Kuroshitsuji II – 12 [End]

The battle has been won, with a price to pay for all eternity~

~Friday morning, I came to school dressed in a full black regalia; from a fancy hair piece to my somber black jeans, still in complete shock and depression from Kuroshitsuji II’s finale. I originally thought it was going to be thirteen episodes, but I found out from dear Kyokai that it was only going to be twelve, and indeed it turned out to be true. I couldn’t hold in my excitement Thursday night, and ended up watching the raw every extreme Kuro-fangirl was passing around so they could have someone to rant about it with. I spent the rest of the day, up till this point, wondering how should I collect my thoughts for this stunning last episode, and for my final episodic on my number one favorite fandom’s second season.

The finale begins with no exciting opening song, but a eerie song being sung by Hannah as she holds a unconscious Ciel’s body. The two butlers are rowing both of them down a foggy ocean of sorts…

We are sent back to where the previous episode left off, in the clock tower where Hannah explains the details of the contract. She tells them that since Alois has made a contract with her inside Ciel’s body, Ciel’s soul won’t be able to show itself until the contract Alois made is fulfilled, and Alois’s soul will be put to rest.

Claude asks as to what Alois’s wish is, but she doesn’t tell, all she can say is that part of his wish is that one of the two demons must die. Once one of them does die, the contract will be fulfilled and Ciel’s soul will be liberated from Alois…

They arrive at the island of death, where Claude makes the comment of it looking completely devastated from Sebastian’s rage. Hannah tells them she has brought them here because they are to hold a formal demon duel that the two butlers will fight in.

Meanwhile, in Ciel’s body (or mind?), Ciel and Alois sit on a broken checkerboard, commenting on the demons fighting. Alois says, once his wish is fullfilled, he will die and Hannah will eat his soul, and he will finally let go of Ciel’s body. He also tells Ciel, that since he is loved by both Sebastian and Claude, that he deserves this punishment. But Ciel thinks it’s sickening, and that Alois doesn’t understand how Sebastian will react to the actual terms of this contract….

In a cave filled with green crystals, Sebastian pulls out the demon sword that resides in Hannah.

The reason they are using the demon sword, Hannah explains, is that a wound inflicted with the demon sword will never heal, and that the soul the demon sword pierces, will terminate. The butlers then go off, each trying to grab the sword first as it is stuck up on the cave’s ceiling. Claude ends up grabbing it first (by using is spiderman powers xD).

Spider-man is impressed at your skills, Claude.

The two of them begin their final epic butler fight as Claude tries to slash Sebastian, but Sebastian ends up taking the sword, sticking it into the ground, saying he’ll crush the island simply because he cannot fight in such a small place.

The ground of the island begins to shake, and the cave begins to give way. Hannah quickly grabs the unconscious Ciel, and takes him to a safe place outside the crumbling cave. Out from the cracks, Sebastian and Claude jump up, and Claude kicks the sword out of Sebastian’s grip. It falls into a crack in the island and both butlers swiftly reach to try and grab it…

Back inside Ciel, Ciel explains to Alois that the reason he was kept alive was so that Sebastian could devour his soul. Yet, Alois says, now that he has made a contract with Hannah, that cause has been lost.

As the butlers struggle with the sword, falling deeper and deeper into the crack, Ciel says that even if they win this battle, what they’ll win is…

Claude ends up landing on a ridge, which then cracks under his foot. As he falls, Sebastian takes advantage and raising the demon sword, stabs Claude in the chest.

Even as Claude is dying, he keeps muttering about Ciel’s soul. Sebastian, clearly not amused, tells him he was ridiculed by Alois’s soul, and that his predictions killed him; he remained his subordinate until the end.

Claude asks Sebastian to hand him his spare glasses from his chest pocket. As Sebastian places them on his face, Claude begins to mutter that if Alois’s soul had indeed caused a ripple in his long demon life, then maybe his soul was worth devouring after all.

As his last words, Claude recites: “To turn passion into perfidy, falsity into factuality, and a stray dog into a count- that is the…..’s butler.

Sebastian stands, saying he wonders who’s butler who chose to be in the end….

