Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 23-26 [END]

Confession done, so now what?

Usui: You are sly, Ayuzawa… Misaki: Usui no Aho~!

So many series ending, with September finally coming to a close. In some countries the first breeze of winter is already here, while the ones close to equator like mine are still deprived and bearing the perpetual summer days. This post could have been online three hours ago but I got distracted by Eve no Jikan and the final chapter of Ouran (it would remain to be one of my guilty pleasures that I loved to pieces). A weird combination I know but I loved both and hence a quick marathon and some reading later, I sat down to collect my final thoughts about Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Before that though, a quick review of the last three episodes.

As Hinata was introduced mighty late in the series, 24 and 25th episode were dedicated to him rather than giving more history of Usui, for which the audience was waiting for with bated breath. Not that I hate Hinata or anything; he’s one of the sweetest characters of the series. It’s just a shame that to give him some screen time, our main hero’s limelight was cut. (J.C. Staff no AHO~!)

We got to know more about Hinata and how he was brought back to health after falling from a tree when he was a kid. His parents died in an accident and his grandparents took care of him. His coping method was overeating but he righted his ways while growing up and looked for the girl he loved since childhood, our very own Misa-chan, whose You-kun he wanted to be forever. Who would have thought that even after finding the girl of his dreams, he’d face competition that would get in his way?  And of course, I’m talking about Usui, who pretty much reconfirms his intentions for Misaki in front of Hinata. However heartbroken and nostalgia he feels, he has to accept the fact that he has a very strong opponent; props to him though, he doesn’t give up.

On the other hand, Usui has problems of his own because he’s not only been enduring Misaki’s ignorance but with the introduction of Hinata, clearly sees that Misaki can actually go out with someone other than him. To burden him some more, the fortune of their supposed relationship comes out extremely negative to the point of being on opposite poles, during an enactment at Maid Latte. Now, time to give props to Usui because he too, doesn’t give up and confirms with Misaki that he was the only one who makes her flustered. Also, very good of him to openly announce his rivalry of Hinata with a well placed WOOF! It somehow made perfect sense. Thank god there was no marking of territories… XD

The ones who were expecting a big date between the main couple (like me), as seen from the ED were mildly disappointed, ED WAS ALL LIES!!! with the Yumesaki High festival continuing to their first date. The festival that Sakura wanted to attend because of Kuuga’s band UxMishi performing there. Even if Shizuko was more than angry on her for taking things for granted, Sakura was very sure about Kuuga changing his ways. Of course, the overprotective Misaki had to check things as well and Usui tagged along as usual.

The last episode continued the main pair’s shenanigans at Yumesaki festival that varied from winning a couple’s challenge with flying colours (no wonder they are a demon team!) and keeping an eye out for Sakura, who seemed to be in right hands because Kuuga had definitely changed and harbored reciprocal feelings for her. From the talkback he gave Misaki about how important a caring person is, she herself realizes the fact that Usui was just that and then some.

Their winning ticket to the special event came with costume and fireworks, which they decided to see from a secluded classroom. The thoughts that were bubbling in Misaki’s mind finally overflew with her asking Usui about enduring things especially for her. Their whole confession was very sweet (J.C. Staff did something right!), with overzealous blushing and the right amount of truth. Usui had been enduring all this time because he knew she needed time to adjust and thus he teased her, not only to make her accustomed but to see her different expressions. Misaki had been clueless yet in a certain corner of her heart; she always felt close to the perverted alien she came to truly love.


Didn’t I say, he’s cuuute? <3

Who would not melt in front of that puppy-dog look?

Hai hai~ As expected of Usui-kun~

Weird Star Wars reference…

Manly tears of not giving up!

I still prefer Tora’s moe fangs

The forced couple, poor Yukimura~

What a lady killer!



