Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – 08

What draws me in this week is a bunch of cuddly green creatures.

AT LAST, some supernatural stuff. Oh man, here I thought we were in store for another lame drama arc but I’m glad I was wrong. We get a little action, a little drama and then the cutest monsters I’ve seen since the beginning of this show. However, Maya and the gang still don’t have any clue as to what the Nostradamus Key is. -___-

This week’s episode starts off with a little flash back scene showing what happened at the end of last week’s show. We get to rewatch the slap-fest (which is awesome btw) and then the continuation of the arc starts after the title shows.

In the morning, before class starts, Kozue is waiting for both Ami and Maya to enter the room to try and help them make up. At first Ami enters and Kozue greets her, though Ami’s reply is distant and distracted. A few seconds later Maya enters and Kozue gets the same treatment from her as well. During their physical education period, the students of Bunmei’s homeroom are playing softball. When some dude hits a pop-fly into centerfield both Ami and Maya make a play for the ball calling to each other to give them space. Unfortunately, as both are distracted by each other, the ball falls on the ground and Kozue has to go for the ball instead. But, in usual Kozue fashion, she eats dirt and loses her glasses. After gym class, while showering, Ami tells Maya to meet up with her after school at some shrine. As Maya is finishing up showering she over hears a couple girls talking about the UFO incident that Ami’s father instigated. They then talk about how a lot of cows are dead for unknown reasons.

Women and their friend dramas. I can never understand it.

In baseball we call this an Error.

This scene would have been tense if they both weren’t naked.

After talking to Bunmei about the dead cows, Maya decides that they should investigate again. Upon closer inspection of a dead cow they find what looks to be fang marks near its ribs. They also know that they cows don’t have any blood in them. I wonder wonder what’s in a wonderball? Anyway, while walking back from the pasture Bunmei mentions Ami and Maya remembers that she was to meet up with Ami at (random) shrine. After running there she finds Ami and Kozue waiting for her. As Ami and Maya stare each other down, in what could be called a menacing atmosphere, Kozue runs between them to try and help them reconcile. After deciding that the best way to deal with the tension between Ami and Maya is to eat some snacks (o.O?), Kozue runs off to the nearest snack shop. However, within seconds Kozue is running back towards the shrine with a green monster riding on her arm.

Really Bunmei?

Teeth/fang marks.


Kozue has the worst of luck.

Maya, being the badass she is, beats the shit out of said green monster with a random branch she picked up. But before they can do anything else they are surrounded by a bunch of those little green things. Suddenly a larger version of the green monsters bursts out of the forest near the shrine and grabs Ami. It then sinks its retardedly long fangs into her ribs. Ami then blushes. While Ami and Kozue are struck in awe, the green monster and her little babies bound off into the forest.


IMHO having foot long fangs jabbed between my ribs doesn’t look like fun. I could be wrong though.

Back at Ami’s house Smiley and JK are trying to dismantle the UFO they created while Ami’s Tou-chan yells at them to hurry up. It seems that he’s still upset over the whole drama that happened last episode. Just then Kozue enters the garage area to tell everyone that Ami has been kidnapped. Kozue starts to explain what happened and tries to remember the name of the monsters that attacked them. Everyone in the group understands what monster it is but can’t seem to place the name of the monster. Irritated that everyone is wasting time on such a trivial matter, Maya blurts out that it’s called a chupacabra. Soon after that everyone gets ready to take down some baddies. This scene totally reminded me of Supernatural so I was totally digging it. Maya makes a crossbow and Ami’s father makes a machine gun out of his nail gun. After the preparations are made everyone hops in Tou-chan’s truck and head off in to save Ami.

So he DOES have eyes!

Getting ready to kick green ass.

Now we know what Kohta (from HOTD) looks like when he gets older. :3

However, just as soon as they set off, they realize that they don’t know where Ami is. Luckily, JK shows up, being the cool guy he is, and sets everyone in the right direction. As they are driving they pass by Nakagawa’s and it just so happens that Bunmei is leaving the restaurant. Reversing back to the store, Smiley pulls Bunmei into the truck before the speed off once again to wherever Ami is.

