Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – 50

Are you ready for some ACTION!? Here comes the reinforcement!

Hello all! Sorry for the late review but I’ve been busy in many new incoming projects (they are like torpedoes, blasting over the department I manage! Of course, I can’t hide but have to tackle. Sigh!). Anyway, much of RL, due to shortness of time, I’ll be procrastinating on the 10-Episode-recap that I attach with every new episode review of FMA: Brotherhood (till next week). So, gomen ne~ on both account and let’s get into some ACTION! I was so on the edge of my seat while watching this episode! It was like meeting old friends after a long, long time and it had few surprises that I was not expecting at all.

It starts with where we left off the last time when Mustang and team were surrounded by army with the order of shooting everyone (even Fuhrer’s wife) except for Mustang. However, little did the army know that they have a big insurgence at their hand and does not only comprise of people they see in front of them. Mustang’s old squadron from Ishbal-days comes to his rescue.

Bradley’s wife is quite shaken and asks if the Fuhrer’s been abandoned by the army or it’s her who has been abandoned? Mustang assures he doesn’t know but would protect her life, to prove that they were right when all would be said and done. Charlie comments to the soldier they are leaving behind that they should be thankful they are not from Briggs or they would have not gotten back alive.

Mustang continues to move out, tackling the swarming army that is after him. Back to the Central base, Commander in charge is chagrined at his men for being unable to handle five people. However, he’s updated that a small platoon is now moving about. Surprisingly:

Status: 59 wounded, ZERO killed.

The men ambushing the building—from which Mustang would be soon coming out—comment about Ishbalan Hero, the Flame Alchemist, gone soft. These are just pops and bangs, one soldier comments, only to be embroiled in a big fireball bursting his eardrum. (Mustang turned soft? You wish, oyaji!) One soldier remembers that there was a certain “Hawk Eye” which shadowed the Flame Alchemist, and there were many casualties. They are—Hawk eye shoots the foot of the said soldier—going easy on you, you old codgers, yeah!

At the command center, the same news is passed on. Deaths, zero; however, soldiers are getting shot on non vital areas for getting them out of commission.

Status: 64 wounded, ZERO killed.

At the Central Command room, Olivier mocks the roots of Central being weak. She comments that Mustang is naïve but the army is even more pathetic being unable to stop him. From the beginning, the forces of central were weak—strong offense but weak defense. They should put her in charge of Central, the mustache-face (don’t remember the name of this insignificant character) interrupts to say she’s only been a captive here to keep her Briggs soldiers in check.

Major Gen. Olivier Mira Armstrong gives her typical laughter and asserts that her soldiers are taught with the motto of survival of the fittest. They are to abandon her if she turns weak; therefore they have a mind of their own. She has not raised them superficially.

I love this unravel sequence, check out Izumi’s slippers and shining red eyes! :XD:

Sirens compliment the arrival of Briggs’ mountain bears, who would latch onto the throats of Central’s weak army with their fangs. I love their cloak and dagger sequence.

“Who are they?” a scared soldier asks. “Unknown. From their clothing they seem to be from Briggs.”

Sorry grandpa, your life just ends here. Thanks, for playing though!

Status: 100+ wounded, MANY about to die after Briggs’ arrival.

We finally get to know why Olivier threw her family out including Alex Armstrong. She was relocating the whole effing Briggs army in the disguise of repairmen and luggage transfers. Have to give it to this woman for so brazenly and openly coming up with the scheme!

Mustang and Charlie discuss the arrival of Briggs soldiers from Armstrong, while using up their last Ammo and deflecting the incoming fire.

At the eleventh hour, Rebecca arrives in an ice cream truck with awesome ammo supplies.

First surprise, the one handing out the rifle is none other than Maria Ross! She has arrived voluntarily from the distant lands of Xing to take part in the rebellion. After throwing a smoke bomb the small platoon escapes in the ice cream truck that has ammo and supplies from Xing.

Mustang is quite amazed and asks on whose orders she did all this. Maria tells him, he should talk to that person himself. In a short stop, Fuery arranges for a call and Mustang’s thinks, it must be some Xingese big shot when he agapes yet again, hearing an old friend’s voice. Second and the biggest surprise: return of Havoc! The last we saw of him was when he was mortally injured by Lust and retired from army. It was awesome seeing him again! I did a jig and squee seeing him well and back in action.

