Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin 09-10

Proper farewells and goodbyes… Only few lucky people get them.

As Masu’s AOL for a short trip back home, I thought to pick this up again for review, while catching up with the series. It’s kind of fitting too because both the episodes revolve around the ghost of Akira, who has some unfinished business and Maya’s past that has always been on the surface but not explored fully till now. A lot of revelations with a well balanced plot, I can easily say that the tenth episode was the best yet for this series; full of everything that we have come to adore about this quirky, supernatural series.

Who would have thought that Chihiro would be Trelawney in disguise? I was half expecting her to tell her students to turn a page of Unfogging the Future; luckily no prophecies were shared in a weird voice. Anyhow, supposedly she does posses a talent for being a medium for the departed souls. Even if Kozue’s wish of calling out the Principal’s soul was a touch uncalled for, Maya took it with much aplomb. Of course, being fabulous, I already knew Jun’ichiro’s soul would not be showing up because he’s not dead (remember my prediction of him being one of the main oyajis in future? I still stick by it).

What showed up though was a cute little girl named Akari, who seemed lost. She took a liking towards Smile, Maya and the rest of the gang; all of whom pitched in to find her earthly home. They sure did, only for Akari to remember how she died: frozen to death on Christmas Eve. The scenes that followed seemed to comfortably fit into the Ghost Busters canon with the ectoplasm flying around producing real snow. The full blown storm made the gang fear her yet Maya didn’t let go and resolved to find out the cause behind her reaction. In search of an answer, they found her father but he refused to cooperate.

This incident was nowhere near to the mystery of Nostradamus Key yet the demolition notice of the house she grew up in and appearance of Akari made Maya reverberate her past. Not surprisingly she identified with the girl because she herself had faced the childhood loneliness that no child should feel. This is when her real personality comes out; the tsun tsun is just a façade hiding away a girl, who has made herself strong-willed so that she would not face any more disappointments.

Fumiaki on the other hand has been chased around by Mikaze on every instance while talking with Maya. It was apparent that the overindulgence by Mikaze was more than distasteful to Maya, bordering on benign jealousy. However, Mikaze sure knows that the path to a man’s heart is from his stomach. No wonder she’s either making him eat her special omelet rice or asking him out to Obuse for repaying his favors…! She’s a landmine full of innuendos and come-ons. Interesting to note though, when Fumiaki thought about getting his first girlfriend, it was Maya’s face that popped in his mind.

My reaction to Fumiaki thinking about Maya: XD

He is indeed very concerned over Maya and catches up to Ami for some more info. He also calls her to the Teacher’s room for a chat and for once, he surprised me with his earnestness in apologizing to her. He clearly showed his intentions of knowing more about her and being a better partner. Just when he was agreeing to help out for Akari and I was literally on the edge of my seat for things going up, Mikaze butted in. I mean what the heck is the problem of this onnah! Aaaaaaaarghhhh, let him go, beeyotch! >.< *fumes*

Bangle FTW~ I would SO do this in a fight! XD (Please don’t judge me…)

Back to Okamoto (Akira’s father), he finally tells Maya and gang about what really happened. The tale is tragic because it all boils down to him not giving time at home and wife leaving him. Akari being young, still manages somehow but feels lets down when she’s harshly told that there’s no Santa Claus and he won’t be visiting her on the Christmas Eve. Okamoto sure was stupid (being bitter with his own life or not), because Akari being a good girl all-through, waited for Santa Claus outside their house so that she could talk to him and perhaps wish for her parents to be together again. Alas, she froze to death in her wait and living a short yet unfulfilled life, her soul’s not at peace; thus, in a limbo of sorts.

Maya decides to have a Christmas party for fulfilling her wish, getting help from Ami, Kozue, Smile, JK and surprisingly Fumiaki too. Even when Mikaze put all her moves on him and Chihiro butted in for a showdown, he runs for his life and visits Maya at her old home. I was amazed at the fact that Mikaze kept her smile in check even knowing full well, she had a rival face-off. She’s too much of a pro to be a waitress, goddamn it! Not to mention her driving skills. Did you look at the expression on Mikaze… Meeeooownnn~!

Maya and gang sets up a legendary Christmas party with the right mix of fun and games. Fumiaki though is knocked out by Akari’s father who switches into his role for playing Santa and crashes the party to meet the spirit of his daughter.

This sequence was tear-jerky to say the least, when he finally had the opportunity to apologize and present her with a gift of farewell.

With this incident many memories clicked home for Maya and she remembered the times of having fun with her father in their old home and how every room emanated an aspect of him. With nostalgia came realization that she was the one who made a wish on Christmas for a school where all the monsters, ghosts and aliens would gather so that it would be fun for all. So in actuality *facepalm*, her father made the school solely for her for which she always hated him. She finally realized her mistake of turning her back to him. I had to give it to Maya for taking full responsibility rather than going into denial. Also, she cried for real (if you note, no one looks pretty while crying and I loved the fact that it’s how it was portrayed here); good thing is that Fumiaki was around to show his full support.

