Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – 05

It’s all about the klutzy Kozue, our kawai meganeko~

It’s a weekday so I’ll make this quick. In episode five, struggle to find the Nostradamus Key continues but both Maya and Fumiaki are very much occupied with the happenings around themselves to actually take acute notice of the time passing by. On 21st July, 1999 the world they know is going to be destroyed. For Maya, even if she didn’t believe that, she knows full well that something strange was happening in the academy. However, she doesn’t get much time in utilizing Number six’s phone with Kozue being more than overactive in experiencing the occult first-hand; the only person with no experience of occult.

On the other hand, Fumiaki gets a warning call from the future oyajis to shape up because he doesn’t have much time left. Also, he’s still being led on by Mikaze, who is fooling him with her cute looks and tearful eyes. She wants to sell her dough to the school and gets him to provide her a permit from the Principal herself. Little does she know about the hurdles he had to go through to get the approval stamp from his forehead to paper. I can only imagine, what she would be mixing in the bread she’s going to sell the students body of Waldestein Academy—coke, pot, hallucinogen, poison?! take your pick. >.>

Kozue has been a busybody the entire episode, trying to find traces of occult in everything from a non-rusting spoon with OOPArts reference, standing under waterfalls to see spirit orbs (even if they are just bad photography), Russian roulette, following a black cat for testing the theory of misfortune to going underground (Sokushinbutsu), locking herself in a vinegar cellar just to zone out. Maya’s question, “Aren’t you going overboard with your occult story?” resounds in every viewer’s mind. The only answer I can think of is that she either has a very high spiritual energy as a medium to attract supernatural beings towards her or this is simply escapism for her to blot out some past trauma.

Kozue gets her wish granted when she’s selected to try out a cryogenic chamber to glimpse the life after death. She volunteers happily for the near-death experience, leaving behind a very worried pair of Ami and Maya. The animation of Occult Academy has always been high quality but this particular sequence of probable afterlife was surreally breathtaking (reminded me of beautiful scenic animation of Tatami Galaxy). The three minute cap passes by for Kozue in a few seconds but rather than returning to her body, a powerful source(s) takes over her physical body. The Kozue, who returns is different from the real thing because she didn’t need her megane anymore and scoffed at occult. It was clear that Maya and Ami are on to this new being, whoever it is. Poor Kozue though, who seems to be looking for her glasses again in the afterworld, which was still broadcasting gritty images to the frontend of the cryogenic machine.

For the Lulz:

Why so serious?

Chihiro’s lurve…

Getting rejected… Tsk.

Aho da ne~

Itayi no Itayi no Tondeke~ (pain, pain, go away.) Yeah riiiight! =P

Awesome animation

End Thoughts: This was not a very happening episode like the previous ones but was filled with the usual references and character development of Kozue, who keeps on getting into trouble one after the other. The damsel in distress seems to be the epicenter of occult, even if she hasn’t experienced any in her consciousness. Since the first episode, she already has been possessed by Lamie spirit, kidnapped by a mothman and now she has been robbed off her body by an unknown spirit/being. Poor kid… =.=;;

Fumiaki’s officially an idiot in my books; how he would either turn into a good idiot or a sore loser still needs to be seen. Comic relief is okay but I seriously want to see why this bungler has the weight of saving the whole world on his shoulder. Maya sure wears the pants when it comes to taking charge and going for it; would he ever be able to compete with that? It’s hard to even think that right now. Bunmei-kun, don’t disappoint me.

I missed Smile and JK in this episode but they would be returning in the next one so it’s good. No new prediction this time around except for the obvious occult origin of the being possessing Kozue’s body. I’m curious to know if that’s going to be another spirit or some intelligent creature from another planet as this series seems to hint at ETs too.

Preview shows Maya all geared up for returning Kozue’s spirit to her body. Mikaze is still shedding crocodile tears and wooing Fumiaki. *coughdramaqueencough* No idea why Ami’s going for the butterfly costume as Waldestein doesn’t seem to be an event-driven institute but I can be wrong. A glimpse of Fumiaki junior is also seen; who knows he may actually meet his adult version.

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  2. Kyokai says:

    Test comment from iPhone

  3. ichigopocky says:

    That was epic animation in that sequence and poor Kozue
    I acctually didn’t watch the last one so I wasn’t to happy when I got a cliffhanger :sad2
    and I like the new emoticons thanks and thanks for the update as well :cheer:

    • Kyokai says:

      Arigatou ne~ Ichigopocky-chan! <3 You seriously should check out Tatami galaxy then. Their animation is epicer than this one. ^^

  4. Kabitzin says:

    It’s gonna be so annoying when Fumiaki finally powers up and starts shooting mind bullets. :wah

    • Kyokai says:

      With his idiotic performance, I doubt we are going to see that soon… =.=;;

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