Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 10

Sakura’s discovering her first celebrity love while Misaki the real thing.

When I started watching this episode, I was like does J.C. Staff have a lot of time in dawdling over momotarou lulz side-stories and support cast arcs? But I was mildly delighted to see the tables turned. I was all ready to flame the episode but I’m not going to because, well, Usui and Misa-chan are just WIN. Though I would like to know how many episodes are going to air! Still no news…. Ah, well, before I go off topic, I was going to recap the 9th episode as well but after watching it, decided to only share three main highlights (mainly for lulz and all happening in Misaki’s dream caused by a special recording by Usui):

Tora the Pirate with his moe fangs & Usui with his bazooka. (Can’t help but plug Put Ya Guns On!)

Demon horn sure suits Usui, must be his monopolizing aura…

Conclusion in Usui’s voice: Maedetashi, maedetashi… (All’s well that ends well)

So, coming to the tenth episode, we start with the band referenced in 8th episode called UxMishi. The lead singer does have more than a resemblance to Usui. Sakura is totally in love with the vocalist who throws a white rose at her after their performance.

Like any gullible teenager, she swoons and falls for him. The next day she invites Misaki for meeting the band in question along with Shizuka (who in reality hates boy bands yet tags along only for Sakura).

Usui finds out about their little trip and is amazed that she’s going with Sakura and Shizuka. Something totally out of character for her but of course being the proclaimed stalker he would be watching and waiting.

Misaki sure has a twistedly appropriate imagination for the kei Day at Maid Latte

Misaki along with Sakura and Shizuka visit a nearby deli to meet the band members, who are in Yumesaki High, quite popular in the indies (Shuo the guitarist, Kou the bassist, Kuuga the vocalist and William Adam Yuuji the drummer). Incidentally the baka trio actually man the station of this particular café (working for the Maid Latte fund to enjoy the full menu one day and challenge Misaki for another round of cards for a picture with her). They hate the air of gokun around the ensuing meet up.

Sukura goes from a fangirl to a super-fangirl in seconds, her moeing and kyaaaaing leaves Misaki huffing in the dust. Yappari muri~ for her to keep track of the conversation, same for Shizuka who simply ignores the conversation and stares outside. Everything aside, Sakura is a genuine fan of the band her infatuation is true for Kuuga.

Unbeknownst to the girls, the boys are simply there to increase their fan following, Kuuga doesn’t like Sakura but wanted to use her for fan service and popularity. The baka trio overhears them and Kuga’s wish to own Misaki as if he could. Before Kuuga could make serious moves on Misaki, Usui’s timely arrival stops him in his tracks (even Kou comments how boyfriendly the timing was).

I’m a stalker, after all. <3

What’s up with the bad boys of this series and moe fangs? Anyway, not as hot as Tora! =P

The bonding sequence of Misaki and Usui was FTW! Pat on the head: DAWWW~ Misaki doesn’t think of him as a stalker too. Bonus points for Usui even when he has an unearthly urge to monopolize Misa-chan.

Kuuga asks Sakura to persuade Misaki to show up at their concert or even on a visit to an amusement park. He continues to play with Sakura’s feelings, who finally breaks down in tears unable to bear his interest in Misaki and pointed taunts at her. Misaki wears her tsundere hat quite beautifully while yanking at Kuuga’s tie telling him to go to hell with his half-baked PR and fan service riddled affections. The Baka trio repeats the glareful performance towards UxMishi, while other band members scold Kuuga for being a brat.

It was nice seeing Shizuka finally lose it. Everyone has to and finally she lets her stress out in lecturing Misaki for creating a noisy show and Sakura for choosing the wrong guy. Misaki comforts Sakura by patting her head when she comes running to her, all moe~. Sakura’s relieved and wishes that whoever likes her would do the same thing when she’s feeling down. While making her way back home, Misaki finds Usui waiting for her near the station.

The episode ends quite typically with Misaki all flustered, remembering the head pat.

End Thoughts: Finally some development! Or I was ready to throw some anvils at J.C.Staff. Of course, Misaki being a very typical tsundere, I don’t expect her to suddenly wake up and realize her feelings for Usui in a snap but at least we are getting somewhere.

The side-story was amusing and carried a very important lesson for any teen girl: don’t just swoon over any nincompoop, misunderstanding infatuation as love.  Liking someone is srs bsns! ‘Course, lecturing never helps and usually one finds their own way from experience, like Sakura did when Kuuga’s real personality came out while talking BS about Misaki.

This shoujo is definitely filled with its share of M, trying to overpower the females as if they are fruit, waiting to be picked. Though, every school/institution is filled with such people, you just need to know how to handle them. Shizuka, Sakura, Suzuna, the Baka trio and the straggly cast of baddies are the supporting cast without whom this series would be a dudder because you know what? lulz are important!

I’m liking the softening phase of Misaki’s tsundere side because she has come to realize how Usui is more than just considerate towards her.  Usui is a total WIN in my books; I would fangirl him any day. Go Usui!

Btw, if you want to grab the anime music, check out this OP/ED release.

