Moments of the 00’s #3 – God Knows

God can sing and rock the stage too.

Moment #3: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) – “God Knows”

Of course, hands down The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was the most influential anime of the 00’s. It entirely changed the face of anime culture, and the show’s just having unstoppable insane popularity back then. This scene in particular is the most stand-out scenes of the entire series. First time I watched this back then I was so impressed. From amazing animation, awesome rockin’ music (seriously, this has made Aya Hirano’s own spotlight), and add a bunny girl and a witch guitarist. I will remember this one being one of the most iconic anime moments.

Too bad the franchise kinda failed a little bit with its sorry excuse of a ‘sequel’ and it experienced a little bit of fanbase loss because of the Endless Eight fiasco. I hope the upcoming movie will bring back all the ‘Haruhiism’ again.

Anyway, here’s “God Knows”:


Lyrics: Show ▼


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12 Responses to “Moments of the 00’s #3 – God Knows”

  1. CyberPixie says:


  2. Kairu says:

    I remember that after listening to that song, I suddenly want to play it on the guitar. ;_;

  3. Ruby says:

    This might be unbelievable I still haven’t watched this show yet ~.~

  4. blacklagoon187 says:

    seriously the endless 8 arc tested my patience … skipped to the last episode of the arc after putting up with the first 3 and still nearly lost it
    but keeping my hopes up for the movie and haruhi with long hair! :love:

  5. NobleX says:

    This was the song that made me take up the guitar. ^^
    But things i’ve been playing since i started have been faaaaar away from j-pop…, but that’s mainly because i play classical guitar ^^;

  6. meteorhouse62 says:

    I also tried to learn the guitar after I got so crazy about this scene XD

  7. tingyik90 says:

    me too~! but i am classical guitarist… picking up electric guitar and pick pain me…

  8. Yumeka says:

    The concert scene in that episode is amazing. Like you said, awesome animation and an unforgettable song. I love singing “God Knows…” on karaoke XD

  9. Rin says:

    I love God Knows! It was the song that got me into Aya Hirano’s music. It’s so amazing!

  10. zetsubou says:

    ahah… all the time when this song goes to my player, i stop and headbang. hahaha… getting my band to play japanese songs now…

  11. LuluChan92 says:

    LOL! Here we get why Haruhi is the GOD! Hirano Aya’s performance is so goddamn good on this song! But suddenly having Yuki playing the guitar with such skills was my biggest question that moment, even though I know she has vast knowledge…

    But the most amusing in this whole scene was definately Kyon!!! I laughted my ass off everytime I saw him with this indifferent face but nevertheless rocking his finger along with the rythm!!!

  12. phoenix1414 says:

    I get chills every time i watch this.

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