FMA: Brotherhood – 53 & 54

The flame of Mustang’s vengeance is ready to devour Envy.

The coup d’état is on the road and public gets to hear from Fuhrer’s wife on Radio Capital. She tells them that the army has taken over the control of the country and is trying to overthrow Bradley. Her son is missing and the army had orders to shoot her along with Mustang’s men. When Breda tells her (still on air) that Bradley is missing after the bombing of his carriage, she faints. Breda and Maria Ross comment on radio about continuing justice in their own little away – clearing off Mustang’s name in starting the coup.

The chief from Central calls the station to stop the broadcast but the director in charge enacts as if made hostage by the current rebellion. Brosh recognizes Maria’s voice, while the whole Central buzzes with confirmations that Mustang was not the culprit of coup, fueled by endorsements of Ishbalans. Grumman laughs at the cleverness of Mustang of using the disappearance of Bradley while Charlie commends Maria on using the word justice, because whoever does first, wins.

Mustang eradicates all the immortals that Ed trapped in the underground Lab 3 with a snap of his fingers—with pinpoint precision I might add. No wonder he’s one of the most powerful alchemists. Xiao Mei ends up at the same place while running away from Envy.

Envy raises his eyebrows, seeing Ed, Mustang and Scar teaming up. He tries to needle them by talking about the past and how Scar was responsible for Winry’s parents’ death and Mustang killed many Ishbalans in the war. Everyone remains calm, letting slide all the couth comments. Mustang asks Envy about who killed Maes Hughes.

Envy tries to dawdle with comments about Maria Ross killing Hughes but when he sees no bullshit being taken, he proudly transforms into Gracia consenting that he was the one who shot him dead. Mustang’s rage knows no bounds as he repeatedly attacks Envy’s tongue and eyes even when he turns to his full size. Ed, Scar and company make for the underground tunnels. Seeing no end to it Envy runs off into the tunnels, Mustang in pursuit.

Envy turns into Hughes which further inflames Mustang causing him to attack Envy with even more ferociousness. Liza follows them, hearing a lot of commotion and comes in contact with Mustang, who she points her gun at.

That was a major cliffhanger that epi53 left off with, knowing the fact that Envy could be any of the two. However, before revealing who exactly, epi54 starts with a flashback from Ishbal war when Liza is burying an ishbalan child. She reminisces about the time she revealed her father’s research to him and how she signed up for army. Whatever they do, their acts can’t be atoned. She requests Mustang to burn away her father’s research tattooed on her back so that no other Flame Alchemist is born. Mustang accepts knowing full well that his acts are unatonable as well.

Back to where the last episode left off, Liza smiles pointing her gun at Mustang and bluffs that he never calls her Lieutenant whenever they are alone rather Liza. Envy buys into her trick and transforms only to get shot repeatedly by her. While skirmishing, he traps her but Mustang arrives in time to burn him to a crisp. Mustang goes snap, snap, snap like a maniac (more ferocious than ever, more than when he killed Lust), finally causing Envy to show his real puny form.

It was seriously pathetic seeing him squirm under Mustang’s foot, whose total being was inflamed with revenge. Liza seeing him consumed by vengeance pulls her gun out once again and tells him to hand him over; she would finish the job. Mustang tells her not to joke around but Ed intervenes and captures Envy in his hand.

Ed refuses to hand him over even when Mustang insists with death in his eyes. Ed compels Mustang to see his own face before killing Envy; could that really be the face of the leader of this country? Mustang remembers Hughes saying that he would look forward to a country with youthful ideals of people taking care of each other. Scar gravely adds that if he let himself be consumed by vengeance, he would become a beast. How would a country be then made by the same hands who know nothing but revenge?

Liza tells Mustang to eliminate the hate that is eating him away. Mustang asks her what she would do after shooting him. She simply answers that after the war is over she would eliminate the body that gave birth to Flame Alchemy. Finally cornered, Mustang yells in frustration and admits that he can’t lose her.

He calms down admitting that he’s been a giant idiot. He apologizes to Liza for putting her on the spot again, falling down on his knees. Liza too takes a sigh of relief.

Seeing Mustang dormant, the same Envy who was groveling under his feet few minutes ago pipes up again, reminding everyone about their past hatred.

If only the stuff he was talking about was not grave, I would’ve been laughing but the way he kept on needling Ed, Hawkeye, Mustang and Scar was quite pitiful. Ed in a very quite tone tells him that he understands he’s actually envious of humans. Even after being beaten around, losing their way, depressed they somehow keep standing finding their way. He’s jealous of their bonds and relations due to which they can stand.

Envy escapes from Ed’s grasp after hearing this. He’s disgusted with himself for being beaten by mere humans. He’s aghast at the chibi Ed, the worst of all, who understood him completely. Humiliating, yet he wished him luck with that simplest outlook of his. It was quite enlightening for Envy, who realized a lot before ending his own life with his own hands.

Bye, bye, Edward Elric.

We also get updated on what’s happening with the rest of the rebellion. Alex and Olivier are fighting Sloth and homunculi zombies at the same time with assistance from army. Buccaneer has captured the command tower and bombed the main entrance of Central HQ. He introduces Izumi, who had dug a tunnel from where they were to inside the Central Command with the directions given by Falman. For once she introduces herself as an Alchemist rather than a housewife.

The episode ends with the Ending theme sequence playing at the background while Father (homunculus inside a flash) and Hohenheim (Slave number 23) meet after many years. Father tells him, he thought he would be bringing his children but Hohenheim comments that more people are not needed when scolding a child of their played pranks. Father challenges to make him a part of his body. Creepy.

Conclusion: A lot of development has happened! I can’t wait to see what happens between Father and Hohenheim. And I feel sad for Envy, even when he was soooo EVIL! The end time realization was a huge plus for his character development. In the end, he was just small green jealousy demon. There was a time when I would’ve loved Mustang to kill Envy, just like he did Lust but I liked how Ed, Scar and Liza intervened to save the humanity of Mustang. Envy taking his own life, I don’t think that was cowardly, that was more of a realization of self that was inescapable for Envy.

Mustang and Liza, seriously people, after the war is over marry each other goddamnit! (Hope both survive! :/) Envy was trying to give you some hints, take it! If Liza is the “precious subordinate” and “someone you can’t lost”, while Mustang’s sane words are the law for Hawkeye, who would cry a river and end her own life if he died. So, what you guys waitin’ fo?! ^^;

Preview shows more action with Olivier and Izumi and of course the big showdown between Father and Hohenheim. Form the pace; it seems studio is trying to tie all knots for a smooth end. That means resurfacing of Bradley and Greed. Only 9 episodes to go, I’m looking forward to a happy end (hopefully)!


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