Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – 12

Mikaze’s vanquished but is that all? Heck, no!

This month has definitely been very happening for me, in both good and bad way. It all started really weird with me burning my hand while cooking and then almost getting into an accident (being hit by a bike while getting out of my car). I came out of both the situations pretty much unharmed, a bruise or two are nothing, which was lucky. From my recently celebrated birthday though, things are looking wayyyy up with lots of changes and good news all around. Thanks again to Hoshi and Vivi who made awesome art for me and all the regulars of the site, who wished me. Arigatou gozaimasu~!

It was almost ridiculous seeing my three drafts when I logged in to review the current episode of Occult Academy; it happens when you have too much on your plate. However, let’s not dilly dally and quickly go over what happened in the penultimate episode. Things went from a cat fight to epicness when it came to the two mages’ face-off. Everyone watching this show just wanted to off with the two-faced witch, who had Fumiaki twisted around her little finger. Of course, that means everyone was cheering on the VP, who had literally shown above all as the white light of reason.

Mikaze, however did not go down easy. How evil plans go, she took time in gloating over how she was behind every supernatural attack on Maya and how she used Fumiaki for her own ends. It was never explained how she controlled him but for the townsfolk, she definitely put a spell on them, which was somewhat virulent in nature (Kozue got sucked into the whole Kill the witch, destroy the devil’s den… mob, like always =__=).

My respect points for Chihiro sky-rocketed with her resilience against Mikaze’s attacks. It was clear that her love for Fumiaki was not something made up but true from the heart. It was almost heart breaking to see her use last few minutes to dispel Mikaze’s magic from Fumiaki and explain the situation so that he could not only save Maya but the entire humankind. Her loyal unnamed guard’s performance was laudable no less, who did her bidding till the end. This series has been pretty much death-less in case of the main characters, offing with two supporting cast seemed a bit extreme; though they were glimpsed in the preview so there’s still some hope left. I can’t expect Chihiro to pull up a Touko but I can hope, right?!

For the most part, Maya didn’t have a big role except for being protected yet when everything came down to business and she was finally under the premise of the Waldestein Academy, she showed her ace of the still surviving book from her father, which was switched by Chihiro (c’mon people, I am trying hard not to refer to Harry Potter but this series is filled with so many references of spells, switching of books and protections charms… -__-). Moving on, Mikaze didn’t have much time in mocking Maya with news that she was responsible for her father’s death. Such EPIC Fail that she couldn’t recognize Chihiro’s magic of faking a corpse!

I whooped with joy when Fumiaki didn’t even pay heed to Mikaze’s keening rather continued his conversation with Maya. However, the witch tried, our main pair finally worked together to not only take Mikaze’s picture with the future phone to prove that she was the Nostradamus’s Key but vanquish her with the spell that Jun’ichirō formulated by reciting it together.

Peaceful future? Where?

But is that all? Of course, not! The celebration of destruction of Mikaze is not sweet because some friends were lost and the future remains unchanged, which Jun’ichirō and his cohorts wonder while staring at the rubble left behind.


Who else had the him (from PPG) vibes whenever she said, Kumashiro Maya?

My favourite Meddling Kids!

To the radiant Southern sun, I give you Queen Susan, the gentle

I swear for a moment there, I saw JK as Kouta, Smile as Takashi & Kozue as Alice….

Yuri moment…? -__-


Kiss you? Are you out of your mind, oba-san?!

Fumiaki, where you lookin’? =__=

Who you calling pervert, PERVERT!


End Thoughts: I can’t say I’m hugely impressed yet I was more than satisfied with Mikaze’s end. If I said, Die Mikaze, DIE! previously, I can bet a lot of my readers went, hear hear! More than FIGHTO ON~! The mages’ face-off didn’t last too long yet it was easy to see that Mikaze knew all the dirty tricks in the book. However, three cheers to Chihiro for not only clear-thinking but saving Jun’ichirōs prized possession, his daughter’s life. If it weren’t for her Fumiaki wouldn’t have been able to come to the rescue and finally play his part of the Time Agent to prevent the rift from happening.

Though, with an end like that there are definitely some knots that are left tying and some closure between the main couple. There’s still the biggest question of what would happen now that the past event has changed, I would take a leaf of my own research that I shared in the review of episode two:

The time travel done here is between parallel universes, even when the researchers said to be careful, if Fumiaki and Maya are successful in finding the Key, their future would definitely change. In case of success, what would happen to older Fumiaki because a 12-year-old (approximated) version of him already exists in 1999, so would the 24-year-old just vanish into thin air when the events change? (Wouldn’t that be just sad?) There can be two possibilities in case of time travel paradoxes (at least that I know of):

  • The assumption is that the past and the future are unalterable. Events that had occurred in the past or are supposed to happen in the future (such as Fumiaki attempting to save the world), cannot be changed. Therefore, the time traveler will be endlessly thwarted by “mishaps” in his attempts at trying to change the past. Thus, the rift would happen anyway and the flow of events will remain intact. This premise is SHOT now.
  • The second possibility is a little more complex and is centered on “The Split Universe Theory”, given by Schrodinger. That is whenever an event has equal probabilities of occurring or not occurring, the universe splits into two and that is how in one world the rift would occur, while in the other one (where Fumiaki really is), the rift would not occur and no invasion of aliens. Still the question remains of the traveler’s fate of what would happen to him because there are many theories to define not only time travel but travel between parallel universes created due to possibilities.

