Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 19-23

W00t?! DEVELOPMENT? Misa-chan finally accepted Usui’s feelings?!

Sashiburi da ne, Kaichou~! The last episode I reviewed was eighteenth and after that I was pretty much tired of the fillers and repetitions done. I have been told by many of the manga readers that J.C. Staff is raping the storyline and I know, this is not the first time they have done so… =.=;; Did I say, I was scared for Bakuman? Yeah, I did that in Fall review already. BUT, who can resist Usui’s charm and Misaki’s dere? As the series would end in next three episodes, being a regular ani-blogger, it’s my utter duty to pick it up and finish it well! Even if that means that the next review would probably be series ender thoughts…! ^^; A big thanks to FFFpeeps for subbing the twenty-third in time or else it would have been too late again for me to review (weekends are my thing xD). So, following is just my impression of the episodes gone by till now.

Even if I’ve booked Mikiya <3 and blondes are not my thing, yet I officially announce:

Usui’s my waifu~

The episode I most awaited was nineteenth hands down, because it not only showed the megane-Usui but the cute interaction between the couple that was very homely. Every good romance should have a recuperating moment where one is sick and the other on take-care mode; definitely always a pure WIN~! Please disregard the ones in which the other is so delusional that they don’t even remember doing it. That’s just stupid. So, yes, definitely some development in Misa-chan visiting Usui but the resolution is still far, far away. Also, the first line was a misleading troll… It contains my true feelings but ah well, sharing my frustration… =.=;; *hides*

I won’t even bother with the fillers so finally we meet, Hinata Shintani! I’ve been hearing about him for some time now and finally glad to see him around. At first glance he seemed like a munching idiot but he definitely grew on me. Finally a true rival for Usui who’s been totally unparalleled so far compared to the idiots who have gone after Misaki. Also, bonus points for him being Misaki’s childhood friend. It’s clear that she cares about him but Usui remains to be the only one inducing her to super-fluster, whenever he’s around the perimeter. Of course, after his recuperation from injuries Misaki’s been literally avoiding any confrontation with him; her own emotions in turmoil.

From the complete tsun tsun, Misaki has been channeling dere more and more. With Usui’s favours amounting to a mountain she’s warming up to him and even taking his weirding ways with aplomb. She still needs time to digest all the direct and indirect affection that both Usui and Hinata shower at her but the situation is so that she has become more approachable. This is about time that Usui makes his move or else….

this might actually progress to something more…

Hinata’s intentions are pure and he doesn’t leave any stone unturned to show his affection towards Misaki. From bantering with Usui to actually asking her out on a date to Maid Latte (of all places), his honesty shines through and so does his touching childhood story about how she changed him. Things really didn’t help Usui when Hinata got some alone-time with her building stronger bonds. Not to mention that aside from Usui and the baka trio, now Hinata also knows about Misa-chan’s part-time job, which has been a big bargaining pointer for Usui till now.

Wouldn’t it be frustrating to see another guy whisking her off her feet and you staying behind; not a good picture, ne~?

Usui’s stance has been clear from the first episode; he more than likes Misaki. But, it’s still a mystery why he hasn’t outright asked her out and properly dating her. He easily evaded with a Mindukse to Kanou but is that really true? I think he’s actually preparing the grounds for doing just that but he got the mid-way jitters due to which he has been dawdling. With the appearance of Hinata that should be taken care of and of course, there’s his past trauma that has still not been covered yet. With only three more episodes to go, it’s about time that Usui gets some screen time and development happens between the main pair. Oh God, I have been repetitive about this, haven’t I?

Gambatte~ Usui-kun, work harder; let the tension mount to more notches! XD

For the Lulz (PIC SPAM):

Usui: Who do you think I am? Misa: A perverted alien from the Planet Pheromones!

You can play the violin for me any day, Usui~ :kyaa:

Annata dare desu ka? Watashi namaewa Usui ja naaaiii… ~

The Engrish Japanese killed me…. :fufufuu

Complete DAWWWWness~

Let the power of youth explode! (Yukimura channeling Gai; Misa, Lee (kejimayu); Usui, Naruto)

As expected, Yukimura’s imouto Ruri is kawaiiii~ Lucky too!

Bromance goodness? Oh God…. Don’t even go there….

Didn’t I just say, don’t go there.…?

Did we just witness rape eyes in a shoujo?! Not another School days…. :doom

Don’t underestimate a girl’s POWAH~!

Misa-chan…. I’m afraid to tell you this, but You-kun and Yukimura are my beeyotches~

I think that’s enough for my ramblings about KwMS till now. As I previously said, I would read the manga but after the series ends. I’ve read some of the excerpts Flags shared with me few months back and I already know I would definitely enjoy it.

Preview shows some fairy tale event at Maid Latte with some more flashbacks of Hinata/Misaki and a confrontation between Usui and Misaki. J.C. Staff, konno baka~! This better lead to the main storyline and more progress! I do not want all important things to be scrunched up into the last episode…! :rage:

Till next time, Ja ne~


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5 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 19-23”

  1. Namika says:

    I really thought that I wouldn’t see Kaichou wa maid-sama on Metanorn again…. Though I’ve been following the series and enjoying them so far. Yeah, the fillers are sometimes really annoying but I let it slide for the sake of the good moments ^^ like the scene where Misaki was taking care of Usui when he was injured and all… Though the development in the storyline still isn’t even close to satisfying level….and I’m afraid that they’ll just blurt it out on the last episode… :sigh but I’ll still continue being an optimist! :cheer:
    Oh, I’m so glad that they’ve finally introduced Hinata! Usui is still as droll-worthy as ever[maybe even more than ever] but Hina-kun definitely became my favorite :tea Too bad he’s not quite right for Misa-chan… but he’s still adorable! And I hate how they’ve put aside Usui’s past right until the few last episodes! ><" it's about time to reveal a little something about him too….

    • Kyokai says:

      Teehee, sorry for being inconsistent but the fillers have been really annoying! After Drrr! finished I could only continue with Shiki for Sekijitsu and sporadic updates on KwMS here. Though, I have big plans for Fall! :sparkle

      My love for Usui and Misaki never subsided and I’ve been following the episodes regularly too. Episode 19 is one of my favourites because of you-are-sick and I-will-take-care-of-you scenario. I can only wish for a good ending now and more info on Usui~ :love: From the ED sequence we know for a fact that they would go on a date.

      Personally I loved Hinata too. He’s such a nice character that there are times you would root for him but then remember, NOOO remember USUI and you have to change parties again. :runs:

      • Namika says:

        yeah, you’re right on that)) There’s no way Misa+Hinata will happen, because USUI is still here. I too adore the couple and can’t wait until they’re finally together.
        I have quite big plans for the fall too! I just can’t wait when Bakuman and a couple of other series come out. :tea

        • Kyokai says:

          I think I’m going to make zillion gifs for the series round up if J.C. Staff does it well (keeping my fingers crossed for that) :love

          Fall is going to be busy but we will have more stuff to fangirl over. Fufufuuuu~ :fangirl

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