Back into Ciel, Alois cries out as Claude dies, but then smile as they both say it’s over. Ciel asks if Alois is now satisfied, but he replies that he doesn’t know, nor does he need to as he disappears…

Once Alois has disappeared, Ciel stands up, calling out to Sebastian that now the battle is over, and truth shall be revealed, but what will he do when he finds out about that truth?

Sebastian and Hannah, carrying Ciel, talks to the soul of Alois, saying that Claude has finally recognized him. She tells Sebastian that contract between her and Alois is complete; all he needs to do is kill her and Ciel will return to his body…but there’s a catch. She says that Ciel will be as good as dead to him.

Just as she begins to say what Ciel will be, the cliff she stands on crumbles, muttering something inaudible to us as she she falls.

Whatever she has said has clearly upset Sebastian as his face goes into shock, and he dives in after them.

We are sent into a flashback, back in the clock tower, where Alois is about to make the contract with Hannah. She asks what he wishes, and if its Claude’s love, then she could surely force him. Yet, it isn’t what he wants. His wish….is that neither butler is able to obtain Ciel Phantomhive’s soul. Hannah asks if she should kill them then, but Alois has another plan…

Meanwhile, Hannah climbs down to where Claude’s body is at, saying their names, saying that the love that binds them together will guide them to eternal enlightenment.

As the island crumbles more, and Hannah lays close to Claude, her hand on his, we hear the disembodied voices of Alois talking to his little brother, telling him they’ll always be together, that they aren’t lonely, anymore.

In the water where Ciel’s body floats toward the bottom, Sebastian keeps diving deeper and deeper, remembering back to the days when he was a new butler of sorts.

He serves Ciel a piece of cake, in which Ciel throws back at his face, saying he has imitated only the color and appearance, but not the actual taste.

This is the only comedy we get in this final episode…

Sebastian finally manages to get a hold of Ciel before he falls any deeper in the water, and says that he is a demon; he doesn’t know the taste of human food, he only understand the taste of a human’s soul.

Then, Ciel begins to open his eyes. Yet his eyes….are a bloody red. Shocked, Sebastian jams his fist through Ciel’s chest, blood spurting into the wide ocean…

We are suddenly sent back to the Phantomhive mansion, Ciel sleeping soundly in his bed as Sebastian wakes him up.

It seems like their usual morning routine: Sebastian prepares tea and dresses Ciel.

Yet, Ciel seems different; his nails are painted black, and his eyes…are that of a demon’s.

Sebastian pours invisible tea, serving it to his young master as he tells him he has no appointments for the day.

Meyrin enters the room, telling Ciel that Elizabeth has come to see him. He leaves, saying he’ll direct the day’s appointments himself…

Ciel meets Elizabeth in the ballroom, who tells him that his clothes are too plain. He smiles, saying that why doesn’t he change them like last time, implying that he’s gotten his memories back.

Ciel asks Elizabeth to dance, and she excitedly agrees. However she notices odd things with Ciel, like his ring isn’t on his finger, and the music they are dancing to is very odd.

Meanwhile, Sebastian arrives at Lau’s place, telling him that Ciel will be gone from London for a while and that he has delivered him a courtesy gift. He also delivers him a message from Ciel, telling him that Ciel has allowed him to live and to do as he please without doing it in front of him. Lau realizes he’s gotten his memory back, and before he can say anything more, Sebastian has disappeared.

And here is where the ending credits begin, followed by Kalafina’s lovely song, Kagayaku Sora No Seijaku Niwa, the same song played after Alois’s death. During this, Sebastian continues to hand out these black presents to the neglected characters of the second season; Soma and Agni, The Undertaker, Grell, and the other two shinigamis.

When Sebastian comes back to the mansion, Finny, Meyrin, and Bard are crying, wondering what they should do with the mansion. Ciel doesn’t care what they do, telling them to even burn it as they please. Yet they can’t, they say, there’s too many memories of them all together to do that. Ciel smiles, telling them that memories aren’t important, he’s already proved that.

As the song ends, and ending credits finished, we see inside the carriage Ciel and Sebastian are in. Ciel tells him he was interested to find out what Sebastian would do once the contract between Hannah and Alois was complete, telling him that it was laughable he actually tried to kill him (hence the fist through his chest in the water). Sebastian isn’t amused, again, and tells him he served him as a butler to have his soul. Yet Ciel is still alive, but as a demon.