Final Thoughts: If I look at my early reviews, I was quite pleased with the series but the more episodes came, the less my enthusiasm got to the point that I started skipping reviewing because of one-shot stories that really didn’t help in progressing the plot. I think I endured it till the end because I loved Misaki and Usui’s characters. They are pure WIN~ however you look at it. Misaki who started out as a total tsun tsun, showed more and more of her dere side that was more than adorable. Also, Usui’s a winner as the main lead because he not only jumps buildings to retrieve a photo for his girl but gives his all in making her comfortable in her own terms. They were the ones who kept alive the show till the end.

This series started as a winner yet due to no clear path and dillydally of plot; it became a formula show, with each episode dealing with one problem of a supporting character, while the rest kept up appearances by randomly dropping by. This became such a formula that latter half of the series hopelessly copied and thus most of the regular audience either lost interest or marathon’d it after some time to catch up rather than waiting for the next installment.

Something that really bothered me was almost no information is given about Usui’s past and his family. We just know that he’s a megane-wearing hottie who wears lenses when out. He lives alone in a condo all by himself and is a master of almost everything he does. The scenes from ending sequence do not play any part in the story and thus when the last scene is cut, I literally felt disappointed. Now, J.C. Staff can be planning another season but with such a mishandled show I don’t know if it would rake in big audience no less rating.

All in all, it was an okay shoujo series, nothing to compare to the great ones. The main pair remained prominent and entertaining. I even remembered the names of most of the supporting cast but they became more like wallpaper than coming to life as the series progressed. However, some that stood ahead were Hinata (I still feel sad about his delayed appearance), Aoi (you gotta love him!) and Yukimura/Kanou (they are adorable, what can you say?). I would recommend this to those who would marathon it and looking for something light that they can laugh on with romantic connotation. I would also suggest reading the manga, which is better as many fans have already informed me.

Of course, there’s not much of a preview but few ending shots of Suzuna poking Misaki with a mini-apron, Maid Latte manager being hogged by Aoi as usual and Misaki getting surrounded by all characters including Usui. All’s well that ends well!

End note: This was another long series that I picked up like Durarara!! from Spring and the fourth show that I’ve finished blogging. This month has been one of milestones for me and not only because of my birthday but completing more than 100 posts on Metanorn and more than half a year added to be my ani-blogging belt. Wooo! So, after many around 15,000 words, here ends our KwMS journey. Though there will be more to come.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ ^^


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15 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 23-26 [END]”

  1. eerikoko says:

    Kaichou has ended?! god.. didnt able to watch on tv :wah
    honestly, i dont like watching it on internet coz sometimes the translation/sub is wrong! :eh

    SENGOKU BASARA HAS ENDED today!! :sad5 :sad5 :sad5
    i really cried so much :baww: :baww2:
    BUT!! the good news is.. (drumroll)

    THERE WILL BE A MOVIE!! :kyaa2: :nosebleeds:
    roadshow in 2011 :blush2:
    CANT WAIT!!! :kyaa: :kyaa: :kyaa:

    by the way, sorry for the bad english..


    • Kyokai says:

      You can always try http://fffansubs.com/ who sub it quite brilliantly.

      And yeah, Sengoku! I finally caught up with the series and am waiting for the 12th episode to release so that I can watch it with 11th.

      Thanks for the movie news! I would definitely look forward to it and we’ll do a season end roundup of Sengoku too. :3

      Also, eerikoko-chan, language is no problem. 😉

  2. Namika says:

    This turned out pretty good, even though had a lot of disappointment moments. In the end, it’s just another shoujo, with nothing standing out a lot. Besides an interesting couple))))
    I enjoyed it, after all.

    • Kyokai says:

      I totally agree, Namika-chan~. It’s nothing like Kimi ni Todoke but it was enjoyable just because of the main couple.

