K-ON! Official Band Yaro-yo! – Pt. 2

K-ON! Official Band Yaro-yo! Part Two – by Houkago Tea Time and DEATH DEVIL

1. Fuwa Fuwa Time [StudioMix] (Instrumental)
2. Fuwa Fuwa Time [StudioMix] (Instrumental [-Guitar 1])
3. Fuwa Fuwa Time [StudioMix] (Instrumental [-Guitar 2])
4. Fuwa Fuwa Time [StudioMix] (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
5. Fuwa Fuwa Time [StudioMix] (Instrumental [-Bass])
6. Fuwa Fuwa Time [StudioMix] (Instrumental [-Drums])
7. Maddy Candy (Instrumental)
8. Maddy Candy (Instrumental [-Guitar])
9. Hell The World (Instrumental)

>> Download Here


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