We finally hear the inaudible words Hannah said in a swift flashback, which stated that when Ciel revived, he would be a demon. Then we are shown what happened after Sebastian tried to kill Ciel. He ends up dragging Ciel into the boat, where he has no signs of injury on his chest, and his eyes are blood red. He also tells him that the only reason he did that was to confirm he did indeed turn into a demon.

Sebastian can never consume Ciel’s soul, and he will, for eternity, serve as Ciel’s butler.

And since Sebastian had responded ‘Yes’ to that order, he will be ‘one hell of a butler for a demon’.

Meanwhile, Some and Agni open the present Sebastian had left them, inside is a Funtom candy and a black, somber card which mystically scrawls ‘In Memory of Ciel Phantomhive’….

Ciel and Sebastian arrive in the dark rose garden, Sebastian carrying Ciel in his arms.

Ciel tells Sebasitan he feels good, as if he’s been released from a long spell. Sebastian confirms, saying that in exchange from that, he himself is bound by an eternal spell….

“You are my butler.”
“I am your butler, for eternity.”
“From now on you will only answer me with those words. Remember?”

As the roses flutter by, Sebastian utters his perfect last words: “Yes, my lord.”

End thoughts: Wow, I…I just don’t know where to start. I think first I’ll point out how pissed and so depressed Sebastian looks in this whole episode. He only smiles, like, ONCE when he’s killing Claude, but even then it’s more of a bittersweet smile. My screencaps are mainly of Sebastian with that 8| kind of face. These last episodes were just a total burn on Sebasitan, seriously. He actually LOST, he was hated by Ciel, he lost Ciel’s soul TWICE, and in the end he doesn’t even get to eat his soul because Ciel is a…a demon! ;A; Poor Sebas-chan, you just couldn’t win….

I can’t believe Ciel is now…a demon. It pains my heart to even TYPE that, let alone say it. I literally paced around my chair, waiting for my aunt to get off the phone so I could scream to my friend, going “Whatthehellwhatthehellwhatthehell…”. I can’t even describe to you my feelings when I saw that he had turned into a demon. I-I was practically crying, and freaking out. I still am freaking out! When his eyes turn red and demon-ish, I literally get chills. CIEL WHYYYYYYY?!!!!!!! ;A;  I still feel like crying…

As for Claude, it looks like he did get his untimely demise. Yet, no matter how much I hated him, I was actually pretty sad when he died. I mean, it was pretty cool that he FINALLY did and that Sebastian killed him, but…I don’t know. It may be just the whole ambience of the show ending, but yes, I, a ultimate Claude-hater, felt teary eyed for his death. I really hated his last words though; so lame x’D I just hate last word speeches in general so I wasn’t moved by it, only the part where he said that maybe Alois’s soul was good enough to devour. I was like, “AWWWWWWW FINALLY YOU REALIZED IT YOU BASTARD ;A;”. *sobs*

You really don’t know how hard it is for me to collect my thoughts neatly for this finale. I’m really in awe of this, which is a sign that it’s a great ending, not the best, but it’s still great. If it shook me this bad, this much to where I have to actually dress in black because I’m in such mouring of my beloved Ciel, then it tis a good ending.

A lot of people are pretty dissatisfied with it actually, at least that’s what I’ve heard. As for me, I was a bit; I was actully expecting something even more shocking, like Ciel or Sebastian dying in some way (what kind of Ciel fan am I if I want him to die? |’D)  I’ve also heard that some fans are thinking that Sebastian has finally realized his feeling for Ciel because of the tender last moment of the episode. I really don’t think so, I mean Sebastian looks pretty…irritated in a way. Like a friend of mine said, this wasn’t some fanfiction; Sebastian was playing a butler because he wanted to eat Ciel’s soul, nothingmore. Did he really care for Ciel? Who knows. All we know is that he wanted his soul, and basically he didn’t get it and is now stuck with Ciel, forever (Not that I don’t mind<3).

However I am pleased; thank you Yana Toboso for picking out a fantastic ending. It was so twisted and bittersweet; a great ending for an amazing series. My favorite scene was the last part where Ciel and Sebastian are standing in that rose garden from the opening scene, before jumping off the cliff. It was a fantastically animated and beautiful scene, and I can’t help but stare at those wonderful screencaps. It left a bit of an impression on me that saddens me, yet makes me smile at the thought.

