Amagami SS – 09

It’s… li…ke…talk…ing…re…a…lly…bad…ly…. SPEAK UP GIRL.

Well, I guess I can safely say, I was wrong. I thought Sae would be shy, but not THIS SHY. I think she had two or three lines of dialogue this entire episode (exaggeration), and you could barely hear her at any of the times she was speaking. Despite all this, she still was, uh, pretty cute… AHEM. Junichi’s relationship with Haruka was purely by chance and it was immediate attraction. With Kaoru, it was a close relationship, where they eventually realized their feelings. With Sae, it begins with a friendship. Not an attraction, not a long friendship through years of school, but a meeting where they become friends. Which isn’t actually that bad. But with Sae as the girl of focus, does it work?

It’s not polite to stare…

As soon as the episode starts, we are greeted by a god-awful narration. I don’t know WHY they added narration for this arc, but it’s a terrible choice. Any other narrator besides Kyon is pretty terrible. (Don’t get me started on Ookami-san…) Junichi spots a ‘cute’ girl with huge tits stepping out of a car and heading towards school. Because she wasn’t wearing a uniform, Junichi was a little interested, and a few days later, they meet by chance. Junichi drops his coin purse (PFFFF-) and Sae picks it up, running after him all around the school. When he tries to thank her and ask who she is, she runs off, frightened.

Motivated, Junichi searches for this fair maiden with the help of Miya. Turns out that she’s good friends with shy ol’ (well, young) Sae-chan. Junichi finally thanks her and they end up on talking terms. Days later, Junichi spots Sae on the street. Turns out, not only is she shy, she’s also scared of everything, including a dog she can’t walk past. Junichi mans the eff up and helps her, realizing that the dog is about the size of a flea. Regardless, she runs off crappin’ her panties screaming at the top of her tiny little lungs. (And the dog looks derp)

That dog is the dog of Satan….

She finally calms down and they head to a nearby diner, the one that Kaoru works at. She teases them for a bit, then departs, leaving Junichi and Sae to their lonesome. Turns out despite being shy, she’s into wearing outfits like Kaoru’s waitress outfit. Junichi suggests she get a part-time job, and asks Kaoru if they are hiring. Turns out they are, so Junichi teams up with Miya to train Sae, because they both know she sucks at talking to people. Back at their house, Junichi attempts to get Sae to speak louder, telling her to control her breathing. After failing at that, she tries to to deliver a cup of hot coffee. She does deliver it, right into Junichi’s nuts.


After a little misunderstanding, Miya and Junichi walk Sae home. Miya suddenly suggest the play some odd variation of Rock-Paper-Scissors, that involves piggy-backing someone. Of course, it ends up that Sae gets to ride Junichi and he gets to feel her boobs. Mission completed!

The scars make him that much more badass.

End Thoughts

Ninja Warrior’s new contestant certainly was lackluster.

Two guys, one bread roll.

Oh HELL yes.. Miya and Sae~

Uhh, Junichi…?



I’LL KIL- Oh, that’s okay.

Revenge is a dish best served hot and on the crotch.

HERP DERP. Look at Sae’s face xD

Straight up, Sae is annoying. These characters really aren’t appealing to me at all. Her little high pitched whiny voice is hell, and she reminds me of Mikuru, but her voice is even weaker and even more pathetic. Despite her annoying voice, she’s actually kinda cute. Case and point towards the end of the episode, where she actually smiles. Junichi actually seems to be handling the relationship well also. I doubt there is actually attraction as of yet, but there will be next episode, I guarantee it.

One thing I was a little disappointed about, was that Miya seemed pretty alright with Junichi and Sae hanging out. Maybe when they start dating, Miya will feel left out? I feel like she’ll try and turn the motorbike of love into a tricycle of doom, which would result in some delicious fights. Seeing Miya in some Street Fighter-esque fights would be awesome. Does anyone else think that Miya’s hair is just getting messier and messier? Because it’s looking better. Or maybe it’s just the art changing? I thought the art looked a tad different, which put me off a bit, but maybe it’s my imagination.

Sae’s part-time job offer was surprising, and so what her desire to wear an outfit like that. (Actually, the quiet girls are usually the freakiest. Trust me on that one.) I was thinking when she mentioned it that she wouldn’t actually ask until the last episode after some sort of confession. Junichi gives her courage to be aggressive and not so chicken shit or something like that. Maybe over the course of the arc, she’ll get more bearable?

The preview involves Junichi and Ai talking about how he enjoyed piggybacking Sae in the previous episode, and him denying it. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen next episode. Maybe we see more Ai? That’s good. More Ai is always good.


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15 Responses to “Amagami SS – 09”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Your review just proves my point that I won’t be watching the Sae arc episode wise but would skim through when it ends.

    Btw, what the hell Miya’s doing to Sae! Lol!

    • bakuhasu says:

      Exactly what you saw… You cannot deny this Yuri relationship here..

      • Hato-kun says:

        Yeah, I have a confession to make. Their relationship is why I watch this show. :nosebleeds:

  2. metalsnakezero says:

    Miya is the real pervert here 😀

  3. bakuhasu says:

    Expectations… not so high for this arc, and said on your last post I think my predictions are not met, but isn’t so much so good. Since I’m not critical when it comes to Amagami, because the last arc was just pure Kaoru goodness, and this arc seems like it’s going to be a step down.

    *Warn me when there’s a OMGWTFBBQ moment*

    • Hato-kun says:

      I’m just holding out for Ai, to be honest >///<

  4. berrish17 says:

    i love the opening of this anime <3
    "Aishiteru~" hehe
    gonna go watch this ep. :yippy

    • Hato-kun says:

      I loved Haruka’s ED, the end of it was pretty badass 😛

  5. Dan-go says:

    Can i just say that ure the best reviewer i’ve eva met? love ure photo comments ILL KI-oh that ok-2 guys 1 bread roll,LOLOLOL ILYILYILY (if ure a guy, then that’s in a totally nonsexual way)

    • Hato-kun says:

      Let’s face the facts about me and you, a love unspecified~

  6. oplover says:

    One. Screw You Narrator! You destroy the cuteness of this episode!! 😡
    Two. I don’t know about how the others think but i love this episode, at least it’s better than Kaoru’s arc.

  7. Wildfire says:

    her voice is so annoying.

  8. SaekoxTakashi says:

    I know my username is referring to HOTD, but I had to comment on Amagami SS. I like the concept of Amagami SS, but the way its being delivered really lost my interest. The first arc was pretty okay and then after that its pretty much going downhill.

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