She resolved to find the Key and the people responsible for her father’s murder. She would not only protect the Academy but the entire humanity. Talk about responsibility!


You can always count on Kozue to provide the much needed comic relief with her megane… megane….

Aho da ne~

You ask why Smile? Pheromones people!

Chihiro has done masters in eavesdropping with flying colours

Is this the right time to tell her that I’m gay?


Ohohohohoo~ Some MOAR development?!


End Thoughts: Wow, what an episode! Whatever little bit of resentment I had previously has been washed away with the tenth episode. I just realized that if ‘m compelled to make gif, it simply means I simply loved the episode and I did, quite thoroughly so. Gives a lot to think about, doesn’t it?

Finally Maya has embraced her love for Occult and her past issues are resolved. It was fast pacing if you ask me but very well handled and didn’t feel rushed at all. Even when it seemed that the Akari case was not related to Key or even the main pair; it made her remember a vital memory that was buried due to her childhood trauma of leaving her home and beloved father. You could actually see how Maya was brought up with parent-trouble and her father’s obsession over Occult—sad to realize that it was all for her sake alone. Maya sure had alienation issues, which she dealt by becoming stronger and resolving to not repeat the mistakes of her parents. Still, it made her cold and distant, engulfed in a hard shell that only cracks a bit when she’s with her friends. We finally witnessed a lot of dere from Maya finally; I thought I would never see this day! xD

As I said previously, the supporting cast sure needs more air time but they are always strong whenever they are around. Be it Ami, Kozue, Smile or JK, each and every one not only provide comic relief but much needed Occult inclusion or plot direction, whenever needed. I won’t waste my time with Mikaze because well, I hate her. She’s calculating and definitely out to get Fumiaki; he needs to wise up to her fake moe-ness. Chihiro’s intentions for our Bunmei is clear as day but for Maya as foggy as the first episode. Interesting point to note, Mikaze and Chihiro are featured in the OP together like Smile and JK… Are they working together somehow?! 0__0

I can bet Masu’s point on Fumiaki getting delvled has been answered with his character progress, which is seriously shining through since the last few episodes. As Ami commented, at first he seemed not to give a crap about students but with time he’s getting involved, more so with Maya; being her true supporter. He still has few days left on the bungling about but if preview proves any point; he would be shocked out of the snares that Mikaze is throwing at him. I would definitely look forward to the climax in the remaining three episodes and how things end up between Maya and Bunmei-kun. Expecting a happy end would be presumptuous of me and my expectations are never met anyway so even if not happy, I would just look forward to a solid end rather than a hurried one.

Preview: They are determinedly working to find the Key but Fumiaki is being more than distracted by Mikaze’s boobage =__=, while VP makes her own plans and a dead Maya is shown in the end. What is this? I don’t even…. Like that’s gonna happen! Hmph! Most probably a trick on her own part or some joke; there are three more episodes to go and it would be totally stupid for her to die right now. Like, c’mon, it’s against the rules……….. :cryyy

What I can hope is she pulling the same trick as her father and then working from shadows but the long faces of Kozue, Ami, Smile, JK and Fumiaki’s shock makes me feel doom on the horizon… :doom

Till next time… Ja ne~


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9 Responses to “Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin 09-10”

  1. CrookedSpider says:

    Nooooo!!!!Mayaaa!!! You can’t die nowww!!! :sad4
    And I agree Mikaze is pissing me off… :rage:
    But I wonder how are they going to find the Nostradamus’Key in like 3 episodes…

    • Kyokai says:

      That is just so sudden! Even without a cliffhanger in episode, the preview was a cliffhanger. I can’t wait for another week, goddamn it! =__=

      I can just hope that in the next Fumiaki is shocked out of Mikaze’s intentions. I can hope right? >.>

      Btw, if they can resolve Maya’s past in two episodes, they can find the Key in the same manners as it seems next episode would be all about Maya’s death…. :depressed

  2. Dan-go says:


    • Kyokai says:

      Fufufuuu~ Yes, indeedy. Never thought I would see the day but it was worth the wait. XD

  3. Vivi says:

    Whoa, that punch gif is so awesome >~< /saves

    Mikaze boobs are very distracting haha. Sometimes I felt the art went in a weird direction in the lastest episode, like when Maya was crying (aaaaw) & Fumiaki's derpy-looking face when Mikaze asked to eat dinner at her house. Maybe it's my eyes playing tricks on me…

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol, that scene is made of badass awesomeness. XD

      Actually, I noticed that too but this has been happening for some time; I guess it’s the Occult style by Anime no Chikara? I just hope Fumiaki realizes her as a distraction rather than continue to be her lapdog… =.=;;

  4. Junko says:

    Nuff said

    • Kyokai says:

      Right on, this was definitely tear-jerky. Not a lot of anime have made me cry, the last time was the 7th movie of Kara no Kyoukai. T_T

  5. Joojoobees says:

    I wasn’t thrilled by the previous episode, or random ghost girl, but they managed to finish that story quite effectively, and left us motivated to finally go after the key, plus we got an actual confrontation between Chihiro and Mikaze, so I was really pleased with this episode.

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