As for this season as a whole, it was a terrific ride. Truthfully, I wasn’t even going to bother with this season because not only did I not watch the first season, but because overall, you know how much I hate extra episodes and episodes that don’t follow the manga at all. Yet with the promise of new characters, I decided to give it a try, and I was sincerely blow away. Yes, it had some low points, and some very…weird character developments, but we went through so many shocking twists and turns, and entered a dark part of Kuroshitsuji that we haven’t seen much, even in the manga itself. A-1 did a fabulous job with this season, and the whole series in general. I wish I could insert some sort of applaud sound effect now, hahaha.

I’m really going to miss writing episodics on my beloved Kuroshitsuji; thank goodness A-1 is releasing OVAs, or else I would be extremely depressed! It saddens me to write this final review for some reason, maybe it’s because Kuroshitsuji is a fandom dear to my anime-loving heart, or maybe it’s because I’m a total sap for endings. I should be happy though, for the Fall season is going to start soon, and with endings comes beginings 8)

So what will Hoshi do now? Well, I will be writing the reviews for the Kuroshitsuji OVAs as they are released, and do my regular manga digest post as well. As for any Fall season episodics, we’ll just have to see what the dear manager, Kyokai, has to say ^^ So, thank you all who have commented on my reviews, especially you weekly commentors! I read and loved every single comment<3. Goodbye fellow Kuroshitsuji fans, at least for now~! ;D


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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52 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji II – 12 [End]”

  1. Eva says:

    When I saw Ciel become a demon the first thing I screamed was, :rage: “I FREAKING KNEW IT!”
    I didn’t get teary like I thought I would for this episode, but I felt so bad for Sebastian. He looks devastated. Not only that – without a doubt, like he said; he’s the one who is cursed. :huhu:
    In the mean time I am happy for Ciel in one perspective. He is now free from his own curse that he had to live, and managed to somehow benefit thanks to Alois’s wish for the contract. In the other I also feel bad for him because now it’s freaking immortal. What’s next? He’s going to set up a contract with Elizabeth and devour her soul? Now that’d be just sad.
    Anyhow I too think this was a good wrap up.
    One thing I have to complain about was that the animation faltered many times throughout the episode. Especially during that flashback scene, it was hard to miss really.
    But that’s really not worth to count for a good conclusion.

    ❓ Though I have to wonder, does she plan to make a 3rd season? Honestly I don’t think it’d be a good idea…

  2. eerikoko says:

    sigh.. :sigh unexpected ending.. :wah

    セバスチャンなんか辛そ・・・ :sad5

    but i kinda like Sebby’s sad/oppressed look :love:

    sorry for my bad english :bow

    by the way!
    Dear Admin,

    お願いします! PLEA~SE!!! :cute:

  3. anonymous says:

    Truthfully,i was a bit upset with the ending.Because basically everyone(the main characters at least)got a happy ending even though they were total dochebags.everyone(ciel,alois,hannah,and claude)got a happy ending but sebas-chan didn’t!? :sad2 That kinda pissed me off.I mean he didnt really do anything right?Claude made the first move right?So why does sebas-chan suffer while everyone is at peace.
    And Alois!His justification for his wish wasnt really “right” or at least didnt seem right.Like a kid who doesnt get the toys to himself :rage: .Especially when he actually tells ciel that he should be punished because he was loved!!!!!!I mean,seriously
    Even Ciel!Well actually…
    RANDOM QUESTION TIME!!!!!:SO is Ciel happy that Sebastioan is his butler forever?Does Ciel like seeing Sebastian feeling miserable?And last one,So Sebastian doesnt care for Ciel except for his soul?

    Well,sorry for my rambling.I have very mixed feelings about the series and i just need a place to let it all out.
    P.S.This is actually my first time commenting but i’ve been following your site since i became a fan of manga/anime.

