Sora no Woto – 02

> “Good Morning!”

> “You suck!”

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Here’s the actual OP of the show~ The art of the OP is quite reminiscent of the art in Elfen Lied‘s OP (minus the nudity), you can see the art style is inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt. Also, a funny fact I just knew recently was that Elfen Lied and Sora no Woto both have the same director as well (he also directed Denpa Teki no Kanojo too, another horror show). Now I’m interested to see how this show goes by knowing that the director of this show made such, erm.. notorious shows before ^^.

The art is really pretty and symbolic,some parts of the OP were already shown on episode one though so it felt recycled a bit. The folk-ish song by kalafina fits it all perfectly. I hated the part were their huge asses filled the screen though, that totally ruined the OP for me. So overall, DRRR!! still beats this for the best OP this season for me.

I honestly thought (and I guess everyone thought as well too) that Noel would be very much like Yuki Nagato, and boy we were all wrong xD. She’s no Nagato. She’s very human xD. She’s introduced to be a super sleepyhead xDD;

Super sleepy Noel~ So cute ^^

Dead asleep Noel xD

This episode basically focused on Kanata’s interaction with Kureha, the 13-year old gunner of the platoon and one hardcore tsundere. Yup~ No doubt about it, but that makes Kanata definitely adorable. She’s really bratty and probably considers Kanata as a rival, but I did not get annoyed by her at all. In fact, I find her so much more adorable!!! Gawd~ seems like I’m gonna love all these lead characters ^^.

D’awww~ I love huggling scenes <3 This is so cute. Shows how MugiPhylicia is the mom of the gang, while it shows that Kureha’s still a little kid no matter how she goes srs bsns with her work on the platoon.

Hehe, we obviously know Rio and Kureha are afraid of ghosts no matter how hard they try to stay cool~

Don’t be scared girl, don’t be scared~

This episode didn’t even moved an inch with the plot of the show, but it did a pretty nice job in continuing on with the introductions. We had known more of what the platoon does, what roles they had, etc. We also got a little tour around the building they live in, even though it came in a form of ghost-hunting. That was one heck of a mysterious building indeed, and I wonder if that “ghost” is really real (like, the lady shown on ep1), and they only mistook the owl as one ghost. See this pic below why I believe that there’s indeed a ghost:

When you see it, you’ll shat bricks.


Overall, they could have moved on with the plot but I still liked this episode nonetheless. The potential is definitely there, plus I love how we all have zero percent knowledge on what they’re planning to do with this. This is why original anime has an advantage.

The music is good again, but not as good as the first episode (moar French songs plx). The animation is still nice, the background is pure eye candy bliss. On the seiyuus, I’m really growing on listening to Yuu Kobayashi as Rio. Eri Kitamura is sounding real cute as Kureha, too, which really talked her mouth off loudly this episode.

So yup~ Let’s see what they will do next episode. I might blog this because I have a light schedule on Tuesdays, but it still depends if the anime stays very relevant ^^.

P.S. – Transformer owl is awesome.

P.P.S – Did anyone said “light music club”?


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6 Responses to “Sora no Woto – 02”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    Noel is awesome :love:

    I don’t believe that the owl is the ghost as well, and after seeing that pic, I’m 100% sure that there’s a real ghost.

    lol that owl is indeed awesome. I was unaware that an owl can actually do that O_O

  2. Kiseki says:

    I have to agree with you about the OP. Their giant asses screwed up everything.

    Bastard hand made me shit bricks, yup.

    Please tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks Shuko is an adorable owl.

    • Ranchan says:

      Isn’t the part with their giant backsides supposed to show them holding the burning head? That’s what I thought …

  3. scol says:

    owl reminded me of that clip on yt

    yeah, definitely curious as to the direction of the show as well.

  4. Xiao says:

    Noel and Kureha are moe~ <3
    I'm glad Noel isn't a Yuki clone or else my mood would have turned sour towards this show.

    Anyways, heh, if SnW can manage to wear off all the K-ON!-likeness hate and get some more love, I think the girls can go far in this year's SaiMoe. wth, woman, shut up and just wait until June. *slapped* XD;

    Hmm, I get the feeling that this is going to be slightly more family-oriented after that scene with Phylicia hugging Kureha. Since they’re soldiers away from their families (if some even have any family), it’s hard not to get that impression. Especially when they’re sitting around the table eating together (and having funny little one-sided arguments, haha). D’aww.

    That being said, ok, yay, so they do have guns and a tank after all. It’s just that the tank isn’t functioning. ^^;
    Well, on other things, I guess it’s still a little early to go into any srs bznz plot just yet but I didn’t expect a ghost-hunting/haunted house kind of scenario so early. Those are usually saved for somewhere in the middle of a series.
    But all in all, it was good.

    And holy shit, you have good eyesight. Now that really freaked me out. O.O;;

    …oh god, the owl. XDD;;; Watching the vid, I was like “OMG! So cute! I’m gonna take you home~!!!” and then it scared the living daylights out of me again. Twice. With the psycho peacock look and how it just…shriveled itself up so fast (the evil glare that goes with it is just too perfect, lol XD)

    And all I saw was sera fuku~. 8D

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