Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 13

The tale of the White Ghost and a diabolical plan… err…

Finally I’m back to Kaichou wa Maid-sama! and let me tell you, I still love the characters but the plot is making me sleep with loud snores. I swear when the episode started I had déjà vu from Bleach’s first episode. Of course that was awesome while this seemed to be a deliberate copy and what’s up with Usui look-alikes? Aratake is the second after a distant profile resemblance with Kuuga. Lulz are definitely important but there are times when a Shoujo needs to show some progress rather than making the characters flit across the screen participating in School festivals and saving damsels in distress (though Yukimura does make a very kawaaii damsel!). This post was written between today’s matches and my rage against Brazil and Portugal’s nil might trickle down here. Anyway, let’s get over with the quick summary before my thoughts on the current episode:

As in episode 11 when Sakura was given the center stage, it’s Shiro-yan’s turn to shine in the current one. It’s common knowledge for the watchers of this show that the Baka-trio has delinquency engraved in their blood but due to Misaki’s tsun tsun attitude towards them and her discovery as a maido had turned them into skipping moe-blob fans. Rewind this to a few years, when Shirokawa Nao was actually known as the White Ghost of the Tornado – the Guardian of the Seisen Middle School.

Aratake, a self-renowned delinquent followed the White Ghost’s footsteps in becoming the baddest delinquent of them all. In completing his childhood dream of standing up to the person he has admired always, he seeks him out at Seika High. Though, what he sees he can’t believe because his idol has not a strand of delinquency left around him!

After Aratake and gang witness the happy-go-lucky version of their ex-boss, they freak out and kidnap Yukimura thinking him as his girlfriend. Why do you ask? Well, Hagimoto (the broadcast guy in Student’s Council) dressed him up in a sailor outfit to show him off as his girlfriend to his mother. Poor Yukkun (finally, I dub thee) is zoomed off to a secret location as a helpless uke.

Please just do whatever you want to me but stop calling me a girl!

B-but I’ve sworn to love only my delinquency… Fail!

Even the audience sighs to that lame joke just as I sighed at Portugal Vs Spain

On the other hand, Misaki finds out about the kidnapping and together with Usui and the trio visit Seisen Middle School in tracing out the delinquents. They meet Aoi, who studies there. All of them form a diabolical plan of raiding the secret hideout of delinquents and rescue Yukkun. This was where I really lost my patience when a barrage of characters just happen to get across the rehearsing schemers diverting their attention, causing Aratake to wait with abated breath for his plan to lure the White Ghost for his supposed girlfriend.

It was revealed that Shiro-yan stopped getting involved in fights after his mother threatened him but he didn’t pull his punches when Aratake wanted a fight. He remembered him as the kid he saved, who was always picked upon in his first year of middle school. It was from then that Aratake followed everything that Shiro-yan did. In the quest for being the strongest, he worked hard yet life is more than just fighting. It was almost as if a master had accepted a disciple.

All is good again in their world when Aratake and his full gang accept Misaki as their goddess endorsed by their hero, Shiro-yan. Of course, Usui finds ways to look cool and show his support for Misaki.

Oh right, did someone remember to save Yukkun…? The poor bloke was still depressed about: Atai Otoko nandesu kedo… (But, I’m a guy…)

End Thoughts: From this short review, you must see, my dear reader; I might not blog this regularly just because it’s unable to grasp my attention except for the main characters. Also, summer season is on us and there are a few shows that I’m looking forward to. It all boils down to how much time I have versus the shows I really want to blog about. And I don’t want to turn into those reviewers who continuously bitch about shows just because they have gotten off track.

I still love the characters but I think J.C.Staff is not really working the plot for the better. I heard that manga is still going on and around 50+ chapters are already out so why so many filler episodes and diversions? Without any plot, the episodes have become stand-alone rather than a continuous storyline.

The main theme of cosplay and stalking is still at their peak but now it’s happening more with consent except for of course Yukkun who got to wear a maido-dress in previous episode, sailor one in the current and preview shows him adorning a rose in his hair. =.=;;  It’s good to know about supporting characters but if it’s one after the other with the usual tsun tsun moments and a very few dere ones with not much development between the pair, viewers like me get tired of all the teasing.

