Paradox Blue – Ch. 04: Medousael 2

A Swift kick to the Face

Paradox Blue

Author: Nakanishi Tatsurou

Artist: Nini

Genres: Mystery, School Life, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Shounen

Scanlators: Maigo Scans


Chapter 4 of Paradox Blue jumps straight in with Izanamiel catching us up to where we left off last chapter. Chris and the rest of the student council are still suck in the maze with the weird Angel –in-Bunny suit and time is running out for them to figure out the puzzle. If they fail then they risk being turned into statues forever…

The student council have been trying to escape the labyrinth for all of two hours and the girls are getting jittery. Chris is stressed out about losing her chance to enjoy her first Japanese School festival while Kujou-senpai is thinking of  possible replacements for Kudou-senpai turned statue.

Shindou suggests the Hero in him might be awakened with a kiss but Kujou-senpai quickly disregards that idea and sorts the escapist Hijiri out with a smack to the face.

Meanwhile the Angel chimes in with a time report just to say that the group only has one minute left to solve the puzzle! Chris unknowingly gives Hijiri the information he needs to put the puzzle pieces together and properly awaken the Magician within him.

Hijiri figures out that the labyrinth puzzle is actually a game that’s representative of Blackjack and sets about winning the game in time to solve the Paradox. Izanamiel makes her first appearance in the actual story by punishing the Angel for being too childish and arrogant when the Paradox was so ‘easy’. Hijiri and the rest of the student council set everyone free just in time to see a fireworks show.

It seems that the Angel’s Blessing for the solved Paradox ended up being a costume dance party, a school event and bonfire for which fire wood used as per the standards of dkbræ to Chris’s delight.

End Thoughts:
This was a little less entertaining than the previous three chapters since it felt like it was just tying up some loose ends. Hijiri wasn’t really too convincing as the hero either. I think it’s because they’ve played him way too much as a ‘weak-guy’ without much of a redeeming quality… until of course Koujou-senpai delivers that super kick to the face!

I’m still looking forward to the following chapters since Izanamiel looks like she’s going to be meddling in the student council’s affairs rather than just keeping watch as she has been previously. We’ll see where it goes!!



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4 Responses to “Paradox Blue – Ch. 04: Medousael 2”

  1. Overcooled says:

    Jusssst started reading Paradox Blue now. After seeing all your reviews, it was just too tempting~

    lol at the prize for solving the paradox. COSTUME DANCE PARTYYYY

    • Ryuuko says:

      That’s awesome, it’s interesting though right? Man I’d kill for a costume dance party! Or just a culture fest… gah they always seem like so much fun. Dammit New Zealand high school why didn’t you provide culture fest situations?!

  2. Vivi says:

    Personally I think Hijiri is a pretty good hero, he just lacks self-confidence, which I really don’t mind, although it should take more than a deadly kick to get him out of it. I think a lot of main characters nowadays have some sort of obvious weakness or character flaw aside from being too outgoing/rash/stupid (the traditional main character).

    • Ryuuko says:

      You’re right with the fact that the whole self-confidence thing is Hijiri’s obvious character flaw. I’m all for dynamic characters but my issue is that he’s so dependable and really seriously confident whenever he succeeds but he’s the exact opposite in regular life and there’s really no proper explanation for the change. Except for the super space kick of course.

      It’s more like a whole split personality type of character rather than a well rounded one… at the moment. With the type of manga this is I’m sure they’ll throw something in somewhere lol.

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