  4. ichigopocky says:

    Wahhhhh :sad3
    and i have no one to cry over a bucket of ice cream with this weekend
    that was really good and I am glad i watched it and went back and marathoned season one
    I acctually was happy with the ending i guess i have to wait till monday to see what my friend say but for now i am going to go sit in a tamaki corner till the first ova and only come out when shiki comes out ….. in three weeks….. ahhhh i am gonna go cry myself to sleep now. :sad5

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Awwww, same here ;A; I actually ate a whole plate of fudge while writing this review because it made me so depressed… :sad3
      Yes, I’m pretty happy with the ending myself, now we just have to wait so long for the OVA’s wahh.
      *eats ice cream with you in a tamaki corner*

      • ichigopocky says:

        hurray i am not alone anymore i am still trying to get my friend to watch it she hasnt yet I had to watch several episodes of Ouran to make me some what happy again

  5. Kami-sama says:

    I almost regret dropping Kuro II. But it just got too ridiculous for me somewhere in the series. eAe|||
    Ah well. Ciel turning into a demon is a bit of a shock for me. Poor Sebby, he only wanted to eat Ciel’s soul this whole time and now he’s doomed to serve an adorable shota for all eternity~ luckybastard
    Augh. I still haven’t gotten over my dear insane Alois yet, though. ;A;

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Exactly, sometimes they exaggerated a bit too much |’D
      Yeah poor Sebastian just got completely screwed over YES HE SHOULD BE HAPPY TO SERVE THE CUTEST SHOTA FOREVER AND EVER XD
      I knowwwwww~!! Alois come back!!! ;A;

      • Kami-sama says:

        Just a bit~ :fufufuu
        Guess he’s just going to have that “8|” face for all eternity NOW HE CAN DRESS AND UNDRESS HIS DARLING SHOTA EVERY DAY AND NIGHT WITHOUT END OHOHOHO
        Ahhhn, if only he could have at least had a happy ending. ;A; …Or, a less depressing one. Poor Alois~ ;_;

  6. Toma says:

    This ep was total shit man :rage: ! Everybody got screwed in some sort of fashion especially Sebastian 😡 ! I was pissed that at the whole episode. Sebastian wasn’t supposed to lose he should have won. Why did they have to make Ciel a demon that sucked so much but the eyes at least looked badass. Ciel’s assistants where all left in the dust jobless and crying which totally sucked and am i the only one here who feels that Elizabeth got screwed over big time! :wah This episode was depressing as hell with and extremely gay ending which i didn’t like. :sad3 Instead of the ending being CielxSebastian it should have been CielxElizabeth with Sebastian as the butler(Perfect ending).

  7. JJ says:

    i heard that they will have a third season of kuroshitsuji.. they pretty much left the ending a bit open to it..

  8. AkatsukiYuki says:

    I’m kinda curious as to why sebastian even bothered to serve ciel again. plus, i really loved this series. well, until they spoilt it by showing that sebastian was a woman…*pouts*but i liked this episode a lot!thanks for the review.i loveee reading anime reviews here.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Well Sebastian didn’t have a choice; he promised he would because he thought eventually he would get Ciel’s soul, but he ended up getting completely screwed over and having to serve Ciel forever |’D
      Yes I loved this episode myself too!
      you’re welcome~ ^^ I’m glad to hear that!

    • Kami-sama says:

      well, until they spoilt it by showing that sebastian was a woman…*pouts*


      • Cecille says:

        How can he be a woman ? Where ? When ? =0= !!!!!

        • foomafoo says:

          all i could say = 😳

        • Kami-sama says:


        • AkatsukiYuki says:

          Well, it was shown in the last episode of the first season when he fights the angel thing. Apparently you notice high heels with very feminine legs. It was also shown in the manga i think somewhere in vol 3 to 5, when they showed the part where ciel first summoned sebastian and then he/she was with the very same high heels and i was like, “NOOO!!!Sebastian cannot be a woman!”

  9. Kyokai says:

    I was not expecting this at all. Even then it was a good entertainer and totally shocked me. Surprises are good rather than disappointments so this still rates high in my books.

    It was sad to see Sebby-chan all pissed off, as he usually gets his way. Also, everyone got a good ending except for the main protagonists. Still, do you think it was bad? I think it totally fits, both of these characters intertwined for eternity. Perfect somehow that Ciel would be the master and Sebastian the Butler.

    There still can be a third season, A-1 Pictures has milked the franchise a lot already and all the fangirls still love it, they know even a third season would work. Let’s see about some official word on this.

