Durarara!! – 05


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14 Responses to “Durarara!! – 05”

  1. zhokolatte says:

    Awesome recap as always~ I love the gifs and the Mikado♥Kida looooooove.

  2. RyanA says:

    Yea, I love the ungrounded momentum aspect as well. The whole thing seems almost autonomous and moving, viewer just needs to jump in and go with the flow… seems kinda similar to how the Ikebukuro setting works for Mikado; just needs to pay attention.

    Also, Shinra plushie lol

  3. Shi says:

    This shows storytelling is win. While you have no clue what is happening at the beginning of the episode and then near the end of it you realize that it’s getting explained bit by bit <3 So much new questions though~
    Shinra ftw, so much rabu~ towards Celty <3
    I actually find Shizu-chan's scene with the dog very cute~ Animals sure like him, lol.
    Mikado and Kida's friendship is great! 3>

  4. fill says:

    kida is cute xD his narrating is nice too, can’t wait for the next episode, dotachin will be natating~~~ :kyaa:

  5. > Why this friendship has the potential to get broken because of some girl? T___T

    This anime keeps amazed me with its plot development. I’m also excited to see who’s going to be the next “episode narrator”.

    Also, Anri~~~ <3

  6. meteorhouse62 says:

    I think the new girl is either Kida’s relative/sister because of the hair… or someone he dated.

  7. Xiao says:

    You can’t have cute dark-haired megane weirdness happen if there’s no Junie~ behind it, too, yes? xD Ah, I swear, no one else can do a better job with Shinra than he does. Haha

    Totally second that on Kida being awesome as he is (KIDA ATTACK! lolol). Or rather, with Mikado and Anri as my OT3~ No romance tied, thx very much. <3 Though I wouldn’t mind some MikadoxKida either *smacked* |D;
    Argh, but looking at how things might happen, nuu~ I don’t want this threesome ruined. And especially not Mikado and Kida’s friendship over anything! *clings onto them for dear life* TT_________TT

    *mood is totally ruined by that gif, tho* And Anri is like “…*watching*…” LOL Y must u do thisss, U? xDDD;;;

    I wanna smack that teacher silly! DIRTY DAMN BASTARD! :rage:

    Hoho~, no one can underestimate Mikado now that he’s got some mysterious~ cool lines goin’. X3!

    BANG! <– Wished there was an emoticon for this. ^^;

    Creepy spammer hack. o.O;

    Ugh, Shizu-chan gets too little close to nothing on screentime this episode T__T. When will he throw more stuff again? ;D

    IKNORITE?!?! 😡

    I’m curious, did Seiji even take a shower after all that time he spent trying to find her? It’s no small city, y’know. xD;

    *gasp!* Let go of Kida, you jerk! *WHAM!* :rage:

    D’aww, moment indeed. :aww: Everyone, hug those two. <333

    I'm curious to who's voicing the new girl. And Izaya~ We're kinda missing your smexy maliciousness so come back already

    Hmm, yea, awesome as always. Really, it's so great because it balances out the right amount of "HUH?!" with good suspense. Gah, and every time they reveal something new, something else comes up to make you do that all over again. hehe ^^

    Last but not least, fund that plushie idea. XDDD

    • Kagura89 says:

      The new girl at the hospital(Saki Mikajima is her name) is voiced by [url=http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=5916]Misato Fukuen[url] aka Yin(Darker Than Black)

  8. zetsubou says:

    OH MAI GAH! haha. wish they’d just show everyday. i can’t wait every week!!

  9. Jinsei says:

    I’m just thinking… what if the scar on this girls neck is somehow connected to Selty’s head..less? It’ suspicious to me. I know it shouldn’t be connected but… just thinking out loud.

  10. kat says:

    Is it just me or does the hospital girl look like she could be Izaya’s sister? I know characters within the same show sometimes look alike anyway because of the art style so maybe I’m just overthinking.

    • Aria says:

      Nope, she’s not Izaya’s sister though it’s true he [spoiler] does have two and this artist’s drawing style repeats a lot…I already see a ton of lookalikes for Durarara!! from other shows/games. Or rather Durarara!! is full of lookalikes? xD

  11. CyberPixie says:

    awwwww kidaaaa! i love kida’s thought when he, mikado, and anri talked on the park and his heroic pose when saving anri from the pervert teacher pffffttt

  12. Ritz says:

    Hey, hey, have you seen episode seven? It’s all about Shizuo!!

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