Angel Beats! Girls Dead Monster – Little Braver

Angel Beats! Girls Dead Monster – Little Braver

Artist: Girls Dead Monster

1. Little Braver
2. Shine Days
3. Answer Song

>> Download Here (With scans)


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19 Responses to “Angel Beats! Girls Dead Monster – Little Braver”

  1. Ultimate Tempura from the South says:

    Yui lived a good life T_T

    • Kyokai says:

      *nods* RIP!

      *hands out first post cookie*

  2. Lumpy says:

    OMG Yay!! it finally came out. I actually cried in that episode 😥

  3. Ifrit_Burner says:

    Awwww, dang that was a heart breaking episode I mean of all people she was the paralyzed one tsk :sigh

    • Kyokai says:

      Yea~ She was always so lively but at least she got many of her dreams realized. ^^;

  4. Dan-go says:

    :sad6 yuiiiii….btw ty for the links this blog rocks

  5. Ultimate Tempura from the South says:

    actually i found it pretty random… Hinata suddenly confessing like that. OUT OF THE NOWHERE.

    • kiluwa99 says:

      I won’t say its random.. I mean I could tell during the episode that hinata would step up when she ask otonashi if he wanted to marry her during those 10 episode they’ve been having a lot of fun together teasing each other. I knew they have a feeling for each other 🙂

    • nagi says:

      yes, i also felt it’s pretty random. i mean, yes, they might be teasing each other but i haven’t felt any romantic development with just that. oh well, given the VERY limited number of episodes this anime have, i understand why parts of the story like this feels rushed. anyway, Yui’s story didn’t fail to touch me so Maeda-san is now forgiven. 😉

      • Kyokai says:

        I would say, because of the duration everything had to be hurried. I don’t think it was random because Hinata really wanted to help Yui out. Did he really do it with feeling? I think so because he understands that being a loser in life never helps and appreciates what Otanashi is doing for their friends in giving them peace.

        Also, check out all the interaction between Hinata and Yui, they are always at wit’s end with each other. For some that is a sign of developing feelings. 😉

  6. Reina says:

    Ah God, I miss my Yui. ;_;
    Her last episode made me cry. </3
    Definitely going to put this on my iPod on eternal repeat. XD;

  7. Man I’ll no doubt come to your blog again, this stuff rocks.

  8. Gantoris says:

    So sad, yet so epic. I agree that its obvious that hinata would step up during the marrying part, BUT! I didn’t knew he had such a epic story to go with for the explanation.
    Girls Dead Monster ROCKS!!

  9. Yun says:

    Oh yes.I cried in that ep’s as well,Hinata’s words were veryvery touching..

  10. nagi says:

    oh, i love you metanorn for this update! thanks a bunch! this series really deserves a spot here at metanorn. anyway, i love girls demo! there are a few artists whom i’d listen to eternally and they’re one of them! 😉

  11. Herberta says:

    really nice post, i read it all its good informative knowledge 🙂

  12. Ranime-Wiki says:

    thank you very much I like it

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