Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – 04

Damsels in distress? Smile and JK to the rescue while Fumiaki talks to a shining sun… =.=;;

Updated with more snapshots and addition to thoughts.

Every week, Occult Academy entertains me to no end. I not only thoroughly enjoy the comedic moments but the little nuggets of supernatural and historical references that are strewn across the plot of this series. Where we left off in the last episode (which I didn’t have time to review… ;A;), for the hunt of tengu that Maya was pretty bent upon. Not to mention the lovestruck vice principal Chihiro, who was rejected by Fumiaki’s love-phone future-seeing camera. Incidentally, along with Maya even Kozue has gone missing (didn’t I tell you she had victim written all over her face?) and it’s up to our male lead to find them.

Mikaze doesn’t drive, she drifts…

While searching for the mentioned missing persons, he meets Mikaze (no mere coincidence, I tell you). In her typical fast and furious style, she drives Fumiaki to Nagano city, where we see the taxi driver from first episode again to get clues about the Minakamiyama mountain. Mikaze stops over at Amato shrine and along with Fumiaki enters the inner area to find clues. Our protagonist is one lucky bastard because he’s not only gotten Vice Principal’s panties in a twist but a lusting maiden who falls and trips down many a paths to simply cling to him. Of course, both of them have personal axes to grind but it’s still funny to watch.

Due to a course of fright, Fumiaki is separated from Mikaze but finally meets Maya, who had come to hide in the shrine after being attacked by the monster we’ve been glimpsing in Zouzan Bunker. In their continued trundle inside the mountain that was theorized to be pyramid and having connections with Tengu, they finally come face to face with the real thing and they are not pretty!

Deformed yet human-like creatures with giant wings, Fumiaki acted just like Akashi would have, sprinting out in an instant when presented with this monstrosity. Our Maya though is made of strong mettle and holds her ground, even rescuing Kozue out of a pod-like cavity. Smile and JK’s timely arrival makes it easier to fight the swarm, which had been spawning for who-knows how many years. I totally fangirled these two, swinging their giant ass wrench and annoyingly tuned piano respectively.

Being a time agent has its dangers, though in particular he hasn’t received any special training just as predicted yet again. It was all a lie that he finally accepted concocting to building an image in front of Maya. In reality he was simply a bum in the future who was selected by the people in-charge of time machine to right their past by finding the Nostradamus’s Key and destroying it (most probably due to his psychokinesis ability—little did they know that it was long gone. I won’t badmouth Fumiaki as yet as he provides comic relief and who would not sprint towards the light after falling on a pile of crap and chased by a swarm of giant moths?

All of them do make out but are surprised by a well-timed bomb that not only destroyed the mothmen swarm, also known as Tengu but sealed the way to the Universal tree. I have to agree with Maya on calling Fumiaki a coward because he has to man up soon and boasting to the girl-next-door (who might actually be a nemesis agent) is just not on when the future’s heavy burden’s on your shoulder.

For Lulz:

Run for your dear life!

Internal hooray psyche of Fumiaki

Dear Diary, it’s been seven months and two weeks since I got *cough*

Awesome animation of Universal Tree

How does Fumiaki gets himself into such situations is beyond me. ^^;

The truth and the lies, always so contrasting…

You don’t see such a smile everyday from our tsun tsun Maya.

Saved best for the last, idiot antics of Number Six

End Thoughts: Curiosity killed the cat but I don’t think Maya’s going to anytime soon; however Chihiro or the supernatural forces try. She would only rest easy when she would get to know the people behind her father’s death, which might just turn out to be another hoax because I’ve already predicted that her father’s among the seven people responsible for sending time agents to the past.

Seeing the pattern of the series, it’s quite clear that the location of Waldestein Academy is the epicenter of a lot of paranormal activity and legends. The area is surrounded with historical shrines, mountains and places that have one or another connection with the occult. It’s quite clear that Maya knows almost everything about occult almost to the level of her own father but what really surprised me was Mikaze’s knowledge; who kept on prattling and showing off the town to Fumiaki. To me, she seems too good to be true and the open chances that she keeps on throwing at Fumiaki; I would guess that she’s either working for Chihiro or part of the opposing faction who want to balance out the time travel factor and keep the events on track for the same future to happen.

