Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 11

Usui meets the Ayuzawas and gets chased around by an unlikely trio.

I can bet some of you are busy watching FIFA than follow your favorite series but there would be people like me too who have just brushed past the world of football. But, what do you know? Of all days I find today to get addicted to the game via Giant Killing while preparing for May’s Ani-stat post. As expected previously, totally marathon’d all available epis quite addictively. Well, more of this later, let’s get to how things are going with Misaki and Usui. Honestly speaking this was a very slow episode; I was amazed at how less I wanted to write on this. J.C. Staff better step up their game or else… well, they will lose a lot of viewership.

Things start rolling and I seriously mean rolling apples on the street caught by our Prince charming Usui, extending a helping hand to Minako Ayuzawa. Of course, the meeting is quite chance but Usui catches on quite quickly with her looks and mannerism of being defenseless. His guess turns correct reading the Ayuzawa sign on reaching the place, being the home of Pres he’s so taken with.

Not only does he help carry the fallen apples but fixes the rotten floorboards winning bunny-eared apple cuts from Suzuna. Misaki goes bonkers seeing him munching on their table. She takes him out to a nearby park to assess his intentions. However, Usui relents that he had no plans of scheming anything around his family rather he was quite taken with their homeliness. Misaki for once believes him with a dere expression thanking him for all his help yet very quickly tsuns out by banning him to visit her home.

Sakura and Shizuko see them going out of Misaki’s house holding hands and confronts her the next day about their relationship only to be told to the contrary. The fangirl Sakura couldn’t help herself imagining Usui as a charming Prince or rich heir to a golden throne.  It was enough for her to chase after Usui embroiled in mystery to know more about him and his background one way or the other.

The pair tails him after school and reaches Maid Latte. Misaki freaks out when she gets a call from Sakura informing her that she’s outside the café keeping an eye on Usui. The manager seeing her nonplussed expression gives her an off and she joins Sakura and Shizuko unwillingly to a long Usui-chase from a high-class gym, clothes store, restaurant, shogi game, baseball match, performing for the kids to managing traffic for helping elderly.

Sakura and Shizuko depart after tiring of the nonstop chase the entire day, leaving behind Misaki, who witnesses another soft side of Usui’s for animals—the kitty in question quite vehemently leaves her marks on his face. He was of course playing right into their hands from the beginning but Misa-chan does realize that he didn’t do things for show alone.

Usui on the other hand is very glad to see her taking interest in knowing more about him. The response to which is very tsundere Misaki. He invites her home and gives her the address, which she scrunches up only to refer back to later when home. At least one mystery is revealed about Usui that he lives in a top floor suite, more of a penthouse and wears spectacles.

Highlighted moments:

Like mother like daughter! Lol!

If only Misa-chan could think up a better version…

DAWWWW~ George Armorni??? LAWL!

Another DAAWWW~ Misa-chan feeling dejected with Usui meeting up a girl on date

He sure looks more bishie to me here. More intellectual the better.

End Thoughts: This series has some good and bad things going for itself. The combination of it is never good unless the good takes over the bad. The funnies, lulz and supporting characters keep this entertaining along with of course the main leads; however, the series can’t dawdle long over trivial matters like fantasies, boy bands and a lot of back and forth.

Nothing much happened in this episode except for a long chase and some information revealed about Usui. He sure is a mysterious character that evades a lot of important question that would bother normal people… like his expertise in a lot of fields and the aura of rich and famous seeping out of him. His admiration of little things regarding Misaki’s family proves the fact that he didn’t have a normal childhood – again pretty much speculating here – his parents could have been workaholic not giving him much time or he really was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Hopefully his story wouldn’t be similar to Tamaki Suoh >.>. The lonesome yet revered by many picture that he represents definitely has a story behind it.

Minako and Suzuna are adorable characters, who have accepted the harsh realities of life quite matter-of-factly. Misaki has done the same yet her hate for males in general has a long way to go. Another progress is her understanding of Usui’s actions and words on face value rather than jumping to conclusions. At least, this is the first step to a fruitful relationship but as most of you have informed me that it’s not going to be so smooth sailing for these two so I’ll hold my comments on that as I’m not planning to read the manga at least for now.

Preview shows Sport’s Festival happening at Seika High with lots of tension and competition all around. So, till next time, Ja ne~


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27 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 11”

  1. Mint says:

    “Nothing much happened in this episode” Noooooo! ;A; I wanted some progress! And man, how many times has the Sports Festival been done before- we need to see some more revelations about Usui, and they’re taking their good old time.

    I think Usui is definitely a rich kid or something. How tragic (okay, he probably has a sad past, but still). At least this episode looks plenty funny =D

    • Kyokai says:

      Exactly!!! It seems J.C.Staff has loads of time on their hands and they are diverting the storyline here and there. Come back to the main plot already! I want to know moar about Usui-kun!

      And yeah, this was a total Usui episode, imagine Misaki stalking him and he going out of his way in doing wacky stuff. xD

      *Hands out first post cookie*

    • Jeseljay15 says:

      yea I read the manga before the anime. He is a rich kid His parents were…… I will not spoil it for you fans who don’t know yet soo be patient and wait for the episodes. But still they cut the manga because of the anime but Usui & Misaki has a lot going on for them, that its really cute.

  2. Namika says:

    yeah, nothing special in this episode :sad3 however…. Usui wearing glasses……. :glasses :kyaa2: drop dead gorgeous!!! :nosebleeds: :kyaa: really nice pairing! they suit each-other perfectly! :tea

  3. Clyte says:

    Ooh, this episode may be good news though~. The first part of the episode is actually from chapter 35, which means they’re switching it up a bit. Which means it might not be too much to hope for more relationship development. :3 Kyaaa I can’t wait to see what they do with this anime! It will no doubt be adorable. X3

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh that is good news! Hopefully they would show more progress in the upcoming episodes. I’ve heard that this might go on till 22-24 epis because a new character would be introduced in 14 so let’s see how things turn out. Love UsuixMisa-chan! xD

  4. Namika says:

    whaa????? :ehh: what do you mean, “Which means it might not be too much to hope for more relationship development.” ?! :doom don’t scare me like that :sad2

    • Clyte says:

      Haha! I guess I should have said, “More relationship development *sooner*.” The manga goes on a lot more side-story arcs, among other things, but the fact that they’re deviating already from the manga says to me that we won’t have to wait as agonizingly long for Usui/Misaki goodness to happen. :3

      • Namika says:

        :sad3 I don’t read the manga so your “wrong” line there caught me off guard, but it’s OK… :cute: can’t wait for the Misa-Usui goodness :woo :runs: this turned out to be a really nise shoujo btw :tea

  5. Xiao says:

    I found their tailing Usui wherever he went moderately funny but not a very impressive episode like I’d hope it would be.

    Though I’m surprised by the random kitten throw-in as Usui doesn’t even have pets in the manga. It’s cute that he can’t charm everything, though, but who would’ve thought it be a cat? lol

    Well, the eyeglasses are an indication of something but his bishie level is very meh-ified by the anime. *frown*

    I honestly don’t know what they intend to do with this show at this point. Cuz it looks like it’ll end with a promise of a second season but that depends on how well it’s done in sales first. *sigh* I’m willing to sit through another season of KwMS! alright but I just hope things would go somewhere instead of moving so slowly. :/

  6. iylon919 says:

    xD i like it thx^^! 😉 :aww: :aww:

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