The best thing in this episode was Yukimura’s DAWWness. So, then how can I not say: Oyakata-samaaa, Yukimuraaaa! Oyakata-samaaa, Yukimuraaaa! and ad nauseum. xD

Preview shows a new character in hoodie to be introduced with some Misaki and Usui moments and cornering. It seems like Yukimura hasn’t grown out of his girly visage still (poor bloke). Hopefully, there would be some progress… Plug: for quicker updates, add @ Twitter. Till next time, Ja ne~


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26 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 13”

  1. Mint says:

    Can’t agree more with the way things are going. I want to check out what summer has to offer, too, and KwMS has been a bit of a let-down… All the emphasis on supporting characters has me wondering. And poor Yukimura! So abused, by the looks of those screenshots. xD

    • Kyokai says:

      This has become so dull that I’m thinking of skipping 2-3 epis for a breather or else I’ll keep bitchin’ about it! >.>

      Though, you gotta love Yukimura. Such a cutie~ ^^;

      *Hands first post cookie*

  2. Dan-go says:

    ahahahaha, the ending made me lol so hard

    • Kyokai says:

      Poor Yukimuraaa! He sure has it tough! ^^;

  3. xtine06 says:

    Next episode will be more plot related since the new character will become a regular after this.

    If based on the manga, the chapters are indeed messed up so hopefully with the introduction of the new character, things will be back on track once again 😀 😉 😉

    • Kyokai says:

      That is good to hear! About time they are back to the story rather than side-arcs about support characters who are not fleshed out at all.

      Thanks for the visit! ^^;

  4. Flags says:

    This episode gets a pass because SIMON!!! voiced Aratake. Oh, how I wish Aratake had called Shiro-yan “Aniki!” in his Simon voice. It could have been epic…..

    • Kyokai says:

      That surely would have been epic! >.<
      Let's see what this new introduced character does but of course you already know who he is, manga reader! =P

  5. Namika says:

    ….. :tea ……..

    oh maaaan……..if they continue like this, the show will lose it’s rating, and FAST. I personally, like it but all these ‘fillers’ and episodes totally out of the main storyline, that don’t get you anywhere make me snore. really badly. C’mon, JC staff, don’t spoil a shoujo with the good opportunity!!!!! :rage:

    • Kyokai says:

      Exactly!!! You and me both, Namika. I love the main pair but c’mon already with the fillers! :wah

  6. Wildfire says:

    sad that the US lost?

    i was disappointed with the nil nil brazil portugal match.
    hopefully germany england will be better.

    • Kyokai says:

      I am a very pro-team this FIFA and underdog countries so I was actually supporting Ghana for their footwork and perseverance. Very, very disappointed with nil of Brazil and Portugal. Though, pretty much expected Germany to win and they did.

      I’m supporting Japan in their next match and looking forward to Germany Vs Argentina. Now, that is going to be one EPIC game! ^^;

  7. Joojoobees says:

    What a shame, the artwork on this show is great, and the two main characters have had great moments, but it really seems they are content to aimlessly wander, without advancing the main story.

    • Kyokai says:

      With a 20+ episode, they better get their act together and soon. I would love to see this take an about-turn and go into development-goodness. Hopefully soon!

  8. It seems that they are focusing too much on the comedic aspect of the story than the character/plot development. I really hope they move on from the “almost failing attempts to make us laugh” stage and onto so more action between the two main characters – or else we’re gonna lose interest.
    By the way, is it just me or is Suzuna and the maid latte gang popping up in random places/moments getting annoying?

    • Kyokai says:

      I totally agree! Please just get on with some development between the two! And it’s definitely not only you, the continuous interruption in this episode had me face-palming for a minute! >.>

  9. Little miss juneberry says:

    Does this come out in the manga or is it just a filler? I was annoyed at the brazil nil ordeal! They shouldn’t won..

    • Kyokai says:

      I haven’t read the manga so no idea but the studio is pretty much playing with the story right now. =.=;;

      I’m so annoyed with this FIFA that I’ve had it. First Brazil, then Argentina and now Germany. Disappointments and upsets; somebody should go and write this up for the most unpredictable FIFA ever!

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  11. Chirowae-san says:

    AHAHAAHHAAHAHAHA I Love this Episode !!! :XD: To BAd They Forgot Yukimaru When Their PLan Was To Save Him. I Think Yukimaru Is Cute Cuz he can loo like a girl :cute: . I Cant Belive That First The Three Idiots were Delinquents And Then They Turned Into Liddoh Three Cute Loving IDIOTS!!! :rage: . Well Anyways Thats Cute How Aratake Missed Shiro-yan :aww:

    • Kyokai says:

      This was a very episode indeed! Loads of lulz and fun! xD

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  16. Chibimisaki says:

    OMG! I really loved this episode….shiyoran was so strong there….nvr knew he was so awesome…ahh….he’s so cool *dreaming* :blush4 anyways….yukimura looks good in that grl dress… :ohohoho:

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