It was a bummer that the Universal tree wasn’t the Nostradamus’s Key but of course, how can things go smoothly? I don’t expect them to find it till the 12th episode out of the 13 total. Coming to the main pair, I was happy to hear Maya call him Bunmei because that proves that she believed him when he told her about being the spoon-bending-boy. I literally did roll on the floor with the last rescue scene of Fumiaki groping the air and I do empathize with him whenever Maya has a go at him about being a worthless time agent but he has to grow some cojones and soon. Who knows the previous time agents were as unprepared as he is but there are still many chances of him growing out of his fears and doing something totally wacky. I can bet he has some past torama that caused him to lose his ability—maybe losing his mother, who was the only one calling him Fumiaki-kun? Definitely a possibility.

The best thing I like about this anime is how it provides clues that make sense later. Like Fumiaki discovering Number five’s cellphone (that would now be used by Maya for the same purpose); the girl who got kidnapped by a mothman, her remaining slipper; JK’s sensing abilities and Kozue’s vulnerabilities of being captured, etc. The fun of guessing is more becacuse it’s an original anime without any light novel/manga for support.

Even when the side-characters didn’t get much airtime except for Mikaze, I still like Smile, JK, Ami (absent in the current episode) and Kozue who seem fun and awesome. I would look forward to Mikaze’s big reveal because there’s definitely something wrong with her. Also, what are Chihiro’s motives; is she working with the people who opposed Jun’ichirō’s theories on Nostradamus or actually a blessing in disguise? Maya is sure turning out to be a great character so I would look forward to her growth and some dere please! ^^;

Preview is all about Kozue in summer, featuring her neko-mouth pout and Maya’s regular ones. Mikaze is getting more lovey dovey with Fumiaki; why the hell he doesn’t use his phone on her is beyond me but of course he’s not using his brain now, is he?! =P So, I’ll look forward to see what the crazy people at Anime-no-chikara come up with in the next episode. Till then, Ja ne~

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12 Responses to “Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – 04”

  1. foshizzel says:

    Funny episode here loved the whole drift racer moments, and Maya being herself. My money is on Mikaze getting hurt or something later on maybe?

    • Kyokai says:

      Maya is one awesome character and I so want to know what the hell is up with Mikaze. I can bet she’s another agent with her skills and knowledge.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    You could tell when she recognized the World Tree, that Maya has a love for the occult. She was smiling like crazy, which is not something we typically see from her.

    • Kyokai says:

      Yeah, definitely, that was one scene that really showed her love for Occult, whatever she says. Good point, which made me add the screen later. ^^;

  3. Vivi says:

    Maya is so cool~ and good thing she has her own “love-phone” now! Haha~ She doesn’t really need #6 anymore, and I thought he’d man up after being called coward, but he still acts the same with that girl… when will he grow some cojones?!

    The only similiar thing about #6’s flashback is the Hawaiian shirt heheh!

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol, right you right. Maya is simply awesome and Fumiaki pales in comparison so much that he becomes a pencil scrawl. Now, I don’t expect him to grow some cojones till the end to do something awesome… My expectations have gone to negative. >.>

  4. Cool Ep!! Great continuation from the slower episdoe 3!

    • Kyokai says:

      Yeah, Occult Academy has definitely kept a good pace going. I just hope the next epi is not some filler about Kozue only but gives out more clues about the characters and what’s going on.

  5. Kabitzin says:

    I wonder what Kozue’s spiritual abilities are, as I assume she serves some purpose beyond constantly being the damsel in distress. At least she didn’t get punched in the face this time…

    • Kyokai says:

      Poor Kozue always finds herself in misfortune and episode five goes beyond in portraying her a damsel. Tsk.

  6. odchudzanie says:

    I will come back back to often. Great work buddy, keep it up

  7. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

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