Something that bugged me was the animation of this episode. It was not like, this has not been happening since a last few but being the penultimate episode, animation shouldn’t have looked blobby and out of shape in zoom out shots. Also, it was very convenient for Mikaze (I don’t think this was her true name) to be the Key; ignore her throughout the plot while everyone screams SHE’S THE ONE and do just that by the end of series. I guess, the writers should have worked on the plot like how Chihiro was put in – until shown, everyone was pretty much wondering what her motives really were. Anyhow, this was a thirteen episode series and original at that; it still managed to entertain me and came out as one of the top 3 of the Summer anime.

There’s still a lot of explanation to do like how Maya’s father would resurface and time paradoxes to be resolved. I’m just glad that the main leads developed in character so that their relationship doesn’t look fake or forced. Maya was a complete tsun in the beginning but she warmed up to her friends and her Bunmei; same for Fumiaki who was a total dork and blinded by Mikaze’s fake charm turned into a responsible man, who took the responsibility of the task assigned to him.

Last episode preview; Maya’s Bunmei: W00t?! Last episode already? Aahn, I am going to miss this though the title sure has a bittersweet feel to it. Would Fumiaki return to his time and forget all about her? Can he stay in the ’99 present with all the time paradoxes applied (his kid self to boot)? What would Maya do? Would her father come to her rescue? Would the future remain the same? So, many questions and so little time! Let’s look forward to the last episode and I hope it ends well. Till next time, Ja ne~


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17 Responses to “Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – 12”

  1. Vivi says:

    OMG WTH ;~; You should have took that dude’s bike for your birthday, seeing as he/she hit you :T New bike yay!

    Man I didn’t even notice them in the preview! That means they’re not dead right?! (Unless it’s a flash back?) gaaah I can’t until next episode :T

    • Kyokai says:

      That biker ran like hell after the dirty deed! T.T

      They really got us this time around with a cliffhanger! With no deaths till now of main cast, I hope Chihiro and her minion survives! Just a few more days and another good series would come to an end. Le sigh. :sad3

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I liked this wrap up. I felt it had what it needed, so I’m surprised they added that wrinkle with the future not being fixed. This was an entertaining series, my favorite of the Summer.

    • Kyokai says:

      Without expecting much, I got a lot of entertainment from Occult. This is definitely one of my top three and I just hope they close this well. ^^

  3. Captain says:

    I can’t believe that I actually used to dislike Chihiro ;n; She’, you know, protecting Maya and fighting off Mikaze like that. It’s so sad that she sort of disappeared after they finished casting the spell. Well, at least she was in the next episode preview. *hoping that she’s still alive*

    Ahhhh, I don’t want Fumiaki to go back to the future 🙁

    Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      Well, she had a good visage of mysteriousness around her that screamed fishy; of course it was the right kind of fishy but we found out too late. Her role definitely sky rocketed in the current episode and I have all kinds of respect for her. Hopefully she would not die! I have all my fingers crossed for her. Like Vivi said, the preview could have been a flashback too… T_T

      Hopefully some paradox would help in keeping Fumiaki in the current time. I think the parallel universe rule might apply, which could lead to Fumiaki unable to return because the future he belonged to was not linked the past he was currently in.

      A good theory about Junichiro. He was the one who figured out about the Nostradamus Key so who else could’ve devised a plan to save the future of his beloved daughter. Let’s see how things turn up in the last epi! ^^

  4. annuaire says:

    Some url are not working anymore.

  5. Dan-go says:

    One more theory of the time thing, since we’re transcending time, it is impossible to analyse the event unless u take time out of the equation basically, it has happened, will happen and is happening at the same time, however i think that big purple ball in the future is singifigant, possibly the “other future” lies within the ball, and it expands and eventually engulfs the original future (this method happens alot)…trust seikimatsu to keep us talking even after the main antagonist is dead

    • Kyokai says:

      You are basically talking about parallel universes, each one created because of a different choice taken. Though I thought that purple ball was the evening sun? =__=

      Anyhow, so many things can explain the future and even this could work out, it’s an anime after all! I’ll look forward to what explanation they come up with though. ^^

  6. Hato-kun says:


    I love this series, by far my favorite of the season, just because of episode 11 alone.

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahaaa! Finally =P

      Episode 11 was a complete EPIC WIN~ Who doesn’t like a cat fight especially when it involves rubbing the nose of someone like Mikaze in dirt. xD

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  8. Hato-kun says:

    Also, why couldn’t Fumiaki be the key?

    Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      You can be right. He still can be because of playing a major role in stopping the rift. I can’t wait for the last epi to air!

      I woke up early in the morning today just with the thought that the Occult epi would be out just to remember that it airs on Monday not Sunday. X_X

      • Hato-kun says:

        Dx I really wanna see the end! He could always be the Key, because as she was taking the photo, they were both in the frame.

        If you wanna go deeper, the school was also in frame, so Fumiaki or the school could be the Key, which both make sense. However, if Fimiaki was the Key, it means the future cannot be changed. Then again it is anime, so they can do anything.

        • Kyokai says:

          Fufufuu~ You turned out to be right, still there were so many twists in the end! I loved it! Mind blowing! :yippy

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