Havoc sundries, serving since 80 years, from underwear to armoured truck, just call us and we deliver anytime, anywhere! So, what about the bill? Put it on my tab! (Mustang)

Near Kanama’s forest, Ed, Hohenheim and team are ready to enter Central as well. They plan to infiltrate the underground under the blanket of chaos that Mustang and Briggs soldiers have created. Hohenheim comments that he has a countermeasure of the transmutation circle of Father’s but it would be ideal if it’s not activated in the first place. He is eager to destroy Father’s container so that he would perish and release the many souls that he has trapped inside. Scar suggests to take the Lab 3 route below grounds, leaving behind Heinkel, Marcoh and Yoki.

Ed says his goodbye to Al. He says, I’ll be back after beating the crap out of that bearded freak. We also see Pride beating a stick to Al’s helmet. Definitely, he’s sending a message to Father with Morse code – ah, Al, why didn’t you notice? He would definitely reveal that Al and Marcoh both – high contenders in case of sacrifices are just at the outskirts of Central. Envy has also lured Mei Chan towards where Father is in Central on revealing the secret to immortality.

Back to the Central Command room, Olivier has had it and attacks the two commanders looking over her. She bursts that the only thing they do is sit snugly on their seats, making decision about people’s lives as if they don’t have any meaning. They are beyond redemption and thus of no use. She shoots Gardner in the head while the other is kept under her sword.

The skyline of Central is filled with the rising smoke. Brosch meets up with Alex Armstrong and bemoans the “terrible man” Mustang who killed Maria Ross and now has Fuhrer’s wife as a captive—devil incarnate. Little does he know, what’s really going on! I hope he has a good reunion with Maria in coming episode! Fu-jisan hears the shooting of Gardner by Olivier and continues searching for Lin. His senses however are blocked by the increasing Chi coming from underground – that is greater than yesterday. Father is silently listening to the continuous bangs and pops; however, the resounding sound of wood hitting metal is heard as well. Yeah, Pride is sending a message. :kill

At Lab 3, Ed devises a plan to enter the building. Operation I-AM-STATE-ALCHEMIST-LET-ME-IN succeeds, even if it’s at the expense of Scar. “Soldiers, Scar is after me! Save me!”

Hohenheim, you have a twisted child there! *nods*

They enter the underground unlocking the sealed entrance with alchemy. Hohenheim splits them up in two teams, he and Ran Fan in one while Ed, Scar and Chimeras in the other. Ed is quite pissed off at being paired up with Scar but has no reason not to. Hohenheim goes on that he’s a special case so he would be able to handle it and the beautiful Xingese guard would be a help. Of course, Ed knows there’s something that he’s up to but doesn’t comment.

Hohenheim tells Ran Fan to get a move along and he would handle things alone. He knows that she want to find the Prince of Xing, who is someone very special to her. She thanks him and takes his leave.

Back at Central, we see a crazed commander activating the army of homunculi, which we glimpsed when Olivier first arrived in Central. He activates them all, infusing their bodies with many Philosopher’s Stones. Life is given to something unnatural and they all scream shrilly. Quite scary, this immortal army; their sound can sends a chill down your spine.

All in all, an awesome FMA episode! With Mustang and Hawk Eye, we get to see many old characters that have not gotten much footage for some time. Special mention goes out to Maria Ross and Havoc—loved their surprise entry.

I missed Izumi’s craziness, even when her glowing eyes were seen with the Briggs’ soldiers. From the preview, it’s quite evident that action will intensify in the next episode. Olivier against Sloth, Pride versus Al, while Ed and Hohenheim facing Father. The immortal army seems like a bunch of zombies; however, much powerful and resilient. I can only imagine the chaos they would add on to.

Also, expect new OP/ED next episode (Rain” by SID, and “Ray of Light” by Shoko Nakagawa). I can’t wait!!!


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  1. lazysamurai says:

    fun review :thumb:

    this series is one of the few in this genre that made me quiver in anticipation of the next episode. Both engrossing and fun, let the action begin!


  2. Hajimemashte says:

    Great episode! Will look forward to your next recap and review. 😉

  3. Kyokai says:

    @lazysamurai, Arrigato ne~ This is one of the first anime series I got really addicted with. Looking forward to all the incoming action! ^^;

    @ Hajimemashte, totally agree! The reunion was awesome! XD

  4. Kyokai says:

    Just a small notice readers, I’ll be skipping this week’s review of 1st episode. Will cover it next week.

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