Kara no Kyōkai Blu-ray & Epilogue Announcement

Kara no Kyōkai Announcement that bests my previous Kizumonogatari announcement.

So I have just returned from the hospital after my seven consecutive heart-attacks that I received this morning after learning that there will be a Kara no Kyōkai box-set. Kara no Kyōkai is without a doubt, my favourite anime ever. But it goes far beyond that. They are also my favourite “movie” movies ever. That’s right; they even beat “Inception”. They are movies that are visually and musically stunning. They also contain my favourite character of all time, as well as my favourite movie soundtrack. Basically, this is my crack. Any 1080p anime lover has, like me, been wondering why these movies aren’t in Blu-ray from the time the first movie was released.

Official art is amazing…

Here is the translated list of the specs from the official website:

[Product Specifications]
8-Disc Blu-ray Disc (photos + benefits)
Visual Chronicle Book Bundle

Chapter I Overlooking View
Chapter II Murder Speculation (Part 1)
Chapter III Remaining Sense of Pain
Chapter IV The Hollow Shrine
Chapter V Spiral Paradox
Chapter VI Oblivion Recorder
Chapter VII Murder Speculation (Part 2)

[Disc Eight]
New movie: “The Boundary of the Sky” last chapter
The Movie: Remix -Gate of Seventh Heaven-
Movie boundaries “empty” special programs – all trace of Chapter VII –

[Visual Chronicle Book]
A compilation of key visual art, art for each of the films and the DVD art.

Approximately 640 minutes
[Movies: 499 minutes / Final Chapter: 30 minutes / Specials: about 51 minutes / Remix: about 60 minutes

Video: 16:9 / HD widescreen / 1920 × 1080p / MPEG-4 AVC
※ Specials in 1080i
Sound: Linear PCM (Stereo / 5.1ch Surround) 48KHz / 24bit (Specials 16bit)
※ Specials Stereo only
Subtitles: English, Japanese

…and so in the Fan-art!

Something that you may have just noticed, is that the list of specifications clearly lists English subtitles as something that exists. As this set costs 52,500 yen, which is approximately 620 U.S. dollars; I think we both now know that I’m not going to be able to get those new shiny things that I’ve been saving up for. My mind was a mess this morning, I have to take a bus in about an hour as well. I cried, I laughed and I thought about jumping off a bridge. But all in all this is the greatest thing that has happened to me in a while……………don’t comment on that. This announcement is better than Shark Week, and any one who knows me knows that I like Shark Week more than my Birthday and Christmas combined. This Box-set will be released on February 12th 2011, so this is something to save and look forward to, especially since all University students know that they will have about four essays due that week………….even though we don’t have schedules yet……


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13 Responses to “Kara no Kyōkai Blu-ray & Epilogue Announcement”

  1. Kyokai says:


    I shrieked like a fangirl and totally went off from the doom feeling I was getting while writing about Satoshi Kon. This is one of the best news of this year. Now I feel awesomely appropriate adding Shiki’s same shot for our banner.

    If only I could tell the ufotable people that I love them dearly for this! :4:

    • Flags says:

      You can easily tell them; it just costs $620.

      • Kyokai says:

        Lol, a big cinch on my pocket and I’ll have to get it shipped from outside too but what the heck! I WILL and only for the love for KnK. ^^

  2. bakuhasu says:

    About F*cking time! Epilogue finally announced and will be covered sometime in the future on the show! (That will be in 2012…) NICE NICE NICE NICE NICE!!!

    @Flags: Get a Blu-ray burner, start burning, and start adding art on the disc to make it official!

  3. BK201 says:

    ……….. :aww: Speechless.

  4. Hellomotto says:

    Woohoo! I don’t have blu-ray, but it sounds pretty legit.

    I’ve still got to finish KnK 7. Only then will I probably be legitly pumped for the Epilogue. XD

    • Masu says:

      don’t bother. the ending was lame. someone should have stayed dead.

      • Kyokai says:

        @Hellomotto, It is definitely legit and I am so getting it, by hook or by crook! Lemme know when you are done with the seventh and we’ll do a long convo on it. ^^

        @masu, Let him watch and make up hi mind. You are sooo calling for the wrath from fans right now… :dundun

      • Flags says:

        Someone will stay dead if you talk like that again. Also, Lio stayed dead.

  5. Tofu says:

    Epilogue’s coming out soon and I still haven’t seen any of the Kara no Kyokai movie series ><"

    Luckily my SUMMER holidays start in 2 weeks(yes, it's winter anime but at my place it's summer guys) ^^

    I'm trying to restrain myself here at best as I can! xD

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