    Also, good job on reviewing this regularly Hoshi-chan~! <333 Like I said to Ryuu, all of the new authors picked up series from the mid, yet everyone did an awesome job! :thumb:

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Me either, it was just a complete SHOCK to me! I freaked out so much, my mom entered my room asking me what the heck was wrong with me x’D I paced around my desk for a long time before going to bed, hahaha.

      I don’t think the ending was bad, I was kind of expecting a bit more, but in the end, after my thoughts have collected, I do indeed think this was a fitting ending 8) Especially with the Ciel and Sebastian together for eternity (I think that’s why the last scene moves me so much).

      I’m not sure how I would feel about a third season ^^; What more is there to tell? I think this is perfect<3.

      Thank you lovely Kyokai~!<3 I did my best, and even if it took maybe half of Fridays, it was so much fun! 8D Now it's time for the OVAs, heehee.

  10. Amutofan123 says:

    Wow. Just… wow. The ending left me feeling all kinds of feelings.

    I feel so bad for Sebby… he really did look depressed the whole episode.

    You aren’t the only one who felt sad at Claude’s death. I thought that I would be rejoicing and throwing a mini party, but… instead, I cried. I cried a lot during this episode. It may have just been because it’s the final episode, but whatever.

    Oh… Ciel’s a demon… Gah! I feel so depressed and shocked now! Ciel! T_T

    Despite the fact that it left me feeling rather depressed, it was a good ending. I’m totally looking forward to the OVAs now!

    This season was fantastic and I’m certainly not disappointed. Shocked, but not disappointed.

    Now, off to read the manga!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Ahhh, yaay another person who felt sad about Claude! I did too, I was already planning to say, “Mwuahahaha that’s what you get!” but I was silent and pretty remorseful. Same here, I cried a bit, but I always cry at endings ^^;

      I know!! Poor Ciel! ;A;

      I am too~! If they did this good a job for the anime, I’m sure the OVAs are going to be splendid 8D

      Whooo~! I hope you enjoy the manga!

  11. oo says:

    :sad2 i wasn’t expecting this at all. i’ve seen fan-fictions about Ciel becoming a demon, but i thought that i will not come out. the most unexpected just.. came. :rage: “WTH IS WITH THE ENDING?” :wah :red:

  12. Starry says:

    I’m shocked by the ending too. It wasn’t a bad ending, but it wasn’t a good one either. But, I suppose that it is the best possible ending for this, since Sebastian’s original wish was to eat Ciel’s soul, and we can’t have that can we. 8D So now Sebastian will accompany Ciel for the rest of the long and lazy life of a demon, which is kind of a good for fangirls and Ciel, but bad for Sebastian. >.< Ahh… I had originally wished that they would resolve the problem in a manner that would allow the anime to follow the manga again the next time. But now I guess that my wish for a 3rd season is impossible. T_T

    One thing I'm quite curious about is where they are going though. Ciel mentioned something like, they would be going to a place where demons and humans are equal. I doubt that they died since demons can't die unless killed using the sword, and Ciel had repeatedly stated that Sebastian would be his butler forever, so he seems to want to be alive and torture Sebastian or something. XD And so, the question is, where are they going? XD I had a random idea that they might be going to the Shinigami world… 😀

  13. Namika says:

    I just hate it…. A heartbreaking end, really. It was an amazing end that blew me away, but it was still…too bittersweet. And I hate to see Sebastian so depressed. There are so much thoughts in my head now, but I just can’t bring that chaos into order right now…. In the end, Alois still acted like a b*tch. Claude met his end, which disappointed a little, though this kind of an end was fairly expected.
    And at the end I’ll say that the 2nd season was utterly depressing. ==” though I’ll keep hopes for the 3rd season ^^ (not happening, I know. But I still want it *O*) It would be one hell of a ride. With Ciel as a demon oO”

  14. berrish17 says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Kuroshitsuji ended :tantrum
    those black nailpolish looks so great on him~
    gotta go buy some black nailpolish!!!!! :runs: lol
    i love the ending but im REALLY gonna miss this animeeeeeeeeee 😥

  15. Lizzy says:


    This episode. Homygawd. I have no words for it. It tore my heart apart. I think I cried at least five times throughout this one.