Preview shows Usui turning heads and gussying up; for what reason? That is the big question! He also seems to be meeting Misaki’s mother, while Sakura has some diabolical plan of her own. Tanoshimi da ne~ So, till next time, Ja ne~


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32 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 10”

  1. Flags says:

    Hmmmm, how many episodes is this show? Because if it’s 13 I don’t see how they are going to introduce Hinata (who is shown in the OP) and reach a suiting conclusion. Also, if they’re planning on a second season, well then……damn it. :sigh

    • Kyokai says:

      Aaargh! Still not revealed. Seriously these people are going very, very slow! Make up your mind, shikshou! :ehh:

      *hands out first post cookie*

  2. beloved says:

    Maybe U know, what band play after opening ( real Band ? ) Could you tell me what name? vocalistwho gave voice to Kuuga/?

    • HM says:

      Yeah do you have any idea what’s the song’s title? it’s nice!

      • beloved says:

        voice actor vocalist of band – Kuuga’s is Kenji_Nojima. But the band they say is FLOW? I don’t’ya know ;/

        • mubeena says:

          yaaa……..i am not gettin that song too…..every1 say :scared :scared :scared s its 4rm flow ,bt which song??? :scared

    • Kyokai says:

      Err… I don’t have any idea except that it might be a FLOW song. Will let you guys know if I find which was it.

  3. Clyte says:

    Ahhhh, you’re so optimistic about Misaki figuring out her feelings for Usui…! My guess is you haven’t read the manga. XD;; I’m falling in love with the series all over again by watching the anime though. Definitely well done. :3 I love Usui and Misaki’s boss. Now every time I hear/see the word “moe” I think of one of those two. XD

    • Kyokai says:

      I haven’t read the manga and don’t plan doing it until this series ends or else I would be majorly spoiled. But I do love Usui and Misa-chan, his endearing stalkerishness and her tsundereness. ^^;

  4. Mint says:

    The supporting cast definitely does play a key role, and I don’t think the show would be the same without them! I was pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed this episode~

    • Kyokai says:

      If not for the lulz and characters, this would have been another bland show. This episode was fun alright, especially the endearment between Usui and Misa-chan! ^^;

  5. Xyd says:

    Kyaaaa~ I enjoyed this episode and this anime as a whole so much ^.^
    Can’t wait for next episode!!

    • Kyokai says:

      Definitely amusing indeed! Thanks for dropping by! ^^;

  6. johnhoma124 says:

    Your work has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I refer you blog to many of my friends as well.

  7. Xiao says:

    Ep 9…I didn’t get it at all. That makes me pissed for some reason when I shouldn’t be. D/

    But anyways, gah, I demand that we get Visual-K day at Maid Latte! That’d be so cool! x3

    And aww, Usui likes patting Misaki on the head a lot, huh? I wonder if part of the reason is to see her so surprised and cute and shy at the same time cuz I definitely think so. lol XD

    Anyways, yea, what’s up with the fangs? Tora’s was okay but Kuuga’s seems like it’s overdoing it (I don’t even remember if he had any in the manga). Plus his eyelashes scare me so didn’t quite like him. 😛

    Anyways, I’m glad Sakura learned her lesson and would be more careful about who she likes from now on. She’s naive but not stupid and I’m sure Kuuga will realize how much of an idiot he is for turning down/ridiculing her honest feelings.

    Next week, yay for more hints of Usui’s past! Or what little we’ll get to see of it. And for some reason, I’m not really liking that scheming look on Sakura’s face. ^^;
    But hmm, looks like they omitted Hinata cuz he was supposed to show up by now if they’re going ahead with letting Usui help Misaki’s mom. If Hinata is going to appear, I think KwMS! will have to have a second season which there is a really good chance of happening but maybe not until next year. :/

    Anyways, looking forward to it! ^^

    • Kyokai says:

      Epi nine was seriously meh… I want moar plot development for Pete’s sake!

      Everyone keeps telling me that Usui is damn HAWT in manga and that is the only reason I would ever read it but after this series/ season ends. He sure is growing on me! xD

      I think the studio is having fun going crazy with the characters. It felt like UxMishi was there to provide another distraction from the main plot. Though, it provided a good lesson that you shouldn’t like people for looks alone.

      It was kind of disappointing to see not much revealed about Usui but I’m looking forward to this Hinata who everyone keeps on talking about. If the plot is focused, I would be so happier! Let’s see what happens with the current season and if any other follow. ^^;

  8. Lionel Herek says:

    Usually I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this article really forced me to do so! Thanks, really nice article.

  9. nagi says:

    kyaaaaaa~ for more Tora’s moe fangs!! i totally didn’t like that vocalist guy’s fangs (forgot his name already)

    but of course, more kyaaaaaaaaaaa~ for Usui-kun!!! 😉

  10. Avalon says:

    I liked the episode.hope that misaki will realize usui’s love.

  11. Kyokai says:

    @ Lionel, Thanks.

    @ nagi, fufuu~ Tora’s are way better than Kuuga’s any day even when I don’t like him that much. Usui is always a win! ^^;

    @ Avalon, I would be such a happy camper if that happen. With time of course! xD

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  14. vinotkyu says:

    do you know the brackgound song of maid sama ?
    not the opening and the ending , please if you know tell me about it .. I’m dying too search it. thanks :wah :dot

    • Kyokai says:

      Wait for the OST to come out. I can bet it would contain the one you are looking for. Currently, only OP and ED are out. No one doesn’t even know what UxMishi sung while some think its FLOW.

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  17. frank says:

    i want to know the ending song of this anime!! :))))
    cute story b/w a guy & girl… please i’m badly searching for this song! XD
    tnx! lol.. :)))

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