JK being himself.

Get in mah belleh!

It turns out that Ami is being held captive at another shrine, albeit this one run down and long forgotten. As they are heading towards the main building the gang is surrounded by more baby chupacabras and a fight ensues. We learn here that everyone is a pro-gunslinger because we witness back to back headshots and one-shot-one-kill skills. Everyone get’s their cool clichéd anime action scene and even Bunmei looks awesome. When they finally get to the shrine the guys tell Maya to get rescue Ami while they hold off the hoards of chupacabras.


My thoughts exactly.

Best pic all episode.

Inside, Maya finds Ami lying on a stone bed surrounded by what looks to be a crap ton of hatchling chupacabras. Maya shouts (an idiot move) for Ami to wake up and grab her hand so she can escape. Ami finally wakes up and gets out of the chupacabra den, but then suddenly Mama-Chupa shows up and is all ready to tango. Unfortunately for her Tou-chan is uber pro with his makeshift machine gun and easily decapitates her. After looking around a bit the group finds Kozue, who was kidnapped as they were walking to the chupacabra shrine, in the same pit that Ami was in asleep, in a heap of bones. As everyone is standing around talking JK and Smiley comment on how they can smell something strange. It’s then that the group realizes the shrine is on fire (I don’t know why) and they all high-tail it out and back home. The camera then pans to an overlooking cliff where we see the Vice-Principal and her ninja-esque assistant watching the scene unfold from a distance.

Ironic how peaceful it is inside the shrine.

Somehow I dont’ think Maya is THAT strong…


Sutokaa mitai.

The final scene of the episode has everyone at Ami’s house cruising while Tou-chan finishes the story he started in the beginning of last week’s episode.

Creepiest picture of the episode.

End Thoughts: IMHO, this episode was better than last weeks; at least we got to see real chupacabras. Speaking of those little green devils, I thought they were the cutest monsters that I have seen thus far in the series. I wouldn’t mind having one as a familiar (if I was a wizard or warlock or something like that). I felt bad that they were getting capped left and right. They looked so squishy!

So cute~~~~~~!

Well, at least we know that Maya and Ami are friends again. It really seems like the series is trying to focus on Maya as the main character and more about her struggles than Bunmei’s. I feel like Bunmei has be de-lvled to a supporting character and I’m not too sure I like it. In this episode Bunmei almost felt like Smiley and JK, only showing up for a few minutes here and there to do something that Maya wouldn’t. I want to know more about Bunmei and more about the Nostradamus Key, but it seems like we won’t be getting much info in that area.

Did anyone else notice Mikaze’s obvious hand touch while Bunmei was eating at Nakagawa’s? They way she crosses her arms to accent her chest and how she let her top’s straps slide down her arm made it seem like she really is trying to seduce Bunmei. I want this to be developed more. I wish the writers would stop keeping us in the dark about the whole “who is Mikaze really?” thing.

Anyway, while the more I watch this show the lower my expectations are, I think I can stay interested for the few weeks that it’ll continue. Here’s to hoping that we get somewhere with the main story arc in the next few episodes.

Preview: A moe character? I’m disgusted. And seeing as how the only Japanese supernatural thing I know of that has to do with snow and females is a yuki-onna I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that that is what the next episode is going to be about.


AFK a lot. Shiny writer. Good luck catching him with anything less than a master ball. :3
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5 Responses to “Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – 08”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Amusing review. And those greenish goblins looked cute to you? -__-

    From day one I’ve been enunciating the fact that Mikaze has a bigger role to play, either as another time agent or a pawn to the whole trouble in paradise. I just hope they move along with the story already!

    • Masu says:

      how many episodes are left? why dont we know more? gaaaaah, starting to get angry.

      • Kyokai says:

        5 more to go. There are 13 episodes in total.

  2. furide says:

    I’m sorry for this kind of comment, but… Chupacabras? Chupacabras, why are u there? xD That myth was so famous here in Mexico, when I was a child, I REALLY felt scary when someone spoke about him~

  3. Mushyrulez says:

    Next episode = Yuki-Onna?


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