    Wow… Just wow. I don’t even know where to start. Well, first of all, I was happy to get to see Alois’ pretty face in this episode, that’s always a plus in my book. ^^

    And even though I hate him, I couldn’t help but shed a tear (or three) when Claude met his demise. What he said about Alois…. Ah, being an AlosxClaude shipper, I couldn’t help but have a little hope for this dying pairing. Mangela, definetly. What an unexpected antagonist. From the chew toy that she was in the beginning to the evil mastermind who outfoxed both Sebastian and Claude and cheated them of their souls.

    Yana Toboso, A-1 Pictures, the directors of Kuroshitsuji & Kuroshitsuji II, thank you so very much. Through all the bumps, hiccups, and wonderful twists I have stayed faithful and I am so glad that I have. So many emotions ran through me as I followed Kuroshitsuji. Sadness, anger, happiness….only the greatest of works can evoke such a complexity of emotions. I cried, laughed, screamed, cried some more….This series is definitely up there with the best of the best in my mind. The wonderful world of Kuroshitsuji will forever be in my heart.


    …..Though, you all have given me the biggest butler fetish ever. xD

  16. skaruux says:

    HIS FACE!!! :sad6

    I mean, I just watched the episode but, but , but… his face!!!! Sebastian’s face is so saaaaad! It’s killing me.


    I- I feel depressed. Please wait while I curl into a ball and think this through.

    :sad2 :dot


    Well, I certainly didn’t expect this ending. I’m still at shock…

    :depressed :orz

    • skaruux says:

      … I’ll spam this with more ( the same) sad icons.
      :sad6 :sad5 :sad4 :sad3 :sad2 :dot :depressed :dead

  17. Junko says:

    I freaking loved this ending. TBH Sebby had it waaaay too easy up until now, being the perfect (demon) butler and all. Much too easy, you always knew he’d get through at the end, no surprised.

    But my god did I love seeing his smug face all smooshed over with dissapointment >D. Ciel is going to comand that crud out of Mr.Perfect for all eternity. I love it.

    Plus, the kind ending on Alois and co’s behalf, I liked. It was sweet, and I dunno, I felt sorry for the loud mouth brat in the end.

    I love endings that just tick me off a little, specificaly, how they simply left everyone, poor Lizzy, the servants, the somewhat obsessive indian prince, Mr.giggly undertaker, and the death gods (Why them? They’ll probably meet again).

    TL;DR I liked it (Y)

    • Hoshi says:

      ~EXACTLY!! 8D OHMYGOODNESS you have said my exact perfect thoughts on Sebastian<3 All the Sebastian fans were getting all cocky saying, Sebastian can't lose because he's Sebastian. Well he totally got screwed in this season! It's one of those 'In Your Face' moments' heehee.

      Yes I think that's why this ending is so bittersweet because all the other characters are being left in the dust, especially Lizzy (poor girl).

  18. iceley11 says:

    Yes… I wasn’t expecting the ending at all… :freeze2:
    I wanted Sebby to have Ciel’s soul, damn it! :tantrum
    And everything was just fine until Claude (that effin’ bastard) killed Alois… huhuhu :sad5
    mejuz wanna beat them up real bad like this :punch
    I hope there really is a third season… I mean, poor Sebby… :huhu:
    All throughout the episode I was like “what the hell is happening!” :wah
    Oh my poor Sebby…

  19. Joo_Wolf says:

    well, all I gotta say is:
    I feel sorry for Sebastian…. :sad3

  20. SHE says:

    Okay…not too be rude…but are you guys stupid?
    yana Toboso did NOT make this anime nor did she have anything to do with the two seasons or ending. She simply gave her permission for them to spinoff their own series based on her manga…mind you the anime is nothing like the original manga she created.
    Credit the story to the storyboard artist and directors of each episode of the Kuroshitsuji Anime. I consider the anime almost a completely different series and is in almost no way the same as the manga.
    The characters Sebastian, Ciel, Finian, Bard…etc belong to her but as far as Alois, Claude, Hanna, the triplet demons Yana Toboso did not create those characters.
    Please do not credit Yana Toboso with this storyline. Although I did appreciate the way they took it to the end to wrap up the series completely, I would never say Yana did this because already being an animator I know she had nothing to do with it.

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