Bakemonogatari Gekiban Ongakushuu Sono Ni

Bakemonogatari’s second OST release by Kousaki Satoru

Though I would never get over my fixation with Bakemonogatari, it was fun hearing the second installment of OST that has a 45minute nugget “Atogatari” from Hiroshi Kamiya himself with Chiwa Saito (seiyuu of Senjougahara). I could only wish if only I knew enough Japanese to understand this fully, if any of you do/ or find a translation to this; it would be awesome so do share.

From what I could surmise except for Hiroshi and Chiwa congratulating each other on finishing the Tsubasa cat arc and the last episode of Bakemonogatari.  They talked about the drama CD and some other characters’ quirks, a LOT more about Tsubasa cat than any other. There was mention of Kizumonogatari as well. This commentary is incomplete and the complete version will be released together with the BR/DVD, which is supposedly more interesting.

Also, cookie for those who find all the haremettes in the featured cover. If you are wondering, where is the first OST, you can find it here.

Artist: Kousaki Satoru, Hiroshi Kamiya, Chiwa Saito

1. Sanpo
2. Suteki Meppou
3. Hourousha
4. Dokuzetsu
5. Shianchuu
7. Hoyoku
8. Iroboke Neko
9. Hyouri
10. Ohitoyoshi
11. Atogatari (Hiroshi Kamiya and Chiwa Saito having a field day)

>> Download Here

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9 Responses to “Bakemonogatari Gekiban Ongakushuu Sono Ni”

  1. Xiao says:

    Zomg yay~ for the second part! Been waiting forever. :runs:

    Argh, I totally wish I could understand what Kamiyan and Chiwa-san was saying, too. They made such a great pair for this anime, it’d be nice if they can partner up again in another anime, though I doubt those roles will have as much awesome chemistry as Ararararagi and Hitagi. <3

    Thx for the download, hun. ^^

  2. auelneider252 says:

    I believe they were Kamiya Hiroshi (Araragi) and Yui Horie (Hanekawa Tsubasa)

    • theindievisual says:

      Yes, at around 0:30 she says something like “hanekawa tsubasa something something no horie yui desuuuu~”.

  3. Ultimate Tempura from the North says:



    can we have a link without the talking parts?

    thanks 😛

  4. Jo says:

    I’m miffed that the soundtrack didn’t have the piano bits that was featured towards the end of episode 12. Nor did they have the piano version of Staple Stable.

    • Ultimate Tempura from the North says:

      i remember finding it somewhere in youtube.
      piano of SS.

      it sounded legit.

      • Jo says:

        I don’t think the youtube versions are legit. It’s mostly people doing their on renditions of it.

  5. Ultimate Tempura from the North says:

    dunno if my first post got posted…
    but can we have a file without the voice talking parts?

    150+mb is way too much for me T_T

  6. JohnDaCajun says:

    Sorry this is kinda unrelated to Bakemonogatari, but I was wondering if Metanorn or somebody could find a download link for the Eve No Jikan (Time of Eve) OST.
    -Here’s a purchase link-


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