime would just go downhill. It make sense that in order to see more, you have to give them something back. (rather than complain and be an online anime-leecher)

    Kuroshitsuji has been the biggest obsession of mine and I would love to see it continue and support Yana Toboso.

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