      • Namika says:

        yup.))) Kimi ni Todoke is on a different level….. well, I think it’s much better, because the plot, character/main design, animation and music were neatly going hand-in-hand. harmoniously, I guess. But KwMS was still enjoyable))

  3. Sabine says:

    It’s a pity the series only got 26 episodes. Now that they finally confessed, their relationship becomes better and better. There is also a lot more to Usui than you may think.
    That’s why, for the humor this anime was perfect (or at least for me it was), but if you want the real romance you gotta read the manga.
    If they decide to make a second season, which I would obviously like, they’d have a chance to show the better side of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!. 😀

    • Kyokai says:

      I love USUI~ <333 I even declared him my waifu because he's too adorable. 😉 I loved his chibi-face and the deadpan looks he gives. He definitely made me laugh.

      I'm catching up with manga to know more about him and his past.

  4. watermelonss says:

    I’m kind of sad with the ending of KWMS, I want it to continue more and hoping of more Misaki and Usui moments together.
    Hinata is cute but sometimes he irked me, but lol, he’s always hungry. He’s too cute and Kanou, I love that guy always around Yukimura. They’re my second and third favorites right after Usui.
    When they confessed of what their minds troubled and bothered them, they blushed and it was the most adorable thing ever to see.
    And finally, my wish come true when both of them kissed with lovely background of fireworks.
    It has been my dream and have been waited for such a long time the whole times I watched the episode until the end, finally they kissed!!
    The moment they kissed, I clapped my hands. Goodness, it was remarkably amazing.
    Ahh…. but I am unsatisfied very much, because I really want more.
    Would there be season 2!!? I’m hoping so much.
    And the last part before it ended, as they surrounded Misaki chan, Usui came and said I love you. I was in love with that. I want to hear more of that coming from both mouth – Usui and Misaki chan.
    Ahh, yokata yokata neee ~
    Moe moe..

    • Kyokai says:

      There was definitely a lot that could have been done with the storyline. If only they had not wasted a lot of time in animating specials and such. Anyways, seems like there are high chances of another season because there’s definitely material there and people are pretty much curious about Usui still because nothing big gets revealed. Who know they would announce it.

      For a last episode, this was good, especially the whole confession. I always love confessions in anime. Then I hope you liked the gif I made. 😉

      • watermelonss says:

        oh yes i love the gif you made, i save it, if you dont mind but hasn’t use it anywhere but when I do, I will give credit properly. doomo arigatouuu <333

        Totally, its like… still a mystery with Usui – with his background and the family and so, definitely not the ending yet.
        But with all of the request from fan for season 2 if that happens, what not, there's bound to be. I just hope hope hope so they will be

        And I agreed fully with what you said there, but I guess they had to make it like that so they can safe the best for the last for season 2, I bet they will, they just had too!!

        The confession is just the first step in their relationship, for me that is.
        And when Hinata said about the rival, I have the hence it would be continue in season 2
        lol, I just happens to have huge hope for the second season.
        Same here, I so love confession in anime, it's so fuwafuwa… lol

  5. berrish17 says:

    i love Kaichou wa Maid sama~ :woo
    Hinata was sooo cute XD
    im gonna continue reading the managas since i can’t resist the hotness of Usui!!!!!! :nosebleeds:

    • Kyokai says:

      Hinata’s character was very likeable indeed. If only there was no Usui, he definitely had a chance but tough luck!

      I’m reading the manga right now too. 😉

  6. - UsuiAreSexy - says:

    Now I am angry! :tantrum I still don’t know much about Usui’s past.. And will hinata ever give up on misaki? Do Hinata find a other girl? And why is usui living alone? Where is his famely? It’s soooooo much i want to know!! :14:

    I’m so depressed … :sad5 :sad3 :sad6 🙁

    • Kyokai says:

      I was pissed off with less Usui too. I mean, he’s the main lead and sure has a lot of past issues. I suggest you start reading manga NAO~ It has loads of chapters and a lot of backstory (I’m currently catching up myself).

      Also, I expect they might do another season, who knows?

  7. Eiko says:

    Aww its going to end?
    It was such a great series!

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