Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 18

Usui and Misa-chan paired up for another joint attack…

The last episode that I reviewed was thirteenth when I was almost fed up with this series because of one-spin episodes without much development between the main pair and a lot of aimless dilly dallying. I’m glad that I resolved to marathon few episodes rather than following it weekly for some time and it was good to rediscover the love for Usui and Misa-chan yet again. These two are DAWWW~ worthy and episode 17 definitely had a lot of DAWWWness. The cherry on top were two beach episodes and let me tell you I have this affinity towards beaches (mind you, I’m not the obnoxious-forever-tanned kind but the kind who likes to soak up their feet and have long walks and splashes evening onwards. If I was a guy, I would definitely be a beach bum. xD) So, finally I’m restarting the episodic reviews of this series and just a few updates before I dabble into the current one.

Kanou was introduced as an angsty character in the beginning, having mommy issues that lead him to being scared of girls, which he countered with his ability to hypnotize people (remind me of Ayato Naoi from Angel Beats). From Kanou’s diabolical introduction and then his recuperation by Misaki, he has been hanging around Yukkun (Yukimura) to work on his shyness towards girls. The entire Student’s Council body agrees that whatever Yukkun tries, he would remain girly and a kawai uke~ and Kanou his true guardian. There has been some significant progress between the main pair while the maid latte team vacationed near the beach. So, I’m not planning on ditching this but continuing fun.

This episode was all about repaying the amounting favors on Misa-chan and though the hefty part belonged to Usui for saving her umpteenth time. His simple wish of her being his maid for a day is sidetracked with the reappearance of moe-fanged Tora Igarashi (the Student’s Council President of Miyabigaoka High).

Being Tora’s pawn, Maki Kanade (Student’s Council VP), brings the bad tidings of a hostile takeover by the Maki Dining Group to Maid Latte’s Manager, Satsuki. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth; Maki’s father is the President of a major corporation that owns restaurants all over the country. As his first big project under him, Maki wants to buy out the Maid Latte so that he could demolish it to build an English-styled mansion that would house a Butler café. Even if the landlord didn’t agree to sell the land, Maki has prepared the complete terms of buyout. Adding insult to injury, Tora also informs about the Footman audition for the discovery of high-class butlers for the same project.

Misaki tries to talk reason of leaving out Satsuki’s Maid Latte but Tora challenges her to prove her seriousness as if fully expecting her to cross dress for the event as it didn’t allow women to participate. As usual, Usui had been listening in to the whole discussion and would be there to support Misaki. Who in turn does exactly as Tora expected to appear in the Footman’s audition in order to repay him back for the previous stunt he pulled at her to join Miyabigaoka High.

Misaki blames herself for whatever has befallen Maid Latte and along with Subaru takes over different challenges from carrying her partner to dishwashing, serving and cleaning. They also encounter Shiroyan with Kurotatsu, Kanou with Yukkun and none other than Usui with Aoi (that lame tiger mask and height difference was a dead giveaway). In the last challenge to change into butler’s tails in a minute, Subaru’s discovered to be a girl while Aoi gets disqualified for being a middle-schooler. To Tora’s delight Usui and Misaki get a chance to pair up but not before Misaki proves that she’s a boy…

Flat as a board, Usui sure was disappointed. Tsk.

I liked the last ED (Yokan) but I like the new ED “∞ Loop” by heidi even more especially the beginning part. My feet just tap to the music on their own. Enjoy the full version:

End Thoughts: A solid episode in terms of a mixture of fun and usual teasing. As I haven’t read the manga and I don’t plan to touch it until the anime finishes, I’m unaware of the fact if J. C. Staff is keeping true to the manga plot; though from some mid-episodes it looked like they were flitting across chapters or so my readers told me. What I liked about the current one and the two before this is progress between the main pair; finally Usui and Misa-chan talked rather than he stalking her unseeingly and when countered she would smack him and run. With eight episodes to go (finally total 26 episodes have been announced), it’s about time to show significant development and closure in terms of their relationship. Misaki was total win as usual and with that last resort she has proved that she means business when it’s time to take responsibility even if it’s her fault or not. Usui will remain to be the Knight in shining armour, doing everything to keep Misaki from harm’s way.

Marathoning from episode 14 helped too because I watched this in one go rather than per week which was taking the fun out of this for me, while getting more annoyed with the character’s slow-paced and sometimes nonexistent growth. I think Kanou’s addition was good; at least Yukkun has company now! XD Same for the Bakka trio, who provide comic relief consistently, while Aoi always owns the screen whenever he’s around. My love for all these characters has been refreshed thankfully.

From the new ED, seems like Usui has some mommy issues of his own and I would look forward to knowing more about his past because he’s the only character about whom we don’t know anything.  There’s definitely past torama and as previously guessed, he does belong to a rich family but never boasts about it unlike something other characters in this series. The final scenes of ED give me hope for these two finally getting together.

Preview: was simply FTW~ Not only would the Footman audition continue but Usui would be showcasing few more of his talents including—wait for it—violin playing (what CAN’T he do?!). Though, this is not the reason enough for me to go fangirl crazy for the next episode. What I went fangirl crazy over was: Megane-Usui! Kyaaaa~ I do prefer his intellectual look rather than decked out look. Seems like Misa-chan would finally follow the map drawn by him to his house and be his maid for a day. Can’t wait for the next episode! Till next time, Ja ne~

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5 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 18”

  1. Flags says:

    Miko outfits and moe fangs. We have found a dangerous combination, let us pray that no one ever combines it. :tea

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Miko outfits were definitely cute, but that cafe must have no money after all the costumes they have to get for the crew. If they did “Miko Monday” (or “Temple-maiden Tuesday”) they would be able to reuse the outfits, and might save enough money to resist hostile takeovers.

  3. muffins:D says:

    i reeally like misa and takumi (usui)!XD
    they are soo cute together:) but if you want to see how things
    progress more i think you should reaally read the manga cuz it goes way ahead of the anime ^^
    i personally started to read the manga and couldnt stopXD
    but although i knew what was about to be because of that it didnt ruin anything for me cuz it was awsom to see it in the anime..
    so enjoy:D

  4. Kyokai says:

    @ Flags, hopefully not. ^^

    @ Joojoobees, I can bet their outfit money is taken out of the over the top tips they receive but of course even Miko outfits can’t save them from hostile takeover. D:

    @ muffins:D, Same here, he’s my waifu after I saw episode 19. :kissu And seriously, I will read the manga after the series is done. As there are only 7 episodes left, I’ll go marathon